Jomres plugins are available through the Jomres plugin manager. Here you can see a brief description of each plugin and if available a screenshot.

If you have a Solo, Silver or Gold license key then all of these plugins are free to download at no extra cost, for an unlimited number of domains.

Provides API functionality for remote communication with a Jomres server. Note, this plugin will be retired soon to make way for the new Jomres Channel Manager plugin.

Shows a link to '' allowing users to add the property link to various community sites like Reddit, Digg etc. Appears above the property details and under the header in the view property page.

Allows the property manager to use the Advanced and Micromanage tariff editing modes. These tariff editing modes offer greater flexability than the default Normal editing mode, enabling the property manager to set prices to be dependant on the number of people in a booking, the number of days in a booking or the number of rooms that have already been selected.

Allows you to put a search module that offers searching on availability, price range, features, property type, room type, guest numbers, stars, country, region and town in a sidebar.

Shows random properties in an ASAModule widget/module. Useful for generating visits to lots of properties that might otherwise not be seen.

Shows recently viewed properties in an ASAModule widget/module. Allows the site visitor to return to a previously viewed property.

Allows property managers to create auctions for rooms in a property, or auctions that aren't linked to rooms.

Adds a new button to the receptionist's toolbar, allows receptionists and managers to black book rooms or properties out, making them unavailable for certain periods.

Adds two new buttons to the receptionist's toolbar, one to book a guest in, another to book the guest out, and it's associated functionality. This is useful if you're using Jomres as a Property Management System.

Adds functionality that allows property managers to approve bookings. When this functionality is enabled bookings don't immediately block rooms. Instead the manager is given the opportunity to review the booking before approving it. Once the booking is approved the guest returns to the website by clicking a link and can proceed with paying for the booking.

A plugin to allow us to bypass the confirmation page if required.

A quick and dirty (sic) cleaning schedule that can be viewed under the Misc menu options in the frontend.

Administrator area function. Clones one property's settings to a new property. This is useful if you manage multiple properties, you can quickly copy one property to a new one. Note that tariffs aren't copied, for that you'll need the Clone Tariffs plugin, which is a frontend feature.

This feature allows a property manager who has access to more than one property to clone tariffs from one property to another. A common usage for this is by property managers who manage multiple properties. It allows them to easily copy complex, time consuming to create tariffs from one property to another. Normally the source property isn't published and is used simply as a repository for these complex tariffs.

Adds a Disqus comment tab to the property details page.

Adds two new buttons to the admin control panel, allowing the site admin to view and edit commission rates, and to view commission based invoices.

Administrator area functionality. Designed to show developers common strings that are available to all templates without needing to add them to the template's calling script.

Allows you to add a Contact Owner module to the sidebar using Jomres ASAModule.

Inserts the contact owner page into the property details tabs.

Adds the 'cheque' gateway to the system, allowing guests who're booking to get the property's details for sending a cheque to pay for their deposit.

Adds paypal gateway functionality. Apart from ordinary deposit payments, this plugin is required if you want to use the subscription functionality. Once installed you can either allow individual properties to setup their own Paypal settings, or you can override that and force all properties to pay into one central Paypal account.

Adds a new button to the manager's toolbar which is used to add/edit/delete discount codes which can be used by guests when making a booking. Coupons are specific to individual properties and can be configured to be used within certain dates, and only be valid for certain dates. Additionally they can be specific to only a certain guest. When a coupon is displayed it can be viewed in a printable screen, including a QR code. This code can be scanned into a phone and the user will be taken direct to the booking form, with that discount code already applied.

Administrator area function. Allows the system administrator to download booking data in csv format.

Adds a new button to the administrator control panel which creates custom fields which are added to the booking form.

Lists and allows you to delete custom global strings. This is useful if you've used editing mode with Global Editing enabled and created a global string in error.

Allows you to add custom fields in the administrator area (via a new button 'custom property fields'). This allows property managers to add information extra to that normally recorded by the edit property details page.

Administrator area function. Destroys data that is collected when making bookings etc, is intended for developers who wish to clear their Jomres tables of test bookings and other data. If you use this script, then complain to us that your data has gone and you did not make a backup of it, we will point fingers and laugh at you. Then we will probably tweet about it.

Administrator area function. Allows administrators to set newly created properties default settings.

Adds a menu option to the misc menu option to show managers embed code for embedding their booking form into an off-site page. Particularly useful if you're using Jomres as a portal.

Provides the exchange rate selection dropdown that site users can utilise to show prices in their selected currency.

Provides an alternative front page to Jomres Property List page (but this can be switched off if required). Shows a google map with points for the various published propertys.

Extended Sorting plugin for Jomres. Created by Jomres Extras. Offers additional sorting options in property list.

Allows you to Push booking data from Jomres to remote servers. Is not a replacement for the Jomres Channel Manager plugin.

Shows a random set of property images, which when clicked will flip over to show part of the property description and a link to the property's detail page. Can be placed via jomres_asamodule by setting the 'task' to 'flipwall'.

An experimental plugin that allows us to perform property management in the administrator area.

Offers a list of countries to search by. Ajax driven.

Offers a list of features to search by. Ajax driven.

Adds a new button to the manager's toolbar which allows the creation of customer/guest types such as Adults and Children. This functionality allows you to offer different discounts for different guest types, so for example you can create a OAP (Old Age Pensioner. Is that still PC? I hope so) guest type and offer a percentage discount off the normal cost of a room.

Creates a new settings page in Jomres control panel where you can set your url to sale.php and profile for Idev affiliates.

Provides simple function calls that allow outside scripts to call Jomres functionality. This would be used by a developer who wishes to integrate some Jomres functionality into another Joomla/Wordpress component/plugin.

Jintour offers the ability to upsell finite resources such as Ski rental at the time of booking. Alternatively you can create properties that ONLY offer Jintour resources, bypassing the room booking functionality altogether.

Rarely used nowadays as there's a link in the Jomres main menu that directs the user to the property creation page. This, nevertheless is still useful if you'd like to put a "Register your property" type link somewhere that it'll get a lot of attention.

Currently free to all Jomres users, regardless of their membership. Adds a new category to the administrator area called Jomres Super Server, and buttons and functionality that allow your server to add it's properties to the Jomres Super Server at

Allows you to create a module to display a date picker in a module position.

Allows you to put the language dropdown into a module.

Adds a configuration tab to property config that allows SRPs (Apartments/villas/cottages) to configure lastminute discounts.

Allows site admin to add local events that will be listed underneath the property details. As an added bonus, these local events can be listed on the maps page, showing potential guests the opportunity to see what's happening in the area.

A plugin which shows a list of countries which have been populated by published properties.

This will show a list of regions that have been populated by published properties.

This will show a list of regions and towns and links to the published properties in those areas.

Allows you to provide information about each town. If information about a town has been created by admin, then the information is shown above the property details page.

A plugin that offers a login/logout 'module' in the Jomres component area. Largely redundant now as the Jomres main menu has the same functionality.

A different kind of search feature, we threw it together as a bit of fun to see if we could provide a different way of searching for properties. This is designed for site managers who're targetting those middle income thirty-somethings who know they want to go on holiday, but don't know where. They only know that they want to spend a few pounds/euros/dollars and they want to do something (e.g. skiing). This plugin gives the visitor an input to enter a pound/euro/dollar/whatever amount and select a feature or features.

This plugin allows Super Property Managers to add new search options to the Search menu in the Jomres main menu.

A couple of functions required by the mega menu plugin. You wouldn't normally install this plugin, if it's needed Jomres will install it for you.

This plugin allows you to import automatic machine translations from Microsoft's translation service. These can then be edited before saving, if you wish. Very useful as it lets you edit the automatic translation before you save it, which can save quite a bit of time as most of the work is done for you, all you need to do is check that it's valid (if you speak both languages) and click Save.

Allows a property manager to define different minimum occupancy levels for different room types.

Show the guest's shortlisted properties in the sidebar.

A utility plugin to provide a nearest properties function.

Adds a new button to the manager's toolbar, and allows the creation of various models of optional extras which are added to the booking form. These are upsold items that are offered in the booking form after the rooms have been selected.

Adds a new button to the administrator's control panel which allows them to create 'partners'. The partners can then be assigned discounts if they make bookings at certain properties.

Adds a new button to the administrator control panel which creates custom fields which are added to the booking form.

Integrates with the piwik_analytics plugin, so piwik_analytics is required.

Removes the powered by Jomres link from the bottom of the page.

Adds two new buttons to the manager's toolbar, an add property button and a delete property button. Also adds the scripts required to create a new property.

Show a small property thumbnail in a module, which links to the property's details page.

Similar to the standard property list, but puts the property image in the background, no link to popup. Not suitable for non-bootstrapped sites.

Identical to the standard property list, but puts a small Google map next to the price output in the property list.

Allows you to display a module (using Jomres_asamodule) that consists of tabs for different property types.

Adds a QR code vcard tab to the property details page with information about the property's manager/agent.

Pulls a random review from the database, quote the review, output it\'s score and provide a link to the property.

Allows the site admin to create room/resource features that can be assigned by managers to their rooms/resources and also allow managers to create their property specific room/resources features. Room/resource features are useful because if you enable the "classic" rooms list in the booking form then guests can search for rooms with specific features.

Provides shopping cart functionality.

Offers a shopping cart module for showing guests what bookings they've saved in their carts.

Adds a new tab to the property config tab for a manager's cellphone, and a new button to the administrator's control panel which allows them to configure clickatell settings so that managers can be advised when they've received a new booking.

Shows an indicator bar to demonstrate to the guest where they are in the booking process.

Subscripton packages can be created which allow site admins to charge property managers for listing their properties on their site.

Shows booking information for ALL properties that a manager has rights to.

Outputs a tag cloud.

Adds a new button to the administrator's control panel, allowing them to edit templates via the UI and save changes to the d/b, making their template changes upgrade safe.

A plugin to calculate a tourist tax.

A simple plugin that adds wikipedia content about a property's region in one of the property tabs.

Adds a configuration tab to property config that allows Hotels and B&Bs to configure wise price settings, which enables variable discounts based on room availability on a given date.

When Jomres starts it needs some information to be created before it will run. Jomres.php/j00030search.class.php will do this normally however there are times when you may want to run use Jomres functionality without actually running Jomres in the component area. In this case you can include the alt_init.php script included in this plugin. This will perform the required initialisation steps without actually running Jomres itself.

Mambot. Wraps all Joomla content areas in a div that gives the jomres ajaxsearch asamodule a place to put search results. In short, when a search is triggered it replaces the contents of the component area with the search results.

Module. Allows you to run a certain Jomres task as a module. See the module parameters page for more information.

Joomla plugin (aka mambot). Allows you to put anything that can called by asamodule in your content. Let's say that you want to include the calendar in your page's content somewhere. All you need to do is put {asamambot remoteavailability "&id=1"} in your Joomla article and you're away. The same could be done for the ui-calendar by putting {asamambot ui_availability_calendar "&property_uid=1"} in the content. Refer to each plugin's asamodule settings as described in it's description and use those same settings here, or refer to the asamodule report for ideas on how you can use this plugin/mambot.

Mambot/Plugin. Allows you to view a property's booking form in a content page. Put {bot_jomres_bookingform N} in your contend to show the form. N is the property id of the property you want to show.

Mambot. Allows you to use the Jomres language switcher to switch Jomres' and Joomla's active language.

Module. Search module.

Module. Search module.

Module. Search module.

Module. Search module

This plugin allows Super Property Managers to add new options to any Joomla menu. Go to the Jomres page you want to link to in a new menu, under the Search menu option (only viewable while the site's status is set to Development in Site Configuration as of Jomres 8) will be an option 'Add this page to a menu'. Click that link to add the page to a new Joomla menu, on the following page you will be able to give the link a title and choose the menu to add it to.