Quickstart Demo

The main server is www.jomres-demo.net, which shows Jomres acting as a portal application integrated into Joomla. This would be considered our "main" demo.

This main demo is termed our quickstart demo because if you purchase a Silver or Gold membership license you will be able to download a complete copy of that demo to install on your own website to get yourself up and running quickly.

View the demo


User demo

The demo on www.jomres-demo.net is not available for experimentation, however if you'd like to play around with the functionality of the system, you can use the user demo site at userdemo.jomres-demo.net can be logged into using the username password combination of manager/manager.

 User Demo


The next server is the "villa" demo which is a simple illustration of Jomres installed on a Joomla site with the "Is this a single property installation?" option in site configuration set to Yes. This effectively makes the default Jomres page the booking form for the first property in the system. Whilst the other functionality such as searching etc still exists and works, it's largely invisible to the guest user. Administration is done from the frontend as normal. This is a good demonstration of how Jomres is suitable for single property sites.

Villa Demo


This is a demo of Jomres integrated into Wordpress. Unfortunately you cannot log into the site to experiment with, instead we encourage you to use the userdemo up above.

Wordpress Demo