We would like to introduce you to a new service that we're offering to all Jomres users called My Holiday Finder.




With the help of the jomres_superserver plugin users can now list their properties on the Super Server at MyHolidayFinder.com. The goal of this service is to help new installations of Jomres get their faces known on the web without having to wait for Google and other spiders to index them.


Once a Site Manager has configured their Jomres properties they should then install the super server plugin and use the new buttons in the administrator area to inform the super server of their existance by clicking on the Synchronise with the Super Server button.


jomres superserver admin


Once synchronised, if published on your server, the properties will be listed at myholidayfinder and a site visitor clicking on the links will be taken to your own site where they can book if they wish.


As we said before, this is a free service for all Jomres users, regardless of their license. We will endevour to keep it free for as long as possible, only time will tell if that will be possible.



Terms of service (CYA)


The goal of these terms is to help keep the Super Server's data as clean as possible. This is for the benefit of all users, so please bear that in mind.

Please ensure that you have English translations for any properties listed. At this moment in time it's not possible to build listings in other languages, and any listings that are not in English will be unpublished.

The software is coded so that you must have a current version of the super server plugin installed if you would like to remain listed on the server, and we will unpublish any property that we believe is a test property, or if the information for that property otherwise seems incomplete/erroneous.

Do not synchronise two different Jomres installations if they contain identical properties, they will (both) be unpublished.

We reserve the right to unpublish any property listed, for any reason we deem necessary, change these terms at will, or indeed to suspend or cancel the service without further notification.