We need reviews!


Jomres' main source of business is the Joomla Extension Directory (JED). It's where most of our new users come from and the reviews that our customers leave help new users to decide if they should invest their time and/or money in Jomres.


We want to encourage our existing users to spread the word by asking them to register at the JED (if they haven't already) and leave an honest review of their experiences with Jomres.

How to leave a review

  1. If you haven't registered already, please first register by clicking this link and then logging in. Alternatively, if you're registered on Facebook, you can log in through their interface in the main menu.
  2. Leave your review by clicking on this link and following the onscreen instructions.


Please note

  • The review must be honest. If you've had a good experience with Jomres, then say so. Conversely, if you have had a bad experience, you should also say so. Without honest opinions, we cannot improve our service.
  • Please do not post questions, feature requests or requests for support in the reviews, that's not the place for them.


Questions and Answers

Why do you need reviews?

As mentioned previously, without fair and honest reviews new users will not know what to expect of Jomres.


Are you listed on any other extension directories?

We are mentioned on a couple of other sites but none of them have the huge amount of traffic that the JED does.


Jomres has been listed on the JED since 2006, why does it only have 99 (at the time of writing) reviews?

Jomres, as a booking system, is a niche product. Unlike extensions like, for example, Akeeba backup, which will appeal to every site manager and as a result has over 1100 reviews. You need to bear in mind that only a tiny fraction of people who download and use a product will take the time to leave a review. Total licenses for Jomres number in the 5 figures (including expired), and obviously we don't have numbers for free, core users, yet only 99 people have left a review. Is that because Jomres isn't very good, or for some other reason? As you can see from the current reviews, the overwhelming feeling seems to be that Jomres is an excellent product, so the only thing we can think of is that we haven't highlighted to people enough how important reviews are to us.


In the Bookings and Reservations category Jomres is rated as 9th according to the reviews. Given that the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, why isn't it higher in the list?

Honest answer? We don't know. We believe it should be higher, too. There are two people working full time on the product, bug fixes and new features are being applied all the time. Compare that to some of our competition, where new versions are rarer than hen's teeth, yet they're rated higher than Jomres.

We believe that the JED uses an extremely simplistic algorithm to calculate review scores, and it's this algorithm that's causing Jomres to be so low in the list. Over the years we and other third party developers have literally begged the people in charge of the JED to put this right but to date nothing has happened.

As a result of this misleading algorithm new users are being lead to believe that products with fewer reviews are actually better products, which of course is often the inverse of the truth. It also means that people who have been using the JED for years realise that the JED's scoring functionality is worthless so have to investigate extensions individually, costing them time, instead of relying on the ratings that previous users have left. This, naurally, defeats the point of the scoring system altogether.

An annoying side effect of this issue is that we need to work so much harder at marketing Jomres instead of doing what we'd rather be doing, which is writing new features for the system. This is a waste of everybody's time, both yours and ours.


How can this situation improve?

There are two ways we can see this improving.

One, the people in charge of the JED fix the rating algorithm. Whilst this would be preferable, it's highly unlikely. Over the years many people (including existing and former JED editors) have offered a variety of suggestions and solutions but to date nobody in charge of the JED has chosen to even acknowledge these solutions, let alone try them out.

Two, Jomres users leave a lot more five star reviews than they've already been leaving. We think that the only way to overcome the deficiencies of the JED's scoring algorithm is for Jomres to simply have many, many five star reviews.


Why don't you offer a reward for reviews?

We wanted to. We were going to offer an extra three months to Silver users for honest reviews, however after checking the Terms of Service on the JED we realised that this strategy would fall foul of Section I.1 "Reviews must be honest, unsolicited and uncompensated."

As the huge bulk of our business comes from the JED we couldn't risk being unlisted, so can't offer rewards for reviews. Sorry.



So, there you have it.

Jomres needs more reviews. Without them we don't get enough new business to remain working on the product full time. If we can't work on the product full time we can't write new features so in the end everybody loses out.

It's in your interest to leave reviews for Jomres, so if you can spare the 20 minutes or so it takes to leave some feedback, you're helping both yourselves and the people around you.