Jomres Booking Engine

Jomres is the most powerful Online Booking Engine available for Joomla or WordPress

It is free to install and use, including any of it's 160+ plugins. There's no lock-in, no credit card is required, and no up-front payments.

Just install, connect to us, and go.

Turn your open source website into an Online Bookings Portal. Self-hosted, controlled by you.

The complete Online Booking System

hotel booking engine for joomla and wordpress

For Hotels

Supports properties that rent rooms

Jomres comes with support for hotels, guest houses and bed & breakfasts in Joomla and WordPress

Property managers can create individual rooms and room types for a property. Boutique hotels can upload unlimited numbers of images for each room and allow them to be booked specifically, or by room type.


villa and apartment bookings for joomla and wordpress

For Villas

Ideal for renting out entire properties

There's no limit to the number of properties that you can list on your Joomla or WordPress website.

Villas, cottages, you name it. They all have their unique configuration settings, image sets and pricing schemes. All of your Jomres rentals have comprehensive schema rich snippets that is used to drive traffic to your site.

other items icon

Not just properties

For anything that can be booked by the night

Jomres has been used for car hire, RV rentals, camp sites and boats.Tool hire, billboards and more..

Anything that can be booked by the night, or the day, Jomres should be your first choice.

Not sure if you should try it? Why not, it's the only comprehensive online booking engine for Joomla or WordPress that's free to install and use.

channel management for joomla

Channel Management

Channel Managers are no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

In the post-Covid world, where every rental owner is desperate to maximise income, you and your managers need to be able to share their properties to as many of the OTAs (e.g. or AirBNB) as possible.

While Jomres supports iCal file importing (both manual and automatic) there is also the need for tighter integration with Channel Managers. iCal files don't know when an existing booking has been cancelled, or prices have been updated. Jomres primary channel partner are Beds24, however we also have the, unique among all online booking plugins and themes, our open source channel manager functionality called the Channel Management Framework.

This framework provides tools, sample plugins and a wide variety of endpoints that enteprising Joomla site owners can use to create and extend connectivity to other channel managers. It also includes the Jomres2jomres feature which allows a parent site to behave like a channel manager to child sites. This is native to Jomres so works on both Joomla and Wordpress. In the future we plan to extend this functionality to allow different site owners to share their properties and revenue with each other.

multi language icon

Multi language

property specific or sitewide

Change your active language in the CMS and then use the inline editing tool get things just how you want them.

Jomres is unique in that it allows property managers to modify language strings, both for individual properties, using the inline editing mode feature and for site managers who can edit language files, either directly or through the administrator user interface. Changes made through the inline editing tool are saved to the database and will not be overwritten during updates.

Works with Joomla Core and Falang and for WordPress WMPL, Polylang and more.

multi property icon

Multi Property

Ideal for Single or Multi property sites

Jomres offers dozens of features for searching on and listing properties.

Ajax search, search widgets and modules, even a lucky dip plugin. Search by country, region, or town. Search by property type or property category.

Guests searching can choose to save favourite properties, see property layouts in different formats and set a maximum budget in the list.

multi vendor icon

Multi Vendor

Vendors work on their own properties

Property Managers access property management via the frontend so there's no need for them to see confusing administrator areas.

Jomres was designed from the very beginning to be a multi-vendor platform. It's extremely secure and each manager is sandboxed to their own properties. Super property managers can manage any property.

  • Easy to install, easy to configure, all you need and more. Jomres is a hefty piece of kit and has so much in it.

  • Very complete tool, can be complex if you want to.

  • Solid booking system for wordpress. Very flexible booking system whatever you throw at it in terms of booking functionality

  • Nobody gave so much for so little. Mind blowing functionality, thanks to open source very you can custom it to fit the more demanding functional specs you can dream of.

  • If you are looking for a serious booking system, this is it. It is not trivial to get to grips with, but there is absolutely nothing else in the WordPress ecosystem that comes anywhere close to this … and, trust me, I have spent years looking, waiting and hoping.

  • Amazing extension for my favorite CMS

  • 10 years w/Jomres. We love how seamlessly our system functions.

  • Large range of functionalities, very flexible. Updated quite often which means that the project is active. GDPR compliant. Intuitive use, easy to configure. For those with some technical abilities it is also easy to extend and customize. Quick and effective support. Always received quality help and advice. Large set of tutorials and videos. Updated frequently. Used it for 3 years as booking portal with 50+ properties listed.

  • Beyond any other Joomla booking component. It can be built in many ways and flavors... They offer quick-start package - installation and initial setup is easy. More experienced users can build and customize from the scratch... Very detailed documentation. If something is not clear they will happily answer it on forums.

  • Highly flexible online booking and property management system (also with REST API and Webhooks!) that can you can host on your own server... Very easy to get started with the Quickstart Packages. Certainly a bit of time involved if you want more than a single property installation... The support is fast & excellent. Thank you so much!... Very detailed user manual where all configuration options for frontend and backend are explained.

  • Jomres Rocks! Best reservation/booking system out there. Bar None!

  • Excellent! Continuously improving what is already one of the best hotel booking plugins.

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  • Excellent product, best and humane service. Jomres probably offers the best functionality in its product line, ie directories, booking platforms. Seek no more, buy Jomres.

  • Good Base. There is a lot of plugin's, modules. you will never find a product which can solve 100% of your problem. but this one do it for 95%.

  • This second time when we buy this product. 1st in 2013 and now in 2018 and since than the old version kept going and did the job.

  • Once I understood the makeup of Jomres, functionality became easy. It's the BMW and Mercedez Benz of the Villas and Hotel booking system... Even though I am a 68-year-old neophyte, I was able to figure it out. Youtube videos really helped.

  • Very good and versatile. Jomres is a great extension. It provides all functionalities for a professional booking website. The extension is very easy to use. With the Quickstart option you get your booking portal within minutes.

  • Jomres is system with stunning functionality.

  • Great booking system and team. Jomres is as a partner for us! Fast response, and if necessary remote login and help. Absolutely great.

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  • The best. Simply the best and complete accommodation plugin you can find.

  • The best support. I don't think there is anything someone could need and it is not included.

  • I am a novice in web design and maintenance at best. we needed a better solution for booking rooms offered at our free retreat facility for pastors. I cannot afford to have a web developer/IT person take care of things for us, so I learn enough to be dangerous off youtube videos! I was overjoyed to find that Jomres could handle the quirkiness of a small retreat facility other "hotel management software" companies were too rigid to accommodate. I have had several questions that anyone with above novice knowledge in web maintenance would roll their eyes at, but Jomres service has been very helpful and patient with me and for that I am very grateful and would highly recommend Jomres! Thank you!

  • Simply the best accommodation plugin that there is. I have been using Jomres for 10 years now and it has come a long way in that time.

  • Fantastic. Great extension, does everything you could possible need for a holiday site and more.

  • Great product, great people. Outstanding. It does everything I need and a whole lot more so I do not see the point in using something else. Also open and customisable.

  • Outstanding Support ***** 15/10 for customer care.


    vince picDeveloped and maintained by Vince Wooll, Jomres was initially conceived in early 2005 as a Mambo based solution to a client’s hotel management needs. While it wasn't originally expected to be an online booking system it quickly morphed into one as users requested more and more features.

    As the number of feature requests grew Vince knew that he would need to dedicate more time to the project and in July 2005 Jomres was formally released as a commercial project. Since then, Jomres has become one of Mambo’s, and now Joomla’s, longest running projects. It has survived various versions of Mambo, then Joomla 1.0, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 and 3.

    Aladar joined the project in 2010 after using Jomres for his own projects. He was active on the forum, helping other members of the community and eventually Vince invited him to join the team. Between 2010 and 2018 he was an integral part of the project and made many significant contributions.

    Whilst not formally part of the Jomres project, Rodrigo Rocco and Vince have become firm friends. Rod is a freelancer who specialises in doing custom work for Jomres users and developing custom plugins for the system that take advantage of it's modular design. He has built many useful extensions including his fabulous Valentina Template Override Package.

    Jomres and the Jomres Logo is trademarked and can't be used without written consent from the owner. is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Joomla! Project, Open Source Matters or the WordPress project. The Joomla! & WordPress names and logos are used under a limited license granted by Open Source Matters and the WordPress Projects.

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