What's the difference between {jomres and {jomres_script ...?

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Note: the { and [ braces can both be used in Joomla. In WordPress you'd use [. If you're a WP user, just transpose { for [ in the rest of this post.


{jomres... is for CMS content, such as within WordPress articles or Joomla modules or articles, whereas {jomres_script... is for Jomres own content, typically Jomres template files.

Content plugins

Jomres has two plugins that will parse content generated by the CMS.

In Joomla that's "Jomres ASAModule Mambot", and in WordPress it's "Jomres Shortcodes".

These two plugins are custom for Joomla or WordPress but they behave in fundamentally the same way. They'll look for {jomres blahblah} shortcodes in CMS content and if they see it, they'll send the contents of the shortcode to Jomres to parse and produce output, which the plugins will then hand back to the CMS to display.

After a while of using these shortcodes I realised that I could do something similar in Jomres template files, meaning that I could just write a similar shortcode into a Jomres template file and Jomres would call itself and produce the same output, just as if it had been called by "Jomres asamodule mambot" or "Jomres Shortcodes". This saves a ton of work and simplifies things when you want to mix'n'match layout.

Setting the property uid

Determining how to set the property is a little complicated, and it's talked about in this document , under "Including script content from one page in another Jomres template file" however all you need to know is, if you're adding the shortcode to the property_details.html template use


and in every other Jomres template file, if the Property uid has already been determined by a calling script (e.g. the show property header script) use


If you're using the shortcode in an article or module then you'll need to know beforehand what the property uid is and add that to the shortcode.

So, a shortcode in property_header.html looks like

{jomres_script show_property_slideshow &property_uid={PROPERTY_UID}&image_size=large&slideshow.html=slideshow_baguettebox.html}

whereas in property_details.html it looks like

{jomres_script show_property_slideshow PROPERTY_UID=N&image_size=large&slideshow.html=slideshow_baguettebox.html}

and in a CMS's article it would look something like

{jomres show_property_slideshow &property_uid=10&image_size=large&slideshow.html=slideshow_baguettebox.html} 


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