(with the appropriate plugins installed)



Powerful and intelligent booking engine.
Offers a variety of methods to help you to capitalise on your website's potential.
Built to be used by multiple users accessing multiple properties.
As it supports multiple properties, a variety of search features are available.
Many guests are making bookings on mobile devices today.
Entice your customers to make bookings by offering discounts.
Easily change how the system looks to suit your own requirements.




star Charge per person or per room per night.
star Individual properties can configure the booking form to either allow guests to choose individual rooms (good for those high-end resorts for whom exclusive access to specific rooms is a priority) or by choosing a quantity of a given room type.
star You can install the optional Booking Enquiries plugin which will allow your Property Managers to screen bookings before they're accepted.
star More than one room can be booked at a time.
star Powerful booking system, tried and tested over many years, by thousands of users.
star Hugely flexible tariff editing modes, allowing the site administrator to offer pricing configuration options that can be as simple or as powerful as you need.
star Want to charge for other services such as flowers in the room on arrival or a limo? Optional extras can be added to the booking form, and their pricing can vary based on a number of different models such as per day, per week, per booking, per night, per person per day, plus other options.
star Create different guest types. If you charge per person per night then different guest types can alter the price of a room or rooms, pensioners or children will then receive automatic discounts.
star If you need to, you can configure minimum occupancies of specific guest types for individual room types, ensuring that Mum and Dad don't lumber you with their kids!
star Single Person Supplement functionality means that if one person occupies a room normally used by two people then a single person supplement charge can be applied to a booking. This can even be configured to be different for individual rooms.
star The "Jintour" plugin means that you can add scheduled resources to a booking (such as tours or vehicles), and you can create properties that do not include any rooms at all and instead offer properties that only deal with scheduled resources.
star Primarily designed for booking out resources such as hotel rooms or apartments, you can configure individual businesses/properties so that bookings can be calculated to be per night, or per day.
star There is also an Auction plugin to allow bidding on rooms or other items.



star Multi-user, multi-language, multi-property booking/reservation system.
star Appropriate for single property installations of just one property/business, up to installations hosting hundreds or thousands of properties. Properties/businesses can be either booking based, or you can add real-estate like properties that don't require any booking features.
star Designed to work around plugins, it's entire architecture is constructed to allow us, and you, to write software that modifies, enhances and removes functionality.
star Using our innovative Jomres ASAModule plugin you can configure much of the output Jomres presents to appear in Joomla module positions.
star Utilising a powerful, intelligent booking system, guests can see the full cost of the booking, on one page, without having to move between pages. This gives them a friendly experience designed to encourage spontaneous bookings.


Income Generation

star Take deposit and balance payments online using Paypal, or ask the guest to send their deposits by cheque.
star Realise a return on your investment by making sales based on bookings made on your site.
star With it's Commission Handling you can bill property managers based on the value of the bookings they've taken via your site.
star Subscription handling gives you the option to bill property managers for listing their properties on your site, you can also offer free subscriptions to encourage them to list their properties in the first place.
star It has a fully automatic currency conversion system, the potential guest/customer can see prices in the currency they're familiar with. The initial exchange rate is chosen based on their location, however the guest can adjust that using a convenient dropdown.
star Detailed invoicing functionality that makes it clear to both your guests and property managers what they're paying for.
star Configure multiple tax rates. Accommodation can be one tax rate, whilst services and products another. Invoices are output with individual line items indicating booking charges, and the tax charged is clearly shown.



star Security is our highest priority, bar none. Property Managers can only access the properties they've created/been given rights to, whilst Super Property managers have access to all available features and can access all properties.
star Registered users on the site can view any bookings they made while they were logged in, and can cancel those bookings so long as the arrival date is not within a configurable timeframe.
star You can configure registered users to be "Partners". These special users can then be given different discounts for specific properties. If somebody's sending a lot of business to you, why not reward them?
star Property Managers can upload images of their properties/businesses to be shown as photo galleries. There is no limit to the number of images that can be uploaded.



star A non-search driven display of properties results in a randomised list of properties by default however we offer other methods of displaying information to a new visitor, such as the Extended Maps option, or the Flipwall plugin.
star You can mark certain properties as "featured", meaning that so long as they can be found in a search, the featured properties are automatically added to the beginning of the search results, even if the list is a randomised list.
star Google maps fully supported, property location is based on a simple drag 'n' drop marker that property managers can use to indicate their property's address. Our Extended Maps plugin can be used to display all properties on the world map.
star Numerous search features utilising a number of different technologies such as AJAX to help your guests find the holidays/businesses they want.
starSearch by country, region, city, property type, room type, property features, stars, number of guests, availability and other options.
star Live Scrolling, search results are updated as the user scrolls to the bottom of the page.
star Using the "Local Events" plugin you can list date dependant events occuring in the region, and general attractions such as popular beaches, clubs or amusement centres.
star Our AJAX based TAG plugin gives you the option to create and display tags that are defined by property managers themselves.



star If you're using Joomla 3, or a Twitter Bootstrapped template then your Jomres installation will be responsive, meaning you can use your installation on the move on your phone or tablet PC.star QR codes built in so that users can get directions to a property by scanning in another screen or a printout, and reception staff can scan QR codes from booking emails to be taken direct to the booking's page in the system.



starCoupon codes give you the option to offer discounts for bookings to any or individual guests, encouraging bookings, or rebookings.
starProperties such as villas, cottages and apartments can be configured to offer last minute discounts.
starHotels, B&Bs or pensions have access to the even more powerful "Wiseprice" feature which can look at the rooms booked for a given period and if the property is underbooked for different room types, then greater discounts can be offered depending on the level of under booking.



star Rooms can be individually edited, and images uploaded to those rooms. See availability of a given room and it's room features.
star Room features are used in the booking form, allowing guests to filter the rooms list based on room features. Alternatively, if you are using the system to rent out equipment instead, you can use this feature to filter equipment lists.
star Black booking functionality that allows the property manager to take out of service rooms or properties that would normally be available.


Property Management

star Property Management features to book guests in and out.
star Add other purchases to an individual booking once it's been made, the value of the booking is calculated when it's time to book the guest out.



star Template Editing functionality allows those site managers or developers familiar with HTML to easily modify the layout of virtually every page in the system.
star Site managers can add custom fields to the booking form for information gathering during bookings.
star They can also add custom fields for use in displaying other information in the Property Details pages, beside those already supplied by default.
star Our unique underlying technology allows you to easily add and remove functionality, whether you want to edit the code to change the functionality or to simply make it "upgrade safe".
star Language files can be property type specific, so you can list hotels, car/boat/other rentals all on the same site, plus you can use the language editing mode so that individual properties can have their own unique labels.


Other functionality

star Cleaning Schedule.
star API and External Notification functionality for intra-server communications.
star If you use the Idev Affiliate system, agents sending business to your website can be credited for their work.
star Reviews. Guests can post reviews about properties they've stayed at, rating the property on a range of criteria.
star Analytics. Install our distribution of the GPL Analytics application Piwik. When bookings are made this information is recorded by Piwik, giving detailed analytics information about those bookings.



star Considerable online resources such as the manual to provide help in setting your site up, plus integrated help in the system itself. We are active in both the forums and in the ticket system, we're here to help!
star Built-in, context sensitive help which is designed to guide your property managers in setting up their properties.