To many options to Owners

8 months 3 weeks ago #47084 by José Luis
Hi Guys;
Playing around with Jomres configs, I realize there are to many Config Options for Property Owners, and are not global or override mode, not even when Default Property Configurations are in place.
I need to setup some of these configuration unavailable (readonly or disabled) for property owners, and control them through Default Property Configurations, to do this I use "readonly" attribute for text fields at j00501booking_form.class.php and others 501 triggers files.
I couldn't do it for buttons, here some examples

Maybe not the optimal solution, but this work fine for me.
$configurationPanel->setmiddle('<readonly="readonly" input type="url" class="inputbox form-control" size="50" name="cfg_externalBookingFormUrl" value=""'.$mrConfig[ 'externalBookingFormUrl' ].'" />');

How to do it for buttons?
$configurationPanel->setmiddle($booking_form_rooms_list_style); and
$configurationPanel->setmiddle($lists[ 'auto_detect_country_for_booking_form' ]); => $configurationPanel->setmiddle('YES'); This was my solution, but i know this is not right, I just "hide" the button and put 'YES' for guide me on the desire value, and controlling from Default Property Configurations

Another option is to modifying some html files but I don't know what files to modify to do this. Any help please?

It would be great if Default Property Configurations can have override mode .
8 months 3 weeks ago #47091 by Vince Wooll
I would suggest that you manually edit the 00501 scripts, copy them to remote_plugins/custom_code and rebuild the registry so that they're not overwritten by an update. There's no way to programatically remove/disable those options, José.

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Read this before you customise Jomres files
8 months 2 weeks ago #47093 by José Luis
Hi Vince, Thanks for replay.
I was Breaking apart Jomres for the last weeks, trying to do some customization for myself, and that was the best solution I found too, I checked the documentation and i founded what you said, I tested and it work very very good.
One last Question:
What happend if any of the 00501 script are updated, and i would like to use that update?
Maybe I have to re-edit the file/files, put it again in core-plugin folder and rebuild the registry again.
I'm fine with this option, i just wanna know if there is another way.
Thanks again.
8 months 2 weeks ago #47094 by Vince Wooll
I did already say, copy them to the remote plugins dir. This page will give you more insight into customisation.

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Read this before you customise Jomres files


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