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8 months 1 week ago #47164 by Emiliano
Hi! I am having a little issue and I ask you in case anyone has dealt with it before:

I am using Leotian Template, and I set it to work whit a sidebar at the left side (the position is sidebar-1). The problem is that I publish a module at this position and set it to be shown at all pages, and it is showed at the entire site but the Jomres property view pages. On the other hand, If I publish the same module at other position (footer for example) it shows as usual at the Jomres property view pages.

It is as if Jomres were blocking the module to be shown only at this position. By the way, for the position to be shown at Jomres property view pages (empty for now) I had to edit templates/jr_leotian/tpls/blocks/mainbody.php file:

if ((isset($_REQUEST) && $_REQUEST == 'com_jomres') && (isset($_REQUEST) && $_REQUEST == 'viewproperty'))
$sidebar1 = true;
$sidebar2 = true;

Please if someone is using sidebar-1 position and knows how to make it work normally I will appreciate!!

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