Jomres Platform Terms and Conditions

Purpose of the Platform

Jomres is self-hosted online booking software that offers multi-property, multi-vendor, multi-currency and multi-language functionality that you use to build your own online booking website. Whether it's for your own properties, or properties that you list on behalf of others, it's aim is to provide you with as much freedom as possible to run your own business, as  you see fit.

The purpose of the Jomres Platform is to give you free and easy access to the Jomres library of software and plugins, in exchange for a percentage of your income once your online travel website starts generating bookings. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to benefit from the many years invested in the development and maintenance of the software with minimal risk to yourself, and in turn you agree to renumerate us by sharing a small percentage of your sales.

It costs you nothing to onboard with the Jomres Platform however your server will need to support Ioncube loaders to ensure that a handful of encoded files can be run. If in doubt, please contact your web server hosts.


You build the website, pay for your own hosting costs and take care of the design and marketing. You set your prices and take payments from guests direct into your Stripe account and you have full access to the Stripe dashboard. You're responsible for all Stripe fees, refunds, and chargebacks.

You will maintain the Connection between your (free) Stripe account and the Jomres Platform account. If you remove the Jomres Platform account from your list of authorised apps then your license will be immediately disabled and you will need to uninstall the plugin manager to continue using Jomres Core. You can only use the Jomres Connect payment gateway for booking payments, no other payment gateways can be used. This gateway requires zero configuration from you. As soon as you're Connected to Jomres Platform the Connect gateway plugin is automatically installed for you, all you need to do is drive your guests to the booking form, we'll do the rest.

Stripe supports processing payments in 135+ currencies, allowing you to charge customers in their native currency while receiving funds in yours. Stripe accounts are available to businesses in 39 countries and if you are not in one of those countries they make it very easy to create a new US based business.

We are responsible for maintaining and improving the software, answering your usage questions and resolving any issues that you may come across. It is in our best interests that the software suits your needs so we will endevour to work with you to make sure that it performs as you need (within reason).


To connect with us install Jomres in your Joomla or WordPress website and visit the Administrator > Jomres > Help > Get Connected page. That gives Jomres the opportunity to check your server's capabilities to ensure that you can run the software. Follow the instructions on that page to connect with us. Once your account is connected to ours you can save your Account key on any other Jomres installations you have without needing to Connect again.

When you connect, you will be given a license key. When you connect to us through Jomres itself this key is automatically applied to the software. This key is required to make the Jomres plugins work. You can access your key at any time by logging into your account at using the email address your Stripe account is connected to.

If at any point you decide to disconnect your Stripe account from ours you must stop using the software immediately. Once the connection is broken then the plugins on your site will stop working and you will need to uninstall them. This will return your site to the basic Jomres Core functionality.

If you disconnect the connection, and reconnect at a later time, you agree that your commission rate may change. This means that if you take advantage of a low early adopter commission rate you cannot use that rate indefinately if you disconnect from us and then reconnect later.


Payments are made directly into your Stripe account, minus the application fee for using this service. The application fee is a percentage based on the total value of the booking (not the deposit paid) therefore if the Platform detects that the deposit value is insufficient to cover the application fee then the booking will still be taken but the guest will not be offered the payment form. This means that you or your property manager will not receive the guarantee of that deposit. You should ensure that the minimum deposit value is not too low.

Dispute Resolution

Jomres Platform does not interact in any way with your customers (both property managers and guests). The relationship is between yourselves and us. It's your duty to work with your customers to help them to achieve their goals. We are not party to any other agreements.

You will need to resolve any disputes with your property managers and customers through your own arbitration processes. If you need to refund a booking fee, we will not refund the application fee.

Jomres Platform, and by extension are not responsible for the condition or availability of properties or other services that you provide. We do not perform background checks on our partners or their customers (property managers or guests).

Website owners are entirely responsible for the content of their websites, it's accuracy, completeness and legality.


We do not place any limitations on what you use Jomres for. Whilst it is designed primarily as an online booking engine, historically our customers have used it for many different booking requirements.

You are free to re-brand the software in any way that helps you, the only thing we ask is that you don't change the copyright information in the files themselves. That said we have always had a very liberal attitude regarding our users copying our code to build their own functionality to suit their needs.

You are not limited in the number of websites you build, in fact that more you build and the more business you generate, the better off we all are. If you do want to build multiple websites we encourage you to investigate our Channel Management plugins, especially Jomres2Jomres which allows you to share properties across sites. These plugins are all part of the Jomres plugin set, once you have a working license key you can use them on as many Jomres based installations as you want.

You must only use the Jomres/Stripe payment process to take payment for bookings.


If you try to use any payment gateway other than the Jomres/Stripe payment process then our agreement is null and void and your license will be cancelled.

If we become aware that you have made an effort to backward engineer the software that facilitates online payments our agreement is null and void and you must cease using the software immediately.

Any other perceived abuse of the Jomres Platform will immediately result in termination of our agreement and any licenses you may have with us.



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vince picDeveloped and maintained by Vince Wooll, Jomres was initially conceived in early 2005 as a Mambo based solution to a client’s hotel management needs. While it wasn't originally expected to be an online booking system it quickly morphed into one as users requested more and more features.

As the number of feature requests grew Vince knew that he would need to dedicate more time to the project and in July 2005 Jomres was formally released as a commercial project. Since then, Jomres has become one of Mambo’s, and now Joomla’s, longest running projects. It has survived various versions of Mambo, then Joomla 1.0, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 and 3.

Aladar joined the project in 2010 after using Jomres for his own projects. He was active on the forum, helping other members of the community and eventually Vince invited him to join the team. Between 2010 and 2018 he was an integral part of the project and made many significant contributions.

Whilst not formally part of the Jomres project, Rodrigo Rocco and Vince have become firm friends. Rod is a freelancer who specialises in doing custom work for Jomres users and developing custom plugins for the system that take advantage of it's modular design. He has built many useful extensions including his fabulous Valentina Template Override Package.

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