Pseudocron jobs


The purpose of this page is to give the Jomres plugin developer a brief overview of how to install and create pseudocron jobs for Jomres.

In brief

Jomres supports a pseudo cron system, IE a system that works a bit like timed jobs in linux (cron). Cron jobs are called on a timed basis depending on how the cron job was installed (this cannot be changed at a later time, except by manually editing a table).

Installation of a cron job

As a plugin developer, you will want to tell Jomres that there are scripts you want to call on a timed basis. You do this in the plugin_install.php of your plugin. An example can be seen on the Creating plugins page.

$cron = new jomres_cron($displayLog);

This functionality "registers" the cron job with the pseudocron functionality, and the intervals are as follows.

"M": // Every minute "H": // Every hour "D": // Every day "W": // Every week

The cron job file itself

A cron job file is just like any 06000 task, ie it can be called by anybody however the site secret must be passed.


That's it. It's very simple. Create a 06000 task that "does stuff", then use ''addJob'' in ''plugin_install.php'' to tell Jomres to call it from time to time.

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