This manual is being depreciated. Much of the information here is out of date.

The new Jomres Documentation, updated in 2022, can be found at

Installing/Updating to the Nightly branch

What is the Nightly Branch?

The Nightly branch is the branch we have on Github for Jomres which holds bug fixes and changes that we believe that are ready to be included to the Stable release.

We are constantly adding tweaks and changes to Jomres, however it's not practical to release a new version every time a change is added, therefore the Nightly branch is a staging branch that holds completed features that will be added to the next Stable version.

Why do you care?

If you're a developer, or if you want to test a new feature or fix then you will want to be working on the latest version of Jomres. This will always be the Nightly branch.

How do I get the Nightly branch?

One way you can get it is to fork it directly from Github, however many of our users are not developers or they do not use Github regularly and this method is time consuming for them, therefore Jomres can be told to do it for you.

Jomres Installers need to be told to download the Nightly branch instead of the latest Stable version.

Updating an EXISTING Jomres installation to download the Nightly branch

For both Joomla and Wordpress, to get access to the Nightly branch of Jomres you will first need to visit Site Configuration and in the Debugging tab set the "Production or Development?" option to Development.


Once you have done that you can use the Install from Web feature of Joomla. Search for Jomres in the Joomla extention directory and then trigger the installation. That will download the latest Nightly to your website.


Warning : first look in /wp-content/plugins/jomres directory. If there is a sub-directory called "jomres" which has lots of files in it, one of which is called "detect_cms.php" we do not recommend that you update to the Nightly.

Delete the Jomres plugin in your Wordpress plugin manager ( this does not delete Jomres, just the bridging software used to connect Jomres to Wordpress), then use the Install from Web feature again to update Jomres. When you click the Activation link in Wordpress then the download of Jomres proper will be done for you and this will include the Nightly build.

After update, both CMSs

Visit the Jomres > Tools > Database Integrity Check page. Follow the instructions in the page to manually trigger any table changes required.



Installing Nightly as a new installation : Joomla

If you are installing Jomres into Joomla for the first time you will need to set Global Configuration > Debug System to Yes.

global config

Once you have done that, then you can install Jomres through the Install from web CMS feature like normal, or you can upload manually.

Installing Nightly as a new installation: Wordpress

To install the Nightly into Wordpress, you will first need to enable debugging in Wordpress ( see ).

Once you have done that, you can install Jomres through the Install from web CMS feature like normal, or you can upload manually.



You will never be notified that there is a new version of the Nightly available. It is your responsibility to update your site using the "Update the existing installation" process described above.

To prevent abuse the Nightly version may not have the latest version from just a few minutes ago. At most you might need to wait half an hour before the absolute latest version of Nightly is available.