Manual Installation - Both Joomla and Wordpress

We do not recommend that you use this installation process, however for completeness we will document it here as there may be some users who cannot use the Install From Web methods for Wordpress or Joomla, and Quickstarts are not an option for them, for business reasons or limited internet access.


  • Download from Github.
  • Unzip the contents into your website's root, jomres directory.
  • Run /install_jomres.php
  • Profit.

Full Guide

First you will need to get a copy of the zip file that contains Jomres. You can get this from it's releases page on Github.

Next, you will need to upload the files to your webserver, typically via FTP. Now, you can either unzip them locally and upload them, or upload the entire zip file and then log in via SSH and unzip them on the server. If you choose the first method be aware that Jomres is very large and this will take some time.

Once the files have been uploaded make sure that they're located in the file /jomres/ off your webserver's root, so for example if your webserver resides in xxx/public_html/ then the Jomres files should all be in /xxx/public_html/jomres

Next you will need to run the installer/upgrader script. If, for example, you're installing on then you will need to enter and follow the onscreen instructions from there.

That's it!

This might seem simpler than some of the other guides, however we don't recommend it as it takes a lot of time to upload the files and if you're not familiar with FTP it can be a little daunting.






Jomres Manual