The Search Widget plugin has been updated and the new autocomplete feature backported for Bootstrap 3.

Reminder, this is the manual page for the search widget plugin.

The new autocomplete feature that was introduced in Jomres 10.2 has now been back-ported to Bootstrap 3.

Currently the only shortcode that includes the autocomplete field is "jomres search_widget &search_widget=horizontal_autocomplete_adults_children_button" however it's very easy to add the autocomplete input to another search widget search form.

Let's say that you wanted to use the horizontal_dates_features search form instead, all you need to do is edit index.html in /jomres/core-plugins/search_widgets/horizontal_dates_features/bootstrap3/ and add the following code to that template file.

<label class="control-label" for="autocomplete_field">{_JOMRES_SEARCH_FORM_WHERE_TO_GO}</label>

It really is that simple.