Property Import

The Property Import plugin allows Site Administrators to import properties from CSV files.

Once installed the plugin adds a new menu option to the Site Structure menu called ( predictably enough ) Property Import.


From this page you can see the fields description, advising you how fields in the csv should be populated, and a file upload field. Choose a file, select a property type and click Save to do the import.


Properties successfully imported are shown in a table.


As you can see, in this test csv we've deliberately included faulty data. To prevent you from needing to find the faulty data in the csv file, we output it into a text area, already formatted as csv data.


You can then import this data back into excel and correct the issues, before re-attempting the import of the properties.


Once a property has been imported you can use Show Profiles to assign the property to a manager, or a Super Property Manager can administer the property as normal.