Monetising your installation

You should now decide how you're going to use the system to pay for itself. There are three ways you can achieve this with a default Jomres Developer installation.

Taking payments online

If you're configuring the system to be a method of taking bookings online for your or your client's property/business then you're finished with the administrator area configuration. Now you're ready to log into the frontend as a business/property manager and set up your businesses and start taking payments online.

If you're using Jomres as a part of a larger business plan, then read on.


To use this feature, you must install the Subscriptions plugin.

The first method you can use to monitise your installation is to list other people's properties online, and charge them for the privilege. If this is your plan, then you need to create some subscription packages. See the subscription's manual page for more information.


To use this feature, you must install the Commission plugin.

Another way to make money from Jomres is to charge commission from bookings. Whenever a property/business is created, they're automatically assigned the default commission rate (this is on regardless of other commission settings). If you enable the commission functionality then whenever a business takes a booking online, whether they've taken payment or not, they a commission line item is generated for that property. On the 1st of each month Jomres will issue the commission invoice to the property manager. The manager is then emailed to be told that a commission invoice exists.

If you are going to use this feature, then create a new commission rate or edit the existing rate and set it in Site Configuration -> Commission tab to be the default commission rate.

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