Piwik Analytics

The Jomres Piwik Analytics functionality enables you to run Piwik Analytics on your server, and Jomres will feed booking data into it helping you to gain crucial information about how your site is performing. The advantage of this over Google analytics is that you will see this information in real-time, as visitors come to your site.

This plugin actually comes in two parts; piwik_analytics and piwik_integration. You should install piwik_analytics first.

When you've installed this plugin you'll have a new button in your administrator area that looks like this :

Piwik is a web application, much like Joomla is a web application, so you'll need to go through an installation process similar to the one you did when you installed Joomla. It is not appropriate to list the instructions here, instead you should visit the Piwik website for the most up-to-date installation guide.

*Note : During installation the Piwik installer will complain about two files failing a file integrity check. During development I needed to edit FrontController.php and Piwik.php to get Piwik to work on my localhost installation, so you can safely ignore these warnings.
**Note : We recommend that you do not re-install piwik_analytics plugin unless absolutely necessary (i.e. because it's not working) once you've installed it once and got it working. If you do, then Piwik will do a new installation and you'll lose your old analytics data.

Once Piwik has been installed you will be able to use the same button to log into Piwiks to view your site stats. Next, you need to install the Piwik Integration plugin.

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