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Important : If you are using Joomla 3 or greater you should NOT need to use this feature as Joomla offers it's own language selection functionality. This is for older versions of Joomla, those who're using a different translation feature than Joomla's built-in code or Wordpress.


This feature is used to modify the list of languages available in the Jomres language switcher dropdown. The languages list is created from all available language files in /jomres/language directory. The language dropdown is shown in both backend and frontend and contains the same options. If the selection has not been modified, then by default all available languages will be offered in the dropdowns.


When first installing Jomres, no languages are selected in the list and by default all languages are available in the dropdown. To select the languages you want to show in the dropdown (available languages), here is what you have to do:

Click on the Choose languages option in your Jomres control panel. After you`ve done so, you`ll see a list of all available languages. If you`re not on a fresh Jomres installation, the languages that are visible in the language switcher dropdowns should be already checked.
Check the boxes for the languages you want to show in the dropdowns (both backend and frontend language dropdowns will use the same languages)
Save your selection by clicking on the Save button

Now you can see above the control panel buttons a language dropdown that contains only the languages you selected. These are the active languages from which a user can select from.

Adding a new language that is not available in the list
After you add a new language file to Jomres, you`ll see the new language code in the list. Check it`s box to make the new language available in the language switcher dropdowns.

Final notes
Not all translations available in Jomres are 100% translated. The only language file that`s always up to date is en-GB.php. This is the file recommended to be used when creating new translations.



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