Jomres is a complete booking system on your website.

The Core system is free, you can install it on your website and start taking bookings in minutes. If you want to add extra functionality like taking payments, use more flexible tariffs or create additional properties then you will need to purchase a download and support license which gives you access to all of Jomres' plugins at no extra cost beyond the initial payment.

Jomres is suitable for anything that can be booked by the day. Hotels, bed & breakfasts, villas and apartments. It can also be used as a yacht booking system, as well as for campsites.


Online Booking and Property Management systems like the Jomres Hotel Booking System offer significant advantages over dedicated site-based systems in that they don't require numerous, licensed terminals or PCs. Any machine running an up-to-date web browser can use the system, be it a desktop, tablet or smart-phone.

They also make it easy for customers to make reservations online by being always available, 24/7/365. In this era, it's normal to book your holiday from the comfort of your sofa.

Cost effective

No ongoing costs or setup fees. No hidden subscriptions and no commission costs.

We don't charge you a "small" fee each month, if you choose not to renew your membership your hotel booking software will continue working for as long as you want to use it.

The fee you pay to get support and downloads for our hotel booking system is all you need to pay.


Jomres can be used for a single property website, acting as a Property Management System integrated with an Online Booking system for a guest house/B&B/Villa right the way up to being a full booking portal for thousands of properties.

Because it's on your own server and Open Source software you're free to customise it to your heart's content.


Having a web based hotel booking and property management system means that as soon as a booking is entered by the receptionist after a phone reservation or walk in, the availability of your rooms is immediately reflected on your website, meaning that you're less likely to suffer from double bookings. Additionally, using the Jomres Channel Manager integration plugin your listings on sites like or Expedia are updated in realtime too.

Built for Joomla and Wordpress

It is designed to be integrated into your existing Joomla or Wordpress website, giving you the freedom to build your website as you see fit.


Jomres integrates seamlessly with Responsive templates that use the Bootstrap 2 and 3 frameworks. This means that your staff can be walking the floor of your business and still interact with the hotel booking system through tablet PCs or smart phones, freeing them up to be more productive.

Quickstart Demo

This is our new demo.

This main demo is termed our Quickstart demo because if you purchase a Solo, Silver or Gold membership license

you will be able to download a complete copy of that demo to install on your own website to get yourself up and running quickly.


Be aware, however that the quickstart and it's template are provided as favours to our users.

We do not offer support for the Quickstart, Joomla or the template, only Jomres.

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If you'd like to log in and play around with the features, then you can log into the frontend of the User Demo, using the username and password combinations of manager / manager.

There is no administrator area access with this login as it's not required, the userdemo is for you to play around with property management, which is all done in the frontend.


*Note :

If you choose to login using the "manager" user, there's a good chance that you'll be logged in at the same time as somebody else using the same account.

If you're attempting to create a new property or manage an existing property at the same time as them, behaviour will be unpredictable.

This is to be expected and shared logins are not normal real-world usage, we offer a shared login for ease of experimentation but it is not normal to do that in practice.

You can also register your own user, if you do that then you will see the functionality as it's intended to work.




Proudly supporting 2389 active licenses.

powerful booking system

Powerful booking engine

Take deposit payments online through your own Joomla Booking System. No need to pay somebody else commission! It has a powerful booking engine, making it the most flexible Joomla & Wordpress Hotel Booking System available. Ajax driven, we were among the very first booking systems to utilise this technology and have built extensively on this solid foundation ever since.

responsive booking system

Responsive design

Using responsive templates, we were the first Joomla & Wordpress Booking system to adopt Bootstrap 2, offering a solution even before Joomla 3 was released. Jomres 8 is compatible with Bootstrap 3, which delivers a sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework to your clients. Another first, where we lead, others are sure to follow.

paypal and payment gateways


Paypal support by default, take payments online within minutes. If you are offering a portal you can either choose to take all payments yourself or hotels can take payments through their own accounts and you raise separate commission or subscription invoices. Jomres partners have also built their own payment gateways, meaning you're not just limited to Paypal.

sell optional extras with bookings

Optional extras

Optional extras can be added easily to a booking. Create a simple extra which can use a number of different pricing models (such as "per booking" or "per day") or if you want to offer finite resources (such as tours or a table in the restraunt) you can opt to use the more extensive Jintour plugin.

powerful dashboard for receptionists


Dynamic, ajax driven Dashboard displays relevent information clearly and cleanly.

easy configuration

Easy setup

Holders of Solo, Silver and Gold licenses can download a complete copy of the Jomres demo (Joomla only), allowing them to setup a working installation of Jomres in only a few minutes.

normal tariff editing

Easy tariff editing

Choose the tariff editing mode that suits your situation. Use the Normal mode for simple pricing that's valid for the next 10 years...

powerful tariff editing

Total control over pricing

...or the Micromanage mode that allows you total control over pricing and minimum stay lengths.

clean user interface

Simple User Interface

Property details are shown on one page, with an easy to navigate UI, tabbed information pages, google maps and slideshow.

easy image uploading

Unlimited image uploads

The media centre makes it easy for you to upload, view and delete images for the property, it's slideshow and even for individual rooms.

discount functionality to drive repeat business


Multiple discount features available including coupon codes, partner discounts and personal discounts for guests. QR codes that link direct to the booking form can be printed as part of your promotional material.

Secure joomla hotel booking

Secure booking portal

Designed from the ground up to be a secure booking portal. Invite property managers to list their properties with you, monetising their involvement through subscription plans, commission fees or both.

search feature using ajax


A large number of different search features are available to add some sparkle to your site and help guide your guests to the property of their choice. Choose from the ubiquitous ajax search to the more exciting "Lucky Dip" plugin.

module design


The heart of Jomres is modular in design. This approach makes Jomres extremely friendly to third party developers, who we work closely with to ensure that the entire community can add to the system's functionality. This means, even if the system doesn't have a feature you might want it's easy to add new functionality without having to edit the core.

hightly customisable


Jomres offers a veritable feast of different ways to customise the system. From Property type specific templates and language files, property specific labels to full-on integration with Microsoft's translation software, there's something here for every level of user.


Open forum for all

Large, active community forum with thousands of members.

template editing

Booking Creation Kit

Jomres is a Booking System Creation Kit. Whilst it is designed to work "out of the box" with minimal configuration, it's real strength comes from the power and flexability of it's plugin functionality. Don't offer another cookie-cutter booking site, be creative and innovate, using Jomres as the foundation you can build upon.

wordpress joomla

Wordpress & Joomla

Initially written for Mambo back in 2005, Jomres is designed to work with the Joomla and Wordpress Content Management systems.

The system is completely open source, indeed the core system itself is free and is released under both the GPL and MIT licenses.

Jomres Webinstall, manual upload

Download the Web Installer

This web installer will install Jomres into both Wordpress or Joomla.

Please see the installation guide before you try to install it, or watch the video.

This script is the web installer for Jomres. It will download and unzip Jomres Core to your Joomla installation. Jomres Core itself is free, and enables you to have a basic yet working booking system on your site. If you want access to plugins, which greatly extend the functionality of the system please consider purchasing a Solo, Silver or Gold license.

Wordpress installation

Download the Wordpress Web Installer

Requires an installation of Wordpress 3.8 or above.

This is installed like any other Wordpress plugin through the WP Plugin Manager and is the recommended process by which you can install Jomres into Wordpress. All it does is include a copy of the web installer from the section above which is run when you activate the plugin. When you choose to start the web installer will download and upzip Jomres Core. Follow the onscreen instructions as they're simple to follow.

What our users say

We initially chose Jomres after reading the many positive reviews. Their product is great and the online support is fantastic.






Nefyn Holidays

nefyn holidays



Info Tourist

info tourist

Holiday Rental Madeira

holiday rental medeira

Go Languedoc

go languedoc

Casa Cuba


Biz Flats

biz flats

Bootverhuur Hospes Yacht Rental


Ferienhäuser und Ferienwohnungen in Köln


Jomres Channel Management integration

In partnership with Beds24


Channel Management in Jomres is performed through our Jomres - Beds24 integration plugin.

The plugin is an additional purchase on top of your normal Download and Support license, and every property manager that wishes to use the integration will require their own account on Beds24's service.


Purchase the Jomres Beds24 plugin.


Beds24 link to nearly 40 OTAs and more are being added all the time. Join Beds24 for a Free Trial to Experience what Beds24 can do for your business 

New users receive a free trial period to evaluate the system.

  • Pay As You Go: No Lock-in, No Minimum Sign-up, FREE Set up!
  • No credit card required
  • Fully functional trial account
  • No commitment


 For a full list of supported channels, please see our partner's page.


Comparison chart


Don't be fooled by a pretty face, beauty is only skin deep.


Here you can see Jomres compared to it's peers on the Joomla Extension Directory. As you can see, it's streets ahead of everybody else.


  Jomres Core Jomres w/ Plugins Solidres Vik Booking JomHoliday JM HR Koparent
Established 18/03/2005 18/03/2005 01/10/2012 16/03/2013 17/09/2012
Current version 8.1.9 8.1.9 0.6.2 1.4 1
Price 0 GBP 149-599 GBP 69-399 USD 99 EUR 149-399 EUR
Price (euro) 0 183.57-737.99 50.55-292.32 99 149-399
Tariffs (simple)
Fully Open Source
Bootstrap 2
Image Gallery
Search modules
Google maps
Portal functionality
Property Reviews
Public Forum
Tariffs (complex)
Booking Approvals
Gateways (Other)
Export csv
Property List Views
Book guests in/out
Currency Conversion
Media Centre
Black Bookings
Developer community
Bootstrap 3
Channel Management
Property Approvals
Last Minute discounts
Integrated Help
Local Events
Auto translation
Guest interface
QR Codes
Shopping Cart
Property comparison
Template Editing
Email Editing
Developer Tools

  • Jomres Core
  • Free
  • No plugins via Jomres Plugin Manager
  • No support
  • No tickets
  • Unlimited domains
  • Jomres Solo
  • £149 6 months
  • All plugins in Jomres Plugin Manager
  • 6 months
  • 1 ticket
  • Unlimited domains
  • Jomres Silver
  • £199 6 months
  • All plugins in Jomres Plugin Manager
  • 6 months
  • 10 tickets
  • Unlimited domains
  • Jomres Gold
  • £599 lifetime of the project
  • All plugins in Jomres Plugin Manager
  • Lifetime
  • 100 tickets
  • Unlimited domains

Membership schemes


There are three different membership schemes.

Which is right for me?

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