Download Jomres Core for FREE


Jomres for Joomla

Requires an installation of Joomla 3.2 or above.

This script is the web installer for Jomres. It will download and unzip Jomres Core to your Joomla installation. Jomres Core itself is free, and enables you to have a basic yet working booking system on your site. If you want access to plugins, which greatly extend the functionality of the system please consider purchasing a Solo, Silver or Gold license. Please see the installation guide before you try to install it, or watch the video.


Jomres for Wordpress

Requires an installation of Wordpress 3.8 or above.

This is installed like any other Wordpress plugin through the WP Plugin Manager and is the recommended process by which you can install Jomres into Wordpress. All it does is include a copy of the web installer from the section above which is run when you activate the plugin. When you choose to start the web installer will download and upzip Jomres Core. Follow the onscreen instructions as they're simple to follow.