Complete Packages

14 days access to all plugins
Unlimited Domains
NO support tickets
NO Leohtian templates
NO Quickstarts
Renewal :
6 months access to all plugins
Unlimited Domains
10 support tickets
All Leohtian templates
All Quickstarts
Renewal :
£248(save £50)
1 year access to all plugins
Unlimited Domains
Unlimited support tickets
All Leohtian templates
All Quickstarts
Renewal :
£446(save £150)
2 years access to all plugins
Unlimited Domains
Unlimited support tickets
All Leohtian templates
All Quickstarts
Renewal :



VAT (tax) not included ( see bottom of page )

Jomres Core is free, but if you want advanced functionality that'll really make your website shine, such as taking online payments and using channel management, you can choose one of our complete packages to gain full access to all 113 plugins and all future plugins for the duration of your license's term.


What features do I get with a license?

Complete packages

With any Complete Package license, you have access to all features of the system. Additionally you can download all available Quickstarts and the Leohtian templates for both Joomla and Wordpress. You will find these downloads by going to your account and viewing any active licences. These licenses are ideal for developers who are building booking portals for clients as they normally require a great deal of flexability and options, extended support and renewal options for when the license has expired.

After you have purchased a license you will be given a license key. Enter this key in your installation's Site Configuration area and you will be able to download any plugins that you need from the Jomres plugin manager, as well as raise support tickets if you have any questions.

How much is Jomres Core?

Jomres Core is free to Download and use. If you want more functionality than the Core system offers, you can install plugins through the Jomres Plugin Manager. Once you have entered your license number into the Site Configuration page you can download any of the plugins at no extra cost.

I would like a Trial License to test the system.

Well, you're in luck, because if you've never had any Jomres licenses before you can order a trial license key from the license server and use that to download plugins that will work on your server for two weeks. After that you will need to purchase a full license or remove the plugins from your installation.

Note, this functionality works best in Jomres 9.7.2 or greater. It will work in earlier versions, but 9.7.2 includes code that improves the experience for you. You will need to ensure that your server can run Ioncube Loaders, if in doubt please contact your hosts. Plugins downloaded with a trial license key are not released under the GPL/MIT licenses.


I've installed the Core system, and I only want one plugin?

Don't worry, we've got you covered too. In Jomres 9.7.0 we are introducing the new Jomres Plugin Shop which is available when you visit the Plugin Manager, which allows you to  view and order individual plugins direct through the plugin shop. You won't benefit from our beautiful quickstarts, but this is a great way to add to Jomres without having to buy a full package if you don't need it.


Plugin Manager








What are Renewals?

Renewals are cut price licenses that you are elegible to purchase once you've already purchased a complete package license. You do not need to have purchased an Enterprise license to purchase an Enterprise Renewal.

No commission fees!

One thing you will not find on this page is commission fees. Why? Because we don't charge them! Unlike Cloud/Hosted solutions that need to take a ( sometimes extortionate ) figure to to keep their servers up and running, Jomres is hosted on your own server where it's nice and safe and you've got access to the software at all times.

Refund Policy

When you're purchasing a Download and/or Support license, you're purchasing the option to download Jomres' plugins and get support from ourselves for the system.

If you purchase a Download and Support license from our website, you are entitled to a 7 days Cooling Off Period during which you can withdraw from your purchase. You will lose your right of withdrawal if you start downloading any software from the My Account page of this site, or the Jomres Plugin Manager, before the end of the Cooling Off Period.

It's your responsibility to ensure that Jomres supplies all of the features you need before purchasing. If you are in doubt as to whether Jomres is suitable for you, please contact us via the Contact page or via our ticket system.


VAT (tax) not included

Please note that prices here do not include VAT (sales tax), this is because we cannot produce a VAT figure until after you have registered so that we can validate your VAT number ( this is due to EU VAT regulations introduced in 2015) .

If you are in the EU ( excluding the UK ) and have a valid tax number, please register and log in before ordering otherwise your invoice will include VAT.

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