• Core
  • Free
  • No plugins in Jomres Plugin Manager
  • No support
  • No tickets
  • Unlimited domains
  • Solo
  • £1496 months
  • All plugins in Jomres Plugin Manager
  • 6 months
  • 1 Ticket
  • Unlimited domains
  • Silver
  • £1996 months
  • All plugins in Jomres Plugin Manager
  • 6 months
  • 10 Tickets
  • Unlimited domains
  • Gold
  • £599Lifetime of the project
  • All plugins in Jomres Plugin Manager
  • Lifetime
  • 100 Tickets
  • Unlimited domains

Jomres Memberships

Which membership is right for me?

  • Choose Jomres Core if you just want a basic booking system for a single property with no online payments and simple tariff settings.
  • Choose Jomres Solo if you're happy to use the forum and manual to answer the bulk of your questions.
  • Choose Jomres Silver if you want a little more hand-holding or think that you'll need to raise more than one ticket.
  • Choose Jomres Gold if you've used Jomres before and are happy to commit to using the system for the forseeable future.

With a Solo license you can download and install any Jomres plugin, however you are limited to just one support ticket.
With Silver (10 tickets) and Gold (100 tickets) licenses you can download all of the plugins, at no extra cost, for the duration of the membership's term. The only difference is the term, Silver licenses are valid for 6 months and you will get downloads and support for the system during that time. With a Gold license, the license doesn't expire.

After you have purchased a Solo, Silver or Gold license you will be given a license key. Enter this key in your installation's Site Configuration area and you will be able to download any plugins that you need from the Jomres plugin manager, as well as raise support tickets if you have any questions (if your license includes support).

You don't need to buy Gold immediately, you can purchase a Solo or Silver license, then when you're happy that you want to continue using Jomres we will reduce the cost of your Gold license by the value of your highest purchase .Eg. if you paid £149 for Solo, then we'll subtract that from your Gold invoice. Raise a ticket (don't worry, it won't count towards your ticket count) and we'll talk you through the process.

How much is Jomres Core?

Jomres Core is free to download and use. If you want more functionality than the Core system offers, you can install plugins through the Jomres Plugin Manager. Once you have entered your license number into the Site Configuration page you can download any of the plugins at no extra cost.

How may domains can I install Jomres on and still get support?

You can install Jomres on as many domains as you need. Support is available to license owners only, however, not third parties.

What happens when my license expires?

After your membership has expired, you can still use Jomres and the plugins you've installed, but you won`t be able to download updates or new plugins. Be aware that membership licenses are for plugin downloads and support, Jomres itself is licensed under the GPL.

What features do I get with a license?

With any paid license, you have access to all features of the system, (with the exception of the Channel Manager plugin).

How much will Jomres cost after I've paid for my membership?

One thing you will not find on this page is commission fees. Why? Because we don't charge them! Unlike most of our competitors we believe that once you've got the product and setup your website, then that's where our involvement ends. Why should we charge you more?

You say "Lifetime of the Project", what does that mean?

We've been working solidly on Jomres for over 9 years now, and it doesn't look like we'll slow down anytime soon.

Renewal options ( Jomres Solo & Silver only )

6 months £99.00 GBP (order now)

If you've purchased Jomres in the past and want to upgrade Jomres and it's plugins you'll need a renewal. Like Solo and Silver this is a one-off payment which is valid for 6 months and allows you another 10 support tickets and access to all current versions of the plugins (including those where weren't available when you originally purchased).