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Jomres 10.7.0 25/05/2023

Feature Lots of changes related to overrides in this version. A lot of scripts can be overridden by dropping a copy of the script into the template or theme directory, /html/com_jomres/custom_code sub directory.

Function overrides. Create a file called custom_functions.php and copy functions from the varies function files in /jomres/libraries/jomres/functions into this file to have custom Jomres functions.
Class overrides. Copy the class file into the custom_code directory and Jomres will automatically use that.
Map styles overrides. To customise map styles create a file into the custom_code dir.
Custom Jquery UI css file. Create a file called custom_jquery_ui.css in the custom_code directory and Jomres will use that. Due to when it's called Jquery UI css declarations here will override the defaults.
Joomla only : Custom copy of components/com_jomres/router/router.php can be put into the custom_code directory and Jomres will use that instead of the default.
Customised versions of /jomres/assets/css and /jomres/assets/javascript files can be put into custom_code directory and Jomres will use those instead of the default.
Property Specific Minicomponents. In the override directory you can create subdirectories numbered according to property type IDs. Now you can put copies of minicomponents in those directories and if the property type being shown is of that type then the customised version of that minicomponent will be used. Previously you could use this feature for template files, and it has now been extended to support minicomponents too.

NB: If you're already an experienced Jomres user, note that the custom_code directory referenced here is different to the one you're used to. Look in the Developer's and Designer's guide in the Documentation section of and find the Read This First section for more information.

Feature Reviewed and reworked the old property specific language strings feature called Language Context. Also added the ability for urls and shortcodes to set the language context.

In the Translate Language file strings page you will see a new dropdown called Language Context. When you change this dropdown the page will reload. Now any changes you make to language strings will be specific to that property type. To find the correct language context for a property type visit the administrator > Jomres > Settings > Property types page. The contexts are shown in the table.

A use case example :

In the Translate lang file strings page change the Language Context dropdown to Camp Site. Now search the page for _JOMRES_SEARCH_BUTTON. Under that line you will see the string "Search". Change that string to "Find a camp site". Now you can create a Search Form Elements custom module with the shortcode {jomres search_form_button &language_context=campsite} and now the text for the button will change to "Find a camp site".

Another use case :

Search the translate lang file strings page for _JOMRES_COM_MR_QUICKRES_STEP2_TITLE. The row below it shows "Our rooms". Again, change the language context at the top of the page to Camp site. Now search for _JOMRES_COM_MR_QUICKRES_STEP2_TITLE again. Change the row below it from "Our Rooms" to "Our pitches". Now when somebody views the property details page of a camp site type property, instead of saying "Our rooms" it will say "Our pitches".

In previous versions of Jomres this feature used alternate language files to achieve the same thing. This new feature is much more flexible and allows you to change the language context via shortcode arguments, allowing you to have different strings in shortcodes without needing to change any files. As always the changes are saved to the database so they are update-safe.

Feature Added a new Property type setting that sets a property type to be an Item Hire property type. This will automatically disable showing selection of guest numbers in the booking form, and a few property config settings. Properties set with this setting are essentially MRPs. To prevent us being burdened with significant more template files, some templates will still refer to guest numbers so they'll need to be copied and placed in property type specific override directories.
Feature Added Animation Library for animating display of properties.
Feature Managers can now switch between Micromanage and Advanced. Advanced wasn't available in 10.6, but brought it back in to 10.7 as it still has it's uses.
Feature Added setting which allows property managers to determine if the number of children can be used when checking the number of guests in a booking v the number of selected rooms.
Feature When an oauth client is now created, if a valid token doesn't exist we'll automatically create one for them, then redirect back to the edit client page. Quality of life improvement.
Feature If per person per night is not true (i.e. the property/rooms is/are booked per night instead) then child rates are not prompted for, and child prices aren't calculated. Likewise, prices aren't shown for children, but children can still be added to the booking if child rates are added to the booking. You can leave the rate set to zero to just record the ages of the children without charging for them.
Feature Added a new local tokens class, allows a plugin or core system to create tokens for the rest api for a specific purpose. This token is then stored in the user's parameters which can then be used elsewhere by the plugin's scripts to use the local rest api without needing the user to generate client id/secret and token themselves.
Feature Changed occupancy levels adults dropdown so that the dropdown maximum adults is set to whatever the highest max adults from all tariffs can be.
Feature Added 4 new scripts + corresponding template files, which are called before and after search results and property details scripts are run. In Core they don't do anything, but they provide a unified mechanism by which plugins can add elements like columns/widgets etc to wrap search results and the property details page. The new "Search Composite Sidebar" plugin uses this to add a search form to the side of the search results page.

Change Weekly percentages widget updated (BS5 only).
Change Reworked property details in BS5. Header area, image is now parallax and full width of available space (in Cassiopeia there's still some margin, even with the template style set to fluid, not static.). Other layout related tweaks and improvements.
Change Removed container class div from top.html & bottom.html. Where the theme/template allows, then content can be full width. Moved the container instead to wrap the menu position div.
Change Added a new disable_main_menu script that the main menu will obey, if it has been run then the menu will not be shown anywhere in the page. This allows us to use a simple shortcode {jomres_script disable_main_menu} in any Jomres template and we can disable the menu only on those pages that the template has been rendered.
Change Added new arguments to show_main_menu that can be used to set which div id the menu should be moved into once rendered. In BS5 and greater, the bottom.html template will trigger the menu, instead of it being triggered in jomres.php.
Change Booking Confirmation page markup improved, some wording changed for clarity.
Change Add a handful of BRs to the bottom of the page so that sticky Save buttons don't hide bits of the page.
Change Enabled/disabled a couple of settings based on an upcoming new "secret" setting that allows some sites to revert to the old guest types if required.
Change Core app key management checks for local tokens array and excludes any api keys from display in the app key management page.
Change Old management view button that used BS2 for fullscreen viewing is now ditched by default, I don't feel it's necessary any more. Managers can re-enable the button, if they wish, by editing Jomres' configuration.php and adding the line demonstrated in site_config.php however I believe that it interferes with the rest of the Jomres UI in J4/BS5 to no strong benefit.
Change Added a function to determine the relative path to a file when handed it's full path. Primarily used for overriding css and javascript files.
Change Per person per night setting moved from Tariffs into Bookings tab of Property Configuration.
Change Generate date input now can accept an array of options. Currently uses this array to disable the calendar fontawesome icon. You can also use a j00001 script to configure which classes the jquery ui datepicker should use.
Change Modified Core so that it can use the autocomplete feature.
Change Unselected heart for shortlists changed to grey so works better in cassiopeia.
Change Add an automatic test that will check to see if the system is api capable. If it is, we'll install the CMF Features and Framework plugins automatically.
Change Search by stars modified so that searching is done based on array of stars, not a single variable (like you would get from a dropdown). This allows Core searching to use the Stars rows previously found in Ajax search composite (ASC uses it's own search feature so should be unaffected by this change).
Change If the image size of slideshow is set to large, we'll allow the "thumbnails" to be large too. With the full adoption of lazy loading, having large thumbs by default assures high quality images to be visible from the outset. BS5 carousel plugin however hides larger images on small viewports so that plugin remains recommended if you're using BS5.
Change Wordpress : Change how we detect the root directory and trigger the installation location, try our damnedest to install in /jomres not the plugin dir where possible.
Change Modified new functionality that imports language strings from language definitions. Older functionality was attempting to match vuejs code like {{ message }} which was unwanted behaviour. This change checks to see if the matched string is all in uppercase. If it is, then it can attempt to import the language strings.
Change On installation, ensure that the default tariff editing mode is 3 (Micromanage) for new properties.
Change Update existing sites so that default tariff editing mode is 3 (micromanage). Existing properties keep their current tariff editing mode, however once they change to Micromanage/Advanced they can't then change back.
Change Added property switcher to BS3 top.html
Change Croatian currency code changed to euro.
Change Dynamically adjust minimum interval in the booking engine if possible.
Change Set the departure date to be the arrival date + whatever the calculated min interval was found to be.
Change Prevent a new google map message about callbacks by adding &callback=Function.prototype to the api url used.
Change Change the gmaps version to suppress a console warning.
Change Allow Joomla 4 sites to change the Bootstrap setting because upgraded sites may still have the old setting which needs to be changed.
Change Minor tweak to make BS3 payment gateway images responsive.
Change Accepting children is off by default in new properties.
Change Improved show rooms and show room template markup
Change Don't show list properties page if site is set to single property only.
Change Add a new script to show the property schema independently.

Fix Resolved an issue where database re-import of images would misbehave. One of those "Weird, that's been working fine for years, and now it's not?" bugs.
Fix Set max height of uploaded image to 150px (mainly so that the no-image svg doesn't appear too large). Media centre.
Fix Main menu navbar toggler fixed.
Fix Improved address url for qr codes
Fix Make sure that the Stripe logo is included correctly by the payment methods class.

Jomres 10.6.0 08/11/2022

Feature Property switching dropdown re-added to Jomres, and significantly updated. This allows us to switch properties quickly when administering properties. This is a useful older feature that has been reintroduced and updated to be context sensitive.
Feature Shortcodes can now define custom templates. Example : {jomres asamodule_random &asamodule_random_listlimit=3&basic_module_output.html=basic_module_output_circular.html} If basic_module_output_circular.html exists in the override directory, it will be used instead. Allows individual shortcodes to be highly customised without needing to modify any code.
Feature An old friend returns to the stage, updated for BS5 : Slideshow images now show in property lists and basic module output areas. Works best with the BS5 carousel plugin installed. Works ok with the native Galleria slideshow plugin, but the slideshow heights aren't exactly right, slideshow images are cropped by Galleria. This slideshow feature can detect if more than 1 Main Property Image has been uploaded, and if so, then a slideshow is shown where previously just an image was shown. A new card_image.html template is the fallback template.
Feature Added a new feature to patTemplate where if the unused vars setting ( e.g. ) is set to import, then any missing definitions will be checked to see if they're language file definitions. If so, we can automatically replace them. This means that we don't need to add language definitions to scripts that call a template file, the definition will be automatically added. Older templates (including BS5 templates) will not have this "import" flag set. It's possible they contain items that shouldn't be there, but it's now an option to use this import ability in new template files. I have been trying unsuccessfully for ages to find a way to not constantly need to define language strings in calling scripts but all of the things I tried resulted in too much memory use. This solution is smaller and subsequentially faster.
Feature Added new menu options to Joomla plugin : Guest Bookings & My Profile
Feature Added (commented out but available) property features and room features to basic module output script.
Feature Add canonical tag to meta on Joomla
Feature Added a new script that allows site admins to show a property widget for a single property wherever they want, through a shortcode.
Feature Updated run_jomres_shortcode function so that WP style shortcodes can be used. Both older {} shortcode braces can be used, as well is [] (WP style) braces. Leads to simpler documentation.
Feature Added occupancy to basic module output html
Feature Added booking link
Feature Image uploading now defaults to using just max width setting, and implemented cropping for images.

Change Tariff configuration mode switching disabled for properties using Micromanage, and all new properties will be using micromanage mode from now on. The big OTAs are moving to using rate plans like Micromanage mode, and having more than one tariff mode was making the booking engine overly complicated. So, now the old Guest Types functionality is disabled, we'll switch to everybody using the newer Adult and Child types and moving forward we only need to maintain the one mode. With this decision, I can now create more variations on that mode.
Change Loads'a markup improvements in BS5.
Change Set the timezone in the class calling the logger
Change Catch abuse of redirect url and don't respond.
Change Don't trigger webhook event scripts on error, as the event script itself could be the cause.
Change Changed how old plugin update check works, now it shows where warnings show.
Change Added a warning to Update feature so that users will be aware that they're updating to the Nightly branch if Dev mode enabled.
Change Add region id to list regions page
Change Added a class to add border radius to module data
Change Added number accommodates to get_property_module_data function.
Change Removed bootstrap warning as it's no longer applicable.
Change noimage.gif updated to svg
Change Added a new property_state_change webhook and caching feature to get_property_module_data function to create/use cache files. Caching is not yet used, as it needs a bit more work yet.
Change Remove a previous change to route handling in api.
Change Move property image and slideshow options so that they're first and second respectively in media centre.
Change Fullscreen view and Video tutorials now fixed to bottom as most of the time they're not used.
Change Ensure BS5 templates use lazy image loading.
Change Removed buttons from room type/property feature output that typically appears in list properties (search results)
Change Change how we check for an existing image so that the thumb is correctly returned and not the large image, should speed up the media centre.
Change new css class card-img-height added to basic module output
Change Comparison table received some love
Change Updated default image upload sizes
Change Check to see if the search function has been called as a shortcode. If it has, don't show the search header output. It's not designed to be there and won't work.
Change Top and bottom templates don't show any output if menuoff is in url
Change get property details function now returns menuoff by default as part of the url, but a new flag ensures that subsequent urls don't include menuoff
Change Added full property description to property header script
Change Property header disabled on all pages except viewproperty
Change Added site address details to common strings
Change Changed how emails are obsfucated. Older js didn't work well enough. Obsfucation is mostly theatre, any semi-smart bot will always unscramble the email address with ease.
Change Improved markup in show property rooms template
Change Added a definition that says that Jomres Core has been run. This helps Jomres scripts used as shortcodes to know if Jomres is shown on that particular page. Because Jomres isn't a traditional Joomla component which relies on Views, we can't just check the current active menu, so this is the next best thing.
Change Project pups added to X-Clacks-Overhead-Jomres. Faithful companions will always be remembered. Yeah, I'm sentimental about my dogs.
Change In BS5 we use property module data in show my reviews script
Change If the guest has no profile information, we'll redirect them to Edit My Account to put that right when they try to view their profile page.
Change Added usage of different comparison methods to new sleeps adults and sleeps children searches
Change Sticky class removed from sidebar as it's effectiveness depends on the host template
Change added a new wrapper script that will redirect a property to it's correct list tariffs xxx page when called.

Fix PHP8.1 adjustments
Fix Check that a presumed array is an array
Fix Disabled old qr code generation scripts are they're throwing errors in PHP8.1. I'll leave the old script in place for now as it can't be run by outside actors and it allows backward compatability for older sites if they want to continue using it.
Fix Tweaked db image importer to ensure that it always imports, it stopped working so I assume php8.1 is at fault but I couldn't track it down.
Fix Added random identifier for an id that was missing. Basic module output.
Fix Added a check in case a property type has been modified and a new room didn't get added.

Jomres 10.5.5 02/10/2022

Feature Updated the no-Bootstrap code so that Jomres itself uses Bootstrap 5 for layout if the theme doesn't support it.
Feature Added new Core API Endpoint that reports all available endpoints.
Feature Added ability to set X-JOMRES-NO-ENVELOPE in headers that tells Jomres api to not use the response envelope, just respond with the data.
Feature Added ability to set payment_success_redirect_url in the url when calling the show confirmation page (must be base64 encoded). Once the booking payment has been processed then where normally the booking completed page would be shown instead the user can be redirected to that success url. Allows plugins such as NBE to hit the confirmation page (where the booking is finally constructed), payment taken, and the user redirected onwards based on the success of the payment.
Feature Added ability to add bypass_confirmation=1 to the url used when calling the booking confirmation page. This allows remote sites to force calls to this page to automatically redirect to a payment gateway as needed.

Change Changed the BS3 review star icon so that it works in leohtian
Change Stripe plugins now pass the JSID variable in urls. This allows the NBE to be used on a different site (or in an app?) and we can ensure that the session data is used correctly throughout.
Change Changed how jomSearch class determines the Bootstrap version to use the built-in function which does some magic, instead of using the BS setting in jrConfig.
Change Disable wptexturize when running Jomres scripts, otherwise wp will mangle javascript in Jomres templates.

Fix Quashed an error that could come up when SRPs save room types. Related to occupancy levels.

Jomres 10.5.4 26/09/2022

Feature Stripe Standard payment gateway added to Jomres Core.
Feature Added the ability for the Jomres template parser to call code that introduces Joomla modules into Jomres template files.
Feature Added a new feature to copy API keys to clipboard.
Feature Payment gateways moved out of their tab in property config into a page of their own.

Change BS5 Booking form layout reworked. Room feature selection initially hidden in accordion, rooms lists moved around.
Change Two new currency codes added for Venezuelan Bolivar, including the black market currency code (really? Wow.)
Change Changed how old style language files are detected and used, so that new lang definitions are automatically parsed in despite them not being in the older language files.
Change Changed how Oauth clients are stored in the database. This means that, for non-manager users, they will need to create new clients and request new tokens.
Change Allow us to set a token when calling self API on behalf of a user
Change Updated the Edit API Client page. Show a valid token if available. Include the ability to remove (disable, not delete) old tokens.
Change Added minicomponent trigger notes for new Jomres Messaging System that allow for parsing of messages by plugins.
Change Run watcher scripts during error responses, as well as successful api responses
Change Don't trigger cron tasks during api calls, might shave off 50ms here and there, but it's all worth it.
Change Str replace / in javascript date input if necessary
Change Don't output hidden menu items if menuoff is set .
Change Don't show powered by if the menu is off in the url
Change Removed references to syndication in rest api test.
Change Added new functionality whereby new buttons can be added to the edit booking/reservation details page.
Change Modified contact owner to ensure that component args is used.
Change Improved BS5 admin cpanel layout.
Change Tweaked how an error is reported to keep it up-to-date with the current system.
Change Added new guidance for users when they click on the New Property or Manager Properties button in the admin area. If they're not logged in then they'll see a message asking them to login. This will help new users who are not familiar with the need to login to the frontend to administer properties.
Change Moved contact form out of tabs in property details. This allows us to override the contact form in various ways without messing up the general layout.
Change Added a new WP function for generating the default WP login form, in case one hasn't been configured in Site Config > Messaging System tab
Change Setting the default setting of the group by fix to off on new installations.
Change FAQ items in BS5 updated to remove accordion and simplify output. Comments added to other templates
Change Changed how reviews button stacks in basic module output template
Change Removed thanks output from show property reviews template
Change Added new Common strings for login/logout and related urls
Change Modified edit account details page, guests can no longer save a different email address from that stored against their CMS account.
Change Property uid now available to basic contract details class contract result
Change Added a new (as yet unused but available) method to jr_user class to check if their details are complete.
Change BS5 Booking form classic rooms list received some love.
Change Reworked property header, book now button is sticky and moved some buttons around.
Change Made host link smaller so that it matches the rest of the buttons in property header
Change Bot encrypted email address added to site sitebar
Change Property details reorganised. Got rid of tabs, layout adjusted.
Change Introduce new functionality for setting page titles.
Change New common string COMMON_CANCEL added to patTemplate class.
Change Added contact us text to property details default $output variable.
Change Both BS3 & BS5 : Fields not marked as Required are now hidden in the booking form.
Change BS5 Checkboxes replaced with BS5 switches ( in booking form.
Change BS5 Layout of Booking form's Rooms lists updated. Available and Selected rooms lists tweaked. Feedback messages moved above totals.

Fix Fixed links to to use https protocol (lang files)
Fix Added some changes to resolve issues in API since Joomla 4.2.2 released
Fix Basic room details tweak : Since Joomla 4.2.2 calling this function triggers an error in the api. Given that the api doesn't benefit from having the tooltips, we won't return them.
Fix Make roomrateperday on new installations longer so that countries like Columbia who have prices in the millions of pesos can still list prices.
Fix Updated CMS Specific code for calling CMS's editor in Joomla 4.
Fix Added some definitions to core language file that should be in plugins, however because of where those plugins are called in some templates, they're not always called correctly. This resolves that.
Fix API : Fixed an error in PHP8
Fix Change how image root is found so that og:image paths render correctly.
Fix Fixed a notice in touch templates.
Fix Fix a bug where unpublished properties could be included in host property list on BS5 templated sites
Fix Removed a limitation preventing child prices from being calculated if compatability mode not enabled.
Fix Refactored extra guest numbers in booking engine.
Fix Fixed an issue in Standard mode where the correct guest numbers could not be saved correctly, occupancy calculation code was causing problems.

Jomres 10.5.3 03/08/2022

Change Croatian lang file updated with some new defs. Thanks Amir.
Change Syndication functionality temp disabled within Jomres installations. It's a good idea, and this work has taught me several lessons so I'll revisit it again the future but for now I'm going to switch it off until I can find a better way of doing things.
Change Removed some Help options from the main menu that will soon be redundant.
Change Updated the firewall check page to bring it in line with the current version of Jomres.
Change Disable syndication switch in site config
Change Changed the point that the new user id is discovered when creating bookings
Change Modified map area in property details to make the output play nice with the driving directions plugin
Change Allow Standard tariff editing mode to use Classic rooms list in the booking form.

Jomres 10.5.2 08/07/2022

Fix Fixed an issue in the old booking engine that was affecting booking SRPs

Jomres 10.5.1 05/07/2022

Change Figured out how to allow browsers to respond to preflight CORS option messages from browsers and respond in a suitable manner.
Change Improved partners page adding a link to gh which partners can update with their own data.
Change Improved core api get properties endpoint to adapt to new image path handling
Change Allow api to respond with 404 if necessary
Change Added new reminder to plugin manager.

Jomres 10.5.0 25/06/2022

Feature New run jomres shortcode function added. Allows us to run Jomres shortcodes in php scripts (e.g. index.php of the template)
Feature Added ability to patTemplate reader to discover the current task's potential sub directories for parent and child themes based on the name of the task.
Feature Added shortlist/favourite functionality to module output
Feature Allow Featured properties to have their Ribbon set to Featured instead of showing the review score.
Feature Allow shortcodes to send alt_template_name to the get property module data function so that the theme/template directory can have override templates in different shortcodes, which will look something like {jomres asamodule_random &asamodule_random_listlimit=3&alt_template_name=basic_module_output_circular}
Feature Added new feedback request to Jomres Cpanel

Change Removed checks for the IP when saving the session, now that we're checking for crawlers instead of checking for local calls, when saving sessions.
Change Get rid of map output from list properties as the maps don't render when live scrolling.
Change Modified list properties gateways output to adjust to the fact that we're now allowing png and jpg images for gateways, as well as gifs (Come on Vince, it's 2022)
Change Changed default Halt (error stop) in API from 200 to 400.
Change Tweaked API error handling to make it able to accept lines of error messages, makes the system triggering the Halt error responsible for what to show (Production v Development modes)
Change Occupancy level functionality updated to allow for newly added rooms.
Change Update edit tariffs standard to only show room type options with room types that don't yet have tariffs when creating a new tariff set.
Change Removed min and max guest numbers from list tariffs standard as it's a nonsense for this tariff type. That information is now gleaned from the max occupancy levels.
Change Removed old tourist tax code as it has A been superseded and B it interferes with NBE functionality
Change Removed some settings if the property uses Standard tariff editing mode.
Change Modified dobooking function to ensure that arrival and departure dates are fired off to the server on page load. Previously relied on just one of those elements and it's starting to creak in it's old age.
Change Changed how number of guests allocated to a room is discovered in old booking engine.
Change Remove margins to prevent menu options from closing when you don't want them to.
Change Make sure that show property tariffs page uses the get_booking_url function.
Change Change basic module output wrapper so that cols wrap where approriate.
Change Updated input filtering to use newer J functionality and to change how we detect if an element is set in a request (SEF related) so that we can use J functionality if forced.
Change Basic module output tweaked to provide search links for town/region/country
Change Update property star font
Change Add "featured" status to basic property details class.
Change Classes added to the BS5 basic module output template. This allows the Isotope properties plugin to use this feature instead of having to produce it's own output. Promotes a consistent look and feel across all property module outputs.
Change Change the log out Jomres main menu item. Joomla's fontawesome library doesn't have a log out icon that I can find, for some weird reason, and because the Quickstarts are being delivered with more complete fontawesome libraries this change now makes sense.
Change Add a function to determine the template override directory.
Change Add the ability for WP users to have a custom login url function called custom_jomres_wordpress_login_link function. Closes #441
Change Change guests discount col from 3,2 to 4,2
Change Room rate per day changed to 11,7

Fix Change how we figure out whether or not live scrolling should be enabled to fix some intermittent misbehaviour.
Fix Tweak the gateway plugin settings class to not throw an error if a gateway has been removed but it's settings remain in situ.
Fix Tweak list properties so that it doesn't use a parameter in error.
Fix Added a check in a J specific function to check to see if Itemid is 0. If it is Joomla will throw an uncaught error so we will catch that and advise admin to add Jomres to the main menu.

Jomres 10.4.0 02/06/2022

Feature Platinum Jubilee edition

Change Updated a sanity check to ensure that a property creation step isn't missed.
Change Allow edit tariff scripts to set zindex of the calendar.
Change When managers are making a development test booking we will allow forms to send the plugin (gateway) without forcing validation of the gateway.
Change css tweaks to fullscreen wrapper as pre and code don't need to be styled and they interfere with something else I want to do.
Change Modified how relative paths for images are determined depending on whether or not it's an API call.
Change I was wrong, we do still need to check language change values in the admin area. Undid a change from 10.3
Change Updated room handling to add max adults/max children to individual rooms.
Change Automagically set occupancy levels if not already done
Change Simplified max occupancy level dropdowns.
Change Tweaked internal api handler so that it can return something meaningful when required.
Change Prevent Flight from handling errors if site set to Development, because without it debugging API is a bit of a pain.
Change Changed wording of a language string to bring it up to date with how we are using that label definition.
Change Fix new stars not showing properly in BS3
Change Set a time stamp variable. May have already been set but it'll do no harm to set it again here. Resolves a notice.
Change Resolve a notice trigger during the booking form's bootstrapping.
Change Added code to check and transcode new style api date formatting to old style for Jomres use.
Change Added checks for API arrival and depature dates and convert as required so that we don't store dates in the wrong format, as they can bubble up as notice errors.
Change Added a variety of tweaks to improve photo layout (in particular) (BS5).
Change Added functionality to prevent crawlers from population the sessions table.
Change Modified user agent used by asynchronous task trigger to make it clearer who it is and why it's session is ignored in the temp booking handler class.
Change Updated how the temp booking handler discovers the session id, allowing the session id to be passed through headers as well as the url, or being pulled from the CMS.

Fix Tweaked a search query to fix regions not return results when we're searching via All from a form. Thanks Rod.

Jomres 10.3.1 02/05/2022

Fix Resolved (I hope) an issue where Jomres incorrectly detected the root location of Jomres and would re-install itself to the wrong directory instead of just updating as expected.

Jomres 10.3 29/04/2022

Feature Added new Property Manager feature : Translating where all items that can be translated are done from one page. This removes the old Editing mode and the feature is available to all managers, not just super property managers.
Feature Added new functionality to change how property stars are generated. Gets rid of older images and can be used in a variety of different ways. See shortcodes documentation in Tools > Shortcodes
Feature Added new functionality to change how review "stars" (now a checkmark) are generated. Gets rid of older images and can be used in a variety of different ways.

Change Bootstrap 4 templates added to obsolete files list
Change Removed zindex from date inputs, causes it's own set of problems.
Change Added icon to main menu so that it is more visible when collapsed.
Change Don't need to throw an error when the shortcode parser can't find the class.
Change Tweaked the main menu a little.
Change Modified some language strings to make them more logical.
Change J4 Tweaked how a uri is discovered.
Change Updated warnings to accurately reflect the current state of play vis a vis bootstrap (i.e. removed the message that says it's needed in the theme).
Change Removed old Platform related code.
Change Added some quotes to a template file. (show property features)
Change Serbian language files updated
Change Weather code added to Jomres Core (plugin still required but now weather does not appear in a tab in property details).
Change Show property reviews updated to include rating text colours and text.
Change Added price details and booking form link to output array for the show room template(s).
Change Added prices to show property rooms script, plus booking link. Tweaked markup of BS3 and BS5 templates.
Change Fixed a typo in comments that was bugging me.
Change Tweaked gateway section markup in booking confirmation page.
Change Added ability to have more types of logos for gateways.
Change Added cryptocurrencies to exchange rate handling. These are the crypocurrencies offered by openexchangerates
Change Added label ids for arrival departure dates for WCAG accessibility magic.
Change Improved list invoices labels/badges/legend.
Change Added custom property fields to translatable items in Label editing page.
Change Reworked the BS5 booking confirmation, a change is as good as a rest.
Change Joomla install script updated to use exceptions now that JError does not exist.
Change Installer now uses exceptions as Joomla installer handles errors differently.
Change Updated functionality so that we can use BS5 in Wordpress.
Change Removed some css from main menu
Change Added a check for CMS wrt data sources as a vanilla WP installation's get_available_languages function will not return en-US if no other languages are installed.
Change Added form select class to dropdowns so we get our lovely down caret back in dropdowns.
Change Modal in Timeline/dashboard biggered up on BS5.
Change Only use J factory in Joomla (duh). In WP property config will be shown flat without tabs.
Change Markdown modal improved
Change Site config Business tab hint added
Change Markup of property features in edit property improved
Change Ensure that get_property_module_data parses markdown.
Change PatTemplate lib updated to use exceptions
Change Stop checking the url and/or posted items for lang it's no longer needed as this was used by the switcher which is no longer available/used, and the editing mode functionality which has gone the same way.
Change Modified schema to parse markdown
Change Updated sanity check to redirect to list_resources page so that we can use the generate multiroom link more easily.
Change Tweaked a setting so that if a channel does not specifically configure a property to not be locally administered, it can be.
Change Reworked room feature template to improve display
Change Improved show room markup
Change Made qr code directions output responsive.
Change Removed room features from show rooms page in BS5
Change Changed how we find override directories so that child themes can have override dirs.
Change Added a readme for the images dir.
Change Improved markup so that we can still use the reviews button modules.
Change Modified reviews functionality to use thisProperty so that we can switch to the relevant property from anywhere.
Change Added functionality that allows a property list plugin to disable property list header
Change Add review id to BS5 template output
Change Disable blockui in the booking form as it's causing problems and not needed any more.
Change In BS5 we are abandoning old style property list templates, favouring newer plugins that can be configured as defaults by both property managers and site managers, and can be called via shortcodes. Maps, therefore, are now added by default to listproperties script.
Change Got rid of property room types from viewproperty default template.
Change Show rooms optimised for smaller viewports, particularly within tabs.
Change Rejigged show property reviews to make better use of space.
Change Tweaked some wording for the booking form.
Change Tweaked how a function discovers the plugin template path in admin area.
Change Make sure that the terms and conditions are handed off to the show property terms template in the relevant language.
Change Add a class to dobooking to make fixed period dropdown pretty.
Change SRP booking form address layout updated to take up less space.
Change Address layouts in BS5 improved in booking form templates.
Change Minor wording updated from Room features list to Room features
Change Rooms list in Classic rooms list of booking form in BS5 received some love.
Change Made totals column sticky in booking forms. (BS5)
Change Moved Review Booking button to go at bottom of Totals (BS5)
Change Added a new javascript library that allows us to add read-more links in various places. Currently used in property reviews page.
Change Moved some property description items into one tab (added readmore too)
Change Tweaked how we find the BS version in WP.
Change Modify updater to update to Nightly if site config set to Development mode.
Change Modified search minicomponent so that it can accept template file path and template file name through componentArgs. This allows other scripts to have their own template search forms without needing any more magical jiggery pokery.
Change Gave generateDateInput function the ability to accept a z-index setting via the showtime variable.
Change Removed old chained select code, and moved autocomplete code from search_widget plugin into Core
Change Added stars data source,
Change added function to get search form element (not currently used, but will be in the future)
Change Added guest number and price ranges data sources.
Change If the site is set to Development mode then we will allow property managers to access payment gateways and pay themselves. Makes testing/development simpler.
Change Removed an obsolete setting from site config misc tab re language context.
Change Disabled autocomplete in edit tariffs forms because the browser's default settings can create some weird and hard to track down behaviour.
Change Don't bother checking the gateway is valid if we're a manager and dev mode enabled.
Change Markup for show property reviews improved for smaller viewports.
Change Made sure Jomres uses new reviews icon template throughout, and renamed template file to be more obvious.
Change Update to ensure that adult and child numbers are stored to the contracts table.
Change Added Adult and Child numbers in booking to emails and page output
Change Updated tabs handling in edit booking to work in BS5 & WP

Fix Fixed an issue with widget selector in manager dashboard not working.
Fix Missing language strings added to dutch lang file
Fix Resolved a bug where extra names would not show correctly on guest views of list invoices & view invoice.
Fix Found (and fixed) a problem w API in J4 because of recent J changes.
Fix Resolved an issue where some invoice numbers would not increment correctly.
Fix Resolved an issue where the wrong currency code would be stored against an invoice.
Fix Changed how town data sources are collected to fix a notice when just one property exists in db.
Fix Make sure we are pulling the correct "constant" from the property details object
Fix Found some places where a definition had been translated by big G in error.
Fix Allow admin area to continue to run if the encryption file has been deleted.
Fix Change how dates are stored in logging to see if that gets rid of an intermittent error report wrt format on bool.
Fix Added a check to ensure the multi_query_result is set if it isn't already to kill a subtle notice.

Jomres 10.2.2 18/02/2022

Fix Resolved an issue with Jomres being unable to report the correct version of itself.

Jomres 10.2.1 18/02/2022

Feature Re-worked older functionality that will download Jomres updates using own functionality. Some installations are not updating correctly, for whatever reasons. In the event that we suspect that Jomres hasn't installed, we can use this new (old) buttonn under Admin > Jomres > Dashboard to force a reinstallation of Jomres.

Change Improved markdown handling so that carriage returns saved as html entity 10 are reconstituted as carriage returns. Jomres markdown handling needs those carriage returns so that it can properly parse the content.
Change Don't invite plugin manager installation if key isn't valid.
Change Simplified the update plugin message as some are mis-interpreting it to mean that their license isnt valid.
Change Updated the shortcode parser to report what file it's trying to include when it throws an error.

Fix Updated new data source functionality to resolve how issues are reported on new installations when building data sources for the first time.

Jomres 10.2.0 15/02/2022

Feature Added new Data Sources feature where country/region/town names are cached and updated on property change. This produces lower query overhead. The data is produced as a json file in the temporary/data_sources directory and primarily expected to be used by autocomplete input from the search widgets. In future it should be used to populate search inputs instead of running queries.
Feature Added new argument that can be used to call different template files when showing property details. Property details template renamed from composite_property_details_notabs.html to property_details.html and composite_property_details.html removed.
Feature Added show_property_reviews_stars script and template files

Change Improved .htaccess files in /jomres and /jomres/api
Change Updated notes in edit app key page to clarify token request url
Change Improved the REST API error outputs in case the server's stripping the Bearer from the headers.
Change Removed sepia filter from list properties page.
Change Updated paging for Bootstrap 5, in property search results.
Change Updated Basic module data for BS5 as it's getting more use in the new property grid plugin.
Change Remove Bootstrap 4 from site config options
Change Added markdown decoding to terms and conditions script
Change Updated BS5 simple property list template to use basic module output
Change Added functionality to include ribbon styling dynamically (can't use style sheets because inheritance makes a mess)
Change Added show/hide to common template strings
Change Modify image uploader to maximise the image quality produced
Change Added new arrays to viewproperty which are available to using templates if required, to create different slideshows.
Change Added link to show property reviews to reviews summary page
Change Added property feature wrapper template to allow features to amble across the page.
Change Added ability to disable title in contact owner programatically

Fix Check to see if a setting is set before attempting to return it (resolving a notice)
Fix Tweak jomres config absolute path to ensure that there's always a trailing /
Fix Fixed issue in mrp calendar where legend wouldn't show properly

Jomres 10.1.3 28/01/2022

Feature Reworked property composite notabs (default property details template).
Feature New sidebar with contact details for the platform, and property blurb are now in new vertical tabs. These tab contents are hard coded into the template, which makes it much easier to customise.

Change Loadsa changes to ensure that the BS5 markup is up to scratch (never ending job, I suspect).
Change Modified how javascript is loaded to ensure that the jomres bootstrap version variable is set early
Change Make the recaptcha check smaller so that it fits in the sidebar
Change Allow for no task to be set in router
Change renamed recaptcha setting text in admin integrations tab
Change J4 call jquery js files if in admin area only
Change Removed facebook from property details settings and top.html as it's an unnecessary overhead.
Change Improved update UI info
Change Updated admin area bootstrap 3 media centre to work with jquery 3
Change Make sure that other language files are added to Translate lang file strings page
Change Tweaked how lang shortcode is added to J4 live site definition
Change Unsticky Jomres main menu (J4) as it doesn't play nice with multiselect dropdowns
Change Added code to check if the site has been updated from a BS3 installation and if so, automatically set Jomres BS version to 5.
Change Spinner added to indicate new regions list loading
Change Markup of main menu improved
Change Added ability to send property uid to contact owner. Primarly to allow us to send property uid zero, which then directs emails to the email address stored in site config my business settings.
Change Added some defaults for new social media settings
Change Contact owner markup tweaked (J4)
Change Submit buttons when editing resources made fixed to bottom of viewport
Change Cancel button on contact owner page removed because it's not needed when included in other templates.(J4)
Change Updated markup of fontawesome icons for FA2 versus FA5
Change Modified mrp calendar so that the legend lays out nicer in J4
Change Revamped the show room and show rooms layout for J4.
Change Show property features and show property reviews markup improved.
Change Commented out some property details options that are no longer catered for in any meaningful way.
Change Added template theming for jquery notify so that the close button doesn't get shown (J4)
Change Show tariffs template updated to use rows instead of tables.
Change Added conditions to viewproperty so that rooms and room types aren't shown in SRPs.
Change Booking form markup improved for BS5
Change Tweak cms specific editor function (editor doesn't however appear to be working) (J4)
Change Added some conditions to prevent output in view property when it's not relevant (tariffs on jintour, for example).
Change List properties and List Properties by photos templates updated for J4/BS5
Change Added a new badge function for generating badges.
Change Price output in photo layout moved so it overlays image.
Change New ribbon generator class added, calculates blurb to be added to a ribbon that overlays property lists, to output a comment based on the review ratings or, absent them, then text that says if the property offers a discount.
Change Removed option to switch to tabbed version of property details template. It's old and not supported in J4. It's initial purpose was to allow switching between different templates but the J4 version of property details no tabs uses better functionality, including use of jomres_script so this one is redundant now.
Change Don't include google map source url if api key not set

Fix Fixed an issue with updating Wordpress.
Fix Fixed an issue in REST API on J4.
Fix Fixed an issue with schema throwing errors on jintour properties

Jomres 10.1.2 11/01/2022

Feature Added ability to upload property type images (at last!)
Feature Modified composite property details. Now details are in offcanvas sidebar. Declutters the main property page.

Change Updated edit manager page to improve markup and link to cms user edit page
Change Tweaked secondaryItem to make BS5 button.
Change Renamed GBP to Sterling because the old name was annoying me.

Fix Disabled forced version check in admin area because it doesn't work well on WP.
Fix Fix php8 error in patTemplate reader script
Fix Added some missing definitions to spanish language file

Jomres 10.1.1 07/01/2022

Fix Fixed an issue where jQuery might not be initialised by Joomla 4.

Jomres 10.1 06/01/2022

Feature Added functionality that allows us to have language plugins that are CMS agnostic

Fix Fixed wrong version in site-config that's preventing fully updating.

Jomres 10.0 05/01/2022

Feature Fully working in Joomla 4

Feature Added ability to add booking notes in dashboard timeline popup.
Feature Disabled necessity to send the required scopes as part of the token request.
Feature Added ability to use gmail task specific email addresses
Feature Added social media ld-json markup to site config and schema output templates
Feature Organisation schema details added, Russian translations improved.

Change Added session wait timeout to db initialisation to prevent longer jobs from throwing a wobbly in mysql.
Change Added some javascript to extras checkbox to stop it from responding to clicks. (aesthetic only, system would not allow a change when the extra is forced, this just prevents the possibility of somebody being given the impression that the change has taken place because they have been playing with js in the page or have an odd browser)
Change Added code so that in the unlikely event that there are no published properties, a search plugin doesn't throw an error and instead it will return with a meaningful message.
Change Change how we detect bootstrap version in admin area of wp
Change Jomres Platform config panel element deleted as it's not in use.
Change Added database update that converts a column into an integer (guest discounts)
Change Make inputs use initial css so that template don't introduce padding that makes the inputs unusable. (Standard and Micromanage tariff editing modes)
Change Modify installer to make installation faster

Fix French lang file for datatables creates a javascript error. We can't modify the library so we'll instead str replace the apostrophe in Jomres instead.
Fix Fixed an issue where city tax wasn't always showing correctly.
Fix Fixed an issue with restored legend that was breaking tabs.
Fix Fixed an issue created by the last tweak to (insert booking script) where profile information wasn't being properly updated when a new user is added.
Fix BS5 Resolved an issue in schema template valid markup (according to big G) nevertheless breaks output and displays nothing afterward.
Fix Finally tracked down where that dastardly empty booking note was coming from.

Jomres 9.25.1 01/11/2021

Change Added a check so that ajax calls don't attempt to reset ip to when checking consent form cookie.
Change Restored legend that was removed by a pull request.
Change Replaced some depreciated definitions.
Change Enable group by fix by default
Change Moved a function so that it triggers on all WP pages.

Fix Frontend and Backend BS3 forms updated to resolve a problem with Wordpress forms not submitting (again).
Fix Added missing template label to webhook listing script
Fix Fixed an issue in Save plugin script where it might trigger a fatal error.

Jomres 9.25.0 12/10/2021

Feature All language files updated

Change Changed default input vars settings in API .htaccess file to 3000

Jomres 9.24.0 05/10/2021

Feature Added functionality that allows Jomres to work in themes that don't provide Bootstrap libraries themselves.
Feature Added create new user webhook notification. This webhook could be used, for example, to update a CRM with the new user's details.
Feature Added a frontend warning if a channel property cannot be administered locally.

Change Modified how errors are handed back by api index.php
Change Updated jrportal rates to allow outside data to extend the dates of triffs. Jomres Core will not need it, but external systems (eg jomres2jomres) will.
Change Added debugging for jomres core API custom methods
Change Added a wordpress tweaks template file which is easy to override but shouldn't interfere with themes that use Bootstrap 3 natively. It's a bit hacky but it means that we don't need to faff up existing BS3 user's sites by changing their templates. Win-win.
Change Wordpress : Disable the add media button in edit content pages as images should be included via the media centre.

Fix Fixed a notice when deleting temporary data.
Fix Added some tweaks to jomres_call_api class to handle slow connections…… (i.e. my tired old laptop trying to run two instances of Jomres in one go, in development mode)

Jomres 9.23.7 08/09/2021

Change Modal availability calendar. Improvement for BS4.
Change Added new initial setup to ask which version of Bootstrap the template supports. A common initial installation problem is the user not configuring which version of Bootstrap Jomres should be configured to use so we will capture this information immediately after installation.
Change Modified some input filtering as it's over-zealous.
Change Added property types to label translations page
Change Changed default step ranges from 1 to 100.
Change Tweaked how a query is generated for searching by region.
Change Added an alert to advise that google maps api key is missing when editing property.
Change Added basis of Bootstrap 5 template files (straight copy from BS4 right now until they can be adapted).
Change Added extra guests, city tax and cleaning fee to invoice generated at booking time.
Change Modified jomres_database class so that it can handle multiple sql queries in one go, however only the last query will produce results. This allows use to disable the strict group by setting of mysql. Not an ideal solution, but the existing queries are both complex and they work so there's no need to rewrite them.
Change Added Georgian Lari to available currencies for conversion.
Change Added ability to disable outputting of decimals in prices.
Change Modified the Wordpress bridge to use a different WP function to sanitise strings to be used in URLs because the previous function stripped out non-latin characters.
Change In Sanity check removed requirement for region because not all countries have regions.
Change Changed the default numbers of guests a room can accommodate, and the default number of guests in a booking.
Change Modified accommodates class to ensure that the mrconfig value is as uptodate as possible.
Change Added a change that allows site owners whether or not to enable a group by fix that can be needed on some servers that might not like some Jomres queries.
Change hidden-phone no longer working, replaced with hidden-xs
Change Modified webhook watcher so that it can catch property creation webhooks as their manager id and property uid aren't caught by the normal checks.
Change If we can't determine the BS version, we'll default to BS2 for adding the editable scripts.
Change Added a pdf test mode to the terms script.
Change J4, meta key config option depreciated and removed from bridging code.
Change Improved toolbar element to use correct markup for Bs5.
Change Added BS5 relevant files/changes to facilitate tabs working in admin area.
Change J4 Tweaked js & css handling to adopt web asset registry handling in frontend, where required.
Change Dobooking calendar for J4 tweaked to disallow PE interaction on font awesome icons.
Change J4 Added dependency settings for some js files when they're registered.
Change Added global string group by clause to dashboard ajax events script.

Fix Fix: Populate image array for slideshow
Fix Avoid _COMPILE_WARNING in md5_file method call due to using relative path to image file.
Fix vvvJoomla 3.9.21 started throwing issues with buttons in plugin manager due to jquery ui / bootstrap.js call order in admin area so modified this script to not call jq ui in show_plugins task on Joomla
Fix WP in /wp content / jomres / jomres cannot run the rest api, notes added to tell admin to move contents of dir to public_html/jomres dir before attempting to use rest api
Fix Update jomrescss_bootstrap4.css Fix: translate transform for Chrome. Fix: display: flex for Firefox (unpredictable behaviour of "!important").
Fix Undid a previous change that was accidentally added to repo which borks the booking form totals numbers. Deleted a zip that should not have been added to repo.
Fix Fixed a query that was causing region searching to fail
Fix Tweaked stars in property list to ensure that correct number of stars are shown for MRPs.
Fix Added a line break to prevent words clumping in case of multiple room booking.
Fix Tweaked how a path is determined because a server would not correctly add a trailing slash.
Fix Re-added faq lang files that should have been edited, not deleted in the last version.
Fix Fixed bug that prevents generate invoice with empty seller's country field.
Fix Tweaked french language file to prevent apostrophe from causing problems in javascript.
Fix Adding port to a connection to see if that helps with an odd problem.
Fix Suppress errors with set_time_limit functionality
Fix Fixed MRP calendar layout problems.
Fix Fixed a query that was failing when searching on regions.
Fix Fixed an issue in the Spanish language file referring to _JOMRES_METAKEYWORDS. Thanks Grant.
Fix Fixed a warning triggering in syndication class.
Fix Tweaked a search on regions to stringsafe region names as pulled from the database before a comparison to resolve some issues with region search.
Fix Changed where property creation webhook is triggered to fix a bug where the webhook isn't being reported.
Fix Resolved an issue with navbar position not being applied.
Fix Improved package handling to catch download timeouts.
Fix Corrected a variable being sent to make pdf functionality.
Fix Fixed an issue where terms and conditions PDFs weren't being correctly made.
Fix Added a missing template to old BS2 template set.
Fix Resolved some issues with the wrong CMS id being stored during the booking.
Fix Improved Standard tariff edit mode so that correct number of guests is shown on the confirmation form.
Fix Tweaked timeouts in package management.
Fix Updated template files to ensure that https is used when calling gmaps to resolve issues in safari.
Fix WP 5.x Updated template files to ensure that https is used when calling gmaps to resolve issues in safari.

Jomres 9.23.6 24/09/2020

Change Modified a CMS specifc function so that WP shortcodes in Jomres text fields will be rendered by WP.
Change Added truncated property name values to the management view property name dropdown so that smaller screens render nicer-er.
Change Ensure that property name search options are shown as a dropdown.
Change Added book now button to show tariffs page
Change Stars images replaced with fontawesome icons.
Change Photos list properties and property header BS4 layout improved.
Change Improved BS4 booking form area layout
Change Changed the order that columns are shown in the list invoices page

Fix Photos list properties and property header BS4 layout improved.
Fix Resolved issue where save tariffs advanced was casting prices to integers because default prices were integers.
Fix Changed the order that columns are shown in the list invoices page
Fix Updated generateDate calendar functionality to be compatible with BS4. Many thanks Vasily
Fix Changed how we determine guest details when creating buyer PII when creating invoices on booking
Fix Modified how we set the search option All when setting region names because...reasons.

Jomres 9.23.5 07/09/2020

Feature Added initial setup functionality to determine a few basic facts for new installations.
Feature Added new feature that allows site managers to select Basic, Common or Everything settings for viewing admin area options (simplifies interface significantly).
Feature New Property button added to admin control panel.

Fix Modified site config singleton so that we wait for confirmation that the file has been written before completing the method. Annoying, but has to be done due to key activation (among other things) not being shown appropriately.
Fix Modified the length of the shortened property name template variable in list properties photo layout, made it much shorter.
Fix Modified default template photo view templates so that they use the short property name variable. Leohtian has already been updated.
Fix Syndication property checking improved to check for longer intervals between checks, and added check for thumbnail images. If image doesn't exist or hotlink protection preventing use then the property is unapproved.
Fix Improved layout of syndicated properties;
Fix New warning added to frontend to highlight that Jomres is in development mode.
Fix Language labels page now only lists labels for things like property features, room types, etc, that can be translated to other languages. Touch Template method calls are dropped because they are duplicated in the Translate Lang File strings menu option in the same place.
Fix Added initial installation configuration to determine permission to collect analytics. Not currently collected it's nice to ask anyway.
Fix Added new admin options level setting that allows admins to view site options at either Basic, Common or Everything levels. Simplifies admin UI, hiding options that are rarely changed. To change the level visit Site Configuration > Misc tab
Fix Shortened the list properties PROPNAME variable so that photo view layout isn't borked.

Jomres 9.23.4 04/09/2020

Change Removed checks for ioncube loaders from files and removed some warnings.

Jomres 9.23.3 03/09/2020

Fix Removed a condition that was preventing some sites from updating columns in rooms table.
Fix Added new input in create property page that allows manager to define max occupancy of the property.
Fix Resolved an issue where max kids dropdown in booking form could be higher than occupancy levels configured.

Jomres 9.23.2 03/09/2020

Change Norwegian regions adjusted
Change Added a check for a directory before attempting to delete it
Change Improved how template directory html files are detected for custom template files.
Change Edit max people input re-added to room editing template
Change Vies checking disabled.
Change Added previously selected sleeps options to the called search template files.
Change Suppress a deserialization warning if it should appear. False will suffice.
Change Virtually all search inputs are now delivered by default as dropdowns.
Change Modified how existing user's who are already logged in, are found when making repeated bookings.
Change Refactored method that finds region id as it was a bottleneck in search forms.
Change Added a check to see if the cart is being used so that the naughty bot check doesn't come into play as it's redundant at this point.
Change Added city tax and cleaning fee to confirmation page
Change Changed how we determine if the Occupancy levels menu option should be shown
Change Added ability to force-reload mrConfig values because accommodation class needs to reload settings when saving Normal mode tariffs.

Fix Tweaked framework so that if Elementor is being used to render the page, we don't throw an error.
Fix Fixed an issue with adding column updates so that older installations can update ok
Fix Fixed a faulty call to get_showtime function and disabled some profile saving that's unnecessary.
Fix Removed some code that was incorrectly setting the search template file default.
Fix Added a check to ensure that Step is set. (my_ranges function)
Fix Fixed value of 7 & 30 day modifier discount not being set correctly when set to flat rate discount (not percentage)

Jomres 9.23.1 31/07/2020

Fix Added some new columns to rooms table on installation

Change Added search functionality to complement new Occupancy levels functionality introduced in .23
Change Changed the order that buttons appear
Change changed how the max adults number is determined

Jomres 9.23.0 28/07/2020

Feature New switch added to Site Configuration > Portal Functionality tab called "Force Compatibility property configuration mode?" This option ensures that all new properties automatically use the Standard tariff editing mode, and they are unable to switch to other tariff modes. This simplifies the price configuration options available to managers. By default, all new installations of Jomres have this option set to Yes, updated installations have this set to No.
Feature Added new Tariff Editing mode : Standard. It is based on Micromanage, but some of the more confusing elements have been removed and have added some new elements.
Feature In Standard mode you can only create one tariff for each room type. With Standard editing guest number dropdowns are visible in the booking form by default, the old style guest types are not supported. You can add an "Extra guest price" in Property Configuration > Standard tariffs tab (todo later versions will include the ability to set extra guest prices for individual tariffs).
Feature Standard editing mode introduces new 7 and 30 day modifier settings. They can either be flat rate or a percentage calculation that will discount bookings if they're longer than 7 and 30 days respective.
Feature When in Standard mode many previous Property Configuration options are no longer available to property managers as they're sometimes conflicting or simply overkill and un-necessary for property managers to access.
Feature Child rates. If a property uses Standard tariff editing mode then they are able to set Child rates. These rates are the same, regardless of the room types chosen. Manager can create their own child rantes (todo nice to have, use javascript to ensure that child age ranges don't overlap)
Feature Occupancy Levels. Once rooms have been added, the manager should then check that occupancy levels are valid for different room types (todo this can be improved, currently you need to save occupancy levels after adding/removing rooms, because total occupancy levels need to be recalculated however would like to automate this some more).

Feature Property Configuration > Bookings tab has two new options. City tax and Cleaning fee. City tax offers a variety of models by which the tax can be calculated. Booking form template adjustments are required to capitalise on these new changes.
Feature Added clauses that allow me to distribute a new search widget plugin with different template files
Feature Added ability for script to hand form elements to the search script, which can then be given to the template file for rendering.
Feature Improved error feedback for users. Red whoops screens will now include the message that was part of the thrown error, as normally these errors require inspection of the error logs to determine the issue. This approach is more helpful and it doesn't expose any vulnerabilities.
Feature Significant changes to make Jomres compatible with Joomla 4. There are still a handful of things to figure out, and Jomres plugins still need J4 template files, but this takes us 95% of the way to be J4 ready.

Change Added func to empty package dirs first before update.
Change Added Connect admin panel to Core.
Change Added a check for BS4 when building property config tabs.
Change Save my account modified to create user images dirs if they don't exist.
Change Some modals modified to use new bs4 hide class.
Change Added ability to disable sending all emails. No config option available, configuration.php would need to be edited to disable them ( 'send_emails' => 0, )
Change Switched to saving extra name instead of the definition string.
Change Max input vars description updated.
Change Updated installation process for wp to ensure that Jomres can be installed under the WP Plugins dir.
Change Tweaked how placeholders are set in the generate date input function.
Change Admin FAQ section removed as the questions are old and there are better resources available online.
Change Added check to see if autoload.php exists, if it doesn't force package reinstallation. On occasion, if the server was slow with the download then autoload.php not existing can be one of the best indicators that the packages weren't completely downloaded therefore if it doesn't then we need to start again.
Change Removed lots of clauses that check to see if X option has been enabled in integrated search. While these checks are useful to reduce the amount of work required to create the search form elements, unfortunately the clauses can create a lot of confusion when things don't appear in search forms (e.g. dropdowns for regions etc). For simplicity's sake we'll remove the checks, meaning that all of the search things will be available all of the time.
Change Added a new ajax script designed to respond with populated locations.
Change Removed option regarding if BS should be used in frontend, it hasn't been a valid option for years.
Change Moved hidden inputs from bottom of site config form to top because this may fix some odd intermittent behaviour seen in some places.
Change Moved hidden inputs from bottom of property config form to top because this may fix some odd intermittent behaviour seen in some places.
Change Standard and Micromanage tariff editing modes updated to work with BS4
Change Improved error reporting if a template file does not exist.
Change Added ability for search handling script to receive a custom search template file name.
Change Changed "number of guests" to "sleeps" in language files.
Change Disable gateways tab if using jomres platform
Change Editing mode disable in Wordpress frontend. It's stopped working and it's problematic as it's an extra layer of functionality that managers don't need. Backend editing mode works fine.
Change SRP Schema changed from Residence to LodgingBusiness
Change Added a warning to advise that users must be property managers to use the media centre. This is because the MC scripts are called by both front and backend.
Change Added search related functionality for constructing search forms (todo) relating to new occupancy levels.

Fix Fixed a notice that can be thrown when room type images don't exist.
Fix Fixed room type markup not being re-parsed.
Fix Anonymise street information if settings require it (basic module output function used by some plugins).
Fix Resolved an annoying niggle of date picker font sizes being overlarge.
Fix Tweaked email checking functionality so that an email address can only be re-used if it's because a manager has used the select guests dropdown.
Fix Changed how we prevent opt-ins from being stored, as was causing weird and wonderful behaviour in specific circumstances in the booking engine.

Jomres 9.22.0 15/06/2020

Feature Jomres Platform introduced. Does not impact existing users with licenses however new users who want licenses will need to Connect to the Jomres Platform.
Feature Added Guest types and Tariff editing modes to Jomres Core. Please uninstall the plugins.
Feature Syndication is now off by default. You can re-enable it in Site Configuration > Portal Functionality tab.

Change Tweaked syndicate query to reduce memory load when searching for distances
Change Added a greeting modal that encourages new users to visit the getting started page.
Change Updated the Jomres WP activator to detect if the WP root is writable. If not, then fail with a legible notice.
Change dobooking modified to fallback to a previous property uid if the main property uid isn't set for some reason.
Change Added output that could tell us if we can't write the encryption file. Edge case, but possible.
Change Removed code that creates the jomres_root.php script.
Change Tweaked legacy installer as parts for v old installations were incorrect.
Change Updated some old BS2 templates to use spans correctly.
Change Disabled some debug logging as it was overkill.
Change Modified deferred tasks to create a new DeferredTasks log to make background task links easier to find during development.
Change Added a check to see if a room or rooms exist for this property when in micromanage mode, otherwise a tariff can't be created for this property until one or more rooms have been added. Most of the time this will not be necessary.
Change Made the default tariff editing mode Micromanage.

Fix Cpanel syndication stats moved to bottom of page.
Fix Remote plugins dir added for api path detection.
Fix Commented out some duplication of effort
Fix Fixed a notice that schema can display if rooms not created yet.
Fix Tweaked syndicate query to reduce memory load when searching for distances
Fix Missing definitions added to language files
Fix Fixed a warning when passing lat & long to a method.

Jomres 9.21.5 23/05/2020

Fix Removed code that was preventing ad-hoc settings from being saved in property config.

Jomres 9.21.4 20/05/2020

Change Tweaked calendars so that historic dates aren't clickable.
Change Updated the jomres_properties class to ensure that the creation timestamp is set.
Change Ability to handle headers added to api call self functionality
Change Property price display in lists function updated to respond with inclusive and exclusive prices as well as basic pricing information
Change Output price function updated to allow it to respond with the calculated currency code used when building prices
Change Trigger the webhook watcher if the mcHandler class exists (API. Allows webhooks to be acted on by the watcher).
Change Changed how webhooks can be viewed/edited by managers.
Change Added functionality to redirect channel properties to their parent site as required.
Change Improved functionality to check if a property is a channel property, to ensure that the menu options aren't shown in channel properties if those menu options modify a property.
Change Added code to webhook watcher to clear out the cmf rest api cache if property_uid is set in any of the messages.
Change Added "rejected" flag to contracts table, which makes it a little easier to identify bookings where the enquiry was refused, rather than surmising it from the available data.
Change Add webhook events log, which allows us to capture both UI and API modifications to a property.
Change Changed some jomres_properties private methods to public.
Change Added some settings (which for now I will not add to site config) which allow, on webhook trigger, the system to check to see if the property needs to be unpublished & unapproved, if the new settings allow. At some point I'd like to make these checks a deferred task.
Change Added a warnings stack to the sanity check class to allow programmatic reporting of warnings.
Change Added image webhooks to upload handler.
Change Improved webhook watcher to manage unpublishing of properties (where config allows) if properties are incomplete.
Change Modified the media centre class to not include the noimage.gif file links if being called by the api, as it's not necessary.
Change Modified session handling so that a session can be forced to be used, even if ip =
Change Modified api custom methods to allow them to save the session if defined FORCE_JOMRES_SESSION. This allows api features to define FORCE_JOMRES_SESSION before framework.php is included, which in turn allows the api to use the session functionality of the system. This likely will only occur in a very small number of cases (when bookings are made, for example).
Change Modified jomres/classes/jomres_generic_booking_insert.class.php so that it allows channels to create multiple bookings with the same booking number.
Change Modified how 204 errors are returned because I was sick of playing guessing games to decide why something wouldn't work. Error causes are much clearer now.
Change Updated new functionality to scan for system changes and auto-unpublish incomplete properties
Change Added api client and secret to api test page
Change Changed how negative responses in api messages are reported so that they can be handled more automagically.
Change Re-added library packages for Jomres to slim down the initial installation sizes a bit
Change Added old paths to node modules and vendor to obsolete file handling
Change Prevent cron jobs from triggering if it's an api call ( Can you say recursion? )
Change Added any available channel data to the webhook event. This allows channels that create an event to ignore webhooks triggered by that event.
Change Set default error response to 200 as it's easier to trace issues than if we're using the older 204 response code.
Change Added a check to deferred tasks to see if there's anything to log.
Change Added a space to prevent stray 400 errors when using api and setting the token in the headers.
Change Tweaked new response envelope data & added link to Nightly to
Change System API user id changed to 9 characters
Change Custom methods updated to add routing to envelope response
Change API Index file changed to convert older System user's ID to 9 characters
Change Changed how PUT method handling detects how to handle stream
Change API router updated to say which response is unknown.
Change API Call self functionality updated to use framework and to use the jomres_call_api class
Change Tweaked how logging builds backtraces
Change Changed how we find Wordpress database configuration settings when being run via the API.
Change Added two new tasks to "channel safe" function so that we can view property and make bookings
Change Modified how apostrophes are decoded before a dropdown is created
Change Removed depreciated functionality
Change Changed how recaptcha verification is handled
Change Added an option that channels can use to allow local editing of properties.
Change Tweaked edit property script to ensure that property features not assigned to a specific property type are shown.
Change Added new webhook for saving plugin settings
Change Added ability to make webhook events for admin area review publish/unpublish/delete
Change Changed how property_uid is accessed by reviews class
Change Extended rooms_multiple_added webhook to include new room uids
Change Added new rooms_multiple_deleted webhook event in case manager uses the "delete all existing rooms" option

Fix Corrected the unapproval email that is sent.
Fix Restored an image that was removed in error.
Fix Removed a depreciated link from the admin menu
Fix Fixed a notice when changing settings that might get triggered on booking save. Not important as only shown during dev but it's nice to put it to bed.
Fix Fixed a notice that might appear in edge cases during dev with incomplete properties.
Fix Fixed buggy logic that meant that an error wasn't logged during cm bookings.
Fix Added blank.png
Fix Removed a semi-colon that has already been removed once (Grr)
Fix Fixed a notice generated by admin level api calls.

Jomres 9.21.3 08/01/2020

Change Removed some unnecessary code that was preventing deletion of properties via componentArgs and REST API
Change Improved how errors are output by the api when in dev mode.
Change Improved PUT method handling
Change Disabled some automatic plugin installation functionality that can cause some problems and isn't really necessary.
Change Added some throttling to ensure that syndicate servers don't get spammed by api hits quite as much.
Change Guest email address and phone number added to timeline on-hover popup.
Change Added code to prevent the session handler from creating rows in the sessions table when queries appear to come from localhost (guzzle calls to self for deferred or asynchronous jobs).
Change 03379 scripts updated so that property uid can be passed via component args. This allows the channel manager property import functionality to store images using the Jomres framework which ensures that resource types etc are respected within the context of Jomres.
Change Added code to handle channel management framework plugins
Change Added stripe_connect_return as a task that wp should not allow redirections on.
Change Added french lang files to joomla cms plugin

Fix Fixed a bug in syndicate guests details handling.
Fix Resolved an issue with creating seeds of property feature categories.
Fix Added code to check for crawler, and if not a crawler then it's ok to trigger scheduled tasks. Bots just create too much work/too many sessions.
Fix Fixed an issue on new installations where a column is missing.
Fix Re-added some template output for edit booking guest details so that in the event that the account details haven't been updated, their booking information still shows.
Fix Fixed a bug when extras quantities are not being stored at contracts table (thanks Rod)
Fix Removed updating of the is_localhost flag as it's no longer necessary and updaters who's installations aren't properly running the table update functionality (possibly due to timeouts) are having problems running their newly updated Jomres installations.
Fix Fixed an issue where pdfs are not deleted on property details update
Fix Added some pdf files that were causing new bookings to fail.

Jomres 9.21.2 19/11/2019

Fix Fixed an issue where schema content could appear in property details pages.

Jomres 9.21.1 18/11/2019

Fix Sometimes, being a good developer of a system means knowing when to cut your losses and abandon a feature that you've spent many hours on. Ripped out the Package management feature, which was designed to make Jomres smaller and the system more secure. Unfortunately the implementation was troublesome and I've decided to revert to previous methodology whereby node modules and vendor packages are included in Jomres Core instead of as package files.

Jomres 9.21.0 18/11/2019

Feature Added functionality to mark guests as "no show". This information is then passed to the app server so that together Jomres syndicate site owners can get information about potential guests.
Feature Added complete new schema templates and script for MRPs and SRPs.
Feature Added ability to add menu options based on searching by property feature.
Feature Added ability for Jomres Call Api class (class that calls the local api) to handle headers. New channel management REST API code requires having the channel name in the headers.

Change Improved api routing so that files like aaa_bbb_ccc_ddd which correspond to endpoints like jomres/api/aaa/bbb/ccc/ddd/@id can be found and used. Preserves older style of routing for existing api feature plugins.
Change Tweaked functionality so that if gmaps api key not saved, then user not encouraged to save the key, and panels are no longer visible.
Change Tweaked how check syndicate domains handles exceptions
Change Tweaked optin save record functionality to not bother if IP number is localhost.
Change Changed functionality so that localhost sessions are cleaned up more quickly. With the addition of a variety of features Jomres calls itself more often and this is causing the session table to grow more quickly in the past so we'll clean up more quickly too.
Change Added guest name and booking number to add note and add service to bill screens.
Change Added guest name to cancel booking output, refactored cancellation script to use a new class.
Change Code comments and a couple of not needed methods removed.
Change Disabled some logging that didn't need to be in place.
Change Refactored the internal call api class.
Change Modified list guests page because the guest's email address not being immediately visible was bugging me.
Change Added functionality to ensure that we're not adding our own property to the list of properties in the network.
Change Changed a logging level in get syndication properties script
Change Improved syndicated properties display in small screens
Change Tweaked new guest creation by manager so that a cms user is already created if one does not already exist with that email address.

Fix Decoded some sanitisation of telephone numbers.
Fix Resolved an issue that jsitemaps was having building sitemaps for Jomres.
Fix Fixed a bug when users needed to click two times in order to go to next month.

Jomres 9.20.0 31/10/2019

Feature Added significant update to user handling within Jomres to allow for private and public user data and user profiles.
Feature Users are now able to add "About me" information which is added to their profile page, and define Preferences (which are prefilled in the special requirements field of the Booking Confirmation form). Their Edit Account page now prompts them to enter such private information as driving license, passport and IBAN number (suggested only, not mandatory).
Feature Private data is viewable by the user themselves, their hosts when they've made a booking at a property, and super managers only.
Feature List Bookings/Invoices/Guests pages offer links to the guest's profiles, and in the List Guests page a receptionist or manager can add a review of the guest, which is visible in the Guest's profile page. This means that when managers/hosts are viewing booking requests they can view both the guest's reviews of other properties, plus other host's reviews of the guest. They can also view the guest's About me section and the private data, all of which should help managers when they're deciding whether or not to approve a booking.
Feature The guest's profile (including private data) are also viewable in the Guest tab of the view booking page.

Feature New syndication stats panel added to cpanel

Change Changed syndication network range from 1 - 20km for finding first choice properties to display.
Change Improved performance of get_properties syndicate cron job, had to disable checking of images because the process would take too long
Change Made some log items debug only due to the amount of log files they were creating.
Change Updated the install plugin manager prompts to highlight if ioncube is not available and then recommend that the plugin manager not be installed if the user does not have a one-off license and moved the license nag to Site Configuration.
Change Disabled Gmap if api key not set as it triggers js errors now, which prevent the main menu from running.
Change Removed the hashes file as it's not needed and chunky. It was only used by the file system integrity check which itself is unreliable so there's no point in shuffling those bytes around the interwebs.

Change Fixed a minor bug in a cron job.
Change Wordpress changed stuff, so I fixed stuff. (The new page editor was trying to call index.php in the Jomres dir, causing an error so tweaked that to include the index.php above). Added warnings about installing a Bootstrap theme and provided a link to the Leohtian theme on for those who don't have a preferred theme.

Jomres 9.19.2 28/10/2019

Feature Improved syndication functionality, added new table for property distances, when the show syndication script attempts to show syndicated properties a min and max distances setting is applied and any properties that fall within that window are selected to be shown. This allows the guest to see properties in the general area (currently between 50 & 100km) whilst not showing the current property's neighbours who may also be competitors.

Fix Updated PUT method handling to ensure that it doesn't throw notices when form data is empty.
Fix Added check to see if API definition exists, if it does and it's an API call, we suppress some output.
Fix Improved performance and exception handling of syndicate cron tasks
Fix Improved core package handling to ensure graceful fallback in the event of a sha not being built correctly.

Jomres 9.19.1 21/10/2019

Change Added functionality to silently add plugins if required by REST API
Change Installer scripts updated to remove space check

Fix Removed a usort section of code that was preventing normal mode tariffs from being saved.

Jomres 9.19.0 18/10/2019

Feature Added the Jomres Syndication Network functionality which lists your properties on other Jomres based sites, giving you the opportunity to advertise your properties at no extra cost, across the world. No personal data is recorded or revealed, just the url to the Jomres site and the number of properties it has.
Feature Added feature where API functionality can offer built-in API methods.

Change Added code to delete property script to allow deletion of properties through componentArgs, meaning it can be called as a discreet script, rather than always being intended to be run through the browser.
Change Added ROW_FORMAT=DYNAMIC to the query that creates the propertys table.
Change Updated language files to emphasise that property managers must always be existing cms users.

Fix Fixed an issue where stars selection was not added to paging urls in list properties.
Fix Asynchronous deferred tasks were causing some slowdowns to added a solution to possibly use wget to trigger deferred tasks instead.
Fix Improved how list bookings page searches for guest names & email addresses
Fix Modified booking engine so that a double check is done on price to ensure that an edge case doesn't result in 0 price tariffs being presented in the booking form.
Fix Fixed some issues in REST API functionality created by the previous update's changes to file paths.

Jomres 9.18.0 02/09/2019

Feature Added new package handling functionality that reduces the size of Jomres Core, putting Node and Composer files into their own packages which are then downloaded and installed automatically by Jomres.
Feature System French language files significantly updated, plus hard-coded lables in a handful of files removed and replaced with placeholder strings for patTemplate so that everything can be translated. All plugins updated with French language files. Many thanks for your hard work regarding this, Stephane.

Change Added referrer to list bookings page
Change Modified translate lang file strings page to output the constant name as this makes the strings more identifiable
Change Modified calendar generator so that black booking date picker automatically jumps to next date in "end" calendar.
Change Added Core Package Management to Jomres to allow us to treat Vendor and Node Modules as separate packages, reducing the size of Jomres Core. This is required because these directories in particular make Jomres much larger than it needs to be. It also allows us to apply vuln fixes without forcing complete updates of Jomres. Todo : Make the installer page a bit prettier and fire the installation process through ajax.
Change Modified booking engine so that unavailable dates are shown in departure calendar as well as arrival calendar, in booking form.
Change Modified booking engine to prevent managers from inadvertently re-using email addresses of existing guests.
Change Modfied property type handling. If a property type has no published properties, you will be able to unpublish it. Added a sanity check so that if a manager is attempting to modify a property who's property type is not published, they are advised to either contact the site admin, or change the property type.
Change Updated the system so that if a property prevents a feature from being deleted, the system will give useful feedback as to which properties cause the problem.
Change Added a new language definition and changed the delete property type handling so that property uids that prevent a property type from being deleted are shown.
Change Added reason notification if a property type cannot be unpublished.
Change Updated logging in mailer to log to own channel with more information.
Change Added a check to see if a bot is trying to post to the completebk page without going through the booking form.
Change Changed how integrity check is done, thanks Rod.
Change Removed jr_ucwords from admin area menu generation because it's not valid in all languages.
Change Updated subscription links in admin area for Jomres Trial/Subscription

Fix Fixed an issue where the no image sanity check wasn't returning the required message when no image had been uploaded.
Fix Added a missing table for initial installation process.
Fix Fixed a notice warning When an external plugin has a 01011 class but there is not a "LASTMINUTE" override with in the response
Fix Modified availability calendar functionality to ensure that default calendar months to show setting from default property settings is honoured.
Fix Tweaked slideshow.html so that it behaves properly on mobile.
Fix Tweaked edit tariffs normal to ensure that room/property types are listed in a more natural order.
Fix Tweaked a query that creates multiple rooms, ensuring that the query converts strings to integers when trying to find the highest room number.

Jomres 9.17.1 24/04/2019

Change Modified show property room type script so that if there are no slideshow images for that room type (which there will not be if the room type was created by site admin, then don't show the no-image slideshow. This is a stop-gap change until I can figure out a better solution.
Change Tweaked javascript/css loader script so that editable javascript files are always included. Allows us to include custom buttons in jomres.js for the inline editing feature.
Change Improved how new filtering for guest names works so that other columns correctly have their filters applied.
Change Added checks for application/json so that the ajax definition can be set if required by looking at the http accept headers.
Change Added some tweaks to site config settings saving functionality to support upcoming channel manager functionality & saving multiple accounts.
Change Node modules and obsolete file handling updated
Change Tweaked image uploader to ensure that spaces and brackets are removed from file names.
Change Added last_minute_overlay.html and code to allow site owners to display discount information on the photo view search results.
Change Added a flag to skip the gdpr consent form if set in the url, so that FB urls etc can show the property description etc rather than the "consent to store data" message.

Fix Disabled some functionality that has caused several users to have duplicate users in the guest profiles table, causing bookings to fail.
Fix Removed lots of fonts from mpdf because they were making the Nightly package too large.
Fix Fix issue where some users were seeing javascript error on list bookings page
Fix Modified show property room type script so that tariff price displays consistently.
Fix Added some additional input filtering the prevent fatal errors that could arise in some circumstances.
Fix Fixed a notice caused by missing images.

Jomres 9.17.0 26/02/2019

Feature Invoices can now be exported as PDF files.
Feature Terms and conditions are automatically converted to PDF and added to booking confirmation emails.

Change Updated currency codes, using CUC instead of CUP as this is more relevant to travellers.
Change Modified admin area stats so that pending invoice payment bookings are counted when generating stats because some users do not mark invoices as paid.
Change Added classic-loader.gif to assets css dir.
Change Improved property bookings list by including custom invoice numbers where appropriate in the invoice id column.
Change Improved functionality where if review functionality is disabled, reviews button isn't shown in guest bookings list.
Change Added gatekeeping to check for visitors allowed to book online when feature disabled.
Change Bootstrap 3 version updated.
Change Improved room type functionality so that it uses custom text strings.
Change Improved custom text handling. Added a site config option that allows you to choose which custom text should have priority if there is a definition for both individual properties and site-wide. Defaults to giving property strings priority. Improved buttons in inline editing to use font awesome classes.

Fix Implemented functionality that should fix the "can't filter by guest name in list bookings and list invoices pages" problems.
Fix Fixed a couple of minor notices.
Fix Resolved an issue where one installation wouldn't fire the correct task (save_property)
Fix Fixed error when saving account details for the first time
Fix Fixed disabled wiseprice note adding to booking when plugin not installed/used.

Jomres 9.16.1 18/01/2019

Feature Added functionality to show new surcharges in the Show Room and Booking form pages.

Change Added surcharge language strings to other language files.

Fix Removed test code inadvertently left in place that was causing invoices to fail to be created.

Jomres 9.16.0 15/01/2019

Feature Added bootstrap notify lib and functionality to show messages in a popup in the booking form so that they're always visible even when scrolled down.
Feature Added functionality to auto-login a user to the CMS after they are created as a registered user.
Feature Added functionality that allow property managers to create custom invoice numbers, including formatted numbers like NNN/DATE etc.
Feature Surcharges for individual rooms. This allows property managers to say that a specific room costs X extra because, for example, it's a penthouse suite or it has a particular amenity. Feature can be configured in the Edit Room page (Micromanage and Advanced tariff editing modes).

Change Modified ui availability calendar so that from view property page we can set the start day / month / year to correspond to search options selected in the search module/widget.
Change Modified shortcodes so that 06005 scripts can also be included.
Change In reviews, the "cons" field is now no longer required.
Change Tweaked new functionality to ensure that 0 prices aren't included when figuring room type price ranges.
Change nl-NL.php file updated, thanks Coen.
Change Tweaked save profiles script so that session data is immediately updated to use new details.
Change Modified booking engine so that if booker is a manager, they can disable forced extras.

Fix Resolved an issue where BS2 booking form elements were untappable in small screens. Many thanks Rod for your help in tracking this little blighter down.
Fix Tweaked media centre script so that room type image upload isn't an option if it's disabled in the admin area.
Fix Tweaked temp booking handler so that carriage returns in booking engine data doesn't cause json decode to fail.
Fix Fixed an issue when is not possible to load external css or js in WP
Fix Tweaked the GDPR consent form for BS2 as it would refuse to close when consent given or denied.

Jomres 9.15.0 04/12/2018

Fix Updated upload handler to use new code that fixes unauthenticated arbitrary file upload vulnerability in Blueimp jQuery-File-Upload library

Feature Updated show property room type script to show slideshow images, and room type name and description. Repurposed an old template that had recently been abandoned to show this content.
Feature Added room type price ranges to show_property_room_types script and templates.
Feature Modified booking engine so that room type list shows room type images.
Feature Improved show_property_room_type script to use administrator entered room type title and description if it's an admin created room type
Feature Booking form classic rooms list updated to show room type images as well as room images. This helps to address an occasional request that users not be forced to upload so many images (one or more for each room) by allowing them to remove the room image markup altogether from the booking_form_classic_roomslist.html and booking_form_classic_roomslist_selected.html templates and showing just the room type image instead.
Feature Updated cron job tab to show schedule and last ran time of job.

Change Modified room class table to allow more content in room type description.
Change Modified rating functionality to allow the scores to be more fine-grained.
Change Disabled a GDPR related decision as the info stored is not PII, and the optin option doesn't appear until much later.
Change Added paths to backtrace of patTemplate to see which script is being run (could be a customised version, which the older code would not reveal)

Fix Resolved an issue where when generating multiple rooms, the last room number was re-used incorrectly.
Fix Fixed an issue with pagination and SEF (sh404SEF) urls
Fix Added booking number and booking number text to script that displays invoices.

Jomres 9.14.0 31/10/2018

Feature Added ability for guests to semi-anonymise their reviews.
Feature Added review reply feature. Managers can now respond to reviews.

Change Updated show property room type script and show property rooms to receive room type id and filter based on those if required.
Change Updated shortcode information for show property room type script.
Change Modified calendar scripts to render better in small screens
Change Show property header script updated so that the price output uses the same method as the List Properties script, because list properties can take advantage of plugins for calculating prices. Provides consistency in pricing output between the two pages.
Change Minicomponent readme updated with webhook trigger numbers and summary.
Change Added booking form content to $output variable in viewproperty script, and added markup to comments section of the notabs template. {BOOKING_FORM} // Yes, that booking form. show_booking_form_in_property_details setting from Site Config needs to be set to Yes for the form to show.
Change Added css definitions to make the date picker a bit bigger.
Change Re-added converted price details to output price function so that value is shown in both selected and native currencies.
Change Tweaked GDPR functionality so that if GDPR consent policies are not used, then the "given consent" method returns true every time.
Change Tweaked booking engine so that no rooms message is not hidden.
Change Improved a language string so that it makes sense when seen on the control panel.

Fix Improved get booking url function to ensure that the = symbol isn't santitised.
Fix Fixed an issue due to BS4 related changes where when site is set to BS2 (a rarity nowadays, as BS2 isn't as responsive as BS3) then the fullscreen view would render the Jomres Main Menu vertically instead of horizontally.
Fix Resolved an issue with a historic section of a query that's no longer relevant due to GDPR related changes. Thanks Juan.
Fix Tweaked how we find the bs version for setting up tabs in property config on older BS2 sites.
Fix Fixed an issue that preventing the system from downloading the plugin manager (a free plugin) if the license key wasn't set.

Jomres 9.13.0 12/09/2018

Feature Added functionality to allow guests to login via a modal in the booking form.
Feature Added "Edit guest" link to edit booking page.

Change Modified jomres_properties.class.php so that on update, hyphen html entities are converted back to hyphens when saving lat/long.
Change Removed an email check that was causing more problems then it resolved.
Change Added output to admin area script so that if there are no reviews to see, a message is shown.
Change Dobooking extras updated to add commented out extra description.
Change Added a variety of J4 administrator area BS4 changes.
Change Tweaked jr_user class to create a new guest profile record if it doesn't exist, because dashboard widgets need a row in profiles table before they can be saved as a manager's selection.
Change Replaced spaces with tabs. Seriously, what lunatic wants spaces everywhere? Tabs FTW.
Change Tweaked sanity check to not show reviews nag on dobooking or confirmbooking tasks.
Change Added a functions_exists check in one of the filters in case a user somehow manages to include the filter script twice.
Change Added whatsapp link to property header template that will only show on mobile devices.
Change Added a check to jomres_reviews.class.php to ensure that we only attempt to log a contract uid if it's actually set.
Change Tweaked where the Store booking details process is triggered during handlereq phase.
Change Tweaked view invoice script so that non-booking invoices can always be viewed by managers.
Change Added Balance payments supported flag as TRUE if it's an admin area configured payments plugin. Not sure how that will impact 3rd party plugins, however.
Change Added functionality that should release requested rooms when a previously unlogged in user logs in.
Change Tweaked cms specific urls in J to adopt the itemId when passed
Change Tweaked a class to adjust to new constant names for property details.

Fix Tweaked how admin area review approval works so that the publish/unpublish icon changes correctly.
Fix Fixed a couple of notice triggers in roomlocks class.
Fix Modified add service to bill functionality to ensure that negative figures are safely added instead of being sanitised, as blunt force trauma to bills isn't nice :(
Fix Resolved an issue where widgets cannot be loaded if property manager has not yet saved their account details.
Fix Fixed an issue where the wrong table name was used after previous GDPR related changes.
Fix Resolved an issue when pulling existing guest data from the database in the booking form.
Fix Resolved an issue where guest name filters wouldn't work post GDPR changes.
Fix Tweaked functionality that was preventing existing guests from updating their data to the profiles table when creating a new booking.

Jomres 9.12.0 02/07/2018

Feature Added feature to allow property managers to create room types in the frontend. A new setting in Site Config > Misc tab allows managers to enable/disable this setting. Another new setting in the same place allows site administrators to decide if these room types should show in search dropdown fields. This is an oft-requested feature that I am confident will be very popular.
Feature Added functionality to easily hook in machine learning plugins to automagically translate Jomres language strings. A new DeepL Jomres plugin will be available in the plugin manager.

Change Modified jomreslanguage class so that arbitrary names can be set and javascript not used.
Change Forced to modify how custom text strings are stored for property name, address and description texts. The older style, without the property uid, caused global strings that would overwrite property names, descriptions etc when machine translation is used.
Change Modified how Advanced tariff names are pulled from the db, fixes an issue where tariff names are not shown in Advanced mode.
Change Added functionality to convert old style property details content text from definitions such as _JOMRES_CUSTOMTEXT_PROPERTY_NAME to the more recent _JOMRES_CUSTOMTEXT_PROPERTY_NAME_X This has been done so that machine translation of strings doesn't force global text strings in the custom text field for property details content.
Change Added a new note to the timeline modal popup regarding re-using email addresses.

Fix Removed a reference to a database column that should no longer have existed.
Fix Fixed consent form wrapper to improve scrolling of modal in BS2 templates.
Fix Tweaked some code because blockui being triggered when gdpr functionality is disabled.
Fix Resolved an issue with hyphens being set incorrectly when editing properties and using the default lat/long settings.

Jomres 9.11.2 13/06/2018

Change Added code to the webhook watcher script to try to find a super property manager's id if we cannot find a normal manager's id for a property.
Change Changed how we find a reviewer's name so that manager created reviews (which personally I dislike, but some users love) also show the correct name. Saves a query too.
Change Use of "secret" in cron tasks removed. It's not necessary and is unreliable.
Change updated with access level notes
Change Added a sanity check for ZipArchive
Change Modified webhook functionality so that it can handle webhooks where no manager id is set.
Change nl-NL.php language file fully updated, thanks Ruud.

Fix Added jr_import('jomres_encryption'); to show_property_reviews script
Fix Modified media centre handler so that if 'undefined' is passed by a hinky browser, the resource id is set to 0.
Fix Resolved a bug with new GDPR related functionality that could cause 500 errors in obscure ways when making bookings.
Fix Fixed a bug in new GDPR related functionality that prevented us from building the existing guests dropdown in the booking form.
Fix Improved the BS2 modal so that it plays nice with the other elements of the page.
Fix Removed port from function that finds the current url.

Jomres 9.11.1 30/05/2018

Change Tweaked bs2 gdpr consent form so that it opens in a modal like bs3.
Fix GDPR consent improved to trigger in booking form, removes consent bar. BlockUI used to disable the booking form until consent given.

Fix Tweaked how lat/long details are found as new input filtering to defend against borks some lat/long settings in property details.
Fix Added some str_replace's to unmangle + symbols that have been converted to html entities too early. Ensures that + symbols sent in the booking form are not listed as real + symbols in the guest list (csv threat for spreadsheets)
Fix Added headers to Guzzle call to self when triggering deferred (asynchronous) tasks in Jomres. Recently beds24 users had reported that automatic notifications to Beds24 had not been being sent, but manual notifications had worked. Analysis of logs had shown error reports of 403 from the webserver, which we suspected was being returned by mod_security. It looks like a new mod_security rule has been introduced recently which has caused it. Setting the headers in Guzzle resolves it for at least one user.

Jomres 9.11.0 21/05/2018

Feature Jomres updated to be compliant with the GDPR
Feature GDPR compliant guest data encryption added
Feature System modified so that it always creates new users on booking. This allows us to be GDPR compliant because then they can be traced to a login and their details removed.
Feature Functionality updated so that invoice buyers and sellers details are encrypted.
Feature System modified so that the "Create new user on booking" feature is automatically set to Yes and cannot be unset. This allows us to unambiguously tie invoices to CMS users, and it ensures that the guests can request that their details be removed by logging in. New tables added so that invoice buyer's and seller's details are captured at the time of the invoice creation so regardless of how their details are changed at a later date, the information required for an invoice is securely and immutably stored and records both the buyer and the seller's details as they were presented at that time.
Feature Added scripts to convert existing invoice PII to encoded data using the jrportal_invoices class
Feature Added functionality that will convert existing invoices into encoded data during upgrade.
Feature Added a cron job to delete booking data archive details over 60 days old to be GDPR compliant
Feature GDPR automatic booking and invoice deletion functionality added. Managers can configure how long it is until a booking's rows are deleted from the database, including PII and invoice related rows. Typically a year. Non-booking invoices are treated differently, for example in Germany invoices should be retained for 10 years therefore invoices (such as commission or subscription invoices), which are not related to a booking, can be retained for much longer if required.
Feature Added gdpr consent form(s). Added optin table. Renamed cron job so that it's run last. Added gdpr optin consent class. This functionality, among other things, describes the data that is stored in the Jomres section of the website and allows visitors to opt-in or out.
Feature Added GDPR compliant consent handling. Blocked users who have not consented from viewing booking form, login, registration and various other pages.
Feature Provided a form to give feedback for users who have not given consent and gives them the option to change permissions.
Feature Made consent form show in modal on BS3 & BS4
Feature Prevented the system from storing IP number and location information when consent not received or consent explicitly forbidden.
Feature Added menu option to access consent form
Feature Added functionality to allow users to view the GDPR my data page, download said data as JSON, and delete own data.
Feature Added functionality to allow site admins to redact/anonymise guest data.
Feature Added switch to allow site admins to disable GDPR functionality. When the GDPR functionality is disabled, users are automatically opted-in to their data being collected.
Feature Added "empty temp dir" tool to tools area.
Feature Added logging to cron jobs so that if secret keys used are incorrect then this will appear in the Core application log. Could be the cause of some people's session tables getting too large.

Change Run legacy db tables updates too when checking db integrity
Change Added nl2br to video tutorial descriptions because some of them benefit from being longer.
Change Modified dobooking.php so that it can accept dates presented with hyphens
Change Improved cms plugin installers to double check if jomres dir is writable.
Change Showplugins updated so that if plugin manager wasn't updated properly and registry rebuilt, we will catch that.
Change Improved Joomla cms plugin installer for J4 compatibility
Change Modified defaults so that conversion feature is off until it is enabled, and prices inclusive option is on by default.
Change Implemented hardening against potential CSV inject attacks ( )
Change Clean temp js files when rebuilding registry on install/upgrade too.
Change Added a safe mode warning to cpanel because.....Rod.
Change Added support to access control feature to control property settings tabs too.
Change Property managers now no longer able to set the Email field to an optional field in the booking form.
Change Modified how secret passed to cron jobs is decoded as strict input filtering is not required ( as it's not stored ) and new CSV protection functionality borks the = symbol during input filtering.
Change Added code to empty the sessions directory if session handler is database in session cleanup script
Change Modified booking engine so that invalid email addresses (e.g. because it has been anonymised ) trigger a redirect to the edit account page, if the user is registered but not a manager.
Change Obsoleted nusoap library, adopted php native soap (for calling VIES to get vat number validity)
Change Tweaked output prices so that if arrival and departure dates are the same, then in property lists the date span is reset to 1 for the purpose of calculating output prices displayed in lists.
Change Tweaked how override contact numbers are parsed before output to refactor sanitised + symbols
Change Modified data available to the show property reviews template, instead of outputting username ( which is now always their email address ) instead we will output their full name.

Fix List bookings ajax and list invoices ajax modified to ensure that they do not try to convert prices because the conversion on valid prices results in incorrect prices.
Fix Solved a problem with extra names not being translated in contract details
Fix Fixed an issue where newly created users who have filled their profile details, their details were not copied to the session

Jomres 9.10.2 27/03/2018

Change Removed singleton specific code from all classes that don`t need it. There is only one singleton in Jomres, jomres_singleton_abstract class and this is the container for all other classes instances.
Change Deferred tasks modified to use Guzzle.
Change Added setting to change token lifetime.
Change Added database update script to remove old tokens.
Change Added the ability to pre-filter room types in the booking form.
Change Added support for the availability calendar to use the week start day setting.
Change Improved jquery ui availability calendar css.
Change Improved how we check if Jomres is installed. If db tables are created but no properties exist, we`ll consider that Jomres is not properly installed and execute the installation routine.
Change Modified the create multiple room script so that maximum rooms are now 1000 and max guests are 100.

Fix Several language files updated to show correct link to email template editing page in manual.
Fix Fixed an issue with a couple of dots too many, thanks kopfnuss.
Fix Resolved an issue where token not deleted when client deleted.
Fix Solved a problem with fixed arrival days in property details jquery ui calendar not showing colours.
Fix Fixed a bug that prevented new property features to be created.
Fix Solved a problem with redirects on update.
Fix Solved a notice in label translations.

Jomres 9.10.1 14/03/2018

Fix Fixed a bug in the new installer that didn't come to light until after testing.

Jomres 9.10.0 14/03/2018

Feature Installation process completely rewritten and modernised.
Feature Added a feature where property managers can elect to hide the property street from display to normal users. Users who have created a booking for that property can see the full address details.
Feature Added availability calendar modal to SRP properties booking form too
Feature Added support for downloading Nightly builds.

Change Modified list properties so that EDIT_LINK could be added to list properties output for managers to quickly edit a property.
Change Updated booking form to honour the "do not show inline calendars" setting from property config > property details tab.
Change Added code to detect that Jomres has been moved to a new server and rebuild the registry.
Change Tweaked frontend nag so that it doesn't show up if is an ajax call.
Change Modified ui availability calendar so that if fixed arrival day setting is used then other days will not be clickable.
Change Both MRP and SRP calendars updated so that bookable dates are highlighted, and other dates disabled, when fixed day of week booking set.
Change Modified date input feature for search modules so that if site is set to a single property installation then the first published property has it's settings used and if fixed arrival day is set to Yes then to set the search module's calendar to disable other days.
Change Extended POA price feature to show in lists.
Change Updated the jquery ui themes path
Change pt-PT datepicker code updated
Change Added jquery chained js back to jomres assets
Change Added an experimental feature to optimize images for the web on upload.
Change Custom flight methods updated to add "exit"s after the response has been sent.
Change Added functionality that allows PUT requests through the API to behave like POST requests.
Change Added functionality to allow downloading of development versions of Jomres thru the CMS in future versions (currently Joomla only)
Change Added detection of Joomla debugging setting, which allows installation of development versions of Jomres onto new installations of Joomla.
Change Removed a script that shows license failures in the frontend. No longer needed now that the plugin manager is ioncube encoded for subscriptions.
Change Added a check for a missing class which can sometimes trip users up when moving installations to a new server.
Change Added translation support for datatables Column Visibility button.

Fix Solved a problem with media centre existing images that don`t have thumbnails created.
Fix Resolved an issue where reviews would not save in test mode.
Fix Solved a problem where personal guest discounts were not reflected on invoices.
Fix Added jquery chained js back to jomres assets.
Fix Solved a problem with short language codes.
Fix Updated the jquery ui themes path.
Fix Solved a problem with charts selection when sef enabled.
Fix Modified a string in the French language file as the single quote causes problems with booking notes table when a guest is booked out.
Fix Modified the core showplugin script to ensure that it passes the php version, without it the wrong encoded version of the plugin manager was being returned.

Jomres 9.9.19 24/01/2018

Feature Added a new feature to copy booking emails sent to property managers to site admins too. Setting can be found in Site Configuration -> Booking Form tab.

Change Updated dependencies

Fix Installer updated to cope with mysql installations that mangle table name cases.
Fix Solved a notice in integration.php

Jomres 9.9.18 22/01/2018

Feature Added a new setting to Tariffs and Currencies tab which allows property managers to save a basic price that would be shown if no prices can otherwise be determined. When properties are shown in a list, the system will attempt to find a valid price from configured tariffs based on either today's date, or if dates were used in a search, then based on those dates. If it cannot, then it will show POA (Price on application), meaning that the guest should contact you to get a price. If you want, you can configure a price here that will be shown instead of the POA text. This figure would be a "fallback" price to display if no other price can be determined.
Feature Updated a feature that allows you to include a script's output in a template without modifing the calling script's corresponding minicomponent.
Feature Updated template override functionality to 1. Allow templates to reside in /plugin_name/templates/bootstrapN/ directories as well as the plugin's root and 2. Allow template overrides to have property type overrides underneath /plugin_name/templates/bootstrapN/, such as /plugin_name/templates/bootstrapN/P where P is the property type id.
Feature Added a feature whereby property features can be configured to not show in search lists.
Feature Moved all jomres core js, css, images, templates and map_styles to /assets dir and updated all paths accordingly. This begins the process of preparing for Joomla 4 and Bootstrap 4.
Feature Most javascript files are now managed via npm ( npm is the package manager for JavaScript ). Results in a larger footprint, but libraries are updated regularly.

Change Modified how we get the site url. The previous function used would not return https as the protocol part of the url, even if the site was being accessed via https ( so far this has only appeared on wpengine ) which resulted in weird behaviour like being unable to save the license key. Changing the function fixes this.
Change Instead of relying on the monolog library, added code to the logging class to create logging directories where required.
Change Tweaked dobooking.php to adjust how we can hand off the property uid to the booking engine.
Change Updated datatables for jquery 3, joomla 4 only
Change Added functionality that forces a re-installation the Jomres plugin manager. Without this upgraders will need to manually update 40 or so (to date) updated plugins for .18, which would be tiresome for users and result in lots of tickets.
Change Tweaked image urls to use relative path without domain to increase speed
Change Added a new trigger point to add settings from plugins to debugging tab

Fix Fixed some notices caused by deleted cms users that have reviews posted or are still set as partners in jomres
Fix Solved a problem with how percentage extra prices are displayed in property details

Jomres 9.9.17 12/12/2017

Change Added cancellation reason output support to booking email templates
Change basic_contract_details class updated to include last_changed and referrer db columns.
Change Improved redirect url handling to base64 encode urls. Without encoding urls, redirect url tasks are treated as the real task, causing tariff exporting functionality in the Beds24 plugin to not work.

Change Fixed a link in emails
Change Fixed a notice in property list triggered when the budget feature is disabled
Change Solved a problem with searched dates always being reset on the booking form
Change Solved a problem with guest types when amending bookings

Jomres 9.9.16 20/11/2017

Feature Added room names and numbers to Amend Booking panel in booking form when editing a booking.
Feature Added functionality to allow payment gateways to pass transaction ids and payment methods to invoice line items.
Feature Email Admin when Jomres has a New Update

Change Made the version check a cron job
Change Removed a depreciated setting from jomres_config.php
Change Added PROPERTY_NAME_FULL to property list templates.
Change Small improvement when detecting the localhost ip
Change Added ability to add extra information to developer output on fatal error, and added query details to jomres_database.class.php
Change Moved where the 00015 trigger point is fired in viewproperty script.
Change Added ability to pass "redirect_url" in $_REQUEST and let jomresRedirect function use that instead of the url passed by the calling method.
Change Added support for displaying transaction id and gateway in admin invoices too, plus some minor layout tweaks
Change Removed an unneeded global in the en-GB language file
Change Modified the link to the max input vars explanation page to point to a new page in the manual.
Change Added a button to close the jomres review message that shows up in admin cpanel
Change Removed a require in logging class that's no longer needed.
Change Improved logging of missing classes caused sometimes by incomplete updates
Change Moved where we check if the request is an ajax call in integration.php

Fix Fixed a notice in view booking page caused by deleting guest types
Fix Resolved a notice in booking insert regarding channel_manager_booking flag.

Jomres 9.9.15 06/11/2017

Change Added a flag to mark if a booking is from a channel manager or not. Depending on this, the commission plugin will add or not add the booking commission line item to the unissued invoice.
Change Changed how balance is calculated in booking emails. Only calculate balance if deposit was paid. If not, the full amount is the balance.
Change Improved rooms dropdown in media centre to include room type too, beside room name and number
Change Added a default value for channel_manager_booking in the temp booking handler.
Change Added a warning to the showplugins script to alert if the zipArchive extension is not installed in PHP
Change Changed what happens after the key is saved by the auto installer. Forces the license cache file to be updated more quickly.
Change Modified how guest type numbers are retrieved when editing a booking.
Change Tweaked a backtrace to provide more information.
Change Better sanitize the uploaded images filenames
Change Renamed shortcode_parser class to jomres_shortcode_parser to avoid naming conflicts with 3rd party wp plugins
Change Removed 3 obsolete classes
Change Added automatic cleanup on uninstall functionality.
Change Added review request to admin control panel.

Fix Fixed an issue where autoloader wasn't being called by api
Fix Fixed an incorrect path that prevented the authorisation url for oauth authorisation requests
Fix Solved a problem with map height not being applied properly
Fix Creative way to catch errors related to classes that don`t exist anymore, for example when upgrading Jomres, so they won`t throw a fatal error anymore and allow updating. Composer update done too.
Fix Solved a problem with joomla menu item urls which had duplicated ? sign.
Fix Solved a problem related to duplicate last minute discount on invoices.

Jomres 9.9.14 10/10/2017

Change Implemented new code that allows site admins to register trial license keys through the administrator area.
Change Removed api vendor dir as now all api libraries are included in the core
Change Added property publish method to jomres properties class. Improved property config so that we won`t get all property configs from db, but just the configs for the properties we need

Fix Solved a partner discount incorrect amount on invoices
Fix Improved installer to remove duplicate records from jomres custom text table and after that add a unique index to prevent future duplicates.

Jomres 9.9.13 29/09/2017

Fix Fixed an issue when creating new Joomla users in J! 3.8 Thanks Rod.
Fix Solved a bug on fresh installs which prevented the proper creation of guest profiles table
Fix Solved a problem with default value of language_context on fresh installs
Fix Solved a problem in jomres settings table which prevented an index being created because the akey column length was higher than 1000 bytes, so changed the akey column length to varchar(100). Should be more than enough for any setting name.

Jomres 9.9.12 27/09/2017

Change Flight library moved to top level vendor directory
Change manager_properties_none.html updated to produce output to advise user to use a different property manager for webhooks.
Change Plugin images re-added to plugin list as they're now (mostly) on an ssl enabled server.
Change Added an option to property types to set if this property type allows stars classification or not. Depending on this, the stars input will be shown/not shown in edit property page.
Change Added BOOKING_LENGTH output to emails (number of days/nights)

Fix Modified api, a change to dependencies broke the api's ability to find the http_build_url function that was recently moved.
Fix When amending a booking from dashboard, check availability even if this is just a room switch. It may happen that the currently checked in guest with a departure overdue may not be in the current view. Thanks Jad Makhlouta for pointing this out.
Fix Return empty array if no custom fields are available for this property type id
Fix Removed output_filters function override because we use that function even before the 00001 trigger point

Jomres 9.9.11 19/09/2017

Change Changed where we trigger 00001
Change Improved how we pass the selected number of guests from search modules to the first guest type dropdown on the booking form
Change Added http_build_url class to dependencies
Change Jomres cron jobs will also be triggered when needed on non jomres specific pages that have jomres plugins as modules/widgets.
Change Improved how we get the property details url on Joomla when we have a specific Joomla menu item for a property.
Change Price output function modified to use and display only 2 decimals
Change Sort images by filename when getting their details from db
Change Only show video tutorials in frontend if using bootstrap templates
Change Modified how guest cancellations are performed so that they're using a standard class, and ensure that the webhook is triggered.

Fix Resolved an issue in Joomla 3.8 caused by changes to Joomla's version file that would prevent Jomres from working.
Fix Solved a problem with property details sef urls in emails (joomla only)
Fix Solved a problem with properties being displayed twice in list properties tables
Fix Solved a recaptcha problem on contact form. Removed recaptha v1 code as the lib was removed previously anyway.
Fix Solved a problem with html purifier stripping down all html in strong mode, including the allowed html tags
Fix Removed a blank space after user and pass in new user email
Fix Fixed an issue with description search returning wrong results due a missing property_ors in the 2nd query.
Fix Solved a problem with existing room descriptions not being updated for the currently active language.

Jomres 9.9.10 31/08/2017

Change Changed how we upload user profile images to make it consistent with media centre uploads, so we can use db image details, s3 and cloudfront integrations. Existing user images need to be reuploaded. Added support for adding hidden media centre resources that can be used internally and don`t show up in media centre dropdowns. First use for this is user images.
Change Modified feedback message handling so that it also uses redirect messages.
Change Changed position of the user feedback div in admin area
Change Broke user initialisation into own method as we need a way to re-initialise a user programatically sometimes.
Change Modified 99994 trigger so that all 99994 triggers are called after redirection not just one specific webhook trigger.
Change Improved the jomres_properties class to ensure that created properties custom text always uses the newly created property uid.
Change Fixed a bug in new category searching functionality

Fix Solved a problem related to duplicate coupon discount on invoices
Fix Solved a problem related to widget selector showing up on search results pages
Fix Fixed a typo that was preventing some deferred tasks from running
Fix Added missing property categories output in bootstrap 2 and jquery ui templates
Fix Solved a problem in the installer related to language context default value

Jomres 9.9.9 21/08/2017

Feature Added support for property categories. This is a simple feature that allows managers to create property categories, which can then be added as both menu options to Joomla, or added as shortcodes to articles/pages in both Joomla and Wordpress.
Feature Added changes to allow us to have global coupon codes (created by site admins) that apply to all properties.
Feature Added a minimum deposit value setting to property configuration. If the deposit calculated is less than N figure, then the N figure is used to define the deposit.
Feature Added the language context feature to language file translation page in jomres admin cpanel. This way we can have property type specific language strings, without needing to have property type specific language files (which are mostly duplicate language strings, very few really different). Everything is stored in db, so it`s upgrade safe.
Feature Added support to save media centre image details in db to avoid scanning dirs each time a page loads to find all images.
Feature Added Amazon S3 and CloudFront integration for images.

Change Invoice webhooks updated
Change Added support to view only invoice line items and transactions, will be used later.
Change Added a constant for jomres core-minicomponents dir
Change Don`t show delete property menu item if this manager has access only to one property
Change Added deposit ref to deposit line item on invoices
Change Added a new administrator area video showing property creation, to help new users understand that they need to log into the frontend.
Change Added support for composer and autoloading external libraries
Change Removed adodb and used php date and mktime functions. Added monolog to dependencies
Change Added a define for the updates path
Change Added a jomres class that checks availability for dates and room uids
Change Added a new generic black booking insert class
Change Added a new ical import library
Change Removed some unneeded cache files
Change Tweaked sockets timeouts because we don`t need to wait too long for a response
Change Removed a specific check for classes in custom_code dir, as that dir is already available in the classes registry
Change Added cpanel task to excluded tasks in access control, as this is the cpanel default frontpage
Change Removed property type specific language files. Now we can have property type specific language strings saved in db, so no need to duplicate an entire file for each property type.
Change Added property categories tutorial video
Change Added Armenian language file to system. Thanks Hamlet.
Change Removed the unused bootstrap-tour js files
Change Disabled image rotation based on exif meta data
Change Added feature to allow devs to rerun the plugin installer script without needing to reinstall a plugin. Useful when creating plugins and you want to recreate database tables.
Change Removed some unused options (component wrapped) and cleaned up code
Change Added video tutorials to BS2 top.html.
Change Updated css so that the video tutorials button would stand out more as even some of our more regular users had failed to see that it exists.
Change Added an ioncube version test to plugin manager installer.

Fix Fixed an issue where the guest's cancel booking button text would not appear.
Fix Solved a problem that`s sometimes encountered with jintour properties and coupons
Fix Solved some bugs that prevented subscriptions being updated properly
Fix Fixed how coupons are displayed in price summary, tax was added on top of the discount.
Fix Solved a js error when we drag an event to cancel it and cancellation can`t be made
Fix Fixed an issue that prevented us from moving bookings to another property. Seems there was a bug in place in some code since before 2009 (!). Thanks Jad

Jomres 9.9.8 31/07/2017

Feature Property Completion highlighting. Properties that have been completed ( IE prices updated, images uploaded etc ) are now highlighted to site administrations that they're now ready for approval ( if the feature is enabled ). Similar highlighting added to frontend property lists so that property managers can see those properties that are still awaiting completion.
Feature Context sensitive video tutorials added to system, both administrator area and frontend. Videos are done without voice-overs or text so that they are largely language agnostic, language file can be copied and edited by site admins if required for other languages.

Change Repurposed an old setting to use it to disable avl calendars in property details
Change Made property list default to paging instead of live scrolling
Change Undone a previous change which makes label translations save the xx language shortcode instead of xx-XX language code, causing translated text not to be pulled from db when selecting by xx-XX language code.
Change Sanity check messages will be displayed on all pages, without excepted tasks
Change Removed some unimportant warnings from administrator area.
Change Cleanup up some unneeded notices, clarified the license status messages and added action buttons
Change If IPInfoDB api key is not set, we`ll not default to EUR anymore, instead we`ll default to the currency set in site configuration.
Change Removed the simple/advanced config toggle, not very popular as folks seem to miss the advanced settings in property configuration.
Change Combined all map related settings in site config to one google map tab only.
Change Made the fullscreen view available on small screens too and removed an unused setting
Change Added shortlist/favourites shortcode.
Change Made the FAQ a menu item in the jomres control panel help section and removed the button.

Fix Fixed a bug in how we prepare the rates and mindays arrays before creating the tariffs

Jomres 9.9.7 20/07/2017

Feature Webhooks Core and API Core moved into main application. There are a lot of ways that we can use this functionality, however having these particular two features as plugins is more of a hinderance than a help, therefore they've been moved into the core.

Change Modified the shortcode parser so that if a class exists, don't include the file. This doesn't address any bugs in Jomres, instead it addresses the possibility of triggering an error if a developer or designer should create a fatal error by copying a minicomponent, e.g. to create a backup of a file.
Change Updated shortcodes instructions to make sure that feature uids information is correct.
Change Updated how Jomres Pricing information is retrieved.
Change Added a check for filesize being zero when installing the plugin manager.
Change Tweaked menus to not show some options if upcoming property limitations are applied.

Jomres 9.9.6 12/07/2017

Change Our implementation of OAuth2 scripts updated to extend the lifetime of the tokens, and allow implicit token issuing.
Change Changed property type class so that property types are retrieved in alphabetical order.
Change Modified patErrorManager to record an error in the event of problems because it will provide us with backtracing information.
Change Modified jomres_properties class so that new properties default room will get a basic room type, meaning that Micromanage editing mode can be used right off the bat.
Change Tweaked an error message to clarify it's source.
Change Added payment method as booking note.
Change Monolog and OAuth2 libs updated.
Change Tweaked rest api authorize controller so that if it returns an error about return urls, it tells you which url it's expecting, versus what was sent.
Change Added support for auth free access to the REST API functionality. This feature allows us to offer additional REST API functionality that doesn't demand client id & secret keypairs, so that there are fewer barriers between your clients and your API.
Change Made the search misc menu item visible to receptionists or above. No need for this menu to be visible to guests.
Change Cancellation threashold now available for tour property bookings too.
Change Removed Read More javascript functionality as it's not an elegant solution.
Change Added Jomres price plans to main menu
Change Renamed Upgrades to Updates. Upgrades has always been the wrong word to use in this context.
Change Added license name to output content of Site Config license data.
Change Exchange rates : Added a check for $json to see if it's false ( connection errors can cause this ).
Change Updated a task in approval urls with the next task name
Change Added a unique css class to each property that can be used to customize css for each property uid individually
Change Updated show property map shortcode data to include map_zoom

Fix Fixed a notice in Show Plugins referring to third party plugins.
Fix Fixed notices that may appear in booking form and confirmation if an older tax rate has been deleted when building extras info.
Fix Fixed some bugs in new Norwegian language file.
Fix Solved a problem related to receptionists not being able to see the booking details
Fix Cart/booking number was being incorrectly reset to 0, so changed how it could be detected. Thanks Juan Antonio
Fix Small tweak to solve duplicate tour name in invoices
Fix Solved a problem when getting the gateways for commission and subscription invoices
Fix Solved a problem on booking page related to empty strings being handled as arrays
Fix Fixed an issue where log files might not appear in log list.
Fix Solved a property comparison problem which caused all checkboxes on the page to be checked if checked
Fix Solved a problem related to how coupon discounts are added to invoices
Fix Solved a geocoding related problem where country was always reset to DE

Wordpress Added ability for editinplace admin script to pass language to the updateCustomText function as get_showtime("lang") was reporting the wrong language.

Jomres 9.9.5 19/06/2017

Change Huge update to Norwegian language file. Thanks Edvin.
Change Modified an error trigger so that double booking exceptions can only be triggered by the processpayment task.
Change Added shortcode information about the new property task. ( Jomres ASAModule mambot has also been updated to support this ).

Fix Re-added the (previously obsoleted) jomres_formatBytes function as some older automatically generated language files need it. Without it they'll throw a fatal error when users upgrade from 9.9.3 to 9.9.4

Jomres 9.9.4 13/06/2017

Change Improved viewproperty so that if Show Only Availability calendar setting is used, then we properly use settings from Property Details configuration options.
Change Improved edit property type script so that fallback markers are properly found and displayed.
Change Installer modified because one of our client's firewalls 403'd when it saw >> in the POST data.
Change Moved the town and marker uploaders to the core to simplify things
Change Re-enabled the property type dropdown on the edit property page, folks seem to need it.
Change Whenever the property type is changed, we`ll delete all rooms, tariffs and property settings. This also resets availability.
Change Modified region related functionality so that if a property has an incorrect region id then the property is not returned in the search results, and it is unpublished. This is better than throwing a fatal error, and being unpublished highlights to the manager that it's not currently available.
Change Added a new trigger to allow plugins to add their own warnings to the Jomres Control Panel.
Change Changed log cleanup frequency to hourly.
Change Added functionality to allow 3rd party developers to offer links to documents that provide current version information. ( Plugin manager )
Change Removed some very old unused functions
Change Romanian VAT updated
Change Improved agent details layout
Change Timeline menu hidden for real estate properties
Change We'll silently switch from mysql to mysqli if function doesn't exist instead of faithfully following Joomla's configuration.php file. It looks like that's what J is doing as of 3.7.x and it makes sense.
Change Removed plugin images from plugin manager as they can point to http sites, resulting in mixed content warnings.

Fix Tweaked the initial set timeout function to be a little more friendly for shared hosting packages.
Fix Notice fixes
Fix Removed some redundant code which caused an error when paying for approved bookings
Fix Removed a slash which was breaking property feature tooltip images in basic search modules.
Fix Solved a booking form error by removing some redundant code.
Fix Guest types class updated to allow float values in the Variance field ( used to, new class was incorrect ).

Jomres 9.9.3 01/06/2017

Fix We disabled the dropdown to choose property types in the previous version. In the past, regardless of whether or not the dropdown was disabled, the value of the dropdown would still be sent by the browser. It would appear that current versions of browsers no longer send the content of that dropdown, which triggers an error when saving any property.
Fix Fixed notices in weekly occupancy percentages script.
Fix Fixed an issue when manually creating new guests.

Jomres 9.9.2 01/06/2017

Fix Solved a redirect problem when installing jomres
Fix Fixed an issue with property list paging.
Fix Fixed an issue where dashboard settings wouldn't be saved when a guest profile hasn't been created for a manager yet.
Fix Warn about the ipinfodb and openexchangerates api keys only if "use currency conversion" is enabled in site config.
Fix Removed a query that`s not needed.

Jomres 9.9.1 30/05/2017

Feature Added jomres frontend control panel widgets. The Jomres Dashboard ( now renamed to frontend Control Panel ) is now dynamic, meaning you can add/remove widgets to the Property Manager's control panel as well as use Drag and Drop to move them around.
Feature Disabled option to change property type after a property has been created.

Change Changed datatables scripts so they won`t interfere with mod security rules
Change tweaked the reinstall all plugins message when no license key set
Change Improved how and when we get all regions from db
Change Added region to property details sanity check and removed postcode and tel as they`re not used by everybody or on all properties
Change Replaced hardcoded /jomres/uploadedimages path with it`s defined constant
Change Replaced hardcoded /jomres/temp path with it`s defined constant
Change Removed usage reporting and tweaked the api keys warning colours in admin cpanel
Change Removed unused site config settings
Change Made the cms user register/login separate tasks that redirect to the cms registration/login form. This allows us to control the menu register/login jomres menu items access levels too
Change Added guest_uid index to contracts table
Change Improved jomres sessions handling
Change Tweaked edit guests page so that the blacklist option and text will show up only when editing existing guests.
Change Updated jquery ui
Change Slightly increased the delay value when searching in datatables
Change Updated chart js
Change Slovenian regions added to countries.php so that new installations will have regions installed.
Change Made the bookings chart the default chart selected on reports
Change Added chart fixed height support to be used later
Change Changed regions class so that when region id is 0 or blank, we`ll return an empty string instead of throwing an error.
Change Made sure that properties can be published/unpublished on user suspension only if the user has a manager/receptionist user role.
Change Modified frontend functionality so that dashboard ( to be renamed timeline ) is part of a subset of cpanel templates.
Change Menu option added to put weekly percentage view into reports menu option.
Change Creating the object using j05000 script to allow dobooking method override.
Change Added request_log call to jomres.php to be triggered if in development mode.
Change Changed a language definition for book now because SEF urls with different strings for the book now text wont work on different property types.
Change Tweak to make sure we also reset the logged in manager to non manager when it doesn`t have any properties assigned
Change Added some code that will remove orphan rooms for properties that have had their property types changed, and an extra sanity check. These will remain commented out as in 9.9.1 we are removing the ability to change property types, however the change will remain in case we reverse this decision.

Fix Fixed a bug in access control and added the 00035 property details tabs/blocks to access control. This allows us to set property details blocks/tabs specific access levels.
Fix Temp fix for php 7.1 session ids which have max 256 chars. Jomres sessions only allow 50 chars, so we`ll substr the first 50 chars of session id
Fix Resolved an issue where wire transfer couldn't trigger 00605 to send emails.
Fix Fixed a bug in DT ajax options
Fix Made public a function that is called in j06002edit_tariffs_normal.class.php
Fix Fixed a notice on jomres install related to jr user not being ready.
Fix Fixed notices for when markers are not created for a property type.
Fix Tweaked view agent to only show agent name in browser title if task is set to view_agent.
Fix Fixed a bug in the normal tariff editing mode that tries to address an edge case created by switching property types.
Fix Solved access control problem for viewproperty and dobooking menus and tasks.

Wordpress Changed some variable names in datatables ajax request so they won`t conflict with WP public query vars

Jomres 9.9.0 16/05/2017

Feature Added new tariffs handling class. This brings several benefits for future development, with respect to the new booking engine and API development.
Feature Refactored both front and backend menu systems. Plugin settings moved to Site Configuration and entire administrator area rebuilt to be more logical.
Feature Session handling completely refactored to store data in the database, not files. Performance improvement.
Feature Region name handling refactored. Performance improvement.
Feature Added country flags as css to lower the number of requests on pages that display the country flags (eg: top destinations)
Feature Improved countries handling so they won`t all be loaded on each page, instead they`ll be loaded all only on demand.
Feature Added Radial percentage bars added to Dashboard to easily see this week's occupancy levels.
Feature Added room descriptions inputs and outputs.
Feature Added Guest Blacklisting feature.
Feature Added reviews details to admin cpanel overview
Feature Added booking notes to dashboard popup.
Feature Improved the admin cpanel frontpage. Layout adjusted.

Change Considerable language file update, old definitions removed.
Change Many minicomponents trigger numbers changed so that they are now 06000/06001/06002/06005 instead of their older numbers.
Change Made the crons run using async sockets so they won`t slow down the page
Change Moved cron job settings to site config. Updated to use logging only in development mode.
Change Removed mobile detect class as it`s not needed anymore
Change Modified how we scan for class files to greatly improve speed
Change Added a classes registry file
Change Improved languages handling so we won`t need to scan for languages on each page load
Change Improved how we clean up tmp js files, we were doing it twice when saving site config
Change Removed jomres array caching and done micro optimization to avoid unnecessary counting of arrays
Change Improved speed on how we call and check if a specific event exists, so we won`t go through each record in the registry, instead directly check if a specific key is set in the registry array.
Change Change how we handle minicomponents registry. The array key has been changed from [XXXXXminicomponent_name] to [XXXXX][minicomponent_name]. Now we can quickly find all minicomponents by trigger point instead of going through the entire minicomponent registry array all the time.
Change Modified functions related to checking Jomres version so that their return values have more scope.
Change Added coupon code classes
Change Removed the jomres admin dir and moved the last file in it to functions dir
Change Modified agent view script to change page title to their name.
Change Removed the unused site config cal_output setting
Change Moved sms clickatell classes from the core to their plugin
Change Renamed the Properties site config tab to Portal Functionality
Change Improved languages class so it won`t require scanning the languages dir anymore
Change file added to minicomponents dir for developers, provides descriptions of what the different trigger numbers do.
Change Delete Business changed in lang files to Delete Property.
Change Removed product tour files from repo. tour_target divs will need to be removed from template files at a later time.
Change Show logfile removed as it's not used.
Change Cancel booking changed from manager to reception tasks.
Change Added some back tracing for when a class doesn't exist.
Change Removed the original price tooltip.
Change Removed the unused plugin check code
Change Added user agent to sockets
Change Modified plugin manager so that blue update button does not show if plugins do not need updating.
Change Modified invoices so that the mark as paid button will be available only if the booking is approved
Change Language. Changed Businesses to Properties in table header of control panel.
Change Removed the advanced site config option
Change Solved a layout problem when latest jomres version number can`t be obtained.
Change Added Armenian Dram to our currency codes list.
Change Language. Changed "Available logs" to "Log files" in language files.
Change Completely rebuilt the frontend menu. Changed how access control behaves: now tasks can be controlled and this will control the visible menu items too.
Change Removed an obsolete asamodule report file, as this functionality is now expanded on by the Shortcodes reporting feature.
Change Made access control feature a plugin

Fix Updated the Arabic jquery-ui localization file to fix day names
Fix Solved a fullscreen view problem in joomla that prevented the editor from working correctly.
Fix Fixed how jintour tours tax is calculated when inserting the line items on invoices
Fix Fixed an issue of multiple records being created for same invoice at invoice payments ref table
Fix Fixed rounding problem when adding service to bill and prices are set to gross
Fix Solved a typo that was causing an out of memory error
Fix Fixed a bug in save guests where guest mos/cms id would get reset to zero when guest is saved by a property manager.
Fix Solved a problem with guest existing id not being reset on a new quick booking made from the dashboard modal
Fix Fixed a bug where room types for some other property uids couldn`t be loaded if we`re currently on the property details page
Fix Modified the url that the file system integrity check points to, was old svn, now points to github.

Wordpress Solved a problem with js running before document ready on wp, which has the jomres js files in the footer

Jomres 9.8.29 29/03/2017

Feature Added new deferred task handling functionality.
Feature Added a new feature to allow each manager to set an external booking url if they want to use a 3rd party website for booking.

Change Made the slideshow property details url to be a sef url
Change Added backtracing to debug level logging.
Change Added a number of changes that resolve hack warnings for users with no gateways installed.
Change Added a booking management class to help us with various booking related tasks like guests checkin, checkout, etc.
Change Added code to prevent calls to site being able to prevent further processing by dint of, for example, timing out. This allows us to implement deferred message handling functionality.
Change Added code to show room uids in dashboard if set to development mode.
Change Moved the Cancellation Threashold setting in a more appropriate position in property configuration
Change Turkish language file updated.

Fix Solved some minor layout problems in Media Centre
Fix Solved some minor problems with some text when editing mode was enabled

Wordpress Solved a problem with the search on WP caused by a typo in the variable name when setting the jomres page_id

Jomres 9.8.28 16/03/2017

Change Updated the insertbooking webhook booking_added to be triggered only if the booking is approved or doesn`t require approval.
Change Reformatted the ajax response for dashboard events
Change Improved speed in admin cpanel by caching the installed plugins list used by the j07020 file that counts plugin updates
Change Small tweaks to custom text handling, added a few more checks to make sure we have the property custom text loaded even on non jomres pages
Change Updated the get_booking_url and get_property_details_url functions to use additional url params

Fix Solved a problem with booking enquiries that caused a gateways error, because enquiries don`t use payment gateways.
Fix Solved a problem with the way room features are saved in db when no room feature was selected
Fix Solved a problem with the amend booking redirect url when sef enabled
Fix Solved a notice when saving normal mode tariffs

Jomres 9.8.27 08/03/2017

Change Refactored gateway handling to, among other things, ensure that paypal override setting doesn't override all other gateways.
Change Added support for overriding the property details url and improved the booking form url function.
Change Added support to create jomres joomla menus that point to property details page. This will allow us not to have duplicate urls when a joomla menu item is created for a property details page. In this case, the joomla url will be used, not the jomres default one. Also, allows us to have specific joomla modules assigned only to this property details page.
Change Tweaked the media centre uploader to allow both jpg and png files to be uploaded. Previously png files would be converted to jpg files, now they're left as pngs, which preserves their transparency.

Change Small tweak to allow single person supplement to be a negative value too.
Change Improved sorting by room number on the dashboard.
Change Made the google maps api load in async mode. Thanks Rod.
Change Adjusted the occupancy percentages in the mrp calendar.
Change Changed reviews agree/disagree buttons to be available for not logged in users too.
Change Updated copyright year at the bottom of the admin cpanel.
Change Changed how api handles exceptions ( makes development easier )
Change Updated media centre to remove upload contexts and simplify things for 3rd party developers.
Change Commented some obsolete js caching code that was causing a scandir on each page load.
Change Added a new media centre feature that gets images uploaded by admins (site images) so plugins don`t need specific code to scan those dirs.
Change Removed the map markers obsolete class.
Change Moved the code that handles zipping logs bigger then 1M to the logs cleanup cron job, so it won`t run on each page load but only once per day.
Change Made the geolocation files cleanup a cron job that runs daily and empties the geolocation dir.
Change Changed how debug mode is set in Joomla/Wordpress API.
Change Disabled a check in the installer for extraservices table name, it's been long enough now.
Change Added RTL auto detection to dashboard
Change Added a simple function to search for a contract uid based on the booking number.
Change Added a function to get a map marker src
Change Some aesthetics tweaks to dates on invoices
Change Improved guest's view of bookings to cope with empty property uids.

Fix Fixed the dashboard trash broken layout in bootstrap 2 templates.
Fix Fixed a typo that was causing a fatal error in the srp calendar.
Fix Tweaked sanity check messages to not take region into account when warning the user about missing property data, because some countries don`t have regions.
Fix Solved a problem related to api language in WP.
Fix Changed how m0 enabled search options are handled on WP

Jomres 9.8.26 14/02/2017

Change Removed some unused functions
Change Modified the BS3 contact owner form so that name limit is increased to 50 characters.
Change Updated the jomresMailer function to solve a problem when emails not being sent if ssl certificates are self signed by hosting providers.
Change Added a column in list bookings to display who made the booking
Change Added code to automatically enable searching on various options if search module is set to jomSearch_m0. This is because they can only be enabled through editing configuration.php, as the settings in site config no longer exist.
Change Modified dashboard to improve layout of the drag to trash sliding panel.
Change Modified tooltip functionality so that urls can be passed to the output templates. Allows setting of search urls for room types and property features.
Change Added search urls to non-categorised property features.
Change Added joomla router functionality for room types and property features search urls
Change Added ajax countries/regions dropdowns for real estate edit property pages
Change Added bitcoin to exchange rates conversions that can be offered.
Change Added a define for jomres temp dir
Change Tweaked media centre so that some popups show to the left of the button instead of the right, better for smaller screens.
Change Modified the webhook position on saving new guest type
Change Added a new function that, in the core of Jomres, simply returns the booking link page. It does, however, allow us to override the url to the booking page programmatically through plugins if desired.
Change Completely rewritten the guest handling functionality
Change Made the cancellation threshold option available to jintour properties too
Change Tweaked the default visible columns in list bookings to have the "booking made by" hidden by default and the "approved" column visible by default
Change Changed the way we use JInput to filter request vars when sef enabled
Change Added support for overriding the set_booking_number function
Change Partners page updated in Jomres admin area.
Change Moved the guest firstname and surname to the guest details tab in registered users view booking page
Change Removed the int casting of the booking number, to allow custom booking numbers to use chars too.
Change Updated the currency code for Ugandan Schilling

Fix Spanish language file updated to resolve a javascript issues that a carriage return can cause.
Fix Discovered that guest details passed through the form which contained an apostrophe are getting mangled, so we unmangle them then sanitise them properly before passing them to the booking engine.
Fix Fixed duplicate images showing in old BS2 tooltips.
Fix Solved a problem with modals on the booking form being behind backdrop on specific room-tariff configurations

Wordpress Solved a mailer problem on WP when class SMTP already exists

Jomres 9.8.25 09/01/2017

Change Modified a variety of webhook names for consistency.
Change Added a tweak to logging to ensure that browser console notification messages aren't attempted if the call is an API call.
Change Removed a duplicate definition
Change Added some ( disabled ) checks for ssl. Strictly speaking the site admin should force api access to go via ssl, I'll leave this in place for now while I consider whether it should be added.
Change Added a note to basic invoice details for use by remote services that might need an aide-memoire for what each invoice status means.
Change Improved patTemplate dump to show the override path when a cms template override is used
Change Reviews class. Improved webhook calls to include property uid.
Change Reviews class. Added note regarding "fields" and their meaning which can then be passed back by API scripts.

Fix Fixed an issue in property access class for api as new user role changes broke it :(
Fix Solved a problem related to room type in the verbose tariff details
Fix Solved a js error on the dashboard
Fix Changed phpmailer to use jomres_phpmailerException class

Jomres 9.8.24 27/12/2016

Fix PHPMailer 5.2.19 was found to have it's own vulnerability, eventually resulting in PHPMailer 5.2.21, so Jomres has been updated with this version.

Jomres 9.8.23 27/12/2016

Fix Fixed a bug in the installer.

Jomres 9.8.22 27/12/2016

Fix PHP Mailer library updated to 5.2.19 from 5.2.9 due to critical remote code execution bug in previous versions

Feature Added webhook functionality, specifically code to generate webhooks, that the Webhook Core would fire.
Feature Updated the dashboard js to have proper built in touch devices support.
Feature Improved logging, logs now sent to browser console and modified logging class so that further information can be sent to an extra field, which offers cleaner log views.

Change Properly format the date in the booking notes tab
Change Some small changes to make some js run only on document ready
Change Removed a setting not used in wp, saves an unneeded query
Change Added a new tab in Plugin Manager for webhooks plugins
Change Disabled a log in input filtering
Change Added support for changing the jomres language (from the jomres language switcher)in the frontend even if the cms language remains the same.

Fix Changed where jomres_decode is done in jr_gettext.php to solve a problem in label translations.
Fix Fixed a js error on dashboard in fullscreen view
Fix Fixed a potential cause of notices if none of the properties chosen for comparison have property features assigned to them.
Fix Solved a js error related to regions dropdown on bootstrap 2, on the property registration page
Fix Solved a bug in generic booking amend class that affected the rooms^tariffs pairs when a booking was amended by drag&drop from the dashboard. Thanks Rod
Fix Further changes to solve decimal problems on invoices.
Fix Fixed a bug where property types could be unpublished even if still used by properties in the system

Jomres 9.8.21 Version skipped

Jomres 9.8.20 01/12/2016

Change Writability check panel removed as it`s not useful anymore
Change Added a link next to the username input on the edit profiles page to edit the cms user profile
Change Improved managers listing so deleted users from the cms that still have access rights to jomres will be marked with an orange label
Change Removed some very old obsolete files

Fix Fixed a bug where registered users can't create a new property because their access level was set to the wrong value.

Jomres 9.8.19 28/11/2016

Feature Added Markdown handling functionality to Jomres.
This allows non-super property managers to format text in a simple way without being able to add html to the page. Allowing property managers to enter html in property decriptions is fraught with danger ( Cross site scripting being the main worry), which is why we've always defaulted to the most stringent settings on a default installation. This isn't very friendly for new users, however, or property managers that want to apply some formatting but the site has left the Input Filtering setting to Paranoid. Markdown handling allows non-super managers to add basic formatting to text inputs ( for example Property Details, Checkin times ) without sacrificing security. Two new libraries have been added, one to display a Markdown editor in the Edit Property page ( relevant inputs ) called SimpleMDE and a second ( Parsedown )to parse text before it's output to the page.

Feature Improved the Media Centre.
Made media centre drop down buttons larger and gave the primary and secondary dropdowns their own classes to make them stand out more.
Rooms list added "room" text next to number.
Removed old image link from the images list, instead resource types are able to offer a "Preview" link, which, if available will show an example of the resource in property page inside a modal.
Added additional instructions to give clarity for the usage of the buttons.

Feature Added functionality to allow us to show the main menu in selected locations.
This allows us to show the Jomres main menu in other places ( See Shortcodes info page ). It doesn't disable the menu from displaying in the Jomres content area, however.

Change Jomres Core files updated to use PSR2 coding standards.
Change Show plugins, Upgrade button renamed to Update.
Change Modified input filtering to preserve line breaks in text that's saved to the database. Related to Markdown.
Change API updated to log an error instead of output it.
Change Added cms specific function to get username by id.
Change Modified the license message position in plugin manager.
Change Minor language file tweak for th-TH.
Change Added new property features classes.
Change Completely rebuilt Jomres user roles. Receptionist access level changed from 1 -> 50, manager 2->70, super property manager was having access level 2 and pu set to 1, now it`s 90. Provides scope for future improvements.

Fix Fixed a typo that prevented us from adding new users in Joomla when making a booking.
Fix Resolved an issue with users being unable to add new property types.
Fix Modified call to Mobile_Detect class, to check that the class doesn't already exist ( other extensions use the same class, so this could cause conflicts ).
Fix Modified contact owner so that the template has it's own version of placeholders that don't have javascript that will cause confusion if the editing mode is enabled.
Fix Fixed a query that was failing in some cases, thanks Rod ( Invoices class ).
Fix Solved resource/room cloning problem.
Fix Fixed a notice for users that deleted all tax rates.

Jomres 9.8.18 11/11/2016

Change Resolved an issue where cron jobs were throwing notices on installation/upgrade.
Change Modified the registry class to remove javascript caches whenever the registry is rebuilt.
Change Added performance improvements to list reviews script in admin area.
Change Added functionality that detects the type of device, if device is not a desktop then drag and dropping of bookings isn't allowed. Fat fingered souls rejoice!

Change Tourist tax plugin code added to the core of the system.
Change Added tweaks to WP url handling to avoid some wp redirectsion from non-sef to sef urls
Change Added minor tweaks to cron class for layout and checking if a variable is empty.
Change Fixed a couple of notices that can show in the dashboard if a booking is moved into a room where there are no tariffs for said room's type.
Change Modified property header to use the property description in the meta data if meta data isn't set.
Change Added a couple of tweaks to new marker related functionality that allows for how handling of deleted markers is handled.
Change Updated control panel welcome language strings.
Change Show Profiles page renamed to Property Managers ( Administrator area page ).
Change Minor layout tweak to control panel message output.
Change Updated the key check to correctly return false if a key's state can't always be determined.
Change Added a license status message to the plugin manager.
Change Removed plugin check from sys info script.
Change Added an option to have a blank commission rate to the commission rate dropdown.

Jomres 9.8.17 04/11/2016

Feature Added functionality to allow different map markers. Allows us to assign different map markers for different property types and for them to show ( naturally ) on the extended maps map.
Feature Added a longtext class and appropriate javascript so that tab contents can be limited to N characters.
Feature Updated the ajax notification loader. Previously it was configured to change the cursor on ajax activity, however mobile devices don't have cursors, so swapped it out for a nice font awesome spinner instead. Now users can see the the ajax search is doing something. Likewise, property managers can see the activity notification.

Change Added full Jomres version to relevant files.
Change Reverted a recent change to an API script vis directory scanning as API doesn't always have access to Jomres framework so the custom scandir function will not be available.
Change Removed some trailing ?> from files.
Change Polish changed to be without BOM
Change Modified a setting description in site config to be more CMS agnostic.
Change Fixed a typo linking to deligence.

Fix Amended the new user creation function as J changes mean that in some mysql modes the insert user query will fail.
Fix Improved how meta data is returned to Wordpress.

Wordpress Improved minicomponent registry to allow Jomres to search child templates for minicomponents.
Wordpress Updated a CMS specific script to correctly pull wordpress module settings.

Jomres 9.8.16 25/10/2016

Change Removed exchange rates cron script as it's no longer required.
Change Made the exchange rates class a singleton.
Change Modified list guests ajax script to account for mysql strict ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY settings.
Change Tweaked a query in list invoices ajax script to resolve some mysql notices.
Change Added a tweak to decode apostrophes to their proper form in email subjects.
Change Tweaked tabletools handling so that when clicking on xls link the page name is used when naming the file.
Change Booking confirmation page updated, amend booking element changed from a submit button to a link. It doesn't need to be a submit form, and it's recently stopped redirecting back to the booking form.
Change Tweaked a search query that sorts properties in descending order. Removed that ordering.
Change Added trimming to property names in photo view only to preserve photo view page layout.

Fix Fixed an issue with Leohtian templates not showing modules on front page. It was caused by an incorrectly merged PR in Joomla breaking B/C
Fix Modified how new CMS users are created, fixes a problem with WP.
Fix Removed caching from property uids, solves a language switcher problem in admin cpanel
Fix Testing a tweak to jomresURL function. Joomla 3.6.3 routing has changed how urls are returned, causing issues with various forms being built incorrectly.

Jomres 9.8.15 18/10/2016

Feature Added filesystem integrity check feature.

Change Improved caching of geolocation caching, seems our performance problems were caused by throttling by the remote service.
Change Added a new input filter results cache for testing.
Change Added further speed improvements to registry. Also made the registry readable. We just include_once, no more unserialize on each page load.
Change Added small change to get property names multi so that even without caching the query won`t be executed more times on the same page for the same property uids
Change Modified how property names are found. Performance improvement.
Change Modified functionality so that on redirect we explicitly close database connections. All the documentation says we shouldn't need to, but this is a test to see if we can reduce the number of connections left open.
Change Replaced scandir with more efficient home-rolled function.
Change Improved an estimate generation method in the booking engine, major speed improvement for properties with many tariffs.
Changed how we checked to see if an array is empty, instead of counting. Minor performance boost.

Change Added phone number to Contact Owner form.
Change Added alert-danger for BS3 users in edit booking script.
Change Updated add service to bill function so that if the prices are set to gross option is set, then the price is initially figured to nett before being added.
Change Added a change to the invoice class to see if it helps resolve some rounding issues.
Change Added colours to invoice labels status.
Change Improved English language API key directions to provide urls to servers.
Change Improved layout of log file information.
Change Modified exchange rate handling functionality so that if we can't d/l data, we still build a partial file. This prevents various parts of the system re-trying to rebuild this data, we'll just have to accept that for today, we can't convert prices. When the system tries again the next day, more complete data should be available.
Change Added code to die if the call is a heartbeat call from the booking engine then just die, further processing is pointless.

Fix Changed booking engine so that if deposit required is first night then tax is properly included in the price.
Fix Resolved a problem with editing properties in WP
Fix Added a change to how property features are saved in the db as it was affecting property cloning.

Wordpress Added Wordpress functionality that creates a new page with jomres:xx-XX if it doesn't already exist. Negates the need for managers to add pages manually.
Wordpress Added calls to jomres/classes/jomres_database.class.php so that we can monitor WP DB usage.
Wordpress Check if we are in admin that in wp it won`t happen that the framework.php is loaded (because of wp plugins which use actions like 'init' which are available also in admin area - this doesn`t happen on joomla) and does the queries/stuff instead of admin.php.

Jomres 9.8.14 05/10/2016

Fix Improved how we access some singletons to resolve some people's intermittent performance problems.

Jomres 9.8.13 03/10/2016

Feature Added functionality that allows us to dynamically add shortcode data to the system, passed directly from minicomponents.
Feature Repurposed ASAModule report to output information about shortcodes.
Feature Added a shortcode parser that can return shortcode data.

Change Updated help pages in admin area. New security protocols on pages were preventing help pages from showing in iframes.
Change Improved plugin manager to only show the reinstall button when the key is valid.
Change Removed some redundant help scripts as they're no longer needed.
Change Added a number of changes to get around the Mysql 5.7 Strict NO_ZERO_DATES limitation.
Change Removed Joomla3.x specific versions of library files, which were created back in 2012 in anticipation of more significant version changes given Joomla's past history of significant backward compatability changes. As J3.x is now much more B/C friendly these are no longer required. The downside is that anybody running a very old version of J3.x might have problems running Jomres, but in this day and age it's trivially easy to upgrade Joomla.
Change Added changes relating to how we cleanup sessions.
Change Improved and simplified the media centre class.
Change Tweaked how directories are built on recursive directory scans.

Fix Fix intermittent 404 error in wp when submitting a booking.
Fix Fixed a bug where the media centre could find the wrong images for a property, consolidated how directories are scanned ( modest performance improvement ).
Fix Changed how two columns are modified during upgrade so that they don't throw mysql errors.

Jomres 9.8.12 20/09/2016

Feature Added permit number to Property Details fields for users in those countries that must show a permit/registration number.

Change Added a Reinstall all plugins button for users upgrading from Trial to Full versions.
Change Tweaked API routing allowing clients to send the token in the url.
Change Changed the manage properties icon to a building.
Change Tweaked addplugin to ensure php version is sent when requesting plugins.
Change Tweaked a path used when installing mambots.
Change Added a new javascript function that allows printing of individual divs.
Change Added API key checks.

Fix Fixed an issue in API where a request for a function could throw a fatal error.
Fix Made some API changes so that if a variable isn't empty it doesn't fire a notice.
Fix Fixed an issue where Black bookings weren't labelled in black in the dashboard.

Jomres 9.8.11 09/09/2016

Change At Rod's request, added componentArgs to optional trigger at the end of show_property_header script.
Change Modified which variable is checked in j00030search.class.php to help Rod out.
Change Updated log file viewing to use table tools.
Change 15 char limit in contact owner form upped to 150 characters.
Change Added translatable Jintour descriptions
Change Updated log file viewing to use table tools.
Change Updated Russian language file, thanks Dmitry.
Change Added info class to plugin description text
Change Updated Turkish Lira currency to TRY from TRL
Change Refactored a new function that didn't work when array keys were not consecutive.
Change Improved modal display behaviour in BS2.
Change Updated cron log to clean up old log files > 30 days old.
Change Changed the order in which users are created on new installations.
Change Modified list booking ajax script so that Black Bookings aren't included in the list.
Change Small tweak to ensure sites with just one language type don't try to render the language context dropdown like switches.
Change Improved sanity checks so that rooms are always set as todo if required.
Change Ensured all if statements are wrapped in curly braces in jomres.js
Change Added logging to mailer and a quick check to warn that the To address hasn't been set to test email sending script.
Change Modified mailer to send log messsages to Mailer context in logging.
Change Added a check to see if a definition has already been set in Wordpress jomres.php
Change Improved a query in show confirmation regarding how it finds gateways.

Fix Fixed a notice that appears when shortcodes are used in templates and there's no second argument.
Fix Modified how tabs are shown (property config) so that they use random ids instead of language strings. The tab id must be unique otherwise the tab contents will not show.
Fix Fixed issues where wrong table prefix was used in the installer to create sample data.

Jomres 9.8.10 11/08/2016

Feature Added a FAQ to the administrator area.
Feature Added manager area FAQ.
Feature Modified Wordpress updating so that using the WP system to upgrade Jomres will trigger the web installer at the appropriate time.

Change Improved sample property data and logic to ensure that the Trash Tables feature can be used in the installer.
Change Modified error reporting level in installer.
Change Ensured calls to 07020 ( menu badges ) are done only once.
Change Resolved a duplicate call problem in cpanel.
Change Modified logging class to reduce the number of queries.
Change Added logging to admin.php
Change Changed the point that logging is starts so that we can include the username where available.
Change Added a new implode function that gives us more control over input validation.
Change Improved contact owner script to use new validation js.
Change Improved booking form input validation responses.
Change Set the minimum_deposit_percentage default to 0. Thanks Ally.
Change Removed and disabled pattemplate caching feature settings, as they don't play nicely with template overrides, specifically property type or property uid specific templates.

Fix Fixed a notice in insert booking script.
Fix Fixed a notice in editguest script.
Fix Resolved an issue where third party extras could show tax twice.
Fix Fixed an issue where wrong date set in booking form when availability calendar links clicked.
Fix Updated router.php to resolve an issue when JCH installed.
Fix Fixed a problem with the Wordpress trigger script that requires a new version.

Jomres 9.8.9 05/08/2016

Feature Updated Jomres to offer Joomla installer updating.

Change Added booking balance output to emails.
Change Added a default setting for minimum deposit.
Change Added a default option to set currency code if it can't be found when trying to detect a user's country.
Change Modified how extra names are saved so that they can be translated.

Fix Fixed some notices in basic property details caused by a property not having rooms or accommodation tax set.
Fix Resolved an issue with js not being loaded if only jomres shortcodes is installed (and not jomres search widget too).
Fix Resolved a number of notices.

Jomres 9.8.8 01/08/2016

Feature Added an option to disable sending emails to managers on errors, expanded notes regarding logging.
Feature Added the ability for Jomres to send logging information to a remote syslog server.
Feature Added functionality to list log files.

Change Turkish language file added to system, many thanks Sarper
Change Spanish, Italian and German language files updated.
Change Tweaked the new user language string sent when a user is created on booking to be function agnostic. Allows us to use the feature for other things.
Change User creation process, typically used when non-registered users create bookings, changed to use email addresses instead of trying to create usernames based on the guest's names. This is because the regex used to determine the username fails to work properly on non-latin alphabets.
Change Previous database audit messages are now saved to logs.
Change Added some friendly notes to property creation.
Change Modified how gateway plugins are validated to allow another plugin to work differently while still maintaining security.
Change Added a new Site Configuration setting that allows a site manager to configure a Minimum Deposit amount. This is required because if commission is charged by you and a third party, then the deposit cannot be less than your commission + third party's commission.
Change Commented a "throw" because spiders are causing error emails to be sent.
Change Removed some redundant data from a call to process payments.
Change Improved installer to test for dirs before attempting to create them.
Change Modified the installer so that failure to create jomres_root.php isn't fatal. It's a silly thing, created to satisfy the Wordpress directory managers, but many servers don't like you to create files in the root for whatever reasons.
Change Added old-style router file for users who prefer the pre-9.8.0 urls ( Google love ).
Change Modified gateway configuration functionality to allow custom code.
Change Jomres Extras removed from list of our partners as we are integrating their plugins into our own library.
Change Added a check to ensure that a gateway hasn't been uninstalled before attempting to show it in the booking confirmation page.
Change Added property uid to data returned by the payment reference class.
Change Added logging for common curl functionality.
Change Updated the booking engine to store arrival/departure dates for further use by modules etc.

Fix Fixed front and backend Bookings charts.
Fix Fixed a notice when generating log files.
Fix Fixed a bug in property type specific templating.
Fix Improved booking engine, some arrival dates from calendar links were being set incorrectly due to a notice fix in the 9.8.
Fix Resolved a notice in j06005list_gateways_for_invoice.class.php
Fix Modified how guest details are saved from the booking form to work around an issue where if polylang and permalinks were in use, guest details might not be saved to the temp booking data.

Jomres 9.8.7 13/07/2016

Feature New feature : Google map styles

Change Added logging to email function.
Change Added a check to ensure that unpublished property types aren't offered in edit property page.
Change Ensured that we cannot unpublish a property type if there are properties assigned to it.
Change Updated how jquery is added to site scripts to adjust to a new change in J3.6.
Change Added additional checks to ensure fatal error is thrown if property uid is incorrect in basic_property_details class.
Change Modified detect_property_uid function to ensure that detected id actually exist in system.
Change Modified pathway script to ouput nothing if property uid isn't set.
Change Improved property singleton so that if we can't get property specific settings then we'll fall-back to the default settings cleanly.
Change Added mrconfig call to framework.php
Change Changed how we check for property uid in basic property details to ensure that the correct error is thrown. A script should never get to this point, if it does then a hard exit/error report is the most appropriate way of responding to this current setting.

Fix Fixed notices that might appear if currency conversion hasn't taken place because of no API key.
Fix Resolved an issue with ampersands in Business details input fields.
Fix Resolved notice relating to not published text strings.

Jomres 9.8.6 07/07/2016

Fix Fixed an issue where installer wouldn't redirect properly, giving the impression that the upgrade had failed ( it hadn't, but the lack of redirection gave that impression ).

Jomres 9.8.5 06/07/2016

Change Older Jomres logging retired in favour of monolog logging, introduced in 9.8.
Change CORS support added to API
Change Re-added Gmaps API key settings as it looks like Google are re-introducing them.
Change Modified how we figure out some settings for router to help with searching by town names.
Change Ensured that job->last_ran from cron jobs is set to an integer, because Rod's a weirdo.
Change Modified date diff function so that years with 3 characters aren't parsed as valid dates.
Change Modified fullscreen_view/jomres.php to require framework instead of alt init.
Change Modified framework.php as occasionally if we're not on a Jomres page the all properties variable isn't set, so added it here.

Fix Closed a div in the suhosin check.
Fix Fixed some notices that appear related to user budget.
Fix Polish lang files converted back to utf8.

Jomres 9.8.4 23/06/2016

Change Minor improvement to language handling in admin area.
Change Performance improvements in admin area.
Change List properties modified to improve paths.
Change Show confirmation improved to calculate taxes for 3rd party plugin prices.
Change Cleaned up cache related settings for Joomla cms_specific_urls.php
Change Added checks for alt init plugin to Jomres fullscreen script.
Change Changed how router.php finds region ids.
Change Modified how an array element is checked to be empty in media centre images class.
Change Farsi language file updated, thanks SorooshT.
Change Property type related changes so that only published property types will show in the property type search dropdown.
Change Modified property header og:url to point directly at the property details page.
Change Replaced split with explode as split isn't available in php7.

Fix Fixed bug caused by apostrophes in currency conversion tooltip.
Fix Resolved an issue in media centre images when not logged in.
Fix Fixed a faulty path in functions.php error reporting.
Fix Added some missing language strings to en-US.php
Fix Resolved an edge-case issue where bookings might not show up in the dashboard due to notices.
Fix Fixed a javascript error on edit_my_account.html page.

Jomres 9.8.3 17/06/2016

Change Removed optimise cron job from repository.
Change Added property name to admin notification email RE approval.
Change Changed how languages are pulled into framework.
Change Added a check to view property to ensure that tariffs link isn't shown for Jintour properties.
Change Improved jomres_properties.class.php, allows us to search on properties even when the first feature doesn't have text.
Change Added initial changes for Joomla 3.6.
Change Renamed library for Wordpress CMS bridging from wordpress3 to wordpress, as it's more accurate.
Change Added link to ASAModule pages to Help section.

Fix Resolved an issue with media centre extras and room feature images.
Fix Corrected how "secret" is output for use by cronjobs.

Jomres 9.8.2 13/06/2016

Feature Added functionality that allows us to anonymously track usage information of Jomres. Must be manually enabled by Site Admin ( Opt-in, not Opt-out ).

Fix German language file fixed to remove a need for jr_config that isn't required.
Fix Significantly rewrote language file handling as it's started to give users problems in recent versions.
Fix Fixed issues with router causing problems with not routing properly.
Fix Fixed a typo in obsolete file handling RE old pclzip library.
Fix Added a tweak to basic property details to ensure that older installations html in property details is properly decoded.

Jomres 9.8.1 08/06/2016

Change Modified show property calendar script so that output now can be passed to it and script can return the calendar if required.
Change Simplified logic in jomres_media_centre_images
Change Added more showtime settings to framework.php script.
Change Custom Field functionality improved for performance.
Change Modified framework to exit if we can't find the current CMS.
Change Improved checks for tariffs so that they don't trigger a database error ( dobooking )
Change Improved basic_contract_details class.

Fix Fixed a bug in jomSearch that prevented some searching by all regions.
Fix Fixed issue when showtime pui isn't set on non-jomres pages.

Jomres 9.8.0 03/06/2016

Feature This version introduces our new REST API functionality, which securely exposes the Jomres system to remote services. A new tab in the plugin manager will show all API related plugins.
Feature Much functionality moved into standalone classes. Both modernises some of the codebase, and gets functionality ready for introduction of a new Booking Engine later this year.
Feature Property type/room type handling updated to make it easier for managers to create both types and associate them with each other without errors when creating tariffs. Reduces the need to site admins to understand subtle nuances of how Jomres works internally.
Feature Error handling updated significantly.

Change Removed "published" flag from proprety creation process in new properties class.
Change Updated media centre images class to ensure that fallback images are always available.
Change Improved system to make further use of new room types class.
Change Added new "rooms" class.
Change Removed default images from scripts as the media centre images class now offers fallback images properly.
Change Dropped a redundant table.
Change Performance enhancements to basic_property_details.class.php
Change Modified response, data is now returned in an object->data and will reduce the number of response codes that a third party developer needs to respond to. Both clarifies and simplifies the response condition handling.
Change Updated how normal mode tariffs are saved.
Change Obsoleted several files.
Change Modified API to ensure that all validated responses are returned in an envelope.
Change Polish lang file updated, many thanks Patryk.
Change Added ability to output_now or later to dashboard_insertbooking_ajax script.
Change Added shortcodes documentation to Help section.
Change Jomres about page updated.
Change Added a require once for minor performance improvements.
Change Guest type functionality updated to use new classes.
Change Updated functionality to remove the need for gregoriantojd, fixed a couple of notices, and consolidated date diff functionality.
Change Added caching to property types class.
Change Changed Warning word to Todo in sanity checks, because that's less scary for managers.

Fix Modified invoice entering script to account for a notice level change.
Fix Fixed a notice on jintour properties.
Fix Removed a reference to $this that shouldn't have been there, replaced with thisJRUser.
Fix Added a check for an index before attempting to use it.
Fix Fixed some notice level issues that appear in the API on Wordpress.
Fix Updated functionality in add plugin script to ensure that 3rd party plugins can be installed.
Fix Tweaked the find manager script to fix a notice.
Fix Fixed a problem with room types class caching.
Fix Added a small tweak to jomres/classes/jomres_check_support_key.class.php to ensure closed Shop is handled without notice level errors.

Jomres 9.8.-1.1 24/05/2016

Change Add site managers to swap currencies in site config, same as can be done in frontend config.
Change Modified Normal mode tariff saving so that tariffs are saved with tariff type cross referencing, just like micromanage tariffs.
Change Modified template handling so that override directories can have property type specific template files.
Change Resized superior image slightly.
Change Tweaked date output functionality to remove strtotime.
Change Tidied up module and mambot installation functionality.

Fix Resolved a notice level issue in booking engine.
Fix Resolved notice level issues in J3.5 jomres_cmsspecific_getSearchModuleParameters
Fix Resolved some notice level issues in jomSearch.class.php
Fix Fixed an issue introduced by removing srp column.
Fix Added a check to the plugin installer to ensure we're not trying to re-create a directory.

Jomres 9.8.-1 23/05/2016

Feature Refactored Property Types and Room Type functionality, Now Property types determine which room types a property can have ( as before, but better ).

Change Changed the minimum version that Jomres installer will run on to PHP 5.4.
Change Azabaijani language file added to system. Thanks Hooman.
Change Show plugins improved to warn of empty plugin data from remote server.
Change Added a 08000 trigger before redirect to allow watchers to run on redirect.
Change Added custom methods & logging of replies to API calls.

Fix Modified booking form date picker to resolve an issue where fixed period dropdowns caused a javascript error.
Fix Fixed an issue that would occasionally prevent the maps from showing.
Fix Modified Bootstrap 2 show property extras template to span the entire page instead of half.
Fix Fixed a bug with unzip path being wrong, and changed to use the built-in php zip archive when extracting Jomres.
Fix Fixed variables in show plugins that added an extraneous / to the path.

Jomres 9.8.-2 11/05/2016

Change Added a condition so that we can show an error if an obsolete file couldn't be deleted.
Change Moved API Core plugins to own tab
Change Added ability to call Jomres framework via a class so that we can use existing functionality in the API, if required.
Change Modified booking engine so that non-room based Jintour properties can also use coupons.
Change Added a check for ZipArchive to Add Plugin script.
Change Improved how paths are determined by API.
Change Improved jr_user class to ensure that user id is set, means we can use more minicomponents (API/framework related)
Change j06001dashboard_events_ajax.class.php modified to add output_now to component args, allows me to call the minicomponent in the API for easy use of the data it throws together.
Change Modified API routes handling to allow for many more files in api features.
Change Added a new class to validate property access through the db, instead of going through a new api call.
Change Added a new call api class to Jomres core classes.
Change Modified wording in edit resources scripts to make associating with room types more logical.
Change Improved layout of BS2 create new property form.
Change Improved delete property functionality, minor performance improvement.
Change Improved sanity checks for tariffs.
Change Changed how the validate scopes class is called.

Wordpress Improved a cms specific function for finding admin user's ids.

Fix Fixed a notice in media centre handler
Fix Fixed a minor bug where badges would show in control panel menu option when they shouldn't.
Fix Improved new router.php for Joomla functionality, older was giving bad results for more numbers in property uid.
Fix Tweaked news class to fix notices when couldn't get the latest version.

Jomres 9.8.-3 05/05/2016

Alpha release Be aware that this is an Alpha release of Jomres, so it is *not* considered ready for Production websites. Only install this version if you want to work with new functionality and help with testing updates.

Feature Added new API handling functionality to the core, which is designed to allow 3rd party platforms to communicate with Jomres to add, view, update and remove data remotely. Use of this new functionalty requires the API Core plugin, which allows registered users to create their own API Client keys. Once those keys have been created then Clients can access specially written functionality which is available from API Feature plugins, which are currently under development.

Change Changed how errors are handled and viewed. This has resulted in considerable changes to Jomres Core and it's plugins to improve performance. Among other things, this has resulted in subtle reworkings to how language strings are handled.

Jomres 9.7.3 11/04/2016

Feature Added functionality to support Enhanced Property List Totals plugin.

Change Modified the showTariffsLink setting in property details to use showTariffsInline instead.
Change Added a check to dobooking so that if show extras is off, then they're not shown in the booking form.

Jomres 9.7.2 05/04/2016

Feature Modified Property type and Room type functionality to provide clearer relationships between property types and room types.
Feature Added warnings to System info and List Room types so that it's clear if a property type requires a room type.
Feature Added code to support trial licenses, which will use encoded versions of plugins so that new users can experiment with the system.

Change Modified BS2 printable invoice template to make it friendly to pdfs too.
Change Improved the property creation welcome message email functionality.
Change Updated a localisation file to ensure that the dashboard works with Chinese languages.
Change Removed some redundant code from queries.
Change Tweaked usermanagement to ensure that a query isn't performed when in site admin as it's unnecessary.
Change Modified two files to ensure they produce PHP7 ready classes in temporary files.

Fix Fixed a typo in language files where "frontend" was mis-spelled.

Jomres 9.7.1 22/03/2016

Feature Modified property list so that images are now shown as a slideshow ( manually triggered ). Looks damn nice too!
Feature Updated BS3 Edit property to provide some form validation and replace the older country selection with ajax country selection. Also improved layout of the form.

Change Improved the Paging property listing functionality.
Change Removed some old settings that are no longer relevant vis a vis search limitations.
Change Modified top template so that property name area will not show if the user's not logged in. Prevents a blank row from showing.
Change Added indication to reader of which template file it found a fatal error in.
Change Moved chart templates from frontend to backend.
Change Improved the jq ui dashboard.
Change Editing mode dropdown changed to Label Editing Mode for clarity.
Change Modified BS3 printable invoice template to make it friendly to pdfs too.
Change Modified edit property to ensure it uses default terms and conditions text which was previously used in the property creation page.

Fix Removed javascript comment tags intended for validation as they break javascript in Edge.
Fix Fixed a bug in jq ui dashboard template

Joomla Added a missing check for Joomla 3.5
Joomla Modified how we detect the CMS version due to changes in how J3.5 version class is constructed.

Wordpress Added a warning to ensure that WP users are highlighted to the need for a page with jomres:xx-xx.

Jomres 9.7.0 15/03/2016 (Happy Birthday Ivan)

Feature Added new "Shop" functionality to the plugin manager. This allows users to purchase plugins direct through the plugin manager without needing to purchase a full license.

Change Modified cancel guest booking script so that invoice is cancelled if they cancel the booking.
Change Removed a few hardcoded strings and replaced them with language definitions.
Change Renamed Tariff Model Averages to Variable, as that better describes it's function.
Change Removed 100 property limit from property list as it no longer applies in modern Jomres.
Change Tweaked dashboard for BS3 so that cancel bar is now sticky just above the bottom ( can't fix to bottom due to full-screen navbar ).

Wordpress Modified functionality so that correct password should be sent to newly created users.

Jomres 9.6.1 10/03/2016

Feature Added new functionality that allows us to add any Jomres definition to any template without declaring it in the calling script.

Change Removed price from module popup contents as it's in the header.
Change Added language support to new dashboard functionality.
Change Removed a hard coded string from the list room types template.
Change Modified dashboard scripts so that more dashboards can be used on the same page.
Change Changed how date is output due to a bug in Joomla's functionality.
Change Modified admin list properties to add link to reviews page for a property.
Change Review requests removed from Administrator area.

Fix Fixed an issue in the new dashboard with a function not being defined.

Jomres 9.6.0 03/03/2016

Feature Dashboard signficantly upgraded. You can now drag/drop to change a booking's dates and room. You can drag a booking to increase/decrease it's length and the drag to cancel area is now clearly visable.

Change Modified booking form so that property uid is passed to the booking engine on heartbeat calls.
Change Added "clear cache" to rebuild registry menu item.
Change Removed a hardcoded version number for gmaps as google appear to have fixed their bug now.
Change Modified how property uid is determined when deleting a property.
Change Modified the printable invoice to include styles.
Change Modified show property calendar so that asamodule parameters are sent properly.
Change Added caveats to sanity checks to ensure that they're not run by non-managers.
Change Google's recaptcha library updated.
Change Modified how some data is saved in the support key cache file.
Change Removed some growl output from booking engine.
Change Modified how cron jobs are triggered.
Change Review request timer set to 60 seconds from 120.
Change Added a warning to advise people against upgrading if their license doesn't allow plugin installation.
Change Polish language file updated.

Fix Modified booking form in property details tab so that availability calendar is properly opened.
Fix Fix for modal append to body.

Jomres 9.5.8 22/02/2016

Fix Fixed an issue with a cache file being saved in a way that causes errors.

Jomres 9.5.7 19/02/2016

Change Added Tanzanian Schilling to currency codes class.
Change Added checks to ensure if Property Name isn't set then user is redirected back to the registration page.
Change Deligence added to our partner's list.
Change Added donation buttons to license warning for us and Dog's Trust.
Change Modified a pricing function to account for links from the jquery ui calendar.
Change Added code to limit the number of decimal places in charts.
Change Modified how new black bookings are saved as form action needs to be blank in some circumstances.
Change Updated language files to say "Contact Yacht" instead of contact hotel.
Change Renamed an ini file.
Change Added functionality that pops the departure date picker up when the arrival date has been selected.
Change Added support for no-plugin licenses.
Change Modified the site singleton to prevent some notices from showing.
Change Sanity check tweaked so that only one set of notices is shown if Tariff editing mode is Normal.
Change Removed gmap sensor as it's depreciated.
Change Modal popups replaced with direct links to properties. Modal code is still available, but commented out.

Fix Fixed an issue where FB urls wouldn't always work if SEF enabled.

Jomres 9.5.6 03/02/2016

Change Enabled some new code that allows us to use shortcodes in templates directly, for example {jomres_shortcode show_property_map N&mh=231} will allow us to show a map anywhere in the template that we've determined.
Change Added a new show_property_qr_code_directions script so that it can be called from anywhere.
Change Changed the template that's shown when a property is added to the shortlist.
Change Directions QR code added to property details template.
Change Added the ability to send a map identifier to the map show script, that can be used instead of the random id tag.
Change Added ability to pass the required label to the shortlist javascript function.
Change Updated Property Header, added more useful buttons, move QR code into property details proper. Tweaked some layouts relating to these.
Change Added a Boostrap Off sanity check to admin area.
Change Removed "Haven't got any dates yet" checkbox, and added placeholders to generateDateInput.php function.
Change Modified contact owner so that property header is shown if property uid is set.

Jomres 9.5.5 01/02/2016

Fix Fixed a bug where plugins could not be installed.

Jomres 9.5.4 29/01/2016

Change Added a check for class_exists jomresPHPMailer
Change Improved license warning output.
Change Added license key check caching.

Jomres 9.5.3 27/01/2016

Change Added a new modal that warns that you do not have a valid license in the plugin manager.

Fix Facebook tab filtering based on a wrong setting fixed.

Jomres 9.5.2 26/01/2016

Change Added changes that remove some references to rooms when in an SRP, and renamed Resource type to Sub-type for SRPs.
Change Tweaked layout of top.html
Change Modified default property config to ensure that default Facebook page is blank so it doesn't show.
Change Added a check to ensure that if the mailer exception class already exists, that it can't be created again.
Change Improved the plugin manager to show most information in modals.
Change By default, new sites will have Advanced config set to Yes.
Change Modified map options so that zoom on scroll is off by default.
Change Modified view property script and composite_property_details_notabs.html so that if the extras information isn't populated, the Extras panel isn't shown.

Fix Fixed facebook share page, wrong variable was used to get the property uid.
Fix Resolved a php warning message about an index not being set.
Fix Added manifest.xml to cms specific installation.

Joomla Improved how Jomres is added to Joomla component menus.

Wordpress Updated the Getting Started instructions for Wordpress users.

Jomres 9.5.1 21/01/2016

Change Added a new jomres_cmsspecific_getcmslang() function to bridge scripts. This allows us to correctly discover Wordpress' current language and switch languages with WP.
Change Removed session related code from new redirect function.
Change Finally switched off Jomres language switcher now that CMSs are up to date with multi-language features.

Jomres 9.5.0 20/01/2016

Feature Property creation functionality removed from plugin library and re-added to the core system. Now "Free Core" users are able to add new properties too.
Feature Modified the booking engine to use discount codes when booking tours, if the property is a Jintour property.
Feature Following feedback post 9.4.0 release, property header improved by adding direct link to property details page to Property Name, and header text improved by making details scale better in small viewports.
Feature Added javascript to BS3 property header so tapping on the address _should_ open the address in a device's map app.
Feature Added facebook integration code, shows facebook like and share buttons under property header, and a new tab that holds a property facebook page output. New setting in Property Config -> Property details options tab allows input of FB page name.

Change Modified show property features script so that it has a default option setting for $componentArgs[ 'show_feature_categories' ]
Change Added some minor tweaks to property config tab layouts.
Change Added an optional 01070 trigger for displaying after property header is output.
Change Improved debugging of emailing functionality.
Change Modified welcome email to use JOMRES_SITEPAGE_URL_NOSEF instead of JOMRES_SITEPAGE_URL for off-site links.
Change Added some limits to DELETE functionality in deleteproperty class. They're pretty liberal, however.
Change HTML purifier updated to 4.7
Change Added download option of contract as ics to edit booking page.
Change Added export of ics file to list bookings data.
Change Added black booking flag to dashboard data returned via ajax.
Change Added new Download common string to language files.
Change Modified sanity checks to make the global editing mode warning more prominent.
Change Global editing mode manual page link updated to new manual in language files.
Change Updated the jomresRedirect function.
Change Added a warning to plugin manager stating that you should upgrade Jomres before upgrading plugins.
Change Improved control panel to add a check for max_get_vars value which, if limited, can affect the effectiveness of the table tools ajax.
Change Updated several language files to swap Resource for Room

Fix Fixed an incorrect column id in delete property script for jintour properties.
Fix Fixed an incorrect task name in property registration forms for BS2 and jquery ui.
Fix Modified list properties so that featured listings no longer always have the "primary" class, meaning that if they're over budget, their class will now be set to over budget.
Fix Changed how the mailer is determind from the host CMS's settings.

Joomla Added a check for params in the menu option for Jomres in Joomla. If it doesn't exist, we'll add a new menu entry. This counteracts a new change to J3.4.8-ish where older menu options seem to go missing after upgrading Jomres.

Wordpress Renamed class.pop3.php and class.smtp.php files and classes to get around problems with Wordpress throwing errors.

Jomres 9.4.0 12/01/2016

Feature Made a number of changes that add a cover to the property header based on the Main property image, added some more elements of interest to guests such as property features, and updated rich snippets so that they validate and we add price + hidden short description.
Feature Added an option to allow property managers to swap the location of the currency symbol in price outputs.

Change Property header modified to have Add to Favourites ajax icon, so most guest facing pages will benefit from this feature, not just the property lists.
Change Modified some language strings from Availability Cal. to Calendar as will be used in the booking form.
Change Modified booking form so that the large calendar is passed back to the dobooking script, instead of output immediately, and the calendar is now in a modal that can be triggered through a button. MRP, Bootstrap 3 only.
Change Modified view favourites to filter out 0 value array elements.
Change Term "shortlist" renamed to "favorites".
Change Tweaked functionality to ensure that if a service is added to a bill, then the bill is marked again as unpaid.
Change Added Capterra review page link to various administrator area pages.
Change Improved month short strings in german lang file.
Change Added ( commented ) agent link calling to property header script.
Change Added a check to dobooking to ensure that if there are no future tours, guests are redirected to the contact owner form.
Change Added a check so that Tour type properties wouldn't trigger errors when the booking form is opened.
Change Added a switch to show_property_features to allow a calling script to disable showing of property feature categories.
Change Modified property header to show Instant Booking or Booking on Request flags in header.
Change Added a small tweak to define :::1 as for IP recording reasons.

Fix Added a small tweak to ensure that chart options with one option are still shown as a dropdown.
Fix Removed an element from show_property_reviews.html that was preventing micro data from validating.

Jomres 9.4.-1 05/01/2016

Change In List Properties, if the number of property uids = 0, then do nothing. Minor tweak.
Change Modified calendar month output to account for non-Latin characters. Thanks Nikos.
Change Tweaked list properties so that if Visitors can book online option is set to No, then Booking On Request is shown instead of the "Instant booking" image overlay.
Change Added a new show_property_room_types_srp.html template to improve output of SRP property type output in Preview page.
Change Updated Sanity checks to only show Publish option when other requirements have been met.
Change Added a 500 record limit to booking data archive script.
Change Added rel nofollow to calendar links.
Change Improved manager handling so that a manager user with no properties is reverted back to a non-manager user for security reasons. This is better than simply throwing a fatal error.
Change Added a new User Feedback function and supporting scripts. Sanity checks are great, but they don't need to be run every time a non-manager user access the page, however we sometimes need to provide feedback to non-manager users ( for example the previous changeset improves how managers with no properties are handled, however there was no reliable way to provide feedback to this user ). Enter, the new "set_user_feedback_message" function.
Change Added Contact Us string to language files.
Change Contact Owner script modified to send emails direct to site admin ( using email address set in Site Config -> Your Business Details ) if property uid = 0 to give new property managers a direct link to contact site managers.
Change Added new language strings to Jomres pertaining to post-property creation emails.
Change My favourites menu option modified so that property managers can tag a property as a favourite too.
Change Improved new charting code to show multiple year datasets properly.
Change Tweaked CMS specific urls to ensure that the site is forced to fullscreen view if the Is Wrapped setting is used.
Change Added a Jintour Sanity check.
Change Disabled audit logging, it's not used and unloved.
Change Disabled audit logging, it's not used and unloved.
Change Modified Top Level language files to use property specific language strings. Whilst Jomres is capable of managing anything that's booked by the day, 95% of our users are using it for property rental, and having "business" specific language strings is confusing to our users.
Change Modified the installer to automatically apply upgrades, and then redirect to the administrator area when the autoupgrade flag is set.
Change Tweaked javascript so that live scolling code isn't triggered in administrator area.

Fix Added a check to see if the property is a Jintour property, before checking to see if rooms and/or tariffs are available and sending the guest to the contact form if they're not ( as Jintour properties don't have these ).
Fix Fixed an issue in cms_specific_urls.php for J3.4, j3.5 & wp where the jrConfig setting becomes unset incorrectly, which breaks the Is Wrapped setting ( which forces the Jomres output into fullscreen mode ).
Fix Fixed a small issue where the Support Tickets page in administrator would throw warnings when used in administrator areas that use https.
Fix Added a missing multiplier for showing prices per week/month in show tariffs page.
Fix Tweaked booking insertion code to ensure that if it's a quick booking, then an id is set to an integer.
Fix Modified checkArrivalDate method to ensure that managers are able to make bookings before the Min Days Before Arrival option kicks in.
Fix Fixed an issue in installer where `service_qty` column was not being added on installation.

Jomres 9.4.-3 18/12/2015

Feature Modified property creation process, drastically reducing the time required to create a new property. Added a number of new sanity checks that will guide the user when creating a new property.

Change Added Tajikisan Somani to currency codes.
Change Further improved search functionality related to translated town searches.
Change Changed site config so that email password input is a password input.
Change Added tweaks to new user email that's sent, adding carriage returns.
Change Modified the user budget so that only 10 price ranges are found. Prevents memory errors caused by a wide disparity of different prices.

Fix Added an option to honour the old "availability calendar off" switch, to new code.
Fix Tweaked a script so that if the "Show availability calendar inline" setting is off, then the calendar is also not shown in the booking form page.
Fix Resolved an intermittent issue we discovered from error reports from the userdemo. If search results are 0 before the availability search is performed, we didn't check to see if there uids available returned by other searches. If there are already no results found, we were still doing the availability search, which wasn't ok.
Fix Solved a weird bug in how the qr code class includes it's library files. For an unknown reason class_exists returned true when it should false, resulting in fatal errors with "Call to undefined method QRcode::png()". Making the class a singleton fixed the issue.

Jomres 9.3.1 14/12/2015

Feature Added support for exporting bookings as iCal files ( new plugin in plugin manager ) via the Bookings list.

Change Polish language file updated, thanks Patryk.
Change Added "reviewed item" to review snippets and associated templates.
Change Improved query used for searching town names.

Fix Fixed a bug that caused the dashboard new booking functionality to not work.
Fix Modified the agent plugin so that it doesn't output that no agent information is available if it's not.
Fix Added a missing class for the SRP calendar legend.
Fix Fixed a bug in templates that prevented multiple years from showing correctly. (New charting functionality )

Jomres 9.3.0 09/12/2015

Feature Added a feature to allow extra services to have quantities ( mainly as a feature request from Marhinio ).
Feature Added the foundation of new Partner related functionality. Allows a user who is defined as a partner to make bookings on behalf of third parties.
Feature Added functionality that allows us to limit which optional extras to show based on room types of rooms already selected.
Feature Added new availability calendars, which are improved and tidied up versions of the older calendars. These babies are much easier to maintain than the older code. Existing MRP and SRP calendars will be left in-place as we're aware that site users have made significant use of the older calendars and simply removing them will potentially detrimentally affect these users on upgrade. Delivering both side-by-side for a period of time will give those users a chance to change their code to take advantage of the new, improved ones.

Change Added commented out property image code to module_popup script.
Change Hid the javascript caching setting until we can rework the feature.
Change Changed the item we're searching for when doing an upgrade, to see if we're upgrading or installing for the first time.
Change Added username to Profile Edit page.
Change Tweaked datatable javascript so that default ordering is descending ( i.e. new stuff at the top of tables by default )
Change Modified booking confirmation page to clarify what's a booking, and what's a booking request.
Change Added a tweak to SRP availability calendar for when room uid isn't sent in the component args variable.
Change Modified the confirmation page to use the JOMRES_ROOT_DIRECTORY variable when building the path to gateway images.
Change Added functionality that allows us to anonymously track Jomres usage. Feature is disabled by default, and it's not currently enabled as we need to figure out how/if we're going to use it.
Change Modified several items so that they are shown by default, not when Advanced Site Config is enabled.
Change Modified the list invoices ajax task to not show the Pay Now button if the booking hasn't been approved yet.
Change Removed some superfluous periods from language files.
Change Added functionality to record page views for use by stats functionality that's under development ( not related to anon jomres usage tracking ).
Change Added ability for us to pass a referrer to the booking contract.
Change Added a missing check for the secret when running the invoice cron job.
Change Modified dashboard script to order rooms by room number first, then room name.
Change Added a new show_property_calendar script for the benefit of shortcode lovers, and updated existing scripts to ensure sufficient validation is done of the user to ensure only allowed users can see new scripts.
Change Increased timetout calls for cron jobs, and added places where cron functionality is called. This should allow cron stuff to happen more often.

Fix Added fixes for javascript showing when editing mode enabled in calendar and backend property list.
Fix Updated an error log message for send admin email newbooking to ensure that the email address is reported correctly.
Fix Fixed the cron job class to return null, not some nonsense data.

Wordpress Changed editinplace functionality to use a different input name to resolve issues found on some servers.
Wordpress Re-added some older globals that are used in wp

Jomres 9.2.2 11/11/2015

Feature Added Joomla 3.5 related changes.

Change Improved buttons/language strings so that Booking Enquiry related functionality is more logical.
Change Modified edit resource as SRP room type was missed in last version.
Change Added email obfuscation to view_agent page.
Change Minor fix added to jr gettext to prevent some variables being added to urls.
Change Improved bootstrap multiselect css.
Change Changed some forms to use JOMRES_SITEPAGE_URL_NOSEF instead of JOMRES_SITEPAGE_URL.

Fix Added some changes to room type output that went missing after a script change.
Fix Fixed a bug where modal terms wasn't available to noroom bookings, and reduced the size of the button so that it's not confused with the Completion button.
Fix Tweaked view property page to not show book now button if is a real estate listing.

Wordpress Updated the editinplace functionality. Wordpress doesn't like it when you use "name" as a POST variable and returns 404 ( Seriously, WP? ) so edited editinplace to not do that.
Wordpress Modified the WP initialisation script to not show an error as the setting is NA in WP.
Wordpress Fixed an issue where some WP installations would throw a 404 error when saving normal tariffs.

Jomres 9.2.1 05/11/2015

Feature Added a new tab to site configuration called Contact settings. From here you can (optionally) override all properties contact details (email, phone, fax) so all communication with guests will be sent to you and not to the property owners. Property owners are free to add contact information to email templates that are sent after bookings are taken, but prior to that, all communications must go through the site administrators. This should prevent property owners depriving site managers of booking commission by taking bookings offline.

Change Tweaked sanity check to not show on edit resource page.
Change Added "Email templates" string to lang files and ensured that the correct call is used when building menus.
Change Modified get_plugin_settings function to use override option from admin edit gateways area.
Change Added checks to frontend property config gateway code to see if override is set to Yes. If so, settings for that gateway aren't shown.
Change Tweaked insertbooking invoice script so that initial status is Pending in most cases. Previously, with deposits disabled, the status would be 0 with precluded further payments.
Change Many thanks Patryk for your Polish language contributions.
Change Modified ui availability calendar to use get_showtime property uid variable if available, as last resort.

Fix Fixed a bug where the calendar would not show if Show Only Avl Calendar option was set to yes in property config.
Fix Fixed review site text so that the correct urls are shown dependant on the CMS.
Fix Resolved issue where wrong Active setting was seen in admin list gateways.
Fix Improved new property type switching functionality.
Fix Fixed an issue when finding payment gateways. If the gateway was set to override then the correct gateway settings couldn't be found.

Wordpress Changed the Save hotel settings form action so that it doesn't trigger 404 errors in WP

Jomres 9.2.0 23/10/2015

Feature Rewrote how the property details page is built, retired older viewproperty and composite property details scripts as they were ugly. Replaced by more flexible 06000 scripts. We've identified a strong need for single property site developers to be able to include various sections of the Jomres output in pages independently of the main Jomres plugin. This allows them to configure their property in one place ( Jomres itself ) and for the output to be mirrored in numerous pages of their choosing.
Feature Added new functionality to Jomres to allow users to switch a property between MRPs and SRPs. Requires addition of scripts that'll create the invisible room. Normal Tariff Editing mode does it already, however Advanced/Micromanage didn't, which could prove confusing, therefore added scripts that are referred to in the Sanity Checks and linked to if vital data is missing. With the introduction of the Single Property Wordpress Quickstart, we realised that some users would want to switch a property from MRP to SRP or vice versa. Rather than produce two Quickstarts it made sense to re-introduce this functionality and improve how it works.
Feature Added Farsi language file, thanks Soroosh. Files have been visually checked and a few issues resolved, however we can't find a Farsi language file for J3.x so haven't been able to definitively confirm that it's working. Please let us know if you have any issues with it.

Change Added a tweak so that the control panel will attempt to create a missing working directory before checking it for writability.
Change Added mambot parsing code for use in templates for testing. (Currently disabled while we determine if we can use it)
Change Added a function to make it easy for scripts to tell if users should be viewing snippets.
Change Added a check for CURL before trying to call partners servers for plugin lists.
Change Added a way to not show property header via a switch in the url.
Change Added a small plugin to show property description on it's own if required.
Change Removed rooms slideshow from rooms list, as it's already a separate plugin which can be called independently.
Change Updated Polish lang file, many thanks Patryk.
Change Added new functionality related to domain name binding.
Change Improved license failure output messages and added a new message to the Misc tab in Site Config if the license isn't valid. This is just for user information.
Change Added new definitions to language files.
Change Added functionality that allows us to have a search different search template for Single Property sites.
Change Changed default map width and height to 300.
Change Added a check for a flag in $_REQUEST. If found we will show the last set of search results. ( list properties )
Change Added a check to see if the JomresRouter class doesn't already exist.
Change Added a check to see if a language file exists before trying to include it if the file was added by a developer.
Change Removed superfluous periods from language files, thanks JK.
Change Removed an un-necessary section of code in contactowner script.
Change Tweaked the currency codes class to show currency codes if the open exchange rates api key isn't set.
Change Updated a language string that refers to the different license packages in Jomres.
Change Added more information to the No Room Types warning in Normal Tariff editing mode script.
Change Modified system so that Manager's menus will still show after an error is thrown.
Change Added a check for a null value in the media centre class.

Fix Fixed issues where optional extras weren't showing the correct currency codes.

Wordpress Added fixes so that internal update feature can be used on WP
Wordpress Added a check to see if the web installer has been left inside the wp-content/plugins/jomres directory. If it has, we'll remove it.
Wordpress Fixed an issue where some smtp settings weren't being set correctly in WP
Wordpress Wordpress Added changes related to sef/permalinks.
Wordpress Tweaked page and action to ensure that they're defined variables if not previously set.
Wordpress wp jomres.php modified to tally with that on (svn)
Wordpress Tweaked the query that searches for [jomres] in WP posts to find pages with [jomres] in to determine the page ID because javascript editors can add html to the page and make the query fail, thereby breaking the ajax in the dashboard calendar.
Wordpress Updated Wordpress files to negate some NOTICE warnings.
Wordpress Add defined('WPINC') or die; to WP specific scripts. Yay!

Jomres 9.1.6 13/10/2015

Change Applied a minor correction to how the availability calendar is called to make sure the trigger number is correct in case we change how the mcHandler class works in the future.
Change Tweaked how Jomres figures out which bootstrap flavour to use in the administrator area.
Change Modified Show Confirmation page in BS3 to show terms and conditions as a modal.
Change Added some default terms and conditions to language files.
Change Added a new show property room types 06000 script, removed some redundant and no longer working room feature and room type code from property header and replaced with new code to output the modern data.
Change Added a variety of changes that allow us to have a search "widget" for Wordpress too, which is in addition to the existing ajax search functionality.
Change Tweaked date inputs to ensure that they can't be manually entered.
Change Updated booking data archive template to use new tabletools functionality.
Change Added a check for no room types for this property type mrp/srp combination and will throw an error if there's an issue. New functionality in the property creation script will prevent users from creating for example Cottages as MRPs, so these two changes together should prevent people from generating this kind of issue.
Change Removed a definition of MRP/SRP that should have been a dynamically added string.
Change Removed some obsolete javascript files.
Change Obsoleted jLabels javascript file, removed references from templates.
Change Obsoleted an old jgrowl css file.
Change Updated data tables templates code in cron and access control templates.
Change Added a call to a file in case site config needs to be adjusted via frontend scripts.
Change Modified saveSiteConfig function so that it doesn't redirect if there are some overrides set.
Change Added a new 06000 script "property_details" that allows us to call Jomres via the asamodule mambot.
Change Added ability for script to check for "property_uid" as well as "id" in the url (module_popup)
Change Tweaked contact owner script to accept property_uid in the url.
Change Audit functionality will be disabed by default.
Change Javascript caching tweaked to not include datatables.
Change Added an older datatables file to the obsolete files list.
Change Retired the jQuery Growl popups, they don't work well on mobile devices so instead the previous messages are output to the next page shown.
Change Joined several javascript and css files together, they're very rarely changed so lumping them together will give us a small overall speed improvement.
Change Updated the Property registration templates to improve validation of the form.
Change Javascript caching feature disabled temporarily as we have doubts about it's effectiveness. This will be reworked for the next version.

Fix Fixed an issue where the payment reference class was looking for a contract uid where sometimes it didn't exist.
Fix Modified the integrated search template to use a SEF url.
Fix Added fix to new code to ensure that buttons in datatables don't overlap.
Fix Added a tweak to the version of Gmaps we call to see if that fixes an intermittent problem that they seem to be having with their v3.22 version of G maps.

Wordpress Added functionality to Jomres patTemplate reader to use Template overrides in Wordpress as well as Joomla.
Wordpress Added more template override classes for wordpress to minicomponent_registry.class.php
Wordpress Added a variety of changes that allow us to have a search "widget" for Wordpress too, which is in addition to the existing ajax search functionality.
Wordpress Added more changes to the Jomres WP bridging code which are mostly javascript related.
Wordpress Figured out how to drop the administrator area JQ UI templates, and switch Wordpress users over to use bootstrap in the Jomres administrator area. You lucky, lucky bunnies.
Wordpress Tweaked the Fullscreen version of the Jomres bootstrap wrapper .less file.
Wordpress Added tweaks to wordpress related files to resolve animation issues.

Jomres 9.1.5 30/09/2015

Change Re-added some css classes that had previously been removed.
Change Added a triple check for file creation before site settings table is removed.
Change Modified functionality so that javascript cache files are rebuilt on rebuild registry or save site config.
Change Removed an icon from a template.

Wordpress Improved the WP bridging functionality. Good work Aladar.
Wordpress Modified how the jomres_template_version javascript variable is generated because it's possible to have non-BS in the admin area, and BS in the frontend ( Wordpress ).
Wordpress Added more Wordpress related tweaks to do with script registration/deregistration.
Wordpress Fixed a large whitespace problem in jq ui admin area.
Wordpress Added widget related functionality to ensure that Jomres javascript/css files are loaded when needed.

Fix Added code to check for errors in JShrink and automatically disable javascript caching if they arise. A number of users have been seeing "Unclosed regex pattern at position:" errors when trying to use any page with Jomres on it. We THINK that this is related to the new Table Tools implementation in the previous version of Jomres, and the javascript minification functionality of JShrink. This fix will detect the error and automatically switch off the minification feature in the site settings, then re-direct the user to the same page again effectively making the error invisible to users. Admins will also receive a message saying that this has been done.

Jomres 9.1.4 27/09/2015

Feature Updated datatables to the most recent version.

Change Modified the calendar icon in BS3 so that it's clickable ( Cheers Allan ).
Change Added more translation functionality to room features.
Change Upadated the link to the manual to point to the new manual.

Fix Resolved a few Strict errors.
Fix Removed a reference to adobe_mktime that was added way back in the dark mists of time, when dinosaurs ( PHP4 ) ruled the earth.
Fix Solved an obscure bug with guest types and amending bookings.
Fix Fixed an incorrect url used when filtering invoices in administrator area.
Fix Fixed an incorrect placeholder in edit_guest.html template. Thanks Nikos.
Fix Resolved an issue where recent changes would trigger issues with modal common strings.
Fix Resolved a really obscure issue with Wiseprice and PPPN invoices not showing the correct figure in invoices.
Fix Modified the cancel booking url
Fix Fixed some javascript that's prevented gmaps from showing in fullscreen since Google changed a url.
Fix Jquery UI css files updated.
Fix Added a check for NULL when building room types, because, you know, Peter.

Wordpress Added a tweak to WP to check for a server variable used by Page Builder when saving data through ajax, although this may need more investigation.
Wordpress Updated the Jomres fullscreen for Wordpress.

Jomres 9.1.3 17/08/2015

Feature Dashboard templates updated to add periodic update of dashboard so that new bookings are added in almost-realtime.
Feature Added new functionality to allow undoing of checking in/out guests.

Change Tweaked how new override changes are implemented so that managers can see the deposit price too.
Change Changed how wiseprice discount is displayed in invoice line items.
Change Improved how ampersands are rendered in Optional Extras.
Change Added checks to payment reference class to check for overriding of the PP gateway, plus added the booking number to the invoice object that's passed to the gateway.
Change Gmaps changes. Most layers except transit and POIs removed from Gmaps, so options removed from Jomres site config and associated template files. URL fixed too.
Change Added ability for site admins to see invoices that haven't yet been issued to property managers. Typically subscription/commission invoices.
Change Tweaked css caller to ensure datatables css file is loaded if the user is registered.
Change Added fixed width and height of room type images in site structure.
Change Small layout tweak to BS3 dobooking room features.
Change Removed room features tooltips from BS2 dobooking template to improve layout.
Change Modified View Agent functionality to improve how agent information is displayed, added ability to call the script from another script via REQUEST, componentArgs or directly.
Change Modified payment reference class to include the payers address in the invoice object as passed to gateways.

Fix Fixed an sql error that sometimes appears.
Fix Fixed a bug that was preventing second guest types from being selected when amending a booking.

Jomres 9.1.2 28/07/2015

Change Added code to add a diagonal line to the old SRP availability calendar to denote cross-over days.
Change Tweaked BS3 booking form, moved Coupon and Price override panels to beside the guest input area.
Change Improved Agent image and gateway icon output in property list BS3.
Change Improved Classic rooms list output, adding per night, per week etc notification next to price.
Change Removed ini set of memory as we would prefer this to be set via php.ini etc.
Change Tweaked patTemplate reader to ensure that sites with > 4 Jomsearch mN modules can also override their template files.
Change Modified booking engine so that option extras are only reloaded via ajax when the dates in the booking have changed.
Change Improved how the ajax url is generated to be used in the dashboard.
Change Changed the booking engine to ensure that optional extra prices are re-calculated at a different point.
Change Changed booking engine to override deposit to 0, and make sure that the deposit overridden isn't greater than the grand total.
Change Updated show confirmation pages to not show gateway output if no gateways configured.
Change Updated Polish language file. Many thanks Patryk.
Change Removed smoking and disabled access functionality from room details. With the full implementation of Room Features these features are now no longer required.

Fix Fixed an erroneous "hack attempt" error that Jomres would report on Jintour properties.
Fix Fixed a PDO error reported when submitting a booking and tariffs don't exist for jintour properties.
Fix Found an errant space broke a bold tag in the spanish language file.
Fix Fixed a link to Max Input Vars link that broke when we updatd the ticket system.
Fix Tweaked new functionality that wasn't adding GBP to currency codes dropdown.
Fix Extended length of line item name column to 255 to account for new functionality generating longer names now.
Fix Found and fixed cause of "Hack attempt" messages appearing in error.
Fix Temporarily commented out a call that was multiplying prices twice, resulting in Per week prices in the booking form that were multiplied 7x7.

Jomres 9.1.1 20/07/2015

Feature Added guest detail dropdown to Quick booking modal popup on dashboard.

Change Tweaked image uploader to change non-alphanumeric characters to - instead of _
Change Changed how dashboard cancel booking ajax works. Removed some "exits" that were preventing other code from running later on.
Change Modified how the gif creation script works to remove non-image files from an array before they're used.

Fix Improved get_plugin_settings to fix a bug where the wrong settings might get pulled from the plugins table.

Jomres 9.1.0 13/07/2015

Feature Updated gateway handling so that guests can pay booking invoices. Currently only supported by Paypal, other gateways will need to be brought up-to-date to use new functionality.
Feature Added property feature categories. Property features can be referenced with Property Feature Categories in Administrator area, allowing us to nicely group property features in property details page.
Feature Modified slideshow feature to show multiple slideshows on a page.
Feature Modified show rooms list to show a small slideshow for each room's images.
Feature Improved room type layout in property details page ( Bootstrap 3 only ).

Change Updated asamodule report to show a few more, recently added, links.
Change Forced shortlisted properties to use live scrolling as pagination will not work.
Change Updated Russian language file added to repository.
Change Modified functionality so that reviews link in property list now goes to a BS modal where appropriate, not an older Jquery UI modal.
Change Improved how room features are shown in the booking form.
Change Changed a word from Status to Edit in administrator area list properties page.
Change Removed the "Use online payment gateways" switch as it's not really required, we can count the number of active gateways to decide if we need to show gateway stuff.
Change Tweaked booking engine so that coupon output only appears if valid coupons for current dates.
Change Updated fontawesome's font files.
Change Updated jomres_user_budget class to take jintour kid's prices into account too.
Change Changed the invoice payment received script to redirect to list_invoices when completed.
Change Modified Show Confirmation to show the configured gateway even if there's only one gateway available.
Change Modified show confirmation so that it also shows the backend Paypal option if override is set to Yes.
Change Tweaked touch template script to work with subscription functionality.

Fix Resolved an issue where Jintour bookings wouldn't work with new optional extras functionality.
Fix Modified a Joomla 3.4 specific function. Parameters now need to be specified when creating new users.
Fix Fixed an issue where the wrong index was used to find the property telephone number. Thanks Marhinio.
Fix Fixed a bug where new user creation query would fail on PDO.

Jomres 9.0.1 25/06/2015

Change Improved layout of new optional extras output, including adding as a tab.
Change Added a new method of saving settings.
Change Polish language file updated, many thanks Patryk.

Fix Fixed an issue where optional extras wouldn't show in the booking form.
Fix Tweaked output of the property name so that apostrophes are returned to apostrophes in the breadcrumbs and meta title.
Fix Fixed an issue where Featured Properties listing in admin area could trigger a fatal error.
Fix Fixed an issue where the new Percentage based extras use the wrong tax rate.
Fix Tweaked tab content to ensure rooms list isn't shown in an SRP

Jomres 9.0.0 24/06/2015

Feature Subscription package and Commission functionality has been completely overhauled, you can now offer a variety of subscription related packages and renewals, and various standard Jomres core features can be added to a subscription package.

Feature Added PDO support to Jomres database functions and classes.

Feature Updated Jomres to use Open Exchange Rates as our exchange rate source. Note that you will need a ( free ) API key from Open Exchange Rates to perform currency conversion. Paid keys are only required for sites that make over 1000 queries a month, Jomres caching means that this query is only done once a day.
Feature Added functionality to allow payment gateways to send and receive data to gateway services, and to mark invoices paid. Note, it will take some time for Gateway developers to catch up. Currently this is for Commission and Subscription invoices only, may be extended to booking invoices later.
Feature Added functionality to support uploading of room features and optional extras images and showing these in the booking form.
Feature Added Guest image to booking display page, if the guest has uploaded an image.
Feature Added a feature where a property manager can make an optional extra show only if the arrival date falls within two dates. Additional filtering based on room types may be added later.
Feature Added a feature where a property manager can make an optional extra a commission percentage of the room price.
Feature Room feature images added to classic rooms list layout in the booking form, and room feature checkboxes tweaked so that images are clickable. This favours using smaller room feature images/icons (BS3 only).
Feature Modified the view shortlist and mu view favourites functionality. View favourites now used the property list template, rather than it's own template, to list properties. This allows us to re-use the shortlist array to show selected, shortlisted properties. Short listed properties are now added to favourites if the user's logged in. Unfortunately it's not possible to transfer items that were added to the shortlist before the user was logged in because the act of logging in creates a new session and the old session data is lost.
Feature Room type and Property Feature Images updated with modern feel and associated templates modified to adapt (only affects new installations).
Feature Added a new panel to the composite_property_details_notabs.html template which shows the Optional Extras which property offers in the booking form.
Feature Added a new standalone script for viewing a property's rooms, added a new property room features singleton.
Feature Retired old stats functionality, and introduced new stats functionality that's responsive and easier to write for.

Change Added error log clean to a daily pseudocron job instead of running every time Jomres runs.
Change Replaced require with require_once in language class for performance improvements.
Change Improved property type specific language file handling.
Change Removed some template files from repo as no longer used.
Change Added search dates to property list header for possible future use.
Change Modified tax class to be a singleton.
Change Added referrer to error log.
Change Changed VEB to VEF to allow conversion of Venezuelan Bolivar.
Change Removed auto-triggering of tooltip code from bottom.html as it causes problems.
Change Tweaked Jomres lang class to save lang_shortcode to the showtime var.
Change Finally got around to replacing all php4 constructors with proper __construct syntax.
Change Removed an erroneous message from the control panel. Refers to the old plugin shop that's no longer available.
Change Added a variety of changes to queries related to integers, for a small performance improvement.
Change Removed a duplicate constructor in patError.php
Change Reworked site configuration functionality, improving performance slightly for loading site settings, improved considerably saving site settings.
Change Tabs are loaded a-la frontend property configuration tabs, through their own minicomponent.
Change License key moved from mrConfig to jrConfig
Change Commented the modal popup setting as it's no longer valid.
Change Tweaked how the category in the Jomres main menu works so that non-Latin characters are upper-cased using multi-byte.
Change Added a List Gateways for Invoice ID minicomponent for use by other minicomponents.
Change Temporarily commentend out code that shows the Product Tour code that displays online help, it's not heavily used and the javascript doesn't play nicely with different flavours of jQuery on different CMSs.
Change Updated Site Config's default commission rate to 1 instead of the older string value.
Change Modified the jr user class to contain profile information, and add profile information if it doesn't exist when creating a new user when making a booking.
Change Updated the Contact Owner form to use ReCaptcha V2.

Fix Tweaked a previous change so that published properties are not incorrectly marked as unpublished in the Sanity check.
Fix Changed path to Jomres logo in installer.
Fix Added some tweaks to resolve issues where incorrect dates could be built in urls, thereby triggering errors to be sent to site managers.
Fix Updated basic_property_details class, solved a property with property names, made some minor tweaks and removed a redundant array.
Fix Modified the router.php to account for slightly changed Joomla code used when building routes.
Fix Fixed a small bug in image uploader where if the image uploaded is a png and the medium and thumbnail images are the same size as the original uploaded image, then images aren't converted to jpegs from pngs.

Jomres 8.2.1 16/04/2015

Change Updated propertyrental english language files to refer to Property, not Business.
Change Updated English lang propertyrental language files to refer to Rooms instead of Resources.
Change Fontawesome updated to 4.3
Change Removed old invoice functions that are no longer in use.
Tweaked how languages are stored internally to reduce incidence of blank array keys, which can hinder translation in Microsoft Translation feature.

Fix Modified booking engine to ensure discounts array is reset correctly, and modified invoice insertion to tidy up dates in the Accommodation line item.
Fix Tweaked a new change for invoices, so that invoices are correct when micromanage is enabled.

Jomres 8.2.0 13/04/2015

Feature Completely reworked the invoicing system to make it clearer what discounts etc have been added, balance payments are more obvious etc.
Feature Added new functionality to show slideshow in the rooms list.
Feature Added functionality to Email Settings tab in Site Config that allows you to test your email settings on the fly.
Feature Added a nod to Sir Terry Pratchett.

Change Updated Polish lang file, thanks Patryk.
Change Removed one stray reference to Joomla from the getting started page, that shouldn't be there.
Change Changed how a "force consolidation" flag is used in css and js caching classes.
Change Modifed a template to ensure that administrator area templates are forced to use BS2 where applicable.
Change Improved J3.4 router.php
Change jr_gettext.php cleaned up, removing older comments and tidied up formatting.
Change Added property address details to generic booking email class.
Change The administrator BS3 template set was added in anticipation of Joomla adopting BS3 in the backend of J, however that hasn't happened so for now we will delete this directory's contents to ensure there isn't any confusion.
Change Administrator area's List Bookings view has been removed from the administrator menu.
Change Added Chinese language file mark for javascript calendar.
Change Depreciated phpmailer 5.2.6 in favour of 5.2.9
Change Renamed Alternate SMTP settings to Email settings.
Change Tweaked how the last viewed property uid is figured out.
Change Booking form in modal popup option removed from Bootstrap 2 & 3, the calendar doesn't stack properly within BS modals.
Change Updated the max input vars warning with a new url.
Change Added ability for generic booking cancel class to change a booking number. Beds24 bookings can be moved from property to property. To support that functionality we need to cancel the original booking so this change allows the beds24 plugin to change the original booking's booking number.
Change Renamed nicetime function to ensure that there isn't a conflict with Alpha User Points.
Change Changed when the cms specific functions file is included.

Fix Tweaked how og: tags are created as they weren't working since a jomres_decode change.
Fix Made a small tweak to the BS3 dashboard template to fix a label colour.
Fix Fixed a jquery version included in WP fullsreen view.
Fix Modified the J3.4 router, removing the xx-XX url that's now being added to urls. Doesn't affect functionality, this is for aesthetics only.
Fix Added edit_tariffs_normal to sanity checks, prevents the tariffs warning from showing when on the edit_tariffs_normal page.
Fix Fixed an issue where the modal could be behind the overlay in rooms list.
Fix Changed BS3 sanity checks template css from error to danger.
Fix Tweaked javascript script so that jquery is used in J2.5.

Jomres 8.1.20 27/02/2015

Feature Booking cancelled emails added to manager modifyable templates. Contributed by Rod at Jomres Plugins, many thanks mate.

Change After previous version's changes to improve date handling, now we make proper use of the mindaysbeforearrival setting.

Fix Removed title from Address inputs of booking form as the tooltips were making the form difficult to use.
Fix Modified new column adding code to not use "after" to resolve issues that users were having after installing a third party plugin that adds it's own column.
Fix Changed the process payment url to NOSEF as one particular implementation was causing incorrect redirects to gateways.

Jomres 8.1.19 19/02/2015

Feature New feature in list bookings and list properties, can now sort by last changed state.
Feature New functionality to support a new Latest bookings since last active plugin for property managers

Change Moved Polish zloty notation to end of currency instead of beginning.
Change Emptied cache before importing eu tax rates.
Change Updated table-tools calling function in jomres.js to use updated cols.
Change Updated Polish lang file, thanks Patryk.
Change Added font awesome switch to jq ui backend for wordpress uses.
Change Added language to common template vars with the intention that this will allow users to use conditionals in templates for different languages.
Change Added a new column "is eu country" flag to tax rates table. Added lang and code changes to allow us to flag a country as an eu country or not.
Change Added Croatia to EU countries.
Change Added j03020insertbooking_amendinvoice.class.php to obsolete files.
Change Modified booking engine to use Sleeps search results where possible when populating the required guest numbers field in the booking form.
Change Updated several tables with indexing.
Change Modified a query to use IN instead of OR in search queries for a performance improvement.
Change Modified how the QR code url is constructed to improve functionality in Mexican addresses.
Change Added functionality to facilitate searching by translated town name.
Change Added language index for custom text table.
Change Modified the booking engine so that the next date a room is free is selected if a date isn't passed via url.
Change Tweaked map template to show maps in BS3 templates more reliably.
Change Modified the generic booking insert class to accept 0 deposit.
Change Moved caching options into new tab
Change Move commission rate site config option to ROI tab.
Change Tweaked booking engine so that guests from all manager's properties are shown in the guest dropdown.
Change Added patTemplate caching feature.
Change Undid a change related to live scrolling.
Change Modified datatable call so that most recent additions are listed first by default.
Change Modified frontend show rooms list page to use bs modals instead of older jquery ui modals in BS templates.
Change Modified Jomres main menu generator to accept multi-dimensional arrays as values when building menus.
Change Modified recaptcha to ensure https used where relevant.
Change Updated Datatables javascript files.
Change Improved how dates are handled when passed to the booking form.
Change Added a library for http_build_url as some server's don't have pecl http.
Change Added Joomla 3.4 specific code.

Fix Improved how images for gateways are found for display in list properties page.
Fix Resolved an issue with double inclusion of a javascript file when caching enabled.
Fix Tweaked the module popup class so that bookings are actually shown if the calendar code is enabled to be shown.
Fix Fixed issue where buttons etc would be shown even for non-existant bookings.
Fix Added a variety of changes to fix some javascript issues that intermittently appear.

Jomres 8.1.18 04/12/2014

Feature Added Multisite support to Jomres, first iteration that supports property sharing.

Change Updated galleria slideshow plugin to 1.4.2
Change Updated Polish lang file, thanks Patryk.
Change Updated datatables version.

Change Small tweak to jomres toolbar to ensure that we use the correct version of bootstrap in the admin area.
Change Improved how we tidy up temp booking data when amending bookings to prevent intermittent error logs of contract ids not set.
Change Tweaked list properties to ensure search results from ajax are loaded correctly when changing pages.
Change Fullscreeen view, BS3, updated.
Change Modified how property list prices are figured out RE arrival date in ajax search
Change Modified a variety of files so that we use IN in sql queries instead of OR, as it's demonstrated to be up to 3 times faster.
Change Added a clause to property_list prices class to check that certain fields are populated before setting the arrival date.
Change Added tariff description for micormanaged tariffs to classic rooms list.
Change Modified payment methods class to ensure results are cached in memory.
Change Updated BS2 composite_property_details_notabs.html
Change Changed how we figure the current url is determined by the error logging function.
Change Modified payment methods class to ensure results are cached in memory.
Change Updated how temp booking data is stored.
Change Modified a url to ensure that the jr_printable flag is set to 1 where appropriate.
Change Updated composite property details script so that appropriate data is passed to the template if printable is enabled.

Fix Modified booking confirmation page so that modifications of amended bookings are redirected through the amendBooking task first, to ensure that previously booked rooms appear in the room selection list second time around.
Fix Modified new functionality to correctly determine the path to a template file.
Fix BS3 solved a problem when filtering ajax tables.

Jomres 8.1.17 11/11/2014

Change Updated bootstrap 3 edit property pages so that features are laid out correctly.
Change Added a note to invoice handler
Change Updated the table tools ajax scripts to cope with large queries.
Change Tweaked dobooking insertion script to ignore quick booking bookings as the booking data archive doesn't exist for them.
Change Updated Core Bootstrap 3 frontend templates. They look a lot like the demo template layout now. Converted icons to use Font Awesome icons.
Change Updated site configuration default image sizes to correspond with BS3 template layout changes. Existing installations won't be affected, just new installations.
Change Added a vertical template to basic module output.
Change Updated the error logging to include the url that was called.
Change Added embed to input filtering.
Change Hardened output filtering to defend against cross site scripting vectors.
Change Generic booking insert script updated to ensure temporary data is reset after insertion.
Change Added a call to jomres_database for later use.
Change Added some tweaks to support having different template files in Joomla templates (overrides). Involves jomsearch_mN modules srch.html templates being renamed to the module's name.
Change Modified show property header script so that we're not over-purifying the og description.
Change Added a class that collects gateway information for display in property list.
Change Removed a no-longer needed css class from jomresHTML.class.php

Fix Fixed an intermittent issue where bookings might not get inserted to the booking data archive due to html tags.

Jomres 8.1.16 23/10/2014

Feature Added a new column booking_language to contracts table so that confirmation emails can be sent to the guest in their own language.

Change Removed some unnecessary directory scanning that was in place to discover the location of Jomres. As this file is now created in the installer, the scanning is no longer necessary.
Change Added new functionality that supports javascript required by the booking form classic rooms list modals.
Change Removed some depreciated functions that have been commented out for some time.
Change Compare properties script updated to use font-awesome icons.
Change Tweaked module popup contents template to cope with oversize images.
Change Modified how the booking engine saves last minute discount text as new javascript was causing mysql errors.
Change Modified Add Service to Bill functionality so that freebies can be added to the bill.
Change Modified how urls are stored in the register property template.
Change Updated bootstrap 3 edit property pages so that features are laid out correctly.
Change Removed a definition from the Jomres BS3 supplementary file.
Change Added a couple of tasks to the sanity check class to prevent the no tariffs warning from showing on the edit and list tariffs pages.
Change Updated a variety of redirects to ensure the redirected url uses jomresURL appropriately.
Change Removed form-control css class from dropdown generation class.
Change Modified how save property script redirects to resolve intermittent issues.

Fix Updated a variety of redirects to ensure the redirected url uses jomresURL appropriately.
Fix Fixed an issue where gmaps wouldn't show in fullscreen view.
Fix Resolved an issue where slideshow div loads images before showing gallery.
Fix Added a flag that prevents the contact us link from showing twice on a page intermittently.

Jomres 8.1.15 09/10/2014

Feature Added new functionality so that Jomres can discover minicomponents in /templates/jr_leohtian/html/com_jomres/subdir which allows us to deliver templates with Jomres customisations which are specific only to that template.
Change Added IP numbers to error logs.
Change Added translation of guest types to basic_contract_details class.
Fix Re-added a salutation that was inadvertently removed, to language files.

Jomres 8.1.14 01/10/2014

Fix Fixed a bug where a manager could modify bookings that they aren't authorised to modify. Medium level security bug.

Jomres 8.1.13 30/09/2014

Change Added shortlist templates to list properties.
Change Added custom properties fields snippet to list_properties.html

Fix Modified the generatedateinput function as it was creating several issues on non-search based forms that required dates to be entered.

Jomres 8.1.12 26/09/2014

Change Improved media centre icons
Change Tweaked urls to gmaps to ensure that https is used.
Change Added font awesome to administrator area.
Change Modified how live scrolling feature appends results to existing div.
Change Added code to support calculated total price conversion in property list.
Change Modified how the shortlist feature works, ajax output is now sent via templates. This allows us to override the response with something like FA icons.
Change Modified layout of output price template slightly.
Change Tweaked css to make over budget properties opacity more pronounced.
Change Updated Polish lang files, thanks Patryk.
Change Added a new lang string to differentiate properties in list properties and property details that have deferred bookings.
Change Tweaked bottom slightly to change the tooltip binding.
Change Updated module popup contents to improve layout in BS3.
Change Added date/time to the error report.
Change Changed location of qr codes
Change Improved searching so that if arrival and departure dates are the same then the min interval is set to 1. This is for users of "by day" functionality as opposed to "by night".

Fix Fixed an issue where carriage returns in output_price.html causes javascript errors in the booking form.
Fix Fixed a faulty path to the calendar icon for non-BS3 installations.
Fix Resolved an issue where duplicate records could be created in the booking data archive.

Jomres 8.1.11 23/09/2014

Change Modified the dashboard to use language strings from Jomres lang files instead of strings coded into the javascript file to define month and day names.
Change Modified system to provide language strings for table tools (flash buttons cannot yet be translated).
Change Added new administrator area feature to show our Jomres Partners and their plugins.
Change Modified generateDateInput.php so that it will also recognise asc_arrivalDate to setup javascript that'll change the departure date automatic changes too. This (in a roundabout sort of way) allows us to use ajax search composite on pages that include the booking form. Previously having ASC on pages with the booking form, the booking engine could erroneously pull the arrival date from ajax search composite's form, potentially screwing with the booking engine's dates. We got around that previously by not showing ASC on pages that showed the booking form. Now, we don't need to do that.
Change Improved the BS2 flat property details template to add more output.
Change Polish lang file updated, thanks Patryk.
Change Added a new minicomponent designed to aggregate code from elsewhere so that ajax search can "inherit" search selections from the simple search modules.
Change Modified paging feature so that PAGING is added to list properties templates, rather than being echoed by 1010listproperties.
Change Modified Jomres so that optional 99999 triggers are always run if available.
Change Modified list properties so that imagethumb etc have blank images if no property images are available.
Change Changed how the property name dropdown is built to account for a recent tweak in property name/description searching.
Change Restored a commented out setting in property config referring to minimum intervals.
Change Removed a class from the language dropdown that's no longer required.
Change Added new strings to lang files relevant to Instant v Deferred booking tags in property list.
Change Removed overlay snippet code that was added last version, it has been put back into the list properties due to other changes added because of changes being made to the demo.
Change Added reviews information for use in property details page, not just tabs.
Change Hardened media centre scripts against spambot intrusion.
Change Modified the booking form slightly so that the address details slide up/down when sufficient booking details are known, rather than simply fading in/out. This means that the initial booking form area on in flat property details template takes up less space.
Change Removed some un-needed template files.
Change Replaced some BS2 hidden classes with their corresponding BS3 classes in room type list.
Change Added code to allow automatic triggering of bootstrap tooltips on page load and binding to dynamic events.
Change Modified output price function so that if using bootstrap then original price (price in brackets) is now shown in a tooltip.
Change Changed Arrival and Departure strings to Check-in and Check-out in english language files.
Change Added Font Awesome as an optional css library. Many BS2 Joomla templates exclude glyph icons, or name the icons differently, meaning we can't always rely on a template to provide the required icons, so we'll add our own. Switchable because all BS3 joomla templates so far seem to include FA icon sets by default.
Change Modified the Booking Engine and Search functionality so that calendars now use calendar icons instead of the old calendar image. Makes styling much easier and looks neater.
Change The clear dates checkbox can now be added to a search template via {CLEARDATES_CHECKBOX} (and associated checkbox can be removed from the js_calendar_input.html template. This helps with styling.
Change Output price has been changed to use an icon instead of a link on the price to allow users to see the converted price.
Change Added a new optional trigger to listProperties.

Fix Fixed BS3 edit property template to ensure previously selected features are checked.
Fix Fixed an issue where review results could be incorrectly attributed.
Fix Fixed a bug that prevented stars from showing in property list.
Fix Fixed a bug where un-published properties could show in the agent's page.

Jomres 8.1.10 01/09/2014

Feature Added new functionality to allow site managers to choose whether or not to show the property list paginated, or to use the older Infinite Scrolling feature.

Change Modified the image uploader to automatically crop images.
Change Added modules srch.html templates to files that can be overridden via the Joomla method.
Change Added a change to ensure that the correct version of editable's css file is called if we're in the administrator area.
Change Tweaked a path to the dobooking script. (tab contents related)
Change Added error codes to track obscure upload issues if they exist. (Plugin manager)
Change Modified the Japanese date pickers file reference.
Change Removed a stray from the search generation code.
Change Added quick info output text to property module data script.
Change Removed some stray spaces from code that was upsetting adaptations of the JavaScript drop downs.
Change Added a tweak to how property name searching is done so if only one property of a given name exists then the user's directed straight to that property instead of being shown the property list.
Change Implemented new code for searching by property name, thanks for the contribution Rod.
Change Added two new triggers for publishing properties ( 02273 for after a property has been successfully published and 02274 for when it has been unpublished ), at the request of a third party developer.
Change Modified the Bootstrap 3 flat template to allow us to select which elements do not appear in tabs.
Change Polish lang file updated, many thanks Patryk.
Change Tweaked how list bookings is shown in ajax loaded tables for JQ UI
Change Tweaked admin script to ensure temp .js files are deleted for refresh whenever on main control panel or Site Config pages.
Change Modified "search by" language strings to make them more compact.
Change Tweaked a condition relating to how budget is shown in the property list.
Change Added some small changes to currency conversion class to relating to alternate templates.
Change Added animation delay variable to get_property_module_data.php
Change Updated the Star image.
Change Changed search feature to adapt to the search order formula chosen in site config.
Change Modified layout of module popup for bootstrap3.
Change Tweaked how chained combo boxes are built.

Jomres 8.1.9 07/08/2014

Feature Added Japanese language file. Many thanks Jeff.

Change Improved icons in the BS3 media centre templates.
Change Updated a version number in an xml file.
Change Minor tweak to control panel to add the Date to the news output.
Change Updated Jomres' images to the new logo.
Change Added an option to use templates to build the currency conversion selector rather than plain old dropdowns, which allows us to add the dropdown to bootstrap toolbars.
Change Changed the name of the default property created on Jomres installation.

Fix Fixed a misplaced bracket in patTemplate class. Thanks Maritn.
Fix Changed how files are read into the js and css cache classes.
Fix Tweaked how a disabled task's name is determined.

Jomres 8.1.8 31/07/2014

Feature Refactored javascript and css file handling. Older method was growing to become clumsy, new process automatically creates consolidation scripts (where as many .js files as is practical are presented as one file) and .js and .css files are automatically minified. All new .js and .css files can be supplied un-minified, if the file is ever modifed the served, minified and/or consolidated version of that file is automatically updated.
Feature Updated dump template vars functionality (Site Configuration -> Debugging). Instead of using older patTemplate dump function we now output the name of the individual template and on hover the variables available to the template are shown. It's not pretty, but it makes it very easy for site integrators to identify Jomres template files that they may wish to modify.

Change Improved price overlay, added ability to switch it on and off, changed the output a little to use new strings and calculations based on how prices are stored.
Change Improved new functionality related to finding the number of days in the property list search results.
Change Added a trap to capture what looks like Bots attempting to access the booking form. As the bots can't use the booking engine they're going to the confirmation page without the property uid being set, so we'll redirect these back to the default Jomres page.
Change Added changes so that custom fields are viewable in show confirmation.
Change Reworked how the fullpage jomres.php file copying is performed so that it's only done when needed.

Fix Changed how some urls are using in the booking form as they're better "built" and less likely to cause odd redirection behaviour on certain systems.
Fix Fixed a z-index issue in the dashboard calendar.
Fix Fixed a broken link to the ajax animation when live scrolling.

Wordpress Wordpress : Changed how javascript is queued in wp
Wordpress Changed how WP registers the bootstrap tour script so that it doesn't cause .js errors.
Wordpress Fixed a path in management view to the logo
Wordpress Added a check for the wp_jomres class in a function to prevent it from being run if we're outside a Jomres page.
Wordpress Updated the getting started notes to be a bit more relevant to WP users.

Joomla Modified the template reader script to allow Joomla overrides-esque functionality.
Put templates from /jomres/templates/xxxx/frontend and /jomres/templates/xxxx/backend into /templates/templatename/html/com_jomres or /jomres/templates/xxx/admin into /administrator/templates/templatename/html/com_jomres to override the core Jomres templates.
Existing template editing functionality is retained, however a file placed into a com_jomres directory will override a customisation created using the template editing feature. If there is no file in com_jomres then existing customisations will still be used.
Advantage : People who're familiar with Joomla template overrides can use their favourite functionality still, however
Disadvantage : you cannot have different templates for different property types.

Jomres 8.1.7 13/06/2014

Feature Added the calendar to the module popup contents.
Feature Added ability to view the changelog in administrator -> developer tools. Reformatted the changelog so that we can start making use of BS labels to make it more readable.
Feature Added a new image overlay tag to property list that shows the cumulative price calculated from the dates in ajax search's dates.

Change Prevent resources menu option from showing if is Jintour or real-estate property
Change Changed how currency codes are pulled for listing against invoices.
Change Changed how invoice creation is done when Booking Approvals are enabled.
Change Added a tweak to correctly use https if needed when initialising the live_site variable in Joomla.
Change Added a tweak to correctly use https if needed when initialising the live_site variable in Joomla 2.5
Change Tweaked detect_cms.php to only define JPATH_PLATFORM if it's not already defined.
Change Modified basic contract details so that country name is returned instead of country code.
Change Added a new country_code array index to ensure that this is also available if needed, in line with basic_property_details functionality.
Change Added functionality to translate room types for SRPs.
Change Changed some "exits" to "thrown" errors.
Change Added code to set_booking_number function so that if the booking number is already set, then it won't be changed.
Change Added code to allow calling services to pre-select adult and child numbers (change added for beds24 but can be used elsewhere). Add adultnum=N&childnum=N to have adult and child numbers pre-selected in the booking form.
Change Added requireApproval to the default property settings script.
Change Added a new function get_periods that'll take (UK formatted dd/mm/yyyy) datetime and return the dates in that period.
Change Added unconverted price to returned results of jomres/classes/jomres_property_list_prices.class.php
Change Tweaked the generic booking email class to offer invoice to all templates.
Change Improved the geo coder templates and how the marker is placed.
Change Updated news section in control panel to look brighter.

Fix Resolved an issue where a duplicate map marker could be created.
Fix Moved script tag to underneath the images output to see if it resolves a (very rare) timeout issue.
Fix Modified the view agent list to not show properties that haven't been approved yet.
Fix Changed the name of an image.

Wordpress Resolved an issue with ajax based calls being unable to find a property uid due to the url structure.

Jomres 8.1.6 13/06/2014

Feature Added ability to flag plugins as retired, to advise managers to uninstall older plugins that will not work with current versions of Jomres.

Change integration.php updated with a small routine to try to determine which file has failed to call jomres_root.php, if JOMRES_ROOT_DIRECTORY isn't set.
Change Added email_text to allowed fields for input filtering, and improved the allowed tags list to be a little more lenient.
Change Changed property header to use the large property image in accordance with the advice here This is an image associated with your media. We suggest that you use an image of at least 1200x630 pixels.
Change Modified save country and save region scripts to redirect back to the associated lists on save.
Change Added notes to the top of the guest's view booking page to indicate if a booking has been cancelled.
Change Hide the cancel button when a booking has been cancelled, from the user's view of the booking.
Change Broke several functions out of functions.php so that they can be overridden in plugins.
Change Tweaked the confirmation letter popup to display better.
Change Added a message to say that the confirmation email has been sent.
Change Added a button to the administrator control panel that links direct to the front page of the site. Should make it clearer to new users how to go about managing properties.
Change Updated detect_cms.php to adjust to Joomla's new upgrade strategy, information relating to the problem is provided and an error is thrown.
Change Updated the Italian language file, many thanks Pierangela.
Change Added a definition for JPATH_PLATFORM as the Joomla version file uses that instead of _JEXEC when checking to see if the file can be called.

Fix Fixed a broken path to gateway directory to ensure that the gateway logo is shown correctly.
Fix Solved a missing property type image problem in query ui booking form classic room list.
Fix Fixed a bug where wrong users were getting emailed php errors.
Fix Updated how Jomres handle's custom fields in the booking form so that required fields are properly highlighted again.
Fix Modified the installer, added `secret_key_used` column to create contracts table.

Jomres 8.1.5 23/05/2014

Change Added a new 99994 trigger point at the end of jomres.php's run.
Change Added new 99994 trigger to jomresRedirect function to ensure that 99994 actions are performed both when Jomres finishes running jomres.php, and when calls are redirected to another task.
Change Changed ajax insert booking so that it doens't exit at the end of it's run, instead it returns.
Change Disabled a system/misc logging event as it's not needed.
Change Added a quarter hourly cron job option to the cron class.
Change Added contract uid and booking number to showtime after quickbooking.
Change Removed an unnecessary call to close session.
Change Added several flags to showtime for booking insertion, to store references to amended contract uids.

Fix Fixed an issue where the Product Tour (inline help feature) caused a javascript error on Reg Prop 2.

Wordpress Tweaked the WP cms specific urls functionality to enable Jomres to work on WP sites that have permalinks enabled. This doesn't provide pretty urls, but it does fix an issue where Jomres wouldn't work on sites with permalinks switched on.
Wordpress Improved how WP specific functionality detects if we're in admin area or not. Fixes an issue where admin media centre doesn't know where it is and results in a "something seriously wrong" message.

Jomres 8.1.4 12/05/2014

Feature Added an is_child flag to the customer types table.

Change Tweaked list properties to not build the budget class if the feature isn't used. Minor performance improvement.

Fix Confirmation letter script was sending wrong email template.

Jomres 8.1.3 09/05/2014

Change Disabled asamodule report from showing on WP, due to how urls are generated the report doesn't make sense on WP installations.
Change Changed the extraservices warning from a danger to a warning level report in the installer.
Change Disabled/removed some old functionality that was designed for Jomres Standalone and is no longer applicable.

Wordpress Improved how installation on wordpress is detected.

Jomres 8.1.2 07/05/2014

Change Updated Polish lang files, thanks Patryk
Change German language file updated.
Change Improved a path problem caused by the latest fix.
Change Added ids to town, street and posted in edit and register property templates to aid geocoder listener.

Fix Fixed a missing image problem on Jquery ui bookingform.
Fix Corrected a path for editing room types, image path was incorrect after new 8.1 path changes.
Fix Updated the wp plugin files to fix a bug with new paths.

Jomres 8.1.1 29/04/2014

Fix Fixed an issue where registry paths were being saved incorrectly, causing errors and blank pages when trying to run Jomres.

Jomres 8.1.0 28/04/2014

Feature Added buttons to sanity checks to take the user to the appropriate link to fix the problem.

Change Modified the ui availability calendar to use an existing option and set the first day of week to Sunday or Monday.
Change Modified userbudget so that converted price isn't shown in property list header dropdown.
Change Added changes that support Jomres working in a directory other than "jomres".
Change Changed a check to ensure jquery isn't included in Joomla 3.3.
Change Moved Budget switch to Search tab in site config.
Change Removed short property feature list from property list page.

Fix Fixed an issue where navbar is always inversed when not in component area.
Fix Fixed Fawlty Tower's default property features on installation.
Fix Fixed an issue where panel-info wasn't being applied if featured properties plugin is not installed.
Fix Added a couple of tweaks for modal popups in BS3, ensures that the modal appears above the background and fixes the position of the thumbnail in the modal popup.

Jomres 8.1.-2 16/04/2014

Feature Added a new "budget" option to property list toolbar, which allows users to see at a glance which properties are within their budget.
Feature Added functionality to give javascript files a version (based on the update time). This means that when a site's updated browsers will be triggered to download the javascript files again. This prevents changes in js files from causing a site to appear to not function if that js file has different functionality.
Feature Added the option to switch off the Powered by Jomres link via site config, and by default this is set to No.
Feature Added lowest prices to property details page.
Feature Added Bootstrap 3 panels to Bootstrap 2 and modified property list template to use.
Feature Added a new css class .property-list-overbudget-properties so that if the budget dropdown is used and a property is over-budget we make it slightly opaque to emphasise those properties that are under budget. Feature properties are not affected by these changes, they use the panel-primary class to stand out.

Change Simplified the book/check in/out feature, Booking in/out is done through the list bookings page now.
Change Added a check for secret key so that required custom fields are stored correctly.
Change Modified the generic booking insert class to ensure that it uses currency codes, otherwise bookings later on will not show correctly.
Change Added a way to update site settings with last update time, for use later by, among other things, javascript versioning.
Change Updated the Polish lang files. Thanks Patryk.
Change Changed an int to a float for a 3PD.
Change Tweaked new functionality so that if book in/out plugin not installed then the check in/out options aren't offered in the bookings list.
Change Email template editing instructions updated.
Change Installer improved. Given a makeover and added functionality to rename a table if possible, or warn and give directions if not possible.
Change Obsoleted the old Joomla 3.0 and 3.1 specific functionality as they're no longer supported.
Change Added UI availability calendar to the asamodule report page.
Change Changed property list header buttons to small.
Change Re-added _JOMRES_FRONT_MR_EMAIL_TEXT_NAME that was inadvertently removed when adding the email editing feature.
Change Updated budget site config description to note that the featured listings wrapping class that highlights featured listings is changed when the budget feature is enabled.

Fix Removed a stray hyphen from the phrase "Property details".
Fix Corrected "rows" to "row" in BS3 skin.
Fix Added code to ensure that the property's currency code is entered into the contracts table during the booking phase. Without this change, if a property changes it's currency code then the prices in the bookings list are incorrect.
Fix Modified menu generator to show HELP when bootstrap is enabled, even if the CMS is not Joomla 3+

Joomla Added Joomla 3.3 CMS specific files and functionality.
Joomla Removed redundant javascript caching code from J2.5/J3 cms specific functionality.
Joomla Obsoleted the old Joomla 3.0 and 3.1 specific functionality as they're no longer supported.
Joomla Modified cms specific functionality that includes css to ensure that css is correctly included in the administrator area.

Wordpress Solved a problem where page id wsan't set in ajax urls, so links from javascript urls didn't work.
Wordpress Changed how the editor is called in WP so that managers can use html editors.
Wordpress Changed how date is returned from the cms specific function that formats dates.
Wordpress Improved the WP plugins and how they're used to allow things like .js and .css files to be integrated into the head properly.
Wordpress Refactored functionality to improve functionality in WP. Session handling/CMS specific functionality/Javascript file inclusion/Editing mode.
Wordpress Further changes so that when we store some user settings we also save them in the session files. Not really needed in Joomla, but important in Wordpress.
Wordpress Updated Admin's first run instructions to adapt to being installed in Wordpress.
Wordpress Changed how ajax is called via the frontend.
Wordpress Changed the widget installer so that plugin_info is put back into the core plugin folder it originated in so that we can see if a widget is installed.
Wordpress Fixed an issue where WP wysiwyg editor wouldn't be shown in fullscreen view.

Jomres 8.1.-3 01/04/2014

Feature Added a new Booking Approval feature that allows managers to screen bookings before they're approved and the booking is inserted into the system.
Feature Added new email template editing feature for managers.
Feature Added support for Wordpress, to allow Jomres to work inside wordpress.
Feature Implemented new functionality that will make error logging and tracking more visible and viewable. Some errors will trigger, among other things, errors being emailed to admin users.
Feature Added ability to filter by property type in the list properties table.

Change Changed how the manual link is exported to the template in the Plugin Manager.
Change Added a condition to check that if the user's changing the View of the property list, if so we'll reuse the previous search results.
Change Code tidyup in router files to remove some duplicates.
Change Small tweak to management view to update copyright and improve css.
Change Tweaked the generic booking insert class to allow tax rates of 0.
Change Changed the upgrade script to use the installer, as the installation code is valid during upgrades too and it saves having duplicate code.
Change Added check to the installer to see if the manager's table is already populated. If it is, we will not add default data (again).
Change Added some new translations to the German language file. Thanks Alexander.
Change Updated some Getting Started text with who's links were broken by the manual update.
Change Added a check to pathway script to not run if the CMS is not Joomla.
Change Modified how the installer redirects to the administrator area after upgrade.
Change Modified the installer to use get_showtime( "db" ) as this is the proper way to find the database.
Change Tweaked custom text save function to allow meta data to be saved as blank.
Change Rewrote the Reservation details page to use a new basic_contract_details class.
Change Reworked the help popover system to use a new "official" version of the bootstrap product tour javascript system.
Change Modified updater to ensure is deleted after files are extracted from it.
Change Added a pull-left to composite property details bs3 to ensure that all button layouts are the same. ( BS3 template )
Change Changed line item initial quantity from int to float at request of third party dev.
Change Obsoleted the old javascript packer class and minicomp.
Change Added new contract uid column to the booking data archive.
Change Added new secret key and booking data archive id to contracts table.
Change Added code to basic contract details class to use the new columns in the contracts table.
Change Changed the default Production/Development setting to Development, bally thing keeps deleting my installer during dev :D
Change Editing mode dropdown in BS3 renabled after it's hiatus.
Change Added Bootstrap 3 versions of x-editable to js library.
Change Replaced "Click for a map" with "Map" in several language files.
Change Replaced a / with JRDS in temp booking handler. No errors have been reported, but it's nice to do things properly.
Change Improved how the find region name function works.
Change Removed an obsolete reference to JOMRES_MOBILE, a definition that's no longer used.
Change Changed how an error is triggered in basic property details.

Fix Fixed a typo in admin's edit invoice, thanks Rod.
Fix Changed how listeners and drag and drop is done in geocoder code, as IE doesn't play nicely.
Fix Tweaked show profiles, added trims to prevent usernames with spaces on the end from causing problems.
Fix IE was playing silly bu^H^Hboys and wouldn't load without using (window).load, however if we use that then the map will not run in module popups, so we need to change the loading trigger depending on the "task".
Fix Fixed a small bug where if the booker returns to the booking form using the "amend booking" button on the confirmation page, the quantity dropdown of extras was still disabled. Now it's enabled.
Fix Modified management view to change the url a user gets directed to if they're on the completebk task. If they switch views from normal to full-screen when on that task then duplicate bookings are created, so we've modified the class so that if we're on that page the next page we're directed to is the dashboard.
Fix Renamed extraServices table to extraservices.
Fix CSS fix for popovers in fullscreen
Fix Tweaked the booking engine so that an edge case that resulted in prices for each room in the booking form rooms list not always showing the price is resolved.
Fix Made a small change to the BS3 top template to remove a div that no longer has a place due to the management view trigger being moved.
Fix Modified the Jomres "tmpl" script so that users who name their installations *jomres* don't have problems with jquery being loaded twice in fullscreen/management view. Thanks for the bug report Rod.
Fix Tweaked the agent view to output the region correctly.

Wordpress Added a new function to determine if we're running Wordpress.
Wordpress Modified the logout minicomp so that it has a clause for non-Joomla CMSs.
Wordpress Updated the wordpress cms specific functions to provide login/out urls.
Wordpress Fixed an issue in control panel where modules dir doesn't exist in WP and shouldn't be included in the writability test.
Wordpress Added a new jomres wp css file for compatability with Wordpress.
Wordpress Implemented a different feature for redirection because Wordpress outputs html before Jomres has done it's thing so header() will not work.
Wordpress Commented out the body of a cms specific function which is used primarily for making url safe strings for url routing.
Wordpress Disabled this "is wrapped" switch if the cms is WP, it's only appropriate to Joomla installations.
Wordpress Renamed the WP admin.php to trigger.php to prevent confusion.
Wordpress Added Main menu dashboard link to WP Admin for Wordpress super property managers.

Jomres 8.0.1 07/02/2014

Change Modified list invoices More dropdowns so that link to print also uses . '&tmpl='.get_showtime("tmplcomponent") so that Jomres modules aren't also included.
Change Reset a couple of arrays on request of a 3PD to ensure his own functionality works as anticipated.
Change Modified jomSearch so that unpublished properties are filtered out at an earlier point.
Change Modified the router. In the previous version we improved searching by Region by using region ids and not region names. This change adapts to that improvement by ensuring that SEF urls still show region names.

Fix Fixed a wee bug in the Property List dropdown where if there are only two properties the bally Radio button javascript tries to furtle with them, causing an error.
Fix Resolved an issue where "Showing x of y entries" was not translatable.
Fix Corrected a function to ensure that the month names are displayed in the stats page.
Fix Moved the language dropdown outside of the div row declaration as it was causing smaller screens to render incorrectly in the administrator area.
Fix Fixed a typo for xs columns in BS3 templates.

Jomres 8.0.0 28/01/2014

Feature Added functionality to listen to changes to street/town/postcode in edit property pages so that the map marker will be moved when updating the address.
Feature By popular demand, the Active property switcher has been re-added to the menubar. If in management view, then you can use the property selector dropdown in the main menu to quickly change your active property, but be aware if you have a lot of properties this will slow your page rendering down.

Change Improved the property list. If a property no longer has tariffs valid for "today" then POA is shown in the Price area of the property list.
Change Changed the editing mode dropdown form class.
Change Tweaked layout in management_top.html
Change Modified the new property list selector so that it's put into the showtime var, therefore it's available to both the menu and top templates.
Change Tweaked the property list so that the region search url uses the region id, not the region name.
Change Changed where the property dropdown switch will show.
Change Added some security hardening.
Change Added Bootstrap 3 js and css for use in the Management view for when BS3 is switched on in Site Config.
Change Changed how ajax lists parse data as some hosts were unable to use the older functionality.

Fix Fixed a minor issue where Resource Features was hard coded into the show room details template.

Jomres 8.0.-1 24/01/2014

Feature Added new functionality to allow us to implement our own tmpl=jomres layout to Joomla templates. Jomres Fullscreen view is the best interface for managing properties however many Joomla templates do not always support the Joomla functionality required to do this properly. As a result we've implemented new functionality that will allow us to use our own code to ensure that the layout is of the high quality you've come to expect from Jomres.
Feature Implemented blockUI in plugin manager to provide feedback that plugins are being updated and you should not interrupt the page. Thank you Rod, you lovely man.

Change Jomres' Polish lang files updated to 8.0.-2 lang strings. Many thanks Patryk.
Change Enabled the Bootstrap 2/3 switch in site config.
Change Changed the url that the Preview menu option points to.
Change Modified plugin manager so that disabled links inadvertently clicked will not attempt to install a plugin that user has not rights to install. It will just end in a fatal error if they do because the plugin is never returned.
Change Changed a condition to ensure that the correct version of Jomres' css file is called if Bootstrap 3 enabled.
Change Updated help topics for those pages we feel needed an update.
Change Improved input filtering. Whilst javascript cannot be entered in a meaningful way to cause XSS problems, we've added a check for "; and '; anyway to further confound attempts.
Change Modified 3.2 cms_specific_functions.php so that editor readmore etc buttons are not shown.

Fix Fixed an issue where if a guest is already registered but not booked before their region would default to the wrong region.

Jomres 8.0.-2 20/01/2014

Feature Added a new feature so that managers can easily make multiple rooms of a given type.

Change Added show/hide column javascript for tabletools to jq ui templates.
Change Removed format=raw, not all joomla template support this and it`s not really needed anymore
Change Changed management view for the links to be SEF'd when switching from fullscreen to normal.
Change Toolbar buttons are separated. Having them grouped together makes them a long unresponsive bar in certain pages.
Change Changed the trigger point the property config uses to detect if Advanced/Micromanage plugin is installer so that Advanced and Micromanage modes are offered in the dropdown so that they can be chosen.
Change Added a line number to patTemplate debug backtrace to help us to identify missing templates.
Change Added code to remove some older directories that are empty. Will also be useful for deleting entire directories in future.
Change Removed blockUI functionality from Jomres Plugin manager, doesn't trigger at the correct point (might be an issue with FF debugger and the trigger order) so will revert to a simple alert for now.
Change Implemented some caching for plugin manager badges, Jomres version and News to reduce load on the plugin server.

Fix Added some missing templates to jq ui and bs2 template dirs. They're not needed (currently) but patTemplate throws a wobbly without them.
Fix Modified dashboard so that it's not run if on a Jintour property.

Jomres 8.0.-3 17/01/2014

Feature Completely revamped the guests, property and invoice listings pages, you can see invoices for all properties or just the active one, filter by various options and configure the columns to suit your specific requirements. Virtually all tabulated data is loaded via ajax, improving page response times when dealing with large amounts of data.
Feature Tariffs, rooms and room types have been moved into their own pages, they're no longer all part of the same page.
Feature Improved the dashboard further, bookings are easily viewed as their indicators span multiple dates.
Feature Added the ability to enter your own deposit amount on the enter deposit page of a booking.
Feature Improved show property review page, converted rating numbers to progressbars. Added a new function calc_rating_progressbar_colour to functions.php
Feature Added new Jomres css file for BS3, config panel and toolbar classes. Edited many templates.
Feature Removed the switch property feature, now properties can be switched from the list properties table.
Feature Updated the Jomres Main Menu, added options to Site Config so that managers can choose where the menu is located (default, top or bottom) and whether or not it's colour is inverted. Added a Search input to the menu to allow managers to easily search for bookings by their booking number. (Management view only).
Feature Added a variety of changes that allow us to have a Bootstrap 3 set of templates. BS3 is becoming more popular, more and more Joomla templates are appearing and later versions of Joomla will support BS3 so it'll be nice to pre-empt those changes beforehand.
Feature Added an experimental feature to prevent caching ajax reponses so that jomres can work with joomla caching enabled

Change Changed menu options around to bring them a little more in line with industry standard.
Change Added links to top of the guest confirmation email which will take the guest to the property and to their booking.
Change Added currently active property string to the top template.
Change Removed some code that we added a year ago as many people do not use unique names for tariffs, consequentially their tariff list was becoming unordered.
Change Modified the Bootstrapped Management view, remove left columns and moved some stuff around.
Change Re-organised property settings making their placement more logical for property managers.
Change Changed how the Minimise configuration options in Site Config works. If this option is set to No then non-managers will see a new toolbar in Site Config that allows them to set whether they see Simple or Extended configuration options. Super Managers will see this all the time.
Change Changed how the showconfirmation page works so that Jintour/norooms based bookings can have their own template.
Change Disabled timezone functionality in Jomres as Joomla is capable of setting time zones for users. (Was relevant for older versions of Joomla, but not any more).
Change Experimentally removing a redirect from the usermanagement script.
Change Added the ability to create new Common strings that are available to all templates through a minicomponent.
Change Improved the property list prices class to ensure that the lowest price found is correct. Thanks Rodrigo!
Change Added a check to see if a room is already in the user's cart, if it is then the room lock isn't released.
Change Changed alert regarding updates so that it is a link that goes direct to the updates page.
Change Added page blocking when Upgrade All Plugins is clicking in Plugin Manager. Provides feedback to users ensuring that they do not attempt to use the page until the plugin upgrade process has been done (essential on systems with slower internet connections).
Change Added HELP targets to the srp dobooking page.
Change Updated language files so that help comments make sense for Jomres 8's new dashboard.
Change Added support for listing guests for all manager`s properties.
Change Tweaks to have ptype_xref in the features array, so we can use this when filtering by property type id in ajax search composite.
Change Renamed the listlivebookings task to list_bookings and made it a j06001 minicomponent. Updated various files that use this old task name.
Change Rewritten and simplified the tag search functionality.
Change Added a channel manager option to mark certain bookings as channel manager bookings. If they are then the system will not allow channel manager bookings to be cancelled (they have to be cancelled via the original channel's UI, not Jomres).
Change Removed some special header settings that are no longer required.
Change Added some changes that tweak how modals in work in new functionality.
Change Added a pdf clause to php mailer for a third party plugin dev.
Change Added navbar form css class to language selector dropdown.
Change AAdded check for bootstrap version to custom template handler.dded form-control css class to dropdown that aren't radio buttons.
Change Removed the old "report bug" function. It's served it's purpose and is rarely used nowadays.
Change Further template updates. Added role where required, removed form-horizontal and updated input types in several places. (BS3)
Change Added placeholder lang definitions and html to templates and supporting classes.
Change Reworked the jomres_toolbar_bootstrap3.class.php class so that "delete" items are a separate item in the toolbar. Should help prevent fat finger mistakes.
Change Modified the Jomres main menu so that the Search option is hidden if the site is in Production mode. It is intended for developers to see frontend options like Flipwall etc and not for use by the General users.
Change Experimentally changed top.html to comment out the editing mode dropdown altogether. This should help us to see just how many people use the editing mode in the frontend. I suspect that the vast majority use the administrator features only.
Change Modified list properties so that review information in list properties is shown through it's own template (BS3 only). This is because of how we render the list properties template.
Change Tweaked "Click to show reviews" to say "Show reviews".
Change In BS3 modal popups need to be wrapped inside modal-dialog and modal-header so added new output in integration.php and jomres.php that'll call template files that will add that if $_REQUEST includes modal_wrap.
Change Added a utility function that'll output a simple template (helps with the above change).
Change Added a new utility function make_modal_button to help us easily create modal links that can be used to create popups for any Jomres page.
Change Created a new function in input filtering that allows us to convert European entered price values into floats. (replaces , with .).
Change Mobile device detection and redirection removed from Jomres' functionality. This was added while Joomla 2.5 was the current version, and before Bootstrap and it's mobile-centric functionality was added to Joomla so it's out of date and no longer has a place in the core system.
Change Deleted the old batchupload.html template files.
Change Removed 7.5.4 library of the older bootstrap 2 dashboard.
Change Obsolete file removal changed so that if site is in Development mode then confirmation is required before file deletion.
Change Created new administrator area media centre templates, because if a site uses BS3 in the frontend, the administrator area will need it's own BS2 versions of those files instead of BS3 versions (for now).
Change Disabled the Audit Trail feature. We believe it's not used and therefore not worth maintaining. Disabling the feature will allow us to judge if this is the correct action.
Change Tweaked save language choice script so that if no files are selected then the file normally created is removed.

Fix Replaced a problem apostrophe with it's entity in the French lang files.
Fix Removed a width setting to allow the admin's first run popup to show better on smaller screens.
Fix Dashboard tooltips changed to popovers to avoid conflicts with jquery ui tooltips.
Fix Modified Bulgarian Lev from BGL to BGN.

Jomres 7.5.4 19/11/2013

Fixed an issue in jq ui frontend list properties.
Some improvements to property name search/dropdown generation, also pnames are now sorted alphabetically
Added the item property "telephone" to the header template.
Modified the currency conversion functionality so that it updates less frequently.
Fixed an issue where some users can't see the My Properties list properly.

Jomres 7.5.3 14/11/2013

Updated the dashboard, bootstrapped templates (Some J2.5 and all J3.x Joomla installations) have a new purty bootstrapped dashboard.
Added a new feature that loads the My Properties list via ajax. This allows us to load data-heavy pages through an ajax interface, reducing memory load. This change is effectively a prototype for futher changes of it's ilk.

Added a small change to set the component title in Joomla 3.1 & 3.2
Removed the need for the property uid to be in the url when editing a property.
Improved the access control class.
Updated a condition to check for Joomla 3.2.
Added a change that removes some unneeded scripts for J3.2.
Updated the bootstrap editable library.
Added a change to basic property details that stops unpublished property types from being listed.
Added a change that uses gravity setting in tooltips where possible.
Discovered that the J3.x series of installation files weren't moving the updated copy of jomres.php to /components/com_jomres so upgrading users were unable to take advantage of new Jomres/Joomla features.
Removed some tooltip date calls from dashboard calendar as the cms specific date function (I'm looking at you here Joomla) somehow breaks the old-style dashboard.
Further Joomla 3.2 specific changes.
Moved tariff editing dropdown in Property config into it's own tab. Makes it easier to switch it on/off programatically.
Added a new trigger to the save hotel settings page which allows plugins to do some post-save parsing, and even forbid changing of settings altogether.
Added a few improvements to the media centre layout.
Temporarily disabled Jomres' timezone functionality. Joomla is now stable with it's tz handling so Jomres functionality should no longer be required.
Obsoleted the Manager's first run script, as it's superceeded by the new page tour functionality.

Jomres 7.5.2 07/11/2013

Added Joomla 3.2 specific changes to Jomres.
Added new functionality to allow easy inclusion of searches for countries, regions, towns and property types as joomla menu items.
Updated both Polish and Catalan language files.
Tweaked how a misc url definitions file is generated.

Jomres 7.5.1 19/10/2013

Modified the mailer exception class to check and see if the class already exists and to not include it if it does.
Modified the basic module output to standardise the images available to the template.
Modified search functionality so that the property name dropdown will be shown when the module is used on non-Jomres pages.
Resolved an issue that one user was having where mysql would not accept '' as null for the paid date (because the invoice isn't paid yet).
Fixed wiseprice discount so that it would show in the property details tabs.
Tweaked the edit my account page so that if the site config option "properties are in this country" is used, then by default the edit my account page defaults to that property and the regions are available as appropriate.
Fixed an issue where once a discount coupon code is found to be valid, it's applied to other bookings during that session where the dates are not valid.
Fixed an issue where if captcha was enabled, then messages couldn't be sent.
Modified the installer, changed a column type for new installations to prevent error messages in the installer.

Jomres 7.5.0 07/10/2013

Added a new feature that offers integrated help on many of the top level pages in the frontend of Jomres. As this more suitable for property managers we will be retiring the old Manual plugin as that had too much information which wasn't relevant to property managers.

Removed an important hard coded maptab id by mistake, by overwriting an array index. Restored that now.
Fixed an odd bug where some, valid, VAT numbers wouldn't be validated.
Removed some code from the integration script that prevented caching, as the issue it's trying to fix is negligible.
Fixed a bug new to 7.4 where the profiles list was empty.
Property area activities added to a query in the basic property details class.
Modified the custom field handler to cope if the appropriate xreference field is empty.
Moved review and growl messaging javascript into the consolidated minified javascript files.
Disabled a growl popup that has been left in a depreciated javascript function because it causes errors when popups are disabled.
Combined two dynamically generated files into one.
Added new language translations to Polish lang file. Many thanks Patryk.

Jomres 7.4.0 23/09/2013

Added a new feature called array cache, which significantly speeds up Jomres performance.
Added the new Jomres Media Centre, which improves the image uploading process. This is available to the frontend for uploading images to properties, and in the backend for uploading room type and property feature images.
Added a complete new global rooms feature that works like business features. This will alow managers to select room features when editing the room, without the need to create them first in the room features tab. The room features tab and functionality is still kept, so managers can still add their own room features too.

Fixed a bug where new user's bookings weren't always being associated with their user ids.
Modified the input filtering functions so that ampersands aren't double encoded.
Removed some unnecessary stripslashes calls.
Removed a couple of no_html hidden inputs that were causing black bookings to give white pages on step 2.
Fixed a bug where language choice selection wasn't being saved, as a result of code hardening.
Added bootstrap multiselect to Jomres.
Changed how the exchange rate dropdown is rendered to fix markup.
Removed a no-longer needed style from Jomres bootstrap css file.
Business features feature has been changed, so now we can assign more property types to one feature instead of duplicating it for each property type where we want to show it.
Added a cms specific change to ensure we're getting the SEF setting correctly.
For Joomla 3.1 installations we've removed Jomres native IDN, as J3.1 has this feature now.
In database.php, we've added query caching. It`s not visible when one guest is visiting the website, but when more are doing it at the same time, queries will be executed once and results provided to all, instead of executing the queries for each guest.
Found and resolved an issue on the booking form when rooms list style is enabled. When deselecting rooms, they were not unlocked.
Added Superior as image, same size as stars. This will make it display better. Also add S to property list list with maps, module popup and ngm module output.
Fixed a minor issue where featured listings css class was not added to the next results displayed when live scrolling.
j16000save_custom_field.class.php moved into the Custom Field plugin, where it belongs.
Modified several default language files so that instead of referring to "Room features" we're using language more appropriate to the situation.
Added a JSON library to adapt to the situation where CERTAIN linux builds do not include JSON in PHP 5.5. It's a pre-emptive strike against silliness.
Tweaked the installer to adapt to the new property type changes, tricked an older upgrade function to not trigger if a new column already exists.
Added room abbv to showroomdetails output
Modified the tool tip room type template.
Updated the Polish language file, many thanks Patryk.
Added a variety of changes that reduce the amount of calls to gmaps, updated galleria slideshow, and some layout changes for empty tables to improve how they look.
Improved how the immediate pay plugin shows the paypal icon/link.
Removed the hr from the tooltip popups. (Bootstrap)

Jomres 7.3.2 12/08/2013

Modified user booking page to ensure that correct prices are shown.
Fixed a counting error in the view invoice script, ensuring that the Amount Already Paid var is set correctly. Thanks Marinhio.
Removed references to no longer used Jomres token functionality.
Resolved an issue where no bookings could be taken.
Removed contents of $_SERVER magic var from the session file.

Jomres 7.3.1 06/08/2013

Modified the jomres_decode function (the output filter) as it was allowing users to inject javascript into certain pages.
Modified the input filtering script. Ensured that the default value that's passed to the jomresGetParam function is used to set the type of variable that's passed, this is used later on to decide how we'll filter the entered value.
Modified the Edit Profiles function to do nothing if the profile id = 0
Modified the input filtering script. Ensured that the default value that's passed to the jomresGetParam function is used to set the type of variable that's passed, this is used later on to decide how we'll filter the entered value.

Modified show plugins script so that if the license isn't valid or entered, they buttons show but in their disabled state. Makes it more obvious to new users how plugins are obtained.
Fixed a bug in the confirmation letter where qr codes wouldn't show because of image sizes in the html.
Tweaked the confirmation form printout so that quote marks are included where appropriate.
Modified the Jomres mailer functionality to set the image name in the email body, rather than a generic name.
Modified the subscribe script so that only a specific set of circumstances will allow it to proceed, otherwise there's a chance that the script will go into an eternal loop.
Tweaked the layout of the jq ui frontend_view_invoice.html template file.
Fixed a typo that prevented switching from C to F in google map weather layer.
Modified the Approvals menu script to only show the option if automatic approvals are disabled (IE site managers have to manually approve properties).
Simplified the backend a little more so that if Advanced Site Config is set to No then fewer options are viewable.
Removed a recommendation from the Getting Started text that referred to adding a login option. It is redundant now as we've got a link in the Jomres main menu that goes to that form (because people didn't read the getting started and didn't add the module).
Added a new option to site config to set the site into production or development mode. Setting it to development allows us to enable error reporting.
Renamed idna_convert class to jomres_idna_convert because several other Joomla components use this class, and we want to prevent fatal errors because they also include the same class.
Modified invoice output to ensure that the correct outstanding amount is shown.
Tweaked QR code generation and display to ensure that it images in emails work in all devices.
Property name added to module popup.
Changed how Gmaps is called, added gmaps to head of the page and instead of calling it "as needed", we're calling it right at the beginning of the run. When called "as needed" it was loading the gmaps source multiple times which prevented the maps from loading properly.
Solved a problem that's created when all layers are disabled in gmaps.
Modified the printable_invoice.html template to include arrival/departure dates snippets.
Replaced references to html_entities_decode, instead sending the strings to jomres_decode function, which parses strings before output.
Removed some string replace quotes code that's no longer needed.
Modified show property header so that meta data is passed through jomres decode before display.
Modified edit property so that output data is NOT passed through jomres decode.
Modified the call to the layout variable to ensure that it's sanitised properly.
Modified generate control panel script to use the showtime variable.
Worked through the code to ensure that all inputs have been properly sanitised, where appropriate.
Removed several usages of the jomres_decode function that we believe are no longer necessary.
Fixed a bug where bookings from gateways wouldn't be associated with existing users, if they hadn't booked before.
Modified booking insert stage so that if the user isn't an existing guest then the first/surname they entered is used as a reference to who made the booking.

Jomres 7.3.0 19/07/2013

Added new functionality that allows Jomres to communicate with the VIES webservice and validate VAT numbers saved when a user enters their account details. (Euro properties only)

Added the qr code library to the core system, and associated code to the email functionality to allow us to include images in emails.
Added "office use" qr code, which prints a qr code to the edit booking page, and "gmap directions" qr code for users to get directions to their property, to the confirmation email and confirmation letter pages. The QR code in the email is intended to give receptionists a quick way of accessing the booking information page in Jomres, allowing them to book guests in/out while on the move.
Added the ability for the booking form to receive a coupon code via the url. The Coupon code plugin has been updated to allow managers to show lists of coupons with QR codes. These can then be handed out to guests who'd scan the code into their phone and immediately benefit from the discount code in the booking form.
Added gmap qr code to property header for users who want to get directions.

Edit my account form changed, now the region input is a dropdown, not a freeform input.
Modified the booking engine so that the guest region is now a dropdown, rather than the free-form'd input used previously.
Added region dropdowns to the guest admin page(s).

Added new functionality that allows us to offer to import tax rates for all of the EU.

Added a number of changes that allow property managers to store the vat number associated with the property, and managers/receptionists to add a VAT number to a guest's details. (note : guests cannot currently be offered VAT free invoices for bookings, that's specifically disabled, but the code is in-situ to achieve that if desired).
Added functionality to add VAT numbers to the invoice printouts in the frontend.
Added code to help us to determine if a guest should or should not be charged VAT.
Added a new tab to the property configuration area where the property's business details can be added, making them distinct from the property's location. Changed Site Config so that the site business address details country and region are chosen through a dropdown.
Added some changes that allow us to associate a tax code with a commission rate.

Modified the subscription functionality so that it doesn't need the manager to re-enter their details again, fixed an issue where invoices wouldn't be saved (due to our new changes).

Modified functionality of the og code so that it's added to the head of the page instead of the body.
Modified the invoice view to have rows relating to recurring prices added to the template as a snippet from another template.

Added a tweak to allow redirection directly to urls when the active property is changed
Improved a new change that saves space at the top of the page depending on whether timezone/language dropdowns are enabled in Site Config.
Modified the grand total figuring to exclude init totals that're < 0, because they're payment line items which will cause the grand total to show incorrectly.
Added no cache headers to integration.php to prevent IE's developer tools causing problems.
Tweaked some autocomplete = off in inputs to lowercase.
Changed how a new line in the invoice has the grant total of tax calculated.
Improved the invoice output a little. Commented a couple of columns in the list invoices page to make it fit better, and made the view invoice page only show recurring items if the recurring total is > 0.00
Updated phpmailer to mailer 5.2.6. Made older mailer class obsolete.
Changed how the add your property link is shown in the main menu, so that non-managers can also see that option without the site manger needing to add a module, if they don't want to.
Added some new changes to the printable invoice so that they also show the new grand total outputs.
Removed BOM from a number of files.
Corrected a language string that incorrectly referred to an older implementation of Jomres that no longer exists.
Added nusoap library to Jomres.
Added a new minicomponent that'll return the region dropdown, intended for use via ajax.
Changed the show guest details script to find the region name using the find_region_name function.
Disabled the Jomres caching switch in Site Config. Given the dynamic nature of the system, there's too many things that can change so it's better not to use it atm.
Renamed the Venezuelan region Dependencias Federales to Territorio Insular Francisco de Miranda
Added a number of changes to fix an issue where sometimes the global editing mode wouldn't work in the frontend.
Prevented pathway script from calling basic property details class when it doesn't need to.
Modified pathway functionality so that the urls are sef'd.
Updated the de-authorisation procedure to ensure that manager ids are also removed from the manager/property xref table.
Tweaked the jrportal functionality that calls 07010 (which is mainly used to insert orphan commission line items) so that if the booker is a super manager, then their details aren't used for raising commisssion items.
Added a check to see if the manager trying to log in hasn't got any properties. If they don't, then we back out gracefully.
Added arrival/departure date output to the invoice.
Changed how external urls are filtered before they're shown in the property header.
Changed the point where the shopping cart is emptied after bookings are created.
Ensured that the javascript inclusion plugin imports the IDN conversion script as in some edge cases it wasn't being included beforehand.
Improved the cron invoice logging so that the email address is readable.
Added some changes that (again) prevent double clicking when making payments to prevent the blank emails that some people get.
Added a check to the manager's first run script to ensure that only super property managers see the Wizzard.

Jomres 7.2.19 11/06/2013

Reversed the previous change that prevents double clicking as it does not work on Chrome. Special release for this as it's a fairly major issue.

Jomres 7.2.18 11/06/2013

Added a new site configuration tab that allows you to enable/disable Google map layers. The choices are Weather/Traffic/Transit/Bicycle & Panoramio. You can also use the same tab to enable/disable the default POIs.
Modified Jomres to add an S after the property header and property list stars, to indicate Superior properties. Added code to make this distinction when editing the property details page.
Added some tweaks to the booking confirmation form to prevent users double clicking the submit button.
Added lines that clarify grand total tax, and grand total ex and inc tax, and the booking number, to the frontend invoice output.
Added options to gmaps to disable the POI layer (so that potential guests can't see your competition on the map).
Added custom language strings to the recaptcha contact_owner.html templates, lang files and minicomponent.
Added metakeywords option to edit property details.
Added noindex,nofollow to the contact owner and booking form pages to prevent spidering on specific pages. Also added code that allows more meta tags if we wish.
Added a function that allows us to get invoices for multiple properties.
Added the Catalan language to the system.
Added a warning RE max input vars to the control panel.

Added new language definitions to Polish language file, many thanks Patryk.
Tweaked how the cron log is shown. dd was actually the week number, now it's the date.
Replaced calls for the function that calls mrConfig with a reference to this->mrConfig. (Booking engine).
Fixed a path to some images in the ratings css.
Added a check to see if JRAJAX is already defined before defining it.
Added some code to check and see if the input filter class already exists.
Modified the basic property details class so that we can pass the property type to the property list.
Tweaked the room type list in Normal editing mode so that SRP and MRP room types are only shown when appropriate.
Added a change to the basic_property_details class so that only room types for this MRP/SRP are pulled out. Makes listing room types when editing tariffs clearer.
Updated our star image to be a larger, golden star.
Improved the exchange rate class file so that it doesn't try to download exchange rates so often.
Modified some code to reduce the amount of times a tariff's periods are called to speed up generation of the rooms list.
Modified sanity check code to see if it's an ajax call. If it is, there's no point in running the check.
Removed a superfluous semi-colon that IE10 has taken a dislike to in the booking engine.
Fixed a bug where if max people in a room was > 10, the single person suppliment wouldn't be set correctly.
Modified edit_my_account.html template to improve responsive layout.
Changed Ukrainian currency code from UAG to UAH
Tweaked handlereq so that the address fades in once, not twice, when a room has been selected.
Tweaked jomres_cron to take into account new IDN related changes, specifically in relation to non-IDN domains.
Added thead/tbody to list_bookings.html to resolve a javascript issue with tableTools javascript.
Modified top template generation so that if lang/timezone/editing mode dropdowns are not available then space at the top isn't used up.
Resized the star image and introduced a small css change to make the S in superior match it's related star in property header.
Fixed recaptcha configuration tab information text.
Fixed an issue where Cron jobs weren't always being triggered correctly.
Improved the backend list invoices script to show guest names, even if the bookers are not registered users.
Improved the growl javascript popup, fixed an issue where the css gradient for jq ui wasn't showing properly, giving a two tone look to the popup if it takes up more than a couple of lines.

Jomres 7.2.17 14/05/2013

Added a new switch to allow users to swap between jq 1.8 and jq 2.x
Updated jgrowl and jquery rating javascript libraries. On at least one customer the older libs are triggering js errors due to $.browser not being available in jquery 1.9 and greater, and we're using jq 2.0.

Added to property header templates.
Updated the Montenegro regions.

Jomres 7.2.16 13/05/2013

Updated jQuery library to jQuery 2 as it's faster. Downside of this is that older versions of IE (6/7/8) and v old versions of Firefox etc are no longer supported. We will watch the tickets to see if we need to add jQ 1.9 and an administrator area switch that'll allow those older browsers to work.
Modified save review and save report so that admin emails are sent when a review or report is entered.
Added a tap to call button to the (bootstrap) property header template, which is viewable when on a phone. Allows phone users to call hotels directly.
Updated the plugin manager so that the "update all plugins" button will only show if the license key is valid.
Added guest address information to the hotel booking email. This has been added only to the output array, it hasn't been added to the template itself, it's for designers to use if they wish.

Added country/region/town to the jomresHTML class to prevent Bootstrapped pages from trying to make them into Yes/No buttons.
Passed region through cms specific string safe function to aid searching translated region names.
Added a new helper function genericLike.
Added a new find region id function to the installer, specifically for the installer. The functions.php version of this function has recently had a call to a Joomla function added. This creates a problem during installation. Rather than making the find_region_id ALWAYS check for the existence of the CMS specific function every time it's run, we'll duplicate the function here instead. find_region_id has the potential to be called many times, so the fewer calls we can make to check if a function exists when 99.99999% if the time it does, the less load we're creating.
Added a flag to the send admin emails function that switches off the contents of $_POST.
Updated Swedish language files.
Tweaked language for the System log name, the security scanner I use to check the safety of language files throws a false positive on it's old name of System log. Changed to Misc now.
Tweaked the Booking Rooms tab to hide the rooms list style if the property is an SRP.
Tweaked the booking engine slightly. When amending a booking, SRPs with fixed period bookings and fixed arrival dates were finding that the stay day period wasn't set, forcing users to reselect the appropriate number of days for the booking before they could proceed. Used some built in variables to reset the stay days in the event that this happens.
Fixed a minor bug with the Add Review label for input set 4.
Changed how session ids are used. These are used to build our own session data, and we've added a cms specific function so that we can reuse J2.5+ session ids instead of the PHP session.
Added old Jomres SA files to the obsolete files list. Nothing's been done to this in quite some time, as everybody uses Joomla.
Improved how the booker's username is added to the database when a booking is created.

Jomres 7.2.15 20/04/2013

Fixed the breadcrumb repeating problem. Thanks Raphael Vilela.
Changed the name of the administrator menu used in installation into the administrator area.
Improved a condition that prevents Jomres from loading the jquery core js files if we're running J3.0 or J3.1
Fixed a typo that checks for region or country table existence in the installer.
Added a page-header class definition to booking form template (bootstrap).
Changed an initialising option that defines minimum interval as an intentionally abnormally high figure, to 1.
Changed how jr_gettext figures out if we're in the administrator area.
Updated German, Italian and Hungarian lang files with some new improvements.
Tweaked property list to ensure that the featured listing class is used properly.
Added new code to help users who're upgrading from J2.5 to J3.x. Modified the installer to remove admin.jomres.php and install jomres.php to the administrator/components/com_jomres directory. If you upgrade from J2.5, you will find that you cannot access jomres.php until you run the 7.2.15 version of install_jomres.php
Tidied up a line in the javascript minicomponent that no longer makes sense within the context of J2.5/3.0.
Removed a redundant check that was causing the price summary to sometimes not show due to the order that the minimum interval is calculated.
Tweaked the booking class to show the price in the allocation popup only if a price variable is set and the tariff mode is Average.
Added a caveat in the show confirmation script so that the email address is only updated if the user isn't registered.
Tweaked output so that booking form summary "number of days/weeks" etc is updated correctly. Previously, if Advanced tariff editing is used, and prices stored weekly option is set to yes, the "weekly" price would in fact show the nightly price. A little confusing so this will clarify that output.
Tweaked a method so that pricing output figuring is done by an already existing method.

Jomres 7.2.14 28/03/2013

Fixed a bug introduced in the last version that was introduced by some new functionality that helps us deal with IDNs.
Tweaked the position of a patTemplate tag in the plugin manager.

Jomres 7.2.13 27/03/2013

Added Joomla 3.1 specific changes. Jomres now works on Joomla 3.1 (beta1, as that's what's available right now).
Added a new button to allow upgrading of all Core plugins on one button click.
Small fix for room names in confirmation page, room were displayed concatenated like name1, name1name2, name1name2name3 and so on instead of name1, name2, name3.
Template fixes, missing / in printable_invoice.html and a /td that shouldn't be in frontend_view_invoice.html in bootstrap.
Tweaked the property list so that if an array's index is null, we find the tariff name through another route.
Changed a url in the cron class to ensure curl calls are sent to the frontend, not the backend.
Fixed a typo that incorrectly set a variable (popup).
Used new simple_tariff_to_date_map variable to provide feedback on properties that use Advanced tariff editing mode, to tell people that they need to select a longer booking.
Disabled the minimum interval input, as it's no longer appropriate due to changes in how the booking engine figures out minimum intervals.
Further tweaks to IDN handling code to ensure that curl calls for cron jobs work as expected.
Changed how the External Link is constructed in the property header, and how it's displayed in the header template(s).
Added a random id to the js date picker so that jquery can use that id to reset the checkbox.
Cleaned up a couple of inputs in edit/register property types to change an input type (templates)
Modified idna url functionality to allow us to choose which method of encoding a url we use (stringURLUnicodeSlug), depending on Joomla's settings.

French lang files updated, many thanks Vincent.
Added Arabic language file to Jomres core.

Jomres 7.2.12 07/03/2013

Fixed an incorrect file path in the obsolete file handler.
Fixed filters in show invoices scripts.
Tweaked a new condition that causes some prices to be set to POA if arrival/departure dates are never shown in search module inputs.
Made a small change to the booking engine so that if tariffChargesStoredWeeklyYesNo is to yes, and tariff mode is set to Advanced, then prices will be output correctly. Adds a distinction for those users who've swapped from tariff charges stored weekly/advanced to Micromanage mode. The option is not valid for micromanage users.
Added some part-translated Swedish language files to the Jomres Core system. Many thanks Marinhio, hopefully this will save you hassle when you next upgrade :)
Added functionality to allow Jomres to detect if we're on a punycode (IDN) url, and to convert urls internally to adapt. Without that adaptation ajax will not work in IE because IE thinks that you're attempting cross browser scripting.
Added a space before a string in discount output.
Tweaked output of property details main tab so that Tour properties show the property type text instead of the non-existent room type icons.
Removed not required text from the show tariffs templates.
Improved code that adds property type names to property details main tab so that the property type is translated.
Tweaked list properties. If the installation is set to be a single property installation then as before we will redirect straight to the booking form, however we'll append arrivalDate if it's in the $_REQUEST global variable.
Tweaked edit property page so that the change country warning isn't shown when the site is configured to limit registrations to just one property.
Added a missing to jq ui dobooking_srp.html
Changed how filter properties works. A couple of users have reported that their installations are reporting that PHP5.3 specific functionality is triggering a fatal error on their installations. PHP5.3 should support anonymous functions, however it appears that some installations don't and report a fatal error so we've tweaked some new sorting code to resolve that.
Fixed a faulty link in list guests invoices script.
Layout tweak to list commission invoices script.
Replaced an icon in the bootstrap toolbar class.
Added jomresDecode to guest's names to allow apostrophes to show properly.
Added a few more tweaks regarding region name translations.
New functionality to render safe urls has broken searching for All regions/towns in the built-in search feature, so we've added a clause to resolve that.
Jquery ui badges mis-behave when using gradient backgrounds, so we've removed the gradients.
Tweaked a javascript void in the cookies.html template so that it doesn't report an error.

Jomres 7.2.11 21/02/2013

Added new functionality to disallow re-use of email addresses if the system is configured to create new users when bookings are made.

Improved how some tariff type filtering is done in the booking form.
Filter properties script updated to work with translatable region names.
Tweaks to guest list invoices minicomponent.
Prettified validation in jq ui booking templates.
Updated the version of jquery validate we use
Added itemid to sitepage no sef url.
Backend confirmation letter moved from backend to frontend, so that the Template Editing feature can be used to style it.
Modified show tariffs 01025 script. Allows us to differentiate between Normal and Micromanage modes to tweak the layout slightly.
Fixed the path to the large image in the module popup script.
Tweaked the get_property_price_for_display_in_lists function so that it also checks the temp booking details variable for an arrival date. Ensures that prices shown in properties loaded by live scrolling feature show the correct price based on the date of the previous search.

Jomres 7.2.10 12/02/2013

Added queries and html to templates to ensure that the property's fax number is captured in the edit property pages.
Modified the booking engine to ensure prices are output in the price estimate according to the day/week/month settings.
Improved the new tooltips popups by using a new css class. Also removed month picker dropdown if property is an SRP
Fixed a bug where agent details weren't showing correctly.
Added a new language string to language files.
Improved dashboard tooltip classes.
Modified some popup output to ensure that they obey the "Use Jomres Messaging" switch.
Fixed some incorrect definition names in the reg link and search class menu options.
Fixed a typo that prevented property type names being translated in list properties.
Updated some missing strings for touch templating.
Modified sent emails. Added the guest's email address to email text so that those users who's system setup will not allow guest emails to be set as the return email address will still see the guest's email in the body of the message, and use that.
Updated the version of datatables used by Jomres.
Changed the Madagascan currency symbol.
Modified how chains of tariffs are found, fixes a case where tariff counts for days weren't done correctly internally. This part of the code is used to determine if the tariff map has dates for all days in the booking's date range.
Tweaked the BS Cookie template.
Changed how some routing is done, changed our code to ensure it uses the same code that Joomla uses (j2.5 & j3) to aid string comparisons. Improves searching on translated region names.
Improved edit property templates, added inputs for fax numbers.
Corrected a lang definition name used in touch templates.
Removed Joomla 1.6 and 1.7 cms specific functionality. These versions of Joomla are no longer supported and Jomres will not run in them.
Tweaked some new functions to ensure we check to see which script is running first. If we're running the installer some Joomla functions will not be available.
Resolved an issue where regions were showing as region ids in confirmation letters.
Changed how search form submission urls are generated, helping to make Jomres even more SEF friendly.
Changed the template array index for the submission url to SUBMITURL
Changed the confirmation email to the hotel to set the From name to be the guest's name, not the hotel's.
Added some changes to allow Jintour to insert a tab into the edit booking page, for both managers views, and guest's views.

Jomres 7.2.9 22/01/2013

Modified a previously removed switch. Put it back in, but changed how it works. Previously we'd removed the "Enable currency conversion" option, because for the shopping cart to work the conversion functionality ALWAYS has to be enabled. Some people didn't like this as they only wanted prices output in one currency, nnn.nn instead of nnn.nn (nnn.nn). To get around this user conflict we've re-added the switch, but changed what it effects. Instead of using it to switch off the conversion functionality internally, we'll leave the functionality enabled, instead we're simply using it to tell the "output_price" function to not output the price in the nnn.nn (nnn.nn) format.
Added some code to ensure that tooltips show correctly in module popups in bootstrap.
Fixed a css class bug in the srp calendar. Thanks David!
Tweaked the UI availability calendar so that Jintour can block out dates.
Added default tooltip popup code for new tooltip class.
Modified flat rate functionality, ensured that the tariff map is always created when calculating prices.
Tweaked list properties script to add telephone number to output.
Added functionality to support having a cms specific output date class that'll use the Joomla language file's settings instead of property configuration settings.
Updated microdata in show_property_reviews.html
Tweaked a path to a loading gif.
Tweaked a few urls in the Jomres code to ensure they're parsed through jomresURL function.
Updated the Spanish language files, many thanks David.

Jomres 7.2.8 08/01/2013

Set the default tariff model to Average.
Tweaked flat rate pricing to ensure that the correct tariff uid is selected internally if the property uses Flat rates but micromanage tariff editing.
Modified the booking engine so that the add room and remove room buttons have different icons and colours. (Bootstrap only)
Tweaked the booking engine to deal with an obscure minimum interval issue.
Modified the non-verbose tariff script to show less data, makes the tariff list more readable in the property details/tariffs tab.
Fixed a missing span in the show reviews template.
Added a change that removes Joomla's "base" tag from the page's output. We've updated jquery ui to 1.9.2 and it's tab generation code has changed. The base url is used and if the base url is wrong then the tabs will reload the entire site's content. This tweak gives us forward compatability for when J3's jq ui library is updated to 1.9.x, so that's nice.
Added some wells around the rooms list to improve the output in bootstrap, and we now hide the available rooms div if there aren't any available rooms.
Removed some input filtering that was duplicating some filtering that'd already been done and causing apostrophe's to not be entered properly into the db.
Removed a condition that prevented the availability calendar from showing in the booking page.
Changed the tooltip class as the older beauty tips no longer work in Jq ui 1.9.x
Moved tooltip trigger code into jomres.js
Improved layout of list templates, and tweaked the show reviews page so that google will render the microformat data.

Jomres 7.2.7 03/01/2013

Updated jquery ui javascript and css libraries to 1.9.2 as that's required by the new edit in place functionality.

Jomres 7.2.6 02/01/2013

Modified booking engine so that the duplicate tariff id check is only done for micromanage tariffs, so that Advanced tariffs, duplicates are returned to the booking form.
Tweaked the price calculation so that the estimate is only performed on micromanaged tariffs in average mode.
Minor changes to logging to make the booking form log more readable.
Modified output of booking details to reflect a paid invoice's status.
Small tweak to rooms list normal mode tariff editing page.
Added commented out code to show how to add that availability calendar to the property list.
Removed the option to enable/disable currency conversion
Added new code that looks at all tariffs for a property. If ALL tariffs have a specific arrival day of the week set, then the booking calendar popup will only allow those days of the week to be chosen.
Added x-editable to Jomres, which will replace the older editable jquery plugin, as it works with both jq ui and bootstrap.
Removed a defunct call to jrportal.js from fe_stats.
A raft of changes to support new inline text editing functionality. Reduces the number of items that can be changed through the editing mode, to make the feature more user friendly (and less error prone due to mis-use).
Edit show room details so that room name isn't translatable in tabs.
Tweaked the performance monitor to use multiple points with the same name.
Tweaked the pathway to not show if editing mode is enabled.
Tweaked the basic_property_details property details queries to provide a small performance improvement.
Modified the jr_gettext function to call the jr_get_defined function less often.
Added a feature to allow us to switch off region name translation functionality. Due to there being something like 4,000 region names in the db, translation of regions can take up a great deal of memory. Slower machines may suffer so we'll offer people the option to forgo this feature,and it's switched off by default.
Tweaked the J1.5 router.php to ensure that it uses jr_gettext when building urls.
Modified the booking engine, improved how pricing is calculated by making use of the room allocations and tariff map arrays, which are new. Makes the te_setAverageRate method much more readable.
Added some js to the booking form's javascript to close old growl popups before new ones are shown.
Tweaked the new editing mode scripts to ensure .js and .css files are only added to head if editing mode is on (cos the .css file borks the jq ui calendar css, among other reasons).
Added property type to srp's property type tab.
Tweaked bootstrap editable to remove datepicker related css.
Modified the reviews template to include microdata.
Tweaked the tariff estimation code to let it use new functionality to provide pricing estimates.
Improved the booking engine and how tariff types are filtered out to ensure that only the appropriate tariff types are filtered out on room prices being zero.
Added CURL agent to CURL calls.
Modified the search button so that it will use a bootstrapped button when bootstrap enabled. (Search modules).
Updated copyright information.

Jomres 7.2.5 07/12/2012

Modified the new badge generation script, stop it from showing on the add plugin page as that script already uses plugin info scripts and an error will be generated and the plugin will not install.

Jomres 7.2.4 06/12/2012

Added a new feature that property managers can use to manually approve newly created properties. Until a property has been approved a manager/super manager cannot publish/unpublish a property.
Added new functionality to add badges to administrator menu, and three new scripts to generate items requiring attention badge numbers.
Added a feature to the booking engine that allows Jintour to set the "fully booked dates" javascript array, effectively allowing Jintour to block off calendar dates in the booking form calendar for those dates that don't have a tour available.
Created two new js files, a consolidation js file and an minified version of that file. Many of our .js files have been static for a long time so it makes sense to consolidate those files into one, smaller file.
Added commented out code to contact owner template to show you how you can theme the captcha code.
Modified the booking engine, if using micromanage, then any tariff where zero appears as one of the prices, then the entire tariff type (micromanage tariff) is excluded as a possible choice.

Added a clearfix to the bootstrap basic module output so that the module layout works properly.
Added a super secret, never to be mentioned option to the get_property_module_data so that a calling script can define template paths and template names.
Modified the method that builds the language dropdown so that it can also be used as a configuration option.
Added a configuration option to property config - misc to allow us to set the default language for the property. Not used as yet, but there are plans to use it later.
Added a new 05100 optional minicomponent trigger to the end run of jr_gettext. Currently disabled.
Disabled some joomfish cookie settings as they're N/A in J3.
Modified how the session file is detected.
Modified the slideshow script. If the slideshow images haven't been uploaded, but the main property image exists, then use that instead.
Fixed a bug where new users couldn't be created in J3 when creating bookings.
jrportal's js file consolidated into jomres.js
ui_availability_calendar modified slightly to take into account the possibility of room numbers being changed.
Modified jomres/jomres_config.php to add a new option "property language" and set the default to en-GB.
Modified how regions are constructed as dropdowns, changes the region stored in the DB from the region name to it's ID. Makes cross/language functionality work in the edit property page.
Tweaked the GifCreator to ensure that we're not throwing exceptions to the global scope as we're not using the namespacing.
Updated the prepGeographicSearch function to use translated numeric ids in regions.
Added a missing definition's jr_gettext call to the editpfeature admin script.
Updated ui availability calendar so that it uses random ids, meaning that more than one ui calendar can be used on a page at a time.
Added a clearfix to improve the basic module wrapper display.
Added a missing jr_gettext to the published property feedback message.
Updated the Polish lang files, many thanks Patryk.
Modified the search functionality to search for both region ids and region names in the propertys table.
Added a new "migrate region names to region ids" function, but will leave it disabled for now. New Jomres functionality forces us to store region names as the database region ids, however we don't want this new functionality to negatively impact users with existing data so search functionality has been updated to search both region names and region ids in the jomres_propertys table. For now we BELIEVE that this will be sufficient to provide a painless upgrade, however we'll keep this migration function in our back pockets in case we find that users benefit from migrating their properties to region ids.
Added room name and number information to confirmation page.
Modified the add plugin functionality. While testing plugin updates it's occasionally necessary to install them through the third party installer to test table update functionality, however previous to this change it wasn't possible to do.
Modified showplugins to use include_once instead of include, as new functionality might end up with scripts including the plugin info scripts several times.
Modified the mailer to change email body's to html so that urls can be linked properly, but only if the email doesn't already content http-equiv code.
Added a change to geocoder to limit the number of decimals used to define the property's location. Without this some properties generate long strings which are too long for the lat/long columns in #__jomres_propertys

Jomres 7.2.3 20/11/2012

Added a new feature where property list images are shown as gifs if configuration set to show them, and there are slideshow images. There is also an option to only show featured properties as gifs.
Modified edit my account functionality to allow uploading of images for users.
Added a feature where users can list properties for specific property managers (task is called view_agent). A new image in the property list quick info (taken from the image uploaded via the Edit my Account feature) links to a list of all of the manager's properties.

Removed the loading animation for bootstrap modal popups. Ugly.
A small fix for the dashboard to show the half images when clicking the dashboard menu also otherwise it shows the half images only when logged in and going to the default jomres page.
Modified property list so that if property description is shorter than the description limit, then ... is not shown.
Tweaked a module popup js function to ensure it only triggers if the property uid is set.

Jomres 7.2.2 13/11/2012

Added functionality to the database handler that'll allow us to cope with 1and1's socket settings.
Added functionality to allow editing of css files through the template editing feature. Was disabled in the last version due to new template editing functionality, but has now been reworked.

Jomres 7.2.1 07/11/2012

Removed a private class definition that was causing errors.
Tweaked the dashboard minicomponent to ensure that the date dropdown is shown if we're actually running the dashboard task.
Fixed an issue where Advanced tariff editing mode tariffs are showing that the min interval needs to be 1000 days.
Tweaked the currency format class so that the integer only price shows correctly on all server configurations.

Jomres 7.2.0 30/10/2012

Modified the booking engine to make use of greater flexability offered by upcoming changes to the advanced/micromanage plugin when configuring minimum day settings. The new micromanage functionality allows you to set minimum days for individual days, in the same way that you set individual day's prices.
Added functionality that allows us to have Property Type specific templates.
Added a work-in-progress Thai language file to the Core system.

Changed a call to strtolower to jr_strtolower. Affects categories of the administrator area main menu, ensuring that non-latin characters are lowered correctly.
Tweak to ensure that users clicking on the dashboard link actually see the dashboard.
Added icons and minor layout tweaks to property details buttons.
Adding an experimental php parser function to patTemplate lib.
Updated codemirror lib to v2.34
Added old codemirror scripts to obsolete file list.
Modified obsolete_files_wrapper.html so that obsolete files list is collapsed by default. BS only.
Modified delete template to delete by id instead of template name.
Modified the getPropertyTypeDropdown function to allow blanks in the dropdown list.
Added a property type column to the custom templates table on installation/upgrade.
Modified how the custom template handler works, so that it's able to support property type specific templates.
Modified the getThisMonthName function. Solved a problem where month names are not displayed in the default dashboard
Improved feedback from booking engine to ensure that if the minimum interval isn't reached, then a message is shown. Provided popups to give users hints to how many days they should book for to get certain prices.
Improved list templates page to clarify new functionality's instructions.
Commented out two lines in the router that're causing J3 to throw an error when clicking on dashboard dates. Works around a minor-ish bug in J3.
Modified the Weak input filtering process slightly, apostrophes are changed to Right Acutes.
Added an mb_ucwords and jr_ucwords pair of functions.
Modified the administrator area generate control panel script to us jr_ucwords.

Jomres 7.1.4 16/10/2012

Added a new feature so that site managers can configure the default property list view through the site config - search options tab.
Adding some experimental changes that'll allow us to switch languages in the administrator area.

Occasionally it's normal for the session file name to have not been created, added a check to temp booking handler to take that into account.
Added an option to reset the custom text class on the fly.
Changed how administrator editinplace functionality accepts languages. Instead of using showtime 'lang' it now accepts whatever's in the url.
Added a missing div to edit customer type jquery ui template.
Improved the bootstrap html in the plugin manager RE popups.
Modified how the logo is called in the management view.
Language dropdown removed from translation pages, as it's now added to the administrator backend as a whole.
Changed bc_is_even method, probably don't even need it now, and it lowers the bar for installation slightly.
Fixed a typo that was preventing the save to cart text from showing in the booking confirmation page
Removed header declaration from handlereq.php as it's no longer required.
Updated Polish lang files, many thanks for that Patryk

Jomres 7.1.3 10/10/2012

Fixed a bug in the region import script which meant that the regions table was being populated with duplicate regions when install_jomres.php was run.
Fixed a small issue where SRP property type selection showed a definition instead of a string when tariff editing mode was advanced/micromanage.

Jomres 7.1.2 10/10/2012

Added JOOMLA30 to the list of CMSs that allow us to use JFactory::getLanguage to detect the current language.
Changed the point that we trigger jomres_language to detect the current language in the administrator area.
Broke translation functionality into two new pages, translate locales and translate lang file strings. Added a new feature to check whether the user's a super property manager before attempting to use the translation features, and added the language dropdown to the three translation pages.
Discovered that new language file translation feature doesn't like the < symbol in language file definitions. Forced to modify those definitions to remove the <.

Jomres 7.1.1 09/10/2012

Added more strings to be parsed through the jr_gettext function.
Fixed another bootstrap bug where changelog and warning popups weren't showing.

Jomres 7.1.0 05/10/2012

Fundamentally changed how language strings are used in Jomres. We no longer use "define"d strings, instead strings are added through a new Jomres function jr_define. This allows us much more flexibility in how languages are used within the system.
Added new countries and region functionality, allows users to add/edit/remove countries and regions without editing the countries.php file, as old countries/regions are now imported into the db.
Improved Language Translations feature, using newly created language handling functionality. Language Translations now allows you to customise ALL language strings from language files, for the current language context.
Added a new feature that allows you to export definitions created using the Language Translations page as a new file.

Tweaked custom template handler so that it works with bootstrap.
Modified countries.php to update the status of Netherland Antilles (now defunct). Added CW, AW and BQ, but will leave AN in-situ for now as existing customers will be using that.
Removed a check for tmpl in the url that stops the Availability link from being shown.
Some bootstrap tweaks that fix issues with BS 2.1 and hidden-phone definitions. Fixes table layout problems caused by J3B2 going to BS2.1
Changed how property name is found when generating property list in guest's list bookings.
Improved the new auto-detect the guest's country in the booking form feature, by allowing the property manager to define if this option should be used, or if the property manager should set the default country manually.
Modified common scripts in patTemplate, added a new variable COMMON_SOURCE_SCRIPT, which a user can add to a template file to help them figure out which script is calling that template.
Commented out some redundant code from the plugin manager templates.
Undid a previous change that was designed to allow free searching without setting module search options, as it was causing module output to be changed in undesired ways.
Full access control switch hidden in site config. People don't read what it does before enabling it. Basic access control still available.
Modified the composite property details notabs template to make it more obvious how data can be constructed.
Changed how urls are detected at startup, as Joomla's SEF plugins will mangle some urls.
Added list_normalmode_roomtariffs.html in the frontend dirs to the obsolete files list.
Added trim() to save property name
Updated Polish lang files and countries.php to reflect Poland's 16 regions.
Fixed an issue where live scrolling was only scrolling once, due to a bug introduced in a v6.6.6 change.
Added a hidden input to site config that will automatically change the chosen mainmenu layout to "alternate" so that upgraders will be forced to use the new bootstrap main menu.
Re-enabled management view now that J3 has been released.
Updated jquery and jquery ui to 1.8.2 and 1.8.23 respectively to allow them to work alongside Joomla 3's jquery functionality.
Fixed some incorrect paths to template dirs for obsolete file checking, and removed some older .js files that are no longer used.
Added some changes so that plugin descriptions work on click in plugin manager.
Added radio button js to management bottom.
Updated basic_property_details to include property type string.
Updated a variety of output strings to ensure they're passed through jr_gettext
Small tweak to ensure that Jomres doesn't try to apply radio buttons to commission rate dropdown.
Added j00501editingmode.class.php to the obsolete file list.
Added a space between subject and hotel name in contact owner page.

Jomres 7.0.2 11/09/2012

Added a couple of small changes to ensure that Jomres will install on Joomla 3, Beta 1.
Added img src to default html purifier options.
Fixed a bug where the invoices table wasn't being created due to a new feature added in the last version.
Added warning to administrator area if Beez3 is the default site template, and a few minor tweaks to other template files (Joomla 3)
Split dashboard functionality out into it's own 06000 script.
Added a ; to stop falang from throwing a wobbly.
Tweaked new dashboard functionality to allow switching on and off of legend and month dropdown.
Modified a file's name to ensure it includes the country in the file's name.
Default language context set back to Nothing.
Changed how the default bootstrap/non-bootstrap settings are chosen in site config.
Removed a defunct settings that was only used during beta development from site config setting array.
Disabled plugin shop in the plugin manager.
Improved the domain determining function.
Brought admin's first run instructions up to date.
Fixed an issue in rooms list caused by BS 2.1 changes.
Added guest types to BS radio exceptions.
Single person suppliment data isn't output in the booking form if it's disabled in configuration.
Added some changes to use the geo_located country instead of the old mrConfig country.
Fixed some edit guest inputs that were incorrectly labelled. (Bootstrap)

Jomres 7.0.1 06/09/2012

Added a new feature where plugins which are required by other plugins are installed automagically.
Removed some depreciated "split"s and replaced with explode. Other changes to resolve JCE's strict error level settings causing problems.
Added a timed redirect to the bootstrapped plugin installation advisory page.
Added a space that would appear between "price" and "poa" for properties that don't have prices set.
Added a missing template to the jquery ui library.
Bootstrapped the installer.
Fixed issue where wrong query was resulting in the wrong property type in the pathway script. As the pathway is run pretty early on this was then setting the property type wrong in lots of other places due to caching of output text in the jr_gettext function.
Changed the install plugin link, removed no_html as it's no longer appropriate now that we've added the installation feedback output.
Corrected some url generation.
Removed the ability for users to enable bootstrapped Jomres templates in the administrator area if they're not using Joomla 3+
Added a couple of images to our image library.
css and html for photo view to make it more responsive and fit properly ...the last version had problems when clicking on modal...also made it use the bootstrap modal instead of jui one.
Added functionality to provide output in the event of an error finding paths in patTemplate.

Jomres 7.0.0 31/08/2012

Changed the REQUEST element checked before outputting hotel details to property_uid from id.
Added some more bootstrap specific labels to the my commission invoices script.
Added a new no image thumbnail image
Added two new common lang strings, Edit and Copy, to lang files.
Added bootstrap code to the Back to property details and open booking form links shown when the booking form is coded to show as a popup.
Modified the show reviews template to use bootstrap's blockquote styling.
Corrected a price input into a number type in edit extra
Changed normal mode tariffs so that the price input is a html5 number type.
Modified a number of templates & scripts to use a more aesthetically pleasing dropdown & edit icon in various lists.
List extras and list customer types modified so that publish button is more obvious (and coloured).
Added a new data tables function and removed an experimental .js script that was used in the plugin manager.
Improved the bootstrap plugin manager layout further.
Changed how data sent from the plugin manager is sanitised (not that we expect this data to be suspicious, but it never hurts to be careful).
Temporarily disabled management view in J3 until at least Joomla 3's formal release.
Added site config switches to decide if we should use bootstrap or not.

Jomres 7.-1.0 29/08/2012

Disabled the Jomres text editor in J2.5 More trouble than it is worth atm, if somebody enters something that creates a javascript error the editor crashes and burns
Added slideshow to pathway
Various list invoices tweaks.
Moved jomres_alternate_menu_position outside jomres_content_area so that we retain the menu if ajax search composite is used.
Disabled a new js function's bells as it doesn't whistle on the ipad.

Jomres 7.0.-2

Tweaked show hotel details page so that it can be viewed via a direct url, as well as called from another plugin.
Updated asamodule report functionality to output more information.
Changed some wording in lang files, replaced Book now and Book a room with Book now! and More Info with Read more (as that's more in tune with Joomla's UI)
Featured listings has a new feature where featured properties can have a class applied to them so they shop up emphasised in the property list, added changes to Jomres property list functionality to support this feature.
Changed how powered by is added to bottom of the page, and changed how radio button rendering code in frontend is built so that if using bootstrap on j2.5, then the radio buttons will still work.
Tweaks to some J3 BS templates, including how the map is rendered so that it's width is responsive.
Re-enabled the function getbookingguestdata, thought to be depreciated, but the paypal gateway plugin uses it.
Fixed a bug where IE wouldn't disable the cookies pane.
Added property name to reviews dialogue.
Added order by property name to property list in Show Profiles.
Added radio button group styles to Jomres bootstrap css script, as they're likely to be missing in some J3 BS templates.
Added code to disable magic quotes if it's enabled, due to one funny server (I'm looking at you, exploretravel!)
Tooltip tweaks to allow tooltips to work in module popups.
Removed dialog alert class from image popup function.
Various bootstrap template improvements to account for using BS 2.1.
contact form tweaked to have a page title and sub-text
Invoices changed to display page even if no invoices, when using the filtering
Added a new method to count the number of guests, and added a count that says if there's only one guest type then don't offer 0 as an option in the guest number dropdown.
Added guest id to invoices list, ensured that it's added to the invoice table when a new booking is made and when the guest list is viewed invoice buttons are associated with guest ids.
Added jquery easing and a new slide and toggle jquery function.
Disabled the Jomres text editor in J2.5
More trouble than it is worth atm, if somebody enters something that creates a javascript error the editor crashes and burns
Pathway functionality updated to work with J2.5 & 3, and search functionality modified so that a setting doesn't need to be enabled in a module for the setting to kick in during searching.
Layout and css tweaks to new bootstrap templates.

Jomres 7.0.-3

* Summary
* The main changes in Jomres 7 refer to using Jomres in Joomla 3, adapting it's templates to work seamlessly through Twitter's Bootstrap CSS framework.
Added microdata ( ) to property header.
Updated composite property details to resolve issues of the gmap not rendering in old style templates.
Fixed a bug where the currency wasn't always being shown in property lists.
Solved an issue where property addresses weren't being shown correctly in favourites list.
Changed a minicomponent to be touch templatable so that the Invoices word can be translated.
Fixed a bug where the shopping cart's price was set to twice the deposit actually required, when the price is sent to paypal.
Tweaked currency code dropdown creation method so that if global currencies is off, and currency conversion is disabled, the dropdown will still be shown in the tariffs and currencies tab of Property Config.
Added cache enabled warning to admin area control panel for j2.5
Made a lot of preliminary changes to simplify the defined urls used in Jomres, ensuring that there are dedicated ajax urls for both site and administrator areas, and that they're used in favour of other, older urls.
Fixed paths for manager selection
Implemented a new cms specific file that allows us to do some "post run" stuff. Joomla 3 insists on outputting html despite tmpl=component being set, which basically blows everybody's ajax out of the water. The new endrun file includes JFactory::getApplication()->close(); if it's an ajax call, which effectively tells Joomla to stop what it's doing and behave.
Added common Action and View language strings.
Improved the plugin reporting on the control panel.
Modified plugin manager to use a template for most (not all) of it's information generation.
Changed which variable is used in the classic rooms list, means that price is output inc tax, if the property prices are configured to be gross.
Tidied up the tax calculation method in the booking engine, removed some obsolete stuff.
Changed wording in English lang files to clarify Gross and Nett setting in tariffs and currencies.
Blank option in Tariffs and Currencies tax code dropdown removed. This had been left in-situ when we first adapted Jomres to calculate ex-tax prices in the booking engine. Now that proper tax breakdowns are used everywhere it makes sense to remove the blank option from the tax codes dropdown, thereby forcing all new users to select a tax code when configuring.
Modified property switcher to ensure that nofollowtmpl is used.
Added an extra check for curl init to one control panel function.
Re-organised when the Jomres main menu is triggered.
Rewrote admin.php and obsolete file handling to allow us to "templateise" the administrator control panel.
Deleted some scripts, images and templates that are no longer part of Jomres, added them to the obsolete files list.
Inserted a space between terms and conditions text and it's associated link.
Made "propertyrental" the default language context.
Modified showplugins so that if the server was unable to communicate with the Jomres server to get a price, then a comms error is reported, rather than erroneously reporting the price of a plugin as 0 (free).
Tweaked how the mailer works, solves a problem where emails passed as array were not found correctly, the code was missing if the "use jomres email checker" is set to no.
Modified show confirmation so that "Guests" output isn't shown if get_showtime('include_room_booking_functionality') is false.
Moved functions out of integration.php, and into function files of their own, or into functions.php
Identified and disabled (commented out) a host of depreciated functions.
Updated html purifier to 4.4, modified input filtering to offer a number of different ways that inputs can be filtered (new tab in site config).
Disabled Jomres editor (for now) as it's not very robust.
Added input filtering defaults to site config panels.
Input filtering rejigged slightly, now the allowed html inputs are defined in 00003, before the first jomresGetParam call is made. If we don't do this, the allowed inputs will never be set.
Added a recursive directory scanning function.
Removed htmlpurifier-4.3.0-standalone directory from repository.
Added htmlpurifier-4.3.0-standalone to obsolete file list.
Modified the scan dir function to also filter on extensions as an option.
Modified control panel to silently remove .js files from /jomres/temp, keeps temporary javascript files fresh.
Added compare url to misc defines temp js file.
Added a no search results minicomponent, outputs a styled template with message.
Updated jeditable, improved it's functionality.
Added djris's dashboard colour changes.

Generally, these are bootstrap specific changes :

Rooms list configuration options disabled in property config as the rooms list is now templatised. It is more logical than having these options in the property config area.
Integrated Bootstrap templates into Jomres. Joomla 3 cms specific functionality included, but not yet tested against Joomla 3, so will need revisiting.
CSS and layout tweaks for Jomres 7
Tweaked the rooms list in the booking form
Moved a button's position so that it's inside the form elements.
Added an option to enable programatically disabling Joomla's cache feature for certain pages.
Implemented changes to allow Jomres to switch the date input's class depending on whether or not we're running bootstrap.
Added a new switch to enable/disable bootstrap templates in J2.5. This is a temporary option to be used during development.
Added a BR to the js_calendar_input.html template to allow a line break after the departure date input.
Corrected a template error where the wrong data was shown in property details.
Fixed a bug where prices weren't being shown for mrps/srps.
Bootstrap dobooking tweaks to make the booking estimate warning smaller.
Tweaked new functionality to ensure that max people in room number is shown in rooms lists in the booking form.
Added a minwidth setting to the booking form.
Numerous changes to facilitate Bootstrap in the administrator area of Jomres.
Made a variety to changes to ensure that Jomres will install and run in Joomla 3 alpha 1.
Renamed joomla 3 cms specific files dir from joomla3 to joomla 30
Removed some stray code from the edit_SRP_propertytype.html template. Cheers David.
Added a feature that allows us to use bootstrap radio buttons if an option (ie dropdown) has only two choices.
Added tweaks and notes to main menu wrapper alternate. This is fast becoming the "default" main menu wrapper, the accordion is likely to go the way of the dodo. As a result, it's worth considering renaming these menu templates altogether before Jr7 is released, removing obsolete ones and making this template's name more self explanatory.
Added a Back to top button that appears bottom right when a user scrolls down.
Tweaked new functionality to ensure that the bootstrap Yes/No buttons javascript isn't output if the call is via ajax.
Some url tweaks to ensure that ajax continues to work successfully in J2.5.
Various tweaks to allow modules to install and work in Joomla 3.0
Added a missing line to Jomres J1.5 url generation script. This was as a result of previous, post 6.6.7 url tweaks that provide more concise url definitions.
Setting a default, development option to No.
Modified javascript initialisation minicomponent to no longer include scripts that are not needed when using bootstrap.
Modified how dropdowns are generated to take advantage of joomla's new radio button selection functionality.
Tweaked control panel's layout.
Modified partners templates to use new urls defined in patTemplates.
Added code to create global scope javascript variables for Jomres javascripts to decide if we're using bootstrap or not and make decisions based on that.
Changed the mobile device wrapped setting to off by default, pointless now that we've got bootstrap, may well remove those settings altogether.
Tweaks to how Jomres News is output in the control panel.
Modified cms_specific/joomla30/cms_specific_installation.php to remove "ordering" column from menu installation query, as it's no longer in J3.
Tweaked the obsolete files delete link so that it's a button, not just a link. Makes it more visible.
Removed "property_management" from the list of possible dropdowns that can have spiffy Yes/No themes applied.
Removed some javascript variables from templates as they're no longer appropriate.
Modified the booking form's calendar popup, if we're using bootstrap we'll let the number of months = 1, otherwise the popup doesn't look good on phones.
Tweaked the booking forms, the /form element was in the wrong place for modal popup booking forms.
Modified sanity check to add a br after the warning.
Added some js to bottom.html that makes radio buttons in the frontend render properly, as J3 pre-alpha 2 is currently missing this. Might need to/be able to remove this at a later date.
Added a slash to ensure that the paypal logo shows in view invoice page.
Removed the booking panel summary as slider option from J3 site config as it's no longer applicable.
Added a toggle button state js function
Fixed editing mode not switching.

Jomres 6.6.7 28/06/2012

Fixed an issue where users could not choose managers in Show Profiles.

Jomres 6.6.6 27/06/2012

Contact owner captcha replaced with reCaptcha (remember to set the public and private keys in Site Config)
Added a new feature to lock rooms in the booking form. To prevent the danger of rooms being double booked when they're added to a shopping cart a room lock will prevent a room from being added to another user's booking form (rather, from being shown in the available rooms list) if the dates of their booking coincide with the dates of another user's booking being made at the same time.
Added a new editor to Jomres.
Modified the functionality that generates the module popup .js file to include the domain, prevents issues where users are using multiple domains from having cross domain problems.
Modified currency codes class to exclude those code which cannot be converted. If we don't a property can choose an unconvertable code then the cart stops showing the correct figures.
Modified the insert booking function to copy over guest details, allows a property manager to put two bookings into the cart against two different guests.
Shopping cart modified to show prices converted to the global currency code. Without this change, if two bookings are saved to the cart, if they're using different currencies then the wrong prices will be shown on the cart.
Tweaked module installer so that modules that already exist shouldn't require uninstalling before they're upgraded.
A variety of changes to separate the rooms lists in the booking form's html from the booking engine.
Modified singleton abstract class so that plugin dirs can be scanned for abstract classes.
Added new code that allows us to have some language strings available to all templates.
Modified various templates to further standardise layout in templates, and finally, after 7 years, template-ified the list properties page.
Changed how the edit booking page is rendered, finally moved various output data into their own templates.
Added a new feature that tells a user they've clicked on a link for a task where the plugin has not yet been installed, and gives them a link to that plugin in the plugin manager.
Made plugin names human readable in the plugin manager.
A variety of changes to improve consistency with input and output filtering. Resolves an issue where guests with cities with an apostrophe weren't being encoded then decoded properly. For legacy reasons elements of the booking engine used older escaping functionality, by changing the filtering to filter_input we can easily decode the sanitised strings. Not security related, just aesthetics related.
The Google map has been moved out of it's own tab and into the first, Property Description tab instead.

Image path fixes for paypal in invoices.
Small tweak to make the deposit the entire booking's price if the deposit is set to be the first night's price, and the booking's only for one night.
Tweak to the drop image function to ensure that medium thumbs are also deleted when other images are deleted.
Improved multibyte handling.
Tweak to ensure SEF'd urls don't bork form action search urls.
Improved how the booking engine finds free slots when the booking form is first generated.
Added an updated Polish language file to the system.
Solved a problem with the reviews average rating and number of reviews not being shown in property list.
Added a new language definition POA to language files. Modified the price output function to output POA if price isn't otherwise set. Got sick of seeing $0.00 when tariffs were not available for a property.
Further improvements to the code added to speed up generation of the booking form if the property is using fixed arrival days.
Removed some spans from dropdown creation functions.
Improved new code in output_price which allows 0.00 to be output in certain circumstances.
Modified how links to invoices in different states are constructed in templates.
Changed the validation js file called, as the minified version is no longer shipped with Jomres.
Added a cancel word to addreview script.
toptemplate functionality tweaked to enable menu generator to use the various top template dropdowns.
Modified switch property feature to use template when generating buttons.
Modified sanity check functionality to remove html out of code and into it's corresponding template.
Tweaked how report bug information is built.
Updated list guests invoices script to account for new links.
Tweaked editproperty to provide further output for url/text separation in templates.
Modifed saveproperty so that if the property name is blank, the old property name is reused.
Edited new black booking template so that new text separation functionality is used.
Further layout separation tweaks to the rooms list and edit room and edit room feature pages.
Layout tweaks to list_property_bookings.html
Tweaked edit booking related pages, made it so that add/edit notes doesn't try to close the page, and that cancel booking/edit deposit pages return to the edit booking page when cancel clicked.
Modified the add header code in cms_specific/joomla25/cms_specific_functions.php so that if the filename isn't set, then the add to header functionality for that file is abandoned (allows us to disable some .js or .css scripts programatically)
Added loading animation to bottom of live scrolling feature so that user can tell if a new property is being loaded.
Show property reviews code and html separation changes
Modified geocoder script so that if mobile detected, then show a halfsize map instead of the originally defined size.
Modified dobooking to ensure estimate warning is available to the booking form template.
A number of changes made to jomres.js to allow the system to resize modal popups depending on the client device's resolution. These sizes are arbitrary currently and will need to be reviewed.
Modified input select functionality to automatically add class="input-medium", this will probably need to change in the future, but it'll do for now.
Modified the property header script to add the default thumb if the property doesn't have an image uploaded.
Removed some redundant code from dobooking.php
Removed span classes from countries.php dropdowns.
Added odd/even rows to list properties for use in templates.
Modified temp booking handler and booking engine to ensure that the property's currency code is stored along with the rest of the booking information. This allows us to build the cart later with the correct converted prices.
Confirmation form updated to correctly show new template changes.
Updated galleria slideshow to the responsive 1.2.7
Added a new class to the composite property details that'll help activate bootstrap'd tabs.
Added a strip tags and removed parse by bots from list properties. Breaks too much css if left in.
Added a display errors off to init_config_vars.php for Joomla 2.5
Modified show profiles, it'll be seen in the administrator's menu regardless of the advanced config option setting.
Changed temp booking handler so that administrator's sessions go into their own directories.
Changed file write functionality to use file get and file put instead of fopen.
Added some new classes for use in bootstrapped template booking forms. (dobooking.class.php)
Recent changes to the patTemplate livesite variable necessitate changing the name of one of the urls passed to the dobooking templates to ensure that the form can be submitted.
Updated the version of jquery validate
LIVESITE in booking completed script renamed to RETURN_URL to prevent conflicts with new LIVESITE patTemplate variable.
Javascript changes to support bootstrap dialog popups.
Added some extra data to booking form elements so that we can use control groups properly.

Tracked and chased down an error where logged in user's bookings weren't getting inserted when being paid through a payment gateway.
Problem was caused by changeset 2215 ( ) the addition of the userid to the salt which helps make the filename difficult to find. The idea of the change was resolve an issue where a user could log out, however their address details would still be in the temp guest data if they'd visited the confirm booking stage, so even after logging out a user could go to the booking form and retrieve those details.
Whilst the fix changed that, unbenownst to us the payment gateways now could not insert a booking because the wrong session file was being found.

The fix involves removing that user id so that gateways can pass payment information back and bookings can be inserted, and adding a new logout task to the Jomres toolbar. When this is used the user is one-click logged out of Joomla, and their temporary data is destroyed.

Jomres 6.6.5 10/05/2012

Tweaked the booking engine to only output discount information if the "task" is set to "handlereq". This allows us to use the booking class outside of just the booking form. Add the ability to completely suppress any output that the booking engine would normally generate (and cleaned up a couple of superfluous lines).
Added a check to see if the booking class exists before trying to create it.
Further improvements to the exchange rate selector. I don't know what the heck Yahoo's doing, but hopefully these changes resolve the issues.
Moved a definition of module popup url to the javascript initialisation minicomp.
Removed a line that was preventing the correct language from showing in the module popup.
Disabling some output if departure date not to be shown option is set to Yes.
Added a flag to tell the patTemplate library to output variables as json encoded instead of rendered template output.
Permanently disabled caching feature, it creates more problems than it solves.
Changed the live scrolling number of properties from 1 to 3.
Fixed a bug where intermittently stars wouldn't show in the dashboard calendar to indicate an arrival.

Jomres 6.6.4 04/05/2012

Slideshow image handling modified. Images are now copied to uploadedimages/N/joomla/large,medium,small on upload. Existing images are also copied to those directories when install_jomres.php is run. This facilitates the possibility of using Joomla gallery/slideshow mambots.
Added code to set defaults for mrConfig 'booking_form_daily_weekly_monthly' if it hasn't already been set elsewhere.
Added per day/week/month output to show tariff pages too.
Added a default setting for the price multiplier.
Removed a multiplier that was incorrectly added for Jintour based properties.
Ensured that multiplier's not used if the tariff charges are already stored weekly, and that the correct pppn/pn text is used.
Changed how mambots (Joomla plugins) are called in J2.5.
Modified how we check when to show the pay now button. In the event that a user doesn't choose to pay for the subscription immediately, the button will now show next to the invoice.
Added some image sizing to dashboard star image, as it can't be seen on some J templates.
Some further improvements to how the paypal button is shown in the list invoices page.
Allowed super property managers to see their commission invoices in the frontend.
Fixed an issue where the minimum days before arrival option wasn't being used in the booking form, due to a change in the last version.
Modified how maps are generated in list properties, enabled the ability for layout plugins to set map sizes and if the map should be shown at all.
Timezone setting tweaks.
Fix Address and Tel in module popup are translatable.
Rewrote currency conversion functionality to be more robust.
Fix paypal button is shown on the commission invoices list.
Changed how javascript/css is implemented, files are now added through a minicomponent.
Made a change to ensure that add_gmaps_source(); is used regardless of other map settings in list properties. Without this, the module popup map will not show.
Moved template path definitions. Paths are now defined in a 00004 minicomponent, allowing us to use 00003 minicomps to set our own paths.
Tweaked patTemplates to output the path to the template if an error is triggered.
Added a "safe mode" feature that can disable all plugins. Useful for debugging client sites.
Changed how the mobile detection minicomp works. Doesn't return if the Jomres javascript files have already been called.
Added a check for the existence of the exchange rate temporary file.

Jomres 6.6.3 25/04/2012

Added a new trigger 00004 which allows us to set up JavaScript and css files via a minicomp. This makes it possible to programatically replace, among other things, the jquery core, ui and ui themes via a plugin.
Improved Jomres' mobile device detection, added a simulation option and a new define _JOMRES_MOBILE which mobile sensitive plugins would be expected to use.
Modified the live site url to ensure that the current language is always passed in the urls.
Fixed a not defined error message in Jomres SA.
Moved some jquery binding from list properties javascript file into a template. Reason being, if list properties.js is on the same page as the property details template, the book a room etc buttons have the binding applied twice, doubling their size. With the advent of the parse_ajax_returned_scripts js function, this isn't required, we can put the binding into the list properties header script so that it's only applied if the property list is returned.
Plugin manager updated to use anchors to make it a little more user friendly.
Moved rebuild registry code to ensure that the registry is rebuilt after a plugin is installed.
Modified templates to stop register property step two from checking data has been entered into the property description field, because it's not possible to check if a field has been populated when the editor is used.
Modified the get_property_price_for_display_in_lists function to use per day/night/week/month texts in property lists, modules etc.
Added some "true" options to redirects to see if this resolves an obscure 500 somebody on fastCGI is seeing.

Jomres 6.6.2 16/04/2012

Modified jomresRedirect function, replaced & with & when redirecting, otherwise the correct url isn't used.
Removed some commenting that prevents javascript in the body being ignored by validators, as it causes the DOM to not see the globally scoped compare_url var.
Added a new javascript function that allows us to parse js returned by ajax functionality to find and trigger any javascript in the returned data.
Credit :

Jomres 6.6.1 10/04/2012

Set review popup width/height to 800/500 respectively (swapped from 500/800)
Modified list properties default layout to show images as thumbs, not the medium images.
Fixed a parse error in SA's cms_specific_urls.php
Added a "no items in shortlist" lang definition for when no items have been selected.
Tweaked how the property list is generated, added an option that effectively allows calling scripts to disable the live scrolling effect.
Jomres SA. Modified warning so that if your password is still "welcome" then it will not show up when ajax queries are done.
Small tweak to the booking engine. If the property is configured to show dropdowns in the booking form for date selection, then subtract 1 from the staydays.
Modified the limit where a mostly booked property's availability calendar changes from orange to red.
Fixed a bug where the default sort order wasn't being used.
Added the user's userid to add an extra layer of ambiguity to the session file name.
Modified the get singleton abstract to optimise server load.
Optimised a variety of methods in the dobooking class to reduce cpu load.
Tweaked how some singletons are called, calling them directly instead of through a function.
Changed how singletons are accessed. Instead of using functions, we're going straight to the source. Functions left in situ for BC.
Disabled jomres_make_image_popup function call in the property list. We're not using it now we're using the newer "module popup" js, and it's chewing up a second for each property image. Horrendous.
Modified the random string generator, it is often used to name forms, and you can't have form names that start with a number.
Wide ranging improvements to help with html validation.
Improved how the itemid is found to help multi language sites.
Removed the language selection dropdown from the administrator area, as we've changed our recommendations on how this should be used.
Added translatable submit buttons to reg property 1/2 templates.
Modified the jr_import function, by adding a new function that searches all core-plugins and remote_plugins sub directories for class files.
Added lat/long instructions to edit property page.
Added functionality that allows description searches to also search the custom text table.

Jomres 6.6.0 22/03/2012

Added a new feature to the property list where people perusing properties can add chosen properties to a "shortlist". This is a temporary list, but unlike the "favourites" list users do not need to be logged in to add properties to that list. When their session has ended, the shortlist is lost.
Also added a cookie warning feature, for those who want to abide by new EU cookie legislation. The legislation is badly written, and I personally wouldn't use this feature but the option is there for you. If you enable the feature and somebody doesn't agree to Jomres using cookies to make the system work, then users are limited to the property list and property details pages.
Modified the property list template, broken the buttons out into their own template so that buttons don't have to be duplicated through different property list layout templates.
Added an option in Tariffs and Currencies where the deposit can be set to the cost of the first night's stay. Tariffs and Currencies tab has been reorganised slightly, moved tax setting further up, verbose tariffs input into the property details page tab and removed some old code.
A variety of performance enhancements designed to reduce the number of queries performed when viewing the property list page.
Modified property list script so that it takes into account if the ajax search feature has been used and the headers will still show.

Jomres 6.5.3 16/03/2012

Fixed a major bug where auto increment ids weren't being passed back correctly from the database class.
Minor change of a path to an image for consistency's sake.

Jomres 6.5.1/2 15/03/2012

A quick template tweak to the admin area control panel
A variety of changes to remove a depreciated mysql function call that I missed on the last run through, that affects php 5.3 and greater.
Fixed an issue experienced by mysql users. mysqli users were unaffected.

Jomres 6.5 14/03/2012

Adding a new feature to allow users to compare properties.
Added a new news feed to the Jomres administrator area, to advise users of updates to the system, new plugins etc.

Optimised cron class to perform one less query per run.
Modified the custom text class to perform one (or more, if it's used elsewhere) less query during a run.
Modified the Jomres database handling to include mysqli if available.
Removed a check that is now defunct, which was stopping the full daily/weekly price from showing in the booking summary.
Removed some unneeded slashes that escape double quotes.
Removed a spurious semicolon.

Jomres 6.4.1 07/03/2012

Fixed an issue where the marker wasn't dragable in 6.4
Removed some un-needed brs
Added a couple of classes to improve the layout of the photos property list view.
Modified how administrator Manual and Tickets buttons work, both are now available in iframes.
Added a change to layout that traps issues where the layout isn't available (Because somebody's disabled all layouts?)
Small change to ensure that when finding prices for properties, if the arrivalDate option is set, to check that it's set to something other than "".
Added a feature so that gmaps are set to the currently active language.
Minor tweak to list subscriptions to include username in the subscriptions list.
Modified property config so that title is h2
Marker drag'n'drop tweaks.
Modified list properties to set a default layout other than the standard list, if only one list is available in the layouts array.
Fixed a bug where the room feature wasn't being translated in the booking form.
Fixed an issue where Cyrillic text doesn't show correctly in the jomres mainmenu.
Improved how the ui availability calendar calculates room occupancies.
Modified confirmation form to use a different variable for outputting room types.
Temp disabled css and js caching.
Added a little error trapping to prevent badly written minicomponents from triggering an error in the Label Editing feature.
Tweak for inclusion by asamodule. (ui-availability-calendar)
Changed the property list trigger from filterproperties to a_filterproperties and changed how the filter results are stored.
Datatables and tabletools javascript libraries upgraded.
Rewrote some booking form javascript to integrate the property uid check into the main ajax query that's sent on particular change. Halves the number of ajax queries sent.
Modified booking engine so that "per week" prices are output in the pricing summary.

Jomres 6.4 01/03/2012

Added a new feature that allows us to have different "layouts" in the list property page. By default Jomres offers the standard property list plus a photos layout, plus a new plugin that's like the standard property list but with a google map. Different layouts can be disabled by using the Access Control feature in it's standard configuration and using it to disable j01004 scripts.

Added a new feature to allow users to enable/disable the "I have no dates" checkbox. To facilitate this we have also added a js_calendar_input template that's called by the generateDateInput function.

CSS caching disabled by default, should only be enabled once all plugins have been installed and configured.
Fixed issue of a duplicated define for smtp password in site config.
Added some fallback images if the image thumbnails aren't found in list properties.
Improved the new availability calendar so that no matter what date format is set by site admin, the correct arrival date is set in the booking form.

Jomres 6.3.3 22/02/2012

Made further changes to map functionality in Jomres. Rewrote the drag/drop system to use v3 of Gmaps API, much simpler and cleaner. Changes have been added to the x_geocoder minicomponent, meaning that these changes are all self-contained in one script and template now, easier to make changes across the board.
Removed an un-needed call to a .css and .js file from the alternate main menu wrapper.
Implemented a new css and javascript caching feature (to be strict, it's not really caching, more consolidation).
Minor tweak to css file to put a call to an image path into the template, otherwise css caching causes the image to not be found.
Fixed a bug where real estate property prices weren't showing in the property list.
Updated Latvian regions.
Small modification to how days are output at the top of the price summary for SRPs.
Fixed some broken urls for logging in/out in cms_specific_functions.php in Jomres SA.
Added a couple of new url defines to Jomres SA.

Jomres 6.3.2 20/02/2012

Removed a depreciated split function call
Implemented a variety of changes to prevent depreciation warnings.
Fixed missing publish/unpublish icons in list property types page.
Added some checks for CURL to curl using functions.
Modified booking form, if tmpl=component then the modal popup is disabled.
Added a checkbox to clear date input fields in search calendars.
Added some spaces in confirmation letter.
Modified mambot installation functionality slightly, restored older J1.5 installation to the plugins table code, and added a "copy" line to copy the plugin info script back to the plugin's dir that the Jomres plugin manager uses.
Modified the add plugin functionality to only redirect to Joomla's discover feature only if J1.6/1.7/2.5
Modified where the relative url for the logo in the management view is pulled from, as management view is now available to non-managers.
Added a new option that enables/disables the mobile redirect feature.
Added property town to the confirmation letter template.
Added new functionality to show information about properties in modules in a popup.
Figured out a way to change the cursor to the waiting cursor whenever Jomres does something ajaxy.
Modified how "prices from" information is constructed, created a new function get_property_price_for_display_in_lists which passes back an array of the pre text/price/post text so that both Jomres and plugins can use a standardised way of passing information to templates.
Modified the show image popup function so that clicking away from the image will close the dialog popup.
Upgraded jquery to jquery 1.7.1
Fixed a bug where extras without quantity boxes were triggering javascript errors.
Updated the Portuguese regions.
Upgraded Jomres google mapping, implemented some new functionality to improve mapping output and use v3 of Gmaps.
Removed email from basic module output.
Added an option to set a custom "from" email address.

Jomres 6.3.1 26/01/2012

Modified built in mambot/plg installation functionality to work with J2.5. Allows installation of new jomres_ajax_search_contentwrapper joomla plugin that removes the need to modify templates to run the ajax asamodule plugin.
Modified the jomres language class. The Joomla 2.5 language filter will set GET 'lang', which will override the new jomres language switcher bot that allows users to switch their joomla language with the jomres language switcher. Changing the order that input data is queried to find the current language allows us to skip Joomla's functionality whilst still making the option available to non-joomla installations.
Added Latvian language file.

Removed the clause that stops the new javascript availability calendar in property details from showing if the booking form's in the property details page. Whether or not it's there is a personal preference, has no impact and it's a "nice to have".
Some css tweaks for property list to allow the text to fit better when using exchange rates.
Added some default output for reviews when they're disabled.
Added a change to allow site managers set a default startpoint for the Gmap, if one isn't already set.
Bugfix for getting all commisson invoices function.

Jomres 6.3.0 18/01/2012

Implemented new functionality that colours the new booking form calendar according to availability, making the old MRP/SRP calendars redundant. Output from those calendars has been disabled via the viewproperty script but they haven't been removed as other functionality will use them. Disabled calling of older calendars in viewproperty script.
Layout improvements to the property list, makes the price from a lot bigger, moved a couple of things around. The "prices from", "price" and "per day/night/person" text has been broken up so that the different elements can be individually styled.

Changed (almost) all references to index2.php to index.php. Some people were, for unexplained reasons, setting the Wrapped option to yes. Normally this would simply show the site with no modules, however it also changed index.php to index2.php. index2.php is of course no longer used, so I've replaced references to it with index.php.
Modified search to set meta name to country name, not country code.
Fixed issue where accordion sidebar was creating javascript errors. Turns out that the new cookie lib used for remembering chosen tabs doesn't play nicely with the cookie stuff used with the accordion, so we've needed to include two cookie libraries, not one.

Jomres 6.2.0 13/01/2012

New cart functionality, completemented by new plugins to support this which are added via jomres_asamodule.
Added a jquery inline calendar to composite property details, with an overlaying arrow. Easily removed by editing the composite property details template if you don't want to see them.

Small improvements to guest user's add/view favourites functionality.
Added a switch property link to list your properties script.
Modified booking form to ensure that it uses the same jquery ui button.
Fixed a missing / in cms_specific/joomla15/cms_specific_functions.php
Added a loading animation to the property details to show that the slideshow and tabs are building.
Added a few definitions to Label Editing for buttons in administrator area.
Committed a variety of "silent upgrade" changes to installer that'll be used in the future. Feature not currently in place, and when it's built it will be optional.
Added some new language files, tweaked installer to add property types.
Changed the header for property type lang files in edit property type so that it makes sense.
Updated cookee.js so that it works with jquery tabs.
Changed the integrated search's default settings. This is because various search plugins use the integrated search settings, it's easier if they're enabled from the off. To make the front page less ugly, this means setting by default the integrated search's output itself to off.
Commented out body{font-size:12px !important;} in dobooking templates as some J templates use ems and percentages, and this setting uncommented breaks those fonts.
Layout improvements for module output.
Tweaked viewproperty to ensure that it doesn't show the rooms list when on an SRP.
Changed Contact Hotel to Contact agent in "car" language file.

Jomres 6.1.0 04/01/2012

Added Joomla 2.5 specific files and changes required to work on J2.5. That was painless!

Minor tidy up of lang class file.
Small change to ensure that the "amend booking" link in the jomres mainmenu points to the correct url.
Implemented functionality to allow Jomres to include language files via plugins.
Changed how arrays passed into scripts are sanitized.
Changed link in show plugins shop popup to go to new registration url.
Added an auto upgrade option to install_jomres.php. This is intended to be used by a yet to be developed plugin that will allow silent and automatic upgrades.

Jomres 6.0.2 21/12/2011

Fixed an issue where optional extras quantities weren't being displayed in the booking form (they were still being calculated) due to upgrading to jquery 1.6.4.
Small change to the functionality that builds the popover image title.
Small change to ensure that cryllic initials are found when listing properties in the administrator area.
Removed some hard coded titles from list properties.
Improved the router.
Added a new flag to disable the top template ( "topoff=1" )
Added a flag that specifically disables the menu through the url. Flag is called "menuoff" and would be used like "menuoff=1"
A few changes to the gateway handler to ensure that callbacks are validated properly by paypal.
Added an alternative method of listing all manager's properties.

Jomres 6.0.1 08/12/2011

Changed wording of site preview and management views to Normal and Fullscreen.
Added a remote url link to list properties property_details array.
Small modification to custom text class, sets up the global strings array if it's empty, with some dummy data so that installations that haven't yet used Edit Language in the backend will still show individual property translations.
Small change to list customer types template to fix some td stuff.
Commented out some intentional duplicates in the search.html template that's used by integrated search.
Modified the Live Scrolling threshold to be twice as much, should mean that properties are added to the list virtually invisibly.
Changed plugin shop button "Purchase" to "Order", which is a little more accurate.
Improved listproperties, now that we're using Live Scrolling, much of the redundant Paging stuff can be removed.
Pathway modified to not be triggered if we're in an ajax call.
Height setting added to css for the Horizontal menu.
Added a fallback for finding the modal image width size in case security settings still refuse to allow finding an image's size.
Modified access control to log refusals to the system log, not the error log.
Tweaked a recent change to ensure that 30 pixels are added to a fallback setting when getting image sizes.
Yet more tweaks to how Itemid is detected in j1.7.
css tweak to vertically align images.
Small change to ensure that properties listed in property switcher are ordered by property name.
Changed jomSearch class so that it'll output that there are no results if indeed there are not. This code has been placed here because the listproperties functionality has become purely that now. It shouldn't output a "no properties" string if it was passed an empty array.
Added some code to see if we can detect the current language in J1.7.
Implemented some changes to availability search functionality to reduce the number queries performed when trying to see if a property is free.
Fixed issues where note saving wasn't working.
Implemented a fix to changing sort order sometimes resulting in a 404 page.
Modified currency codes to put lei after the currency for RON.
Re-added {AMENDBOOKING_SELECTEDROOMSDIV} which appears to have been removed during the template refactoring, to dobooking.html
Modified dobooking so that price override also shows when amending a booking.
Modified edit profile so that checkbox toggles all profile check boxes.
Added some functionality to deal with substr issues when dealing with cryllic.

Jomres 6.0.0 11/11/2011

tweak for list properties, we've ensured that booking buttons etc are hidden until after the button js is applied to them.
fixed an issue where already checked features in edit property weren't being shown when the details are being re-edited. Modified jomres tooltips to unmake a previous change RE tooltips positions as it's not always effective.
Commented out the "no search results" output from the end of listproperties. Given the greater usage of ajax for generating output, list properties becomes more about simply listing output, rather than showing search results (it's an important distinction) and sometimes no results is correct. Therefore it becomes illogical that this script should output that there are no results to show.
Small tweak to ensure that country codes without country names are excluded from the select combo dropdowns.
Modified the new jomres_make_image_popup function. getimagesize requires allow_url_fopen to be enabled, however some hosts have it disabled, therefore if our initial attempt to get an image's size fails we'll fall back to CURL to get a resource stream and work out the size from that.
Resolved an issue where (booking) invoices weren't being marked as paid when paid in full.
Layout change for editextra template.
Added a cms specific function for finding registration urls.
Added "Found properties" output to switch active property class for output in the template.
Modified defaults, set "jomres" ui theme and Alternative menu to be the default

Jomres 6.-1.1 07/11/2011

jquery inclusion options moved into advanced control panel.
Moved javaascript cache setting into advanced control panel.
Modified switch active property to ensure that it carries the tmpl setting.
Improved property switching feature to allow the browser to stay in either site preview view, or management view, depending on the original condition.
Added a variable to ensure that the copy/csv/etc swf is called properly in frontend list invoices.
Modified switch active property so that the returned property names are buttons, makes them more obvious.
Set preference for tooltips to go to left first.
Fixed a bug where tax output wasn't being removed from the price summary when the site config switch is configured to remove it.
Room type rooms list updated to offer headers to make things clearer (booking form, when rooms list is set to "Room types).
Alternate mainmenu updated to make the menu bar slicker.
Modified management top to show the active property's name.
Added button hover/click logic to jomres.js
Some css changes to ensure that buttons carry the correct button styles from jquery ui.
Modification to router.php, if we're in a live scroll situation then we'll query each property name individually.
dobooking width="70%" removed as it was causing problems in Opera.
Improved access control for receptionist users.
Further improvements to ajax list properties, finding of uids, plus implemented livequery in list properties so that we could ensure that button effects are added to new buttons added to the DOM.
fixed save plugin function to ensure it uses the correct template file.
Modified jomres_make_image_popup to strip all non-alphanumeric characters from the title.
Added property name as title to list properties reviews modal popup.

Jomres 6.-1.0 03/11/2011

Added an exception for the frontend menus for when the dashboard hasn't been set.
Renamed Developer and Perpetual to Silver and Gold respectively in the Manager's first run function.
Corrected the form name in edit_property.html
Modified 99995 to not set the mainmenu already run flag, instead that's done by 99997
Some css changes to improve how things look in J1.7 Beez template (an awful, awful template to work with).
Identified and deleted some old, no longer used templates.
The real-estate composite property details has been ditched, we're now using the normal property details template for same.
Applying our last set of major changes, the templates are generally ready now, subject to any tweaking required before v6's final release.

Jomres 6.-2.0 01/11/2011

Fixed some confused language strings.
Undid some hardened php changes, suhosin be damned. Those changes will affect current users of Jomres much more than it will the probably fewer people running suhosin, it's unfair to ask them to edit jomres.php and admin.php every time they want to upgrade.
Small layout change to edit booking's email link and title.
Disabled template touchable in 06000mainmenu.
Disabled template touchable in 06000search
Modified the plugin version check on the plugin installer, previously it would consider 6.-3.0 to be higher than 5.6.0
Added inclusion of management_mainmenu_options.html to be used when Jomres is showing, sans joomla template output.
Moved quick info javascript function into jomres.js.
Menu template layout tweaks.
Tweaked the management view to ensure that the management view link shows when NOT mobile browser.
Modified system so that 99995 is only triggered once, allows third party menu options to be added. Re-instated the jomres toolbar icons in edit booking so that they're now in the main menu AND in the page itself.
"bStateSave": true, added to all applicable templates.
Tweaked how the manager view template is shown, ensures that the 99995 task is called at the end of Jomres' run.
Fixing a new bug introducted in -3 where it grumbles about Fatal error: Call to a member function addItem()
Fixed a bug where booking a guest out resulted in a mainly empty page.
Modified the editing mode warning, and added some new definitions.
Modified how sanity checks are output to the top templates.
Changed jquery cookie plugin, added cookie handling to mainmenu, modified mainmenu accordion's name to make it more unique.
Added a new function to pull email styles from /css/email.css which can be inserted directly into an email, and new email templates added.
menus modified to ensure that dashboard categories are moved to the beginning of the menus.
Template fix for cron to ensure settings save, and css tweak.

Jomres 6.-3.0 28/10/2011

Frontend structure completely rewritten to use a jquery based menu instead of our older toolbars.
Virtually all templates viewable by property managers have been updated to provide a consistent theme throughout Jomres, and mission critical templates such as List Properties and Property Details have been hugely improved to provide a more pleasing layout.
Added a basic access control system to modify which menu options are viewable by which users.

Added a virtumart like "fullscreen view" feature to the administrator area.
Added Joseph's contributed icons, thanks.
Made some changes that allow us to set Jomres' "is wrapped" status via the url, allowing various functionality to be triggered while in an iframe.
Added a new "changelog" column to the plugin list.
Added a new tooltip option "warning". Updated plugin list to show more information and tweaked layout of the list, changing the location of the legend.
Added option to enter license server login details to Site Config.
Added Joseph's newly contributed router.php for J1.7.
Modified the file upload feature so that if we're running Joomla, and the image comes from the batch upload feature, then duplicate images, for the use of joomla galleries, are put into /uploadedimages/N/joomla/big,medium,small
Added an option to use alternate SMTP settings, not Joomla's settings.
Added a feature to detect if the Joomla cache is enabled and advises to switch it off.
Further changes to mainmenu generation, simplified it's generation and set them to be triggered at the end of jomres.php running, not the beginning. This allows us to add buttons to the main menu through scripts.
jGrowl updated to discard jquery ui colours (because it doesn't always work well on all templates) and the main menu modified to work as a hiding, scrolling accordion menu.
Added login, registration link, search options to jomres mainmenu. Stripped javascript from list properties and put into it's own javascript file. Renamed new runEffect function in list properties to prevent conflicts with the mainmenu's function of the same name. Added a new find icon.
Modified the new login/logout menu options so that they would use a new cms specific function that generates the login/logout urls.
Added a new task called mainmenu, allowing us to use jomres asamodule to output the Jomres mainmenu without being on a jomres page.
Added an Alternate Main Menu, which can be used by the site manager as a backup if they don't like the default one.

Updated a word in the French Lang files.
Modified css to hide the J1.5 toolbars in the administrator area when viewing Jomres.
Modified layout of language selector dropdown in administrator area.
Modified admin.php to trigger the obsolete file handling AFTER 00005 is called, and obsolete file handling to check a showtime variable called "obsolete_plugin_files" for any obsolete files and offer to delete them in the administrator area.
Modified the jomres mobile redirect to append is_wrapped to the end of the url, so that the Jomres login module will come into play.
Further changes to the cms_specific_urls.php script for finding the itemid.
Couple of layout tweaks for the control panel area for lower resolutions.
Modified editproperty to ensure translated meta data is output.
Removed a defunct growl message.
Copied the J1.7 installion code into the J1.7 upgrade code, as it's the easiest way to get Jomres to register itself in a site that's been upgraded from J1.5 to J1.7.
Upgraded j1.7 cms_specific_urls.php to ensure that it doesn't bomb out with an error on installation.
Modified the version check information in the control panel, given highlight when a new version is available.
Added product information to the control panel.
Couple of changes to the administrator url in joomla 1.5/1.7 to ensure that the fullscreen view is carried over to successive pages.
Added some, apparently nonsense, error suppression.
Added slideshow option to plugins, and removed from core system.
Modified new modal image popup function to use titles.
CSS file updated. If you've used the template editing feature to edit the css in Jomres we recommend that you remove your changes completely and use the changes in this file instead.
Pathway changes to ensure that pathway is switchable depending on if Jomres is running in SA mode or not.
Modified new modal image popup feature to automatically resize the popup's width.
Added j10002new_property.class.php to obsolete files. Superceded by the frontend_to_backend feature instead.
A variety of further changes, old buttons added as disabled buttons, obsolete scripts class adapted to suit. Display of disabled buttons catered for in their appropriate files. Removed manager's buttons as images option because it's no longer appropriate.
Updated output to show the correct plugin server domain.
Commented out booking form width/location settings as this has been figured out now in the template.
Changed how some stuff is called onload. Ditched the old generic onload stuff that we'd been using since before jquery was adopted.
depreciated minicomponents removed as part of new mainmenu restructuring.
Edit booking modified to use the new menu options instead of the older Jomres toolbar functionality. Menu and wrapper modified to take an image to indicate that a menu category's been created for that particular page. Jomres.php modified to not show the menu if we're in a popup.
Mass rename of Jomres Developer and Perpetual to their new names, in the language files.
Restored a previous version of the exchange rates class as yahoo seem now to be passing back the anticipated headers again.
Updated jquery libraries.
Disable the slider if shown in the property details page.
Added login, registration link, search options to jomres mainmenu. Stripped javascript from list properties and put into it's own javascript file. Renamed new runEffect function in list properties to prevent conflicts with the mainmenu's function of the same name. Added a new find icon.
Modified the new login/logout menu options so that they would use a new cms specific function that generates the login/logout urls.
Changed how the show search feature is called.
Added a new task called mainmenu, allowing us to use jomres asamodule to output the Jomres mainmenu without being on a jomres page.
Modified new jquery tables functionality so that it's included when the user is a registered user, not just a manager.
Modified how optional extras are selected in the booking form. We needed to change how we do it because we've upgraded jquery, and the older method is no longer supported.
Modified the menuwrapper so that the accordion isn't hidden when it first opens.
Changed how the charset is defined in the jomres db object.
listlivebookings function updated to use the new jquery table functionality.
Tweaked the accordion menu's options to allow long areas to scroll.
Added some error checking to the custom text class.
Modified property config singleton so that it doesn't throw warnings if a property's settings haven't been saved (because we're not looking at a property's pages, or the property list).
Implemented a new and improved Management View for property config.
Modified management view class. If we're on a mobile browser there's no point in offering the site view/management view switcher.
Tweaked the new version warning, now will not alert if any revision char < 0, and modified layout.

Modified view invoice to ensure that if the invoice is a commission invoice, then the paypal payment link is shown.
Set correct url in immediatepay.
Modified immediatepay to ensure that it pulls the property's paypal settings instead of the site settings when appropriate.
Fixed a troublesome little bug that'd appear when trying to show "days" or "nights" in the edit booking page.
Modified jomres.php so that it calls the pathway after the property type is defined. The pathway tries to set up urls to pathway items, jomresUrl uses the router.php in /components/com_jomres and if the language file hasn't already been defined the default language file will be used instead, so the property specific lang file never gets loaded.
Modified jomres.php to show property header on the rooms list and tariffs list page.
Removed automatic setting of php memory as this causes errors on hardened php servers.
Fix for property type translation in List Properties.
Applied changes contributed by Josip that fix the redirect functionality in the save subscriber script.
Fixed a blonde moment and got the Save Override price in the booking form working again.
fixed list old bookings script to show correct page title.
Corrected a call to room_class_full_desc in basic property details.
Changed the exchange rates again, looks like we need to adopt the "no null headers" code as yahoo's data is being sent inconsistently.

Jomres 5.6 07/10/2011

Control panel completely reworked so that options are now in an accordion menu on the left, with the page's content to the right.
Implemented a new live scrolling feature for the property list.

Added a function for str_getcsv php systems that are < 5.3
added an experimental new feature for new Jomres users, to guide them through setting up their first property. Only works if the user's id = 42 (admin) and there's only on property on the system.
Reverted router.php to a version that works.
Modified 404sef's functionality so that if the user is a manager, then sef isn't attempted.
Approved a part translated translated hungarian language file.
Language clarified RE licenses in Site Config
Modification to jomSearch.class.php to resolve issue where searches on JUST room types can fail.
New "jomres" jquery ui theme added.
list_usersinvoices modified to show line items


Reverted to the older J1.7 router.php

Jomres 03/10/2011

Fixed a bug I introduced earlier today when sorting out paths to images in the booking form.

Jomres 03/10/2011

Exchange rate download class rewritten to perform fewer web queries.
Added a printable option to property details, if the flag jr_printable is set then the composite_property_details_printable.html template is used in place of the normal template.
Modified how images paths are set in the booking form as it wasn't working for SA, enabled some logging variables to be set only if another var is set first, fixes a notice level warning.
Made some css changes to SA, added a module table to the installer. (For future stuff).
Added support for free plugins to the plugin manager.
Commented out some override stuff that's incomplete and untested.

Jomres 29/09/2011

Fixed a bug in the detect cms script.

Jomres 5.5.6 29/09/2011

Added new functionality that will help new users find information about Jomres when they first start using the system.
Added an About Jomres page to the control panel.
A variety of layout changes to improve the look of the plugin manager.
Plugin warning layout and minor wording changes.

Added a small tweak that prevents users from _thinking_ that they're changing the details of another property that they don't have access rights to. They never did, safeguards prevented it, but this change ensures that they're not even given the _impression_ that they're changing another property's details.
Added fix that stops some template's reset.css from over-riding the totals panel's margins and forcing the totals figures down, making them look pants.
Added missing key plugin messaging to the control panel.
Removed a redundant call from admin.php that's no longer applicable in Joomla.
Reverted some previous changes to the Jomres J1.7 url functionality. With the previous code, when searching from a module which is for example on homepage, the itemid doesn`t change on the next page to the jomres one, but it keeps the homepage itemid. This results in unwanted modules from frontpage being published on jomres pages too, even if not selected.
Floated the remove link to the right to make it more obvious. (Plugin shop).
Tweaked ngm module template layout slightly so that modules will sit as a row in a large enough module position, and columns if the module position forces it.
Added stars images to ngm module template.
Adding a new wrapping template for ngm modules to allow use of the class suffix.
Removed a superfluous title.
Changed how jomres_cmsspecific_getCMS_users_admin_getalladmins_ids finds admin ids, old method for J1.5 doesn't work so we're now going to use the sendEmail flag, as this function is used to find who to send emails to after doing something.
Added text align left to totals slider.
Resized default size of totals panel slightly.
Fixed issue where guest type names were not being correctly found (and translated).
Modified list properties function to use the _JOMRES_MR_AUDIT_LISTING_FILTER_DATE define.
Changed the order that detect_cms.php finds Joomla's version files. In the previous version 1.6 was checked for before 1.7, however if users use the Joomla upgrade tool the Joomla 1.6 version file is left in-situ (not really good, as you should tidy up as you go, but anyway) so we've swapped the order that the two are checked for, which should mean that Jomres will pick up the correct Joomla version file now.

Jomres 5.5.5 19/09/2011

Added new Jomres Plugin Shop to the plugin manager.

Jomres 5.5.4 15/09/2011

Disabled filtering that inserts to sanitise data. We're already using PHP's intput filtering to prevent sql injection, and the functionality creates more problems than it solves so for now it is disabled.
The old sort by order functionality has stopped working, so we've implemented a new, simpler method of triggering the page reload.
Improved new sorting funcs to remember previously selected sort order.
Modified save invoice so that depending on if the invoice is a standard invoice or a commission invoice, the user is redirected to either list invoices or list commission invoices.
A small change that adds the content of the tabs back into the $output array of composite property details.
Fixed a faulty config option for the slider setting.

Jomres 5.5.3 13/09/2011

Added a new option to define the booking form's width through the site config area.
Added a new feature where the slider functionality that slides the totals panel in the booking form can be switched off, either via site config, or if the browser's a mobile device then it's disabled automatically.
Added version checking to addplugin functionality.
Added an option to disable emailing guests when a new user is created.
Added an option to disable tax output in the booking form totals summary.
Implemented a cancellation threashold that prevents a booking from being cancelled by the guest, if the booking is within N days.

Added tabs jquery code to composite property details.
Added ajax url to the property urls passed to list property's template.
Added JOMRES_SITEPAGE_URL_AJAX to cms_specific_urls J1.7
(Gmaps) Added some code to geo coder to prevent it trying to render if called via ajax (cos it wont).
Fixed a bug where tariff details aren't showing in terse tariff list, introduced by the wholeday changes.
Modified the auto-jump to module-less Joomla if the browser's found to be a mobile browser, not just iphone.
Modified the SRP and norooms booking forms to remove some totals panel elements that are not applicable to them, and removed the override totals input fields from norooms as the override totals feature only applies to accommodation (e.g. room) based bookings.
fixed the jomres decode function that was incorrectly removing a t when it shouldn't.
Small change to ensure that when a property type's language specific file's directory is created, that the directory name's changed to all lowercase.
Updated plugin server to pass data via json instead of ^ separated data if json_decode is available, and added code to show plugins to show minimum Jomres versions required to run a plugin.
Changed where jomresItemid is set to 0 to prevent triggering trivial errors on installation. (J1.7)
Small change to list properties to ensure that wholeday wording is used if configured, when referring to a property's price per night/day.
Modified how J1.5 version of router.php finds property names.
Modified dobooking, disabled feature that automatically switches off the departure date if the "property" is a no-rooms property, because Jintour has an option now to enable/disable this input.
Some changes to allow us to translate meta title and descriptions.

Jomres 5.5.2 05/09/2011

Added a new feature to allow rooms to be filtered according to their room features, in the booking form.
Added functionality and lang definitions to find the last date the property last had a booking made against it.
Implemented a new feature that makes it possible to do wholeday bookings, as opposed to overnight bookings. When the arrival and departure dates are set in the booking form the number of days of the booking include both the arrival and departure dates, rather than just the days between. Most changes pertain to changing wording from per night to per day, but they do add a lot of new strings. Provisionally the wording addresses the hypothetical situation that Jomres is being used for a tool hire and renamed "arrival" and "departure" to "pickup" and "return" dates.
Added a feature to allow managers to override the price of a booking's accommodation at booking time.

set lat long defaults to Buck palace if it's not set, prevents a js error in edit property.
Precautionary changes to edit property to add API key, I can't replicate a reported issue but this change should forestall it.
Found I hadn't updated the add property reg prop2 templates with the appropriate code for generating a map.
Blooming tab jump to top of page problem is back again. Added a fixed height to the tabs div to prevent the jumping.
Added a check to ensure that property uid is > 0 when generating module property output.
Small modification to jr_gettext to ensure it uses jomresJquery not jQuery.
Changed how the latitude is detected when editing a property, the older method wouldn't allow negative numbers (oops).
Moved the image location abs path definitions into integration.php.
Undid a change made in the previous version that scuppered editors in edit property details.
Fixed a bug where wiseprice discount was being set to 0 in list properties.
Tweaked j1.7's itemid finding query to resolve issues that some people have been getting.

Jomres 5.5.1 24/08/2011

Fixed an issue where J1.7 couldn't install as the jfactory isn't available during installation
Disabled the sh404sef panel in j1.7

Jomres 5.5 23/08/2011

Added a feature where an optional extra can be set to be automatically selected in the booking form.
Modified gmaps buttons to use new style ui.
Modified edit property functionality to allow users to scroll around a gmap and drag a pointer to set their lat and long. If lat is not set, then Jomres will query google to get a rough approximation of their location to get the ball rolling.
Implemented a feature to configure the property type order as it appears in the property type selection dropdown.
Added a delete multiple black bookings feature to Jomres, will require the v5.5 version of the black bookings plugin.
Added balance after deposit paid row to booking form price summary panel.

Renamed Kenya shilling.
Swapped a global call to $mainframe =& JFactory::getApplication(); to generate pathways.
Modified pathway code to be called in 1.6/1.7
Renamed extras tax to services tax in English lang files.
Added Joseph's suggestion for finding the correct item id to J1.7 specific code. Many thanks.
Added a back to property details button to the booking form page if the form's in the modal popup.
Modified how the wysiwyg editor is called. Bally thing works now!
Modified how the reg prop 2 page is rendered to allow wysiwyg editor if enabled.
Small modification from $langs'pt'='pt-BR'; to $langs'br'='pt-BR';
Small tweak to ensure that the discount shown is output inclusive of vat where appropriate.
Commented out spinner code in bottom.html as I'm getting sick of seeing it now. You can restore it if you wish, by un-commenting the appropriate lines.
Small change to list properties to add the max guests from the tariffs to the property deets (eg the output) array.
Modified the new property module utility function to include the lang files if they haven't already been included.
Added a check for joomla1.7 so that Jomres will show sh404sef config options for both J1.5 and J1.7.
Added changes to the old Jomres sh404sef plugin as contributed by Joseph.
Slightly larger panel image uploaded.

Jomres 5.4.1 12/08/2011

Added z-index to the totals panel slider.
Removed span class from the output_price function as it was creating issues when saving bookings.

Jomres 5.4 11/08/2011

The booking form has been rebuilt with a view to UI improvements.
Added a new sliding panel that scrolls with the user through the booking form, containing the totals, including new output of the room totals inc and excl tax.
The booking form, if not showen in the property details page, will now open up in a modal popup, allowing us much more space to present to the user the booking form without overwhelming them (the areas behind are hidden). This can be disabled in Site Config.
New Site config tab that holds booking form relevant options (some new, some moved from the Misc tab).
Added a button to enable re-opening the booking form in the event that it (the modal panel) was closed.

Added new functionality to auto-detect a user's location based on their IP number, and use that setting to automatically set the currency code and the currency code dropdown.
Re-organised the Site Config to make a little more sense, moved some elements out from the Misc tab into their own tabs.
Re-organised the country code dropdown to make it alphabetical

Register property and countries scripts modified to rename the "country" tag to xyz (I was bored and couldn't think of anything else) to prevent other module's "country" inputs from interfering with the country selection when a new country is chosen.
Changed the memory limit in admin.php to prevent issues with large numbers of Jintour tours causing out of memory errors.
Added a line to jomres_decode that'll strip ascii line seperators from text, as this can break javascript.
A couple of changes to encourage Jomres to pick up the appropriate language file when the ptype is set in a search option.

Small change to css and list properties template to ensure that the property name is shown in white, therefore it works well with the jquery ui headers.
Small modification to change what we measure in the psuedocron backend functionality to prevent duplicate jobs from showing.
Minor tweak to database class to correctly log the source of a db query's calling script.
Added improved code for filtering out mootools (?) added function names to json returned data. Again, thanks David.
Added a missing div to bookguestout.html
Modified the return url in the save subscriber script to ensure that when a user chooses to not subscribe, they're sent to the correct page when SEF is enabled.
Modified the booking data archive script to not include "bookings" that don't have a property uid set.
Small change to prevent older Advanced weekly prices setting impacting prices once the manager's changed to micromanage mode.
Removed a reference to the tariff description, which was only ever intended for reception use, from the verbose tariff output that shows on the property details page.
Modified scripts so that translated tariffs that are created under micromanage mode can be shown in the property details.
Modified how the remainder to pay is figured out in the edit booking page to ensure that we're using the most appropriate method.

Modified list properties and router.php to allow router.php to use existing property names found by the basic property details class, means fewer queries are performed when pulling property names for url generation.
Modified list properties and discounts minicomponents to reduce the number of queries performed, and modified the template to show :- only if review data included.
Modified the getPropertyAddressForPrint function to use the basic_property_details data wherever possible.
Optimised the taxrates_getalltaxrates function to only perform the query once by storing the results in showtime.
Optimised the property type name finding functionality of list properties.
Optimised the custom field handler to make fewer queries.

Jomres 5.3 25/07/2011

Added Joomla 1.7 compatability to Jomres.

Adding exit; after the redirection's been done to see if that fixes
Added a change to the chained select javascript to exclude mootools keys that are somehow being inserted into the "data" json object when the list of regions/towns is being returned.
Deleted the old wordpress files, I'm never going to finish the job, might as well bin it.
Removed offsetParent: \'body\', from the tooltip javascript in jomres_tooltips.class.php. Doesn't seem to impact jomres on j1.5, but in j1.7 it causes the tooltip to display incorrectly, presumably due to something in j1.7's default css.

Jomres 5.2.1 19/07/2011

Added a feature that by default filters out non-active guests from the guest list. A dropdown allows the manager to view all guests if required.
Changed name of id in selectCombo's town dropdown as it was preventing the booking form from validating.
Fixed issue where combo searching on properties with apostrophe's in town/region might not work. Good find Aladar.
Fix for module xml files not being installed so module configuration parameters were not being shown.
Modified (again) our redirect function.
Modified the router to reduce the number of queries it generates, brought my test installation when viewing property details down from circa 400 to 70.
Modified publish guest type script, stops it from throwing an error even if the publish activity worked fine.
Resized the ajax activity div to make it look better in IE (losing the scroll bars).
Modified how guest price variations are taken into account. If the variance is not a percentage then we'll determine the nett value of the variance before adjusting the rate per night.
Modified the new searchCombo to include the 'all' option.

Jomres 5.2stable 14/07/2011

Small change to allow bookings with shorter periods in fixed period bookings.
Modified the register property 2 template to include lat/long details. Will need the appropriate register property version to work.
Removed ex tax figuring from calcExtras's third party extras handling. As extras are already assumed to be ex tax before the price is output, this means that 1. the extras are all output in the same way and 2. the invoice now makes sense for third party extras.
Added a new utility function intended for a new set of modules are in the works.
Tweaked the output_price function to optionally disable conversion output (might be used elsewhere).
Modified the frontend invoice template to make it fit better on the page.
Fixed a bug introduced in v5 where third party plug-in modules could no longer be installed. Removed a reference to old "component installer" code that's never been used (since at least v3-ish).

Jomres 5.2rc1 11/07/2011

Small modification to the output_price function to ensure that if the foreign currency code isn't set, to not attempt a conversion.
As our new jomresJquery code has broken the old, ugly jquery combo plugin, we've replaced that old functionality with a newer, nicer jquery combo plugin.
Modified the guest confirmation email to use output_price
Added initial total inc vat column to printable invoice's template.
Fixed a bug where there were some missing td's in the Guest's toolbar.
Removed an old reference to index2.php in the clickatell settings template.
Added an option to disable javascript packing in site config, because on some servers the packer script doesn't appear to run correctly. By default, the packing feature is off, it needs to be enabled in site config for it to kick in.
Added ignore user abort functionality, once the exchange rate update has started, we want to finish the job. (exchange rate updating functionality).
Added a cron job for triggering exchange rate updating.
Moved the call to the chain select jquery plugin from j00030search.class.php into the init_javascript function in funtions.php.
Removed an obsolete javascript file.

Jomres 5.2beta2 07/07/2011

Significant changes to all Jomres code to try to resolve javascript conflict issues with modules, templates and plugins that also use jQuery. Whilst strictly speaking this isn't a bug in Jomres (rather, it's people not being aware that different plugins all using the same type of library will cause a conflict), this change should, nevertheless (hopefully) overcome those problems. Initial tests are very encouraging.
Found and fixed an issue where the optimisation cronjob wasn't triggering correctly.
Small modification to php mailer class to prevent echoing of email addresses that failed.
Added a check for error code 6 in the image uploading class to indicate that a temp dir doesn't exist (or isn't writable).
Exchange rate conversion selector removed from top.html, instead it is now available as a plugin that can be included by asamodule.

Jomres 5.2beta1 05/07/2011

A large number of changes to add fully automatic exchange rate downloading (daily) and conversion features that will allow us to convert prices on the fly for all properties who are using a currency code that can be converted. As the download is done daily, the first time the page is visited after this code is added may take a while to resolve as your Jomres installation needs to talk to the remote exchange rate server. After that's done however the data is stored locally and is retrieved very quickly.

Undid a change in the last version that disables busy dates in the departure date of the booking form, as this was a mistake. Leaving this change in would mean that a booker cannot set a disabled date as their departure date, even though this would be perfectly valid.
Reset a flag that prevents emails from being sent during testing, which was accidentaly left in situ after some code improvements.
Modified the infoimage feature of the tooltip function to use a new css class that makes the tooltip content area wider.
Fixed a bug where per person per night optional extras weren't displaying correctly in the booking confirmation page.
Removed excanvas.js from obsolete file handling class. Not sure why it's marked as obsolete. It's not.
Added an updated version of de-DE.php, many thanks Alexander.

Jomres 5.1 28/06/2011

A good deal of changes to the Javascript file handling. Jomres now uses a lot of javascript files, which raises the issue of network speed as the user needs to d/l a number of files to use the site. We would like to implement some kind of javascript compression facility within the system so that we can reduce this number of files.
Firstly, to do that we've needed to ditch the minified/compressed files we're currently offering. Because of the way different compression technologies work, you cannot successfully combine all of the different compressed/minified files into one file as for some reason this doesn't work, so the first thing we needed to do replace our files with the fullsize versions of the same files. This is good, because it makes it easier for site designers to modify those javascript files to suit their own requirements, however it's bad because the combined javascript file is > 1/2mb in size. Currently, all of the different methods we've tried to compress this file in size haven't worked.
So, Step 1, combine most files (except the jquery core file) - complete. Step 2, compress the combined file - work in progress.
Implemented a javascript packing library to minify and concatenate some of the Jomres javascript files. Some can't be compressed because of how they're written, but most can.

Modified how the confirmation form printable link is constructed, allows managers to use editing mode in the printable form to customise the confirmation letter.
Improved the extras output in the booking form and confirmation pages to calculate the total prices in showconfirmation of each selected extra, and to show the model's text in showconfirmation and the booking form
Slight modification of booking engine to note that there aren't any free rooms on a given date. Normally, if all rooms for a given date are booked, then the javascript calendar popup will disable a date, however if all rooms become booked whilst a user's in the booking form then they'll see the "select a room" message whilst there are no longer rooms available. This modification should change that message. It's an edge case scenario, but it's covered.
Slight modification of archive audit to not log the audit action in the audit trail. Was creating some issues of it's own.
Modified the booking engine, added autocomplete off for the arrival/departure dates, as firefox was causing inconsistent results, and removed a recent addition that was preventing the No rooms available from showing up when rooms were available.
Small modification to how searches are performed for room type searches, if filter = % then just re-use the last set of search results.
Modified the save invoice feature to set the init total to 0 if the invoice has been marked as paid in the administrator area.
More changes to invoice handling in the backend, corrected code to show the correct balance in list invoices and edit invoice, when the invoice is marked as paid. You can no longer mark an invoice as pending once it's been marked as paid. Want to implement paging soon, so there's definitely more work to be done on this as yet.
Modified how the property switch redirect's url is created, prevents the cycling issue that some folks have been experiencing.
Removed a stray vardump that was left in after the last changeset referring to invoice total changes.
Improved new functionality that reports that there are no vacancies to only trigger on certain parameter changes.
Modified a little used function to use translated guest type titles.
Modified booking engine to disable fully booked dates in both the arrival and departure dates (the Javascript calendars).
Found an issue where cron jobs were becoming locked then not unlocking, thereby taking them out of action for good. Also re-added the old optimise minicomponent.
Modified how dobooking finds the default departure date.
Added a change to showconfirmation to try to resolve issues where safari's creating new sessions when in the booking form. We're now saving guest address details to the temp booking object when showconfirmation's triggered. As a happy accident, debugging this has resulted in a slightly nicer booking form (it recognises the enter button).
Modified confirmation handling so that on amend contract, the special requirements are re-added to the text field in the confirmation page.
A variety of changes to add the total inc tax column to the line items table and it's output.
Modified and simplified grand total figuring in invoices.
Added code to translate tariff name/desc in confirmation emails.
Commented out an IF statement that was preventing countries with no regions from showing up as a search option.
Added a change that seems to fix the "search by location combo" dropdowns causing other dropdowns to not show correctly.
Commented out width and height settings from the imageonly tooltip popup. I left this in place when I created the thumbnail functionality to provide backward compatability with older installations of Jomres. That was some months ago now, and we're regularly getting questions on how to remove this code from newer uses so I think that the older users will just have to bite the bullet now and upload new images if they haven't already.
Further changes to post-booking emails to ensure that tariff names are translated correctly.
Added a mechanism to listproperties to allow a plugin to offer a "prices from" figure. The newest version of Jintour supports this new feature.
Fixed a small bug where the unpublished message was wrong when a property is unpublished.
Removed a redundant "edit creditcard" link that's no longer usable.
Modified the add plugin functionality to ensure that we clear out both the /remote_plugins/plugin_name and core-plugins/plugin_name directories. If we don't and somebody upgrades from an older version of a plugin, we'll get an error in Jomres/Jomres plugin manager.
small change to ensure that the url is passed through the jomres_decode function so extraneous slashes and other html special chars are decoded before the url's used.
Modified the class that sets up the booking form page, removed part of an if statement that ensures that the SRP calendar is shown if fixed period bookings are enabled. Don't understand why it's there, and doesn't make any sense to leave it in-situ. Seems that it was added in v3 and my records don't go back that far.
Added a couple of options to the viewproperty array in aid of third party developers.
Modified the confirmation letter script to use medium thumbnails where available.

Updated French and Portuguese language files, many thanks Mario!
Added an updated version of es-ES.php to the core code, many thanks Juan Antonio.

Jomres 5stable 20/05/2011

Minor tweak to installer to stop it reporting that it's creating the extra services table if it already exists.
Tweaked queries that pull tariff and room booking information from db when setting up the booking object.
Removed height: 1000px; from viewproperty left col in css file as it should no longer be appropriate.
Added j00509form.class.php to obsolete files class.
Added old gateway templates and images to obsolete files list.
Modified the updater to no longer check the license key.
Removed old creditcard storage mechanism.
Modified dobooking to remove some html and added that missing html to the dobooking templates.

Jomres 5beta1 18/05/2011

Removed a lot of files which have now been added as plugins, removed some remaining 'form' plugin files and created a new core-plugins folder.
Modified installer to put core Jomres plugins into the core-plugins directory, instead of remote_plugins.
Added some code to remove anti-xss code inserted by the input filter when adding a new plugin.
Modified code that removes plugins to take into account the new core-plugins directory.
Added a new booking form to be used by non-room based properties (eg. jintour would use this template instead of the one it carries natively).
Applied some tweaks to the booking forms to improve layout etc, thx Aladar.
Reworded the optional extras selection header to make it more generic.
Small tweak to booking form font size, and a modification to show the services total in the booking form (bug fix).
Disabled output filtering, causing site slowdowns and not massively necessary.
Added a warning to the plugin manager to not install all plugins when first starting out.
Modified the prep search by price ranges code to use only prices from published properties.
Modified list properties to not show paging if called via ajax, and filter properties to not output the sort order dropdown for same. For ajax generated property lists we'll need to find some other way to sort the search results as the two above are not suitable for this scenario.
Modified plugin manager to highlight main system plugins.
Modified property list dashboard element to not show anything if the user's a receptionist.

Jomres 4.7.8stable 11/05/2011

New number images contributed for use in the booking form, kindly donated by Eleanor. Thanks very much! Booking form templates improved to use them better.
Small change to jomres.js so that fading out feature only kicks in if the room booking functionality is used by the property (ie, so that the address/extras stuff isn't faded out for a jintour property.
Fixed issue reported by Duxiana in new coupon functionality, guest dropdown list shows firstname/firstname, not firstname/surname in the edit coupon page.
Corrected the installer, one of the 'add column' parts for the new coupon functionality didn't have it's corresponding insertion code.
Added a check for property uid = 0 in coupon functionality giving us the ability to have system-wide coupons in the future.

Jomres 4.7.8beta1 05/05/2011

Added functionality so that coupons can only be valid for certain dates, as well as only used within certain periods, and a coupon can be assigned only to a specific guest.
Some users are having problems because they've edited files for Jomres and forgetting (or not knowing) that the files should be saved "without BOM" (byte order mark). These changes will allow us to attempt to remove the BOM from all areas of the output that's returned by the server to the client browser, hopefully thereby fixing issues some folks have had with the Show Profiles feature.
Added an option to not include the jomres jquery ui css file in the head of the template.

Small fix added to css to stop date picker's empty div from showing on the bottom left of the page on some templates.
Added a missing closing div to edit_room.html
A couple of changes to stop the block IE error code from showing above the page's body, instead added it to jomres.js.
Added charset to info sent to paypal
Modified regprop step one to use jrConfig limit_property_country_country (the setting in Site Config when managers can set the default country) to set a new property's country.
Added a few "if not exists" to the installer.
Some CSS changes to make Jomres blend better with our own joomla template.
Added a few missing settings to jomres_config.php, these will then update the site setting's 0 profiles when the user next uses the install_jomres.php script when they upgrade.
Cleaned a lot of files with trailing spaces in them, could be the cause of some servers being unable to use the manager choose functionality.
Upgraded html purifier to 4.3.0, instead of the older, obsolete 4.0.
Modified the delete room script only trigger an error if there are future bookings for a room.
Applying a potential fix to the "looping on change property" issue.
Found a way to allow a property manager to switch to a different property without having the manager's toolbars popup mid-redirect.
Added an option to the generate date input function that allows us to tell the function to show historic dates in the calendar.

New number images contributed for use in the booking form, kindly donated by Eleanor. Thanks very much! Booking form templates improved to use them better.
Small change to jomres.js so that fading out feature only kicks in if the room booking functionality is used by the property (ie, so that the address/extras stuff isn't faded out for a jintour property.
Fixed issue reported by Duxiana in new coupon functionality, guest dropdown list shows firstname/firstname, not firstname/surname in the edit coupon page.
Corrected the installer, one of the 'add column' parts for the new coupon functionality didn't have it's corresponding insertion code.
Added a check for property uid = 0 in coupon functionality giving us the ability to have system-wide coupons in the future.

Jomres 4.7.8beta1

Added functionality so that coupons can only be valid for certain dates, as well as only used within certain periods, and a coupon can be assigned only to a specific guest.
Some users are having problems because they've edited files for Jomres and forgetting (or not knowing) that the files should be saved "without BOM" (byte order mark). These changes will allow us to attempt to remove the BOM from all areas of the output that's returned by the server to the client browser, hopefully thereby fixing issues some folks have had with the Show Profiles feature.
Added an option to not include the jomres jquery ui css file in the head of the template.

Small fix added to css to stop date picker's empty div from showing on the bottom left of the page on some templates.
Added a missing closing div to edit_room.html
A couple of changes to stop the block IE error code from showing above the page's body, instead added it to jomres.js.
Added charset to info sent to paypal
Modified regprop step one to use jrConfig limit_property_country_country (the setting in Site Config when managers can set the default country) to set a new property's country.
Added a few "if not exists" to the installer.
Some CSS changes to make Jomres blend better with our own joomla template.
Added a few missing settings to jomres_config.php, these will then update the site setting's 0 profiles when the user next uses the install_jomres.php script when they upgrade.
Cleaned a lot of files with trailing spaces in them, could be the cause of some servers being unable to use the manager choose functionality.
Upgraded html purifier to 4.3.0, instead of the older, obsolete 4.0.
Modified the delete room script only trigger an error if there are future bookings for a room.
Applying a potential fix to the "looping on change property" issue.
Found a way to allow a property manager to switch to a different property without having the manager's toolbars popup mid-redirect.
Added an option to the generate date input function that allows us to tell the function to show historic dates in the calendar.

Jomres 4.7.7 06/04/2011

A small change to prevent properties with 0 tariffs from showing the prices.
minor template changes, mainly, to prevent the toolbar from rendering when saving something.
Change to resolve issues with IE and redirection functionality.
Fixed an issue caused by upgrading jquery to 1.5.1. when trying to edit rates with the calendars in Micromanage.
Change to how jomSearch class is called. Should mean that devs can override the class if needed. Uses jr_import now.
Added some definitions for ajax urls that I intend to add in the future to the rest of the system.
Some changes to how the http protocol is manipulated. In short, removed the manipulation as we're no longer offering the "ssl in the booking form" switch.
A tweak to see if we can resolve the browser moving the viewing area to the top of the page when we click on a tab.
Added jquery ui 1.8.11 to jomres
Added an option to site config -> search options tab to allow a property manager to choose how the search by guest numbers search feature should work.
It would appear that over the years the "registered users only can book online" option has been neglected as the system has evolved, meaning that non-registered users are seeing the dobooking links. Fixed to work again.
Added language definitions to paypal redirect script and Edit Labels area.
Added a couple of contributions from Marco regarding translation of custom field names in the hotel and guest emails.
Modified edit profile so that check all selector selects all checkboxes.

Jomres 4.7.6 29/03/2011

Updated language files with new definitions (forgot to add them to the 4.7.6 release. Silly moi).
Added new feature to output prices and periods so that they can be customised to be by night/week/month.
modified the booking forms a little to fade out panels until a room has been selected (mrp) or a valid tariff found (srp).
Some markup fixes.
Fix a few stray apostrophes in the search combo dropdowns.
Added animation when ajax kicks in.
PHP mailer exception class renamed to prevent naming clashes.
Added jquery 1.5.1 to svn and Jomres. Won't remove old version until the version after this, which will give us time to ensure that functionality works as expected.
Small change to make sure the toolbar isn't rendered when deleting a property.
modified the sh404sef plugin to correctly determine the 'task' so that it runs correctly.
New change to generate the booking number when the user passes the process payment point, instead of the insert booking point. This is for developers who need to pass the booking number to remote gateways.
Improved archive audit trail functionality to only archive 1000 records at a time, and run far fewer queries.
Improved layout of config panels in frontend.
A variety of UI tweaks to improve page consistency for property managers.

Jomres 4.7.5 15/03/2011

Fixed a bug where `tax_rate_val` wasn't added on first install therefore adding new service charges to existing bills wouldn't work unless the installer'd been used to upgrade the db.
A small change to fix the type of commission rate in the administrator area view property page.
Modified a file to prevent the 'form' gateway from appearing in the gateways list in the property configuration page. We want to discourage users from using this gateway as it involves entering creditcard details on a joomla based server, whereas in fact they should be using a full payment gateway that is PCI compliant.
Fixed a bug introduced by a new change which prevented currency formats being shown in the tariffs and currencies tab of property config.
Small change to ensure that the booking form property config option Show max guests per booking affects the room type dropdown list in the booking form, as well as the 'classic' list.
Removed some old references to popup in the slideshow and view rooms urls in property details.
Added a check for the php version when installing.
Added search by price range text to touch template functionality.
Added code to enable switching off of jquery ui.
Edited the frontend list propertys (that a manager sees if they're not a super manager) to work with the jquery ui classes.
Added jomres_decode to the listyourproperties script.
Some changes to bring manager's page's css into line with the rest of the jquery ui usage on the system.
A few changes to stop the language switching back to English for no good reason in the administrator area, and changed some country name editing mode functions to ensure that the constant uses the country code, not the country name.
Some changes to the Jomres installer to resolve issues where users are having to use the discover feature to install Jomres.
Added bulgarian to Jomres lang library. Many thanks Hristo Yanev
Updated frontend list invoices to look better on the page.
Modified the booking engine to show a 3 month picker in the arrival date, and to allow the booker to choose historic dates if we're amending a booking.
Modified amend booking functionality to force the rooms list to switch back to the 'classic' room selection style if we're amending a booking.
Added feature to automatically create an index.html in the remote_plugins dir once a plugin is added.

Jomres 4.7.4 24/02/2011

Change to normal editing mode, separates non-srp or srp only room types from room type list.
Some changes to resolve couple of issues where sanitised apostrophes are not decoded for before they're output.
Modified a j1.6 specific function to correctly identify if we're in the administrator area.
Fixed a bug where realestate properties in the property list were giving the booking link, not the contact owner link.
Added a flag to the showtime variable to identify jomres as a heavyweight system ( > 200 properties ). If so, then we won't try to translate property names in the super manager's dropdown.
Added a check for minimum_interval, if it's not set to > 0 we'll set it to 1. If it's left out, the booking form will fail with a js error so this should prevent that from happening.
Added new functionality to administrator list properties that allows a user to list properties by property initials.
Fixed a naughty little bug where if a site doesn't have any global custom code (from the Touch Templates/Label editing feature) then Jomres can't merge the global and property specific code, meaning that the custom code isn't correctly found by the custom_text class.
Added XPF to currency codes.
added html5 input types for emails in booking forms and contact owner.
Tracked down an illusive bug that was causing languages to be reset to en-GB when touch templates/label editing was used, causing translations to not work for any lang other than English.
Undid some ssl booking form specific settings. With Joomla's sef url functionality it's become impossible to get urls working properly so that Jomres can rewrite http:// to https://. From now on, it looks like we'll need to disable the ssl in the booking form functionality.
Further improvements for decoding urls before they're displayed, and improved urls when generated by router.php
Fixed a bug where currency formats weren't being found correctly in list properties.
added some code to allow the property selection feature to redirect calls even when there are ' in the property's name.
Added a hidden option to put buttons for room selections back into the booking form.

Jomres 4.7.3 07/02/2011

Added simplified site config settings option.
Found a bug in new code that deals with property configuration. If this is a new installation, and the property's config as not been changed, then a property's default mrConfig will be NULL. This is not desirable when the default config and property config arrays are merged (sets the property's mrConfig to NULL) so new code has been added that converts the property's temp config to an array if NULL, and then the merging goes ahead ok.
Renamed our example guest to somebody a little more in keeping with the Fawlty Towers ethos.
Added more icons for different room/resource types, added code to installer to create new resource types on first installation. Updated vehicle and yacht brokerage lang files.

Jomres 4.7.2 02/02/2011

Fixed a bug in a new function that prevented the booking form from showing.

Added the ability for the site administrator to choose a site's language context, in other words they can choose to use a Car hire/Yacht Brokerage language file instead of the default Hotel type language file. This does not override a property's language file as defined by it's type.
Added a new propertyrental subfolder to languages dir, all existing language files copied to dir to maintain the existing property relevant text. English lang files in /jomres/languages will be edited to be more relevant to units/objects/businesses, instead of simply related to hotels.
Renamed a language directory sub directory name in property types in installer.

Jomres 4.7.1 2/2/2011

Modified show reviews to html entity decode to allow ' to show properly.
Modified minicomponent handling and database class to log which minicomponents are making db queries.
Improved tracing in db class.
Modified custom_text.class.php to actually work as a singleton
Modified list properties to not figure review functionality if reviews are disabed in the administrator's config.
Modified property list so that Contact owner link is shown as a button.
Small change to prevent editingmode and other dropdowns from appearing if popup set to yes (eg, when showing a printable invoice).
Removed some redundant echos from deleteguest.
Some changes to improve ssl handling.
Fixed an odd bug where the departure date for a new black booking wasn't showing the calendar icon. Caused by microtime reporting exactly the same when the the function was called at two different times. Replaced the unique id generating functionality with Jomres' random string generator instead.
Modified basic property details and other functionality to optimise how basic property details are found. When the jr_user is set up, we'll do a bulk query to find property names that'll be added to the property name dropdown box. The older method would generate a lot of queries, this and future optimisations will reduce the number of queries performed to find basic data of the user's properties.
Modified custom text class to do one query instead of umpteen to find custom text strings.
Performance enhancements added by preloading some data.
Added new options to define the sizes of small and medium thumbnails. Small are for the property list, whereas medium are for the property header.
Renamed Touch Templates to Label Translations
Added a new browser detection class to Jomres and removed the older method. Reduces the chance of colliding with another component who's name escapes me now. swfreemenu?

Added functionality that allows a site manager to enable commission handling. When this is enabled, the property manager can see their commission invoices (these are no longer viewable by the property manager's normal list invoices page). Added feature to use the invoice cron to suspend managers who's accounts have not been paid after their due date + "threashold" have expired.
Modified php mailer to no longer echo errors on error.
2 new functions that return all super property managers, and all suspended managers.
New ROI tab added to Site Configuration area. Enable subscription and commission handling moved to this tab, along with comission settings features.

Jomres 4.7.0 11/1/2011

Various changes to enable Joomla 1.6 installation.
Found and fixed a security issue where a manager of property A can modify the user details of a user on property B (where the manager has no rights to edit that user's details).

Small change to save room script to ensure that the passed variable is cast as a float by the filtering function.
Small change to stop jomres from including an obsolete js file.
Disabled old gateway log marking the property uid number.
Modified booking insert functionality to not check for rooms already booked if not using room booking functionality of the system.
Small change to ensure that if micromanage is used, then the showtariffsasweekly setting isn't used. (IE to say that prices are per week) list properties and show tariffs scripts.
Found an errant jquery uiblock call in jomres.js. Removed.
Modified get property name function to use newer singleton functionality.

Jomres stable 6/1/2011

Added a clause to remove from page titles (it remains in the page source).
Modified new functionality so that if a property doesn't use rooms in the booking form, to simply set the departuredate to the next day (dependant on the minimum interval) internally.
Modified invoice creation functionality to only mark an invoice paid on creation if the depositpaidsuccessfully flag is set to Yes and the init_total of the invoice = $deposit_required.
Extended new arrival/departure date functionality to take into account those properties who're configured to not show the departure date in the booking form.
Modified edit property script to html entity decode strings before they're displayed during editing.
Some minor changes to html_entity_decode town/region links in the property list.
Small change to take into account capitalised usernames in grant access function.
Added experimental rounding to try to ensure that rounding is performed correctly.
Modification to display booking script to not add tax if the prices are inclusive.
Modified configuration functionality to allow managers to enable slideshows in property details, and stopped configuration from switching to property admin on Save.
Removed redundant "don't use both tax configuration option settings" message from tariffs and currencies.
Modified property details handling functionality, now tabs are added via minicomponents, makes it much easier for third party developers to add new tabs easily.
Added some effects to the rooms list hiding/showing javascript. Finally got rid of interface.js, which has been with us for about 4 years but is no longer required. Booking form template updated.
Modified the booking engine so that room buttons are now better styled with Jquery ui (whole button is clickable, not just the link)
Removed jquery.blockUI.js and it's associated functionality from jomres.js. This was what would block parts of the interface from interference while the booking form's ajax functionality was running. Waaay back when web2 was new this was useful, however now ajax is common, we have faster servers, internet connections, pcs and javascript libraries and it's no longer necessary. In it's day it was great, but now I'm sick of looking at it.
Removed jquery-1.4.2.min.js from our javascript library
Upgraded booking form and confirmation pages with jquery buttons.
Applies the fix suggested by Marc, thanks.
Further small changes to links in property details and list properties to make the buttons work like buttons. Modified booking form so that it uses the jquery highlight and error classes.
Commented out input error/highlight options in property config as we're now using jquery highlights. Also removed the minicolour picker as that's no longer required, and disabled the 'edit icon size' options as it's redundant.
Less is more.
Fixed an issue with touch templates where the constant's which include the word "script" is being inserted into the custom text table with inserted.
Small change to prevent realestate properties for showing a book now link (duh)
Modified extra services functionality to include the tax rate at the time that it's entered. This allows us to calculate the resulting total in the edit booking page.
Added Street, Town and Postcode to translatable fields in Edit Property details page.
Added option to disable jquery inclusion in the frontend.
Removed some code from booking engine that was causing micromanage tariff calculations to use the 'charges stored weekly' setting, even though it's redundant in Micromanage tariff editing.
A variety of changes to remove redundant code, and remove styles from the code in the property list, property details and property header.
Changed Save Coupon link to a button in the booking form.
Added two new js variables to the booking form for highlight and error, removes need to define the jquery ui's highlight and error classes in the code in handlereq.php
removed ui error css from booking engine by applying the error_class through js after the rooms list is regenerated.
Modified admin notes to remove redundant thumbnail setting, and advise the size of thumbnails. Added note to max upload input to show php's max file upload limit.
Modified list properties display reviews functionality to open in a dialog popup.

Jomres stable 15/12/2010

Modified Jomres to ensure that a room booking isn't created when a property is a jintour property
Modified micromanage output, removed min and max rooms already selected output if the property is an SRP
Improved booking engine by passing the departure date along with the arrival date via ajax when the arrival date is changed.

Jomres 4.6.0 stable 13/12/2010

Some additional changes to improve new functionality that allows us to set some dates in a micromanage tariff to zero. This new code filters tariffs out if the tariff is zero within certain dates. Gives us dynamic minimum intervals.

Modified contact owner script to ensure that it uses the correct language strings.
Small change to stop manager's toolbar from popping up unnecessarily when amending a booking.
Improved amend booking functionality to include line items when a booking is modified.
Added an extra space because "prices from" in the property list in english runs up against the price itself.
Swapped labels around, house number was showing under street and vikki versa in guest details template.
Small change to list user's invoices so that template is still shown if the list is empty.
Modified show tariffs to not show a tariff if the price is zero.
fixed amend booking so that number of guests in the party shows up in the top advisory when amending a booking.
Added forgot password functionality to Jomres SA.
Fixed small bug where global currency code wasn't used when generating the link to for currency conversion. Ty Aladar.
Modified the method of detecting the absolute path. Looks like some servers have changed what $_SERVER SCRIPT_NAME reports, borking our older method of figuring out the path. This change adds a check for SCRIPT_FILENAME instead and uses that if available. Need to monitor this change.
Fixed a missing close table in the hotel confirmation email template.
Added trashcache code to savecustomertypes minicomponent.
Added new functionality to delete a partner from the partner's list.
Fixed a minor bug where the super property manager's image wasn't showing as a ninja in show profiles.
Fixed showconfirmation to ensure that extra names are translated.
Added the old backend addproperty script to the obsolete file handling list.
Replaced overzealous filtering in editinplace with simpler sanitization to discern the name of the constant being edited.

Jomres 4.6.0beta1 24/11/2010

Modified how dates date range array is calculated in blackbooking functionality, certain timezones were not crossing over correctly 5th November.
Added booking number to confirmation letter.
Moved a management view option into a detected cms block so that Jomres SA doesn't trip over it and report an error.
Disabling management_view if Joomla's sef enabled.
Fixed minor bug where installer couldn't create discounts table if it already exists (added IF NOT EXISTS to the query).
Modified installer to resolve issues where Jomres reports errors installing on mysql server if strict mode is enabled.
updated cms specific installation script to take into account mysql strict mode.
Added a check for the setting to exist before returning it in the showtime class.
Modified how urls are detected within Jomres. If Joomla's internal SEF is enabled and the Jomres use ssl option is switched on we need to apply the 'live_site' variable to the url otherwise Jomres can't str_replace some urls with https. Means you can't have SEF urls within Jomres, and ssl in the booking form.
Modified cms_specific_functions.php to correctly find the current user's id in wordpress.
Disabled session id check in jr_user class as session id not set in wordpress, and I don't think we need it any more.
Removed old jquery corner javascript from Jomres libraries.
realestate property template updated to bring it into in line with the rest of Jomres' jquery ui handling.
Updating Jomres css file, removing obsolete classes.
Further css tidying up. Moved call for jomrescss.css to futher down in the init_javascript function to enable it to override jquery ui settings. Show tariffs and rooms templates updated with jquery ui classes.
Modified str_replace of http to https functionality to take into account single property installations and the booking form in the property details page.
Italian language file fully translated and brought up to date with the current version of Jomres. Many thanks Luca.
Modified add plugin functionality to only bypass remote download of plugin aspect of system, so thirdparty plugins should still install if the license is out of date.
Modified dobooking to ensure that last minute discount is calculated BEFORE taxes are figured out.
Modified countries.php so that the country names can be alphabetically sorted even if they've been translated.
Modified gateway validation routine to ensure that correct gateway plugin is checked and used by Jomres.
Modified currency codes class to change "Bs F" to "Bs". Thanks for the update Yubisay.
French language file updated, many thanks Mario
Added suspended column to user manager's table.
Fixed a bug where smtp emails weren't being sent when auth settings required.
Added new functionality to suspend property manager accounts. This gives us a base to work on for future functionality as we improve the commission handling in the system.
Added 00005 trigger point to admin.php. The main purpose for this addition is to allow plugins to include a language file post language detection to ensure that we're including the correct language file. Previously we'd use 00001 however this is no longer appropriate as the language is detected later in the workflow now.
Modified guest views. Added remove favourite feature and generally tidied up a few templates to make proper use of the jquery ui css. Also modified view favourite functionality to make better use of the basic property details class which provides fuller translation of property address details.
Modified list properties to not show the broken link to a non-existing room type image. For jintour specific properties.
Created new admin feature to see raw booking data stored in the booking data archive.
Added thumbnail handling to Jomres.
Modified SA to not generate title and keyword heads as Jomres will generally manage that.
Minor fix to searching functionality to pop the searchAll option off the beginning of the features array when showing features as icons instead of dropdowns.
Moved manager/reception/user toolbars out into their own minicomponents, moved top and bottom templates out into their own minicomponents. This allows us to totally remove these toolbars programatically, if we so wish.
Improved bug reporting functionality to include more information.
Undid property name translations from router.php, in Joomla SEF mode this is causing Jomres to not be able to find the property's property uid when doing booking confirmations.
Small change to improve room type dropdown layout output.
Modified singleton abstract to search remote plugin dirs for classfiles to create as singletons if they're so constructed for such use.
changed data sent to paypal when paying immediately. swapped output_price with number_format.
Minor tweak to lang file to ensure that new user creation function is only valid in Joomla.
Renamed j06002list_property_invoices.class.php to j06001list_property_invoices.class.php to ensure that receptionists can see invoices.
Fixed an issue in SA where the wrong from email address was being used when sending forgot password links.
corrected collection of 'task', removed added by filtering code.
Small change to a query to ensure that SRPs that are changing their property type (ie for room type associations) don't see MRP room types in the dropdown.
Fixed bug where using the edit invoice feature in the backend wasn't setting the subscription as paid if the invoice was a subscription invoice. NA normally as usually a different mechanism is triggered to mark invoices as paid.
Modified jr_user to become a full Jomres singleton, as it was found to be causing intermittent bugs in a new plugin in it's older php4 class style.
Modified how the property's room types are generated in the room type dropdown (SRP).
Modified property creation functionality to allow input of realestate type property prices at creation time, and corrected a bug where the price wasn't being shown in the property details.
Modified the invoice table to include an 'is_commission' column.
Improved guest's invoice layout to show invoice line item contents.
New functionality to allow a logged in guest to change their details via an Edit Account link.
Finally solved the 'paging' problem (or lack thereof) in Show Profiles. Realised that even if we used paging, searching for a user to create as a manager would still be laborious so instead adopted the last version's functionality that searches for partners to search for managers.
Added search by guest numbers (looks at max people column in tariffs) and search by star numbers. Only works in integrated search atm, modules will need to be updated separately.
Modified language switcher to always show the language dropdown when in the administrator area.
Some further changes to make viewing of commission invoices possible by the property mananger, plus added a commission invoices button and functionality to the administrator area. Also tweaked pseudocron to stop it from showing too many log events.
Added serbia & montenegro to countries file.
added a switch that outputs prices for real estate properties in the property list.
Added an experimental change to the booking form, we pause for two seconds to collate data before it's passed to the confirmation page. This seems to resolve isolated incidents where the guest details aren't always captured at booking time.
Added a check to the dashboard. If $_REQUEST requestedMonth is set, then don't use the cache.

Jomres 4.5.8 28/9/2010

Added a new view of the Jomres content area which allows the property manager to view just Jomres. This is both a faster interface (you're not running any of the Joomla modules) and allows more flexibility when branding the interface.
Added functionality to allow us to translate country and region names via touch templates.
Added a timezone switching feature to the managers toolbar. Disabled by default, this should allow users on one continent to work on a server on a vastly different timezone.

Fixed bug where booking_room_specific_info array was not passed to the confirmation template.
Modified handle req to adjust the departure date only if the date is < arrival date - min interval.
Added functionality to allow us to have cms specific minicomponents.
Modified gateway validation function to use $_REQUEST instead of $_POST, allows us to pass the gateway name in the url, instead of just via a form's post method.
Fixed Jomres SA's cms_specific_urls.php so that JOMRES_SITEPAGE_URL_NOSEF sets the url correctly.
Small change to dobooking_srp.html to make sure invisible items stay invisible.
Modified pricing output functionality in list properties to check to see if gross pricing is set before calculating the inclusive price.
Clarified and simplified string filtering. Ensured that if html editors are not allowed, that all input and output text has virtually all html stripped before it is saved/used.
Modified new management process selection feature to ensure that the correct template is shown in new property step 2.
Changed how micromanage->averaged prices are calculated when same room types are chosen with two different tariffs.
Fixed a faulty delete review query.
Modified router.php to use the translated property name.
Added initial functionality to allow Jomres to be integrated into Joomla 1.6. After Jomres phase of installation is performed, the site manager then needs to go to the Joomla extension manager and use the Discover feature to continue installing jomres. Other functionality like creating news users on bookings hasn't been tested and wouldn't be expected to work at this time.
Fixed issue where it wasn't possible to edit created extras.
Further work to resolve rounding issues. Removed number_format functionality from insert booking minicomponent, ensuring that calculated prices are inserted with as many decimals as possible, then added output price functionality to view and list invoice functionality.
Small change to booking engine's growl output functionality to ensure that dev popups are shown, and removed some old code.
Fixed typo in the language file. Propertys shmoperties.
Added rounding fix output to administrator area list invoices, however the same cannot be added to the edit invoice area because the currency code will prevent the discount calculation javascript from working.
Updated install_jomres.php to associate room types with property types on first installation.
Added new version of pt-PT.php, many thanks Mario Oliveira
Added Azerbaijan New Manat to currency codes class.
Added an internal feature to disable the paypal link when calling the view invoice function as part of the hotel's email.
Removed context word from booking notes.
Tweak guest's toolbar to use jquery ui widget css.
Upgraded jgrowl, which manages the popup messages. Modified it slightly (L191) to not use the "messages" class as the message using the header class within the context of the popup is ugly. Css file updated too, and jomrescss.css modified to remove the "header" class.
Added centering for SRP availability calendar.
Upgraded jquery ui to 1.8.5
Modified search functionality to add the "All" option to the feature search dropdown.
Modification to booking engine so that when in micromanage, we can filter out tariffs that are set to 0, allowing us to layer tariffs over each other, offering different minimum intervals.

Jomres 4.5.7 19/8/2010

Further changes to Jomres to support non-room based bookings. These changes are required to support the Jintour plugin.

Added a function to detect each dir in the ui themes subdirectory and find an appropriate css file.
When dealing with larger numbers finding number ranges for the search feature caused an out of memory error. With help from we've changed the foreach method of finding ranges with a for loop, which seems to fix the problem.
Added a missing var definition to the srp booking form.
Added new functionality to allow plugins to insert their own property management process information into regprop step 1.
Fixed missing define from language file re minimised config options desc.

Jomres 4.5.6 16/8/2010

Added check to booking engine to see if jomres messaging is enabled.
Small modification to handle req to ensure that the guest allocation is reset to blank once the guest number have changed.
Modified upgrade functionality to remove chmod function. In very rare instances some of the contents of the /jomres folder might not be writeable by the web server (which is why we use the web installer, and discourage use of ftp for installation of Jomres). In older versions, as a last ditch effort, we'd ask the user for their ftp details to try to chmod any file to 777 that isn't writeable to facilitate the upgrade. This is a less than ideal process for security reasons as some users may not be aware that any file given these permissions should manually change those back after the upgrade. To remove the risk of site managers not changing the permissions back, we've removed the functionality altogether, instead replacing the code with a warning that the files need to have their ownership changed to that of the web server's user.
Added ksort to ensure the room type dropdown list always maintains the same order.
Modified room allocation functionality to output room type instead of room name if we're using dropdowns.
In rare situations the month name isn't found by the appropriate function, so in the event that '' is returned, we'll use an older method to create the month name.
Some changes to room type dropdowns to improve layout and information available.
Modification to jomres.js. If the difference between the departureDate in the booking form and the arrivalDate is > mininterval, don't adjust the departure date.
Added some missing translations for micromanage tariff editing's property configuration tab.
List properties modified with a nice little query from Piranha that simplifies the tariff query to output the "prices from" in the property list page.
Added a new trigger 00005 that is called before the action really starts, before the manager's menus are generated in jomres.php.
Restored some mistakenly removed definitions that define month names.
small change to dobooking to ensure that srps have the departure date set too when the form is first loaded.
Updated romanian currency code in currency code class file.
Added the beginning of new functionality that'll allow bookings to go through minus room bookings.
Hardened Jomres files against unauthorised access.

Jomres 4.5.5 30/7/2010

Note that there are changes to both dobooking.html and dobooking_srp.html, please ensure that your version (if you've modified it) incorporates the new changes otherwise your booking form will not work.

Minor changes to advanced editing and installer to clarify room types need to be associated with property types.
Added sanity check to warn users that the property is not yet published.
Re-enabled the SRP only option for room types.
Added commented out code to show how to disable popup in tooltips for room types and property features.
Modified booking engine functionality to disable a date in the calendar if all rooms for that date are booked.
Fixed issue where dashboard date when click wasn't used in the booking form.
Modified jr_gettext functionality in micromanage list tariffs and dobooking to enable translation of tariffs.
Couple of changes to dobooking to enable the date to be selected correctly when coming from both a date setting link, and a non-date setting link, specific to fixed period dropdowns.
Disabled translation of a button when in editing mode, as it breaks the button.
Implemented jquery date picker localisation files into Jomres.
Modified amend booking functionality to correct invoices once the booking has been amended.
Started adding files and functionality to install Jomres on WordPress 3. Functionality is not complete, as can't yet find how to reliably add our javascript files to wordpress, so this will remain a work in progress for now.
Added code to ensure non-booking form date picker pairs in search modules will set the departure date to one day after the arrival date.
Changed outgoing email's url to JOMRES_SITEPAGE_URL_NOSEF as Joomla's sef strips out the live_site.
Modified guest email to translate extra correctly.
Small modification to new date blocking functionality in the booking form. Disabled date blocking on the departure date. If a guest selects a day before a day that's fully booked, they can't actively choose the next date as the departure date because the room is booked the next day. It doesn't actually matter as the javascript's already done it for them, nevertheless it might confuse some people.
Added options to change the default search order, and whether or not to show the dropdown.
Added new functionality to the booking form. Property managers can now choose whether or not to display the classic rooms list, or choose rooms types from a dropdown.
Some minor functionality changes for new room type list dropdowns in the booking form.
Fixed a bug where the wrong room type was offered in the room type dropdown in micromanage edit tariff.
Fixed an IE issue where it complains about focus when the booking form is in the property details.
Added option to set start day of js and availability calendars from sunday to monday.
Added an option to allow site managers to only allow guests who have bookings with a property, to make reviews.
Modification to allow us to bypass gateways if the value of the contract is 0.00, so managers offering 100% discounts via vouchers can take bookings. Previously, this would have gone to a gateway but of course gateways will not handle 0 amounts as there's nothing in it for them.
Fixed Thanks krsjan.
Added an extra model "per room".
Don't show the pay now link if the total is 0. (invoice page).
Clarified Jomres license to indicate that "jomres" is trademarked, that php files are released as GPL2/MIT and that all images, css and javascript copyright me are not freely distributable.
Removed unused definitions from language files.

Jomres 4.5.4 29/6/2010

Some changes to make tariff editing work better for SRPs after the room type changes of 4.5.3
Experimental tweak to single person supplements to divide the booking fee by the number of people in the booking after the number of times SPS has been found to find the SPS value for multiple rooms.
Fixed some missing calls to get the translated property name (thx Piranha).
Fix for system error when manager tries to make a booking, caused by new plugin validation check in 4.5.3
Rewrote chunks of the booking engine to internally assign guests to rooms to improve single person supplement functionality.
Commented out code that tries to make the anchor of the tabs based on the name of the tab. Too many non-latin users were reporting problems with tabs.
Instead we'll just use the random string generator to create the anchor.
Small change to micromanage saving to ensure that dates are saved in UTC.
Fix for fatal error when paypal override enabled.
Modified showconfirmation to ensure that gateway options previously configured are no longer available once paypal override set to Yes in administration area.
Fixed issue where if Advanced tariffs, Average and tariff charges are stored weekly, then the Tariff estimate would show the daily price instead of the weekly price.

Jomres 4.5.3

modification to micromanage handling to ensure dates/times worked on are set to UTC.
Fixed a wrong database table name. Don't think the issue caused any problems, but it's nice to be right anyway.
Added check to see if show only availability calendar option is enabled, if it is we'll need to show the booking form links.
Modified availability calendars so that dates are converted to the JavaScript calendar input format before the url to the booking form is constructed.
Removed some commented out lines that revision 911 now makes superfluous.
Added translation of property name and room type full descriptions to "accommodation" panel in booking confirmation form.
Modified a loop that filters returns when a search results produces > 100 properties. The old loop didn't take account of missing keys in the property uid list, the new one does.
Fixed bug where room rate wasn't correctly figured for gross prices when in micromanage and average mode enabled.
Removed click on free date message in availability calendars if the booking form is in the property details.
added JOMRES_SITEPAGE_URL_NOSEF to standalone cms_specific_urls.php
Modified how the captcha form initialises it's action, as the old approach, which came from the captcha handing's functionality, was getting mangled by Joomla's sef handling.
Fixed bug where wrong currency code was being recorded in an invoice.
Enabled option to switch booking form from property details to it's own page.
Added an option to show tools tips without the actual JavaScript, instead showing the title next to the icon.
Added table and code to cross reference room types with property types, and dropped the old SRP option in room type configuration. This gives us greater flexibility when creating room types and they probably should be renamed to something like "links" or somesuch in the future. There shouldn't be any need for properties to modify their tariffs or rooms, however site managers of existing installations will need to edit their room types and associate existing room types with property types.
Added FILTER_FLAG_STRIP_HIGH to the generate tab anchor function. Whilst firefox and IE happily work with utf8 chars in an anchor, Safari doesn't.
Implemented jquery ui's datepicker functionality to replace the older dhtml date picker which hasn't been updated in years and is starting to show it's age (for ex. August in Chrome doesn't seem to show). I'll leave the older code in-situ for now in case somebody wants it, but in time, once I'm sure that the new code works flawlessly, we will remove it.
Resolved problem where when wiseprice active, in micromanage and tariff model is Average, then the price summary has the tax added. What was in fact happening is in micromanage, because tariffs are linked then the prices originally determined (and adjusted for the gross price setting) by getAllTariffsData are not used, instead the db is queried again. Adding adjustment to the te_setAverageRate method seems to resolve this.
Resolved a security issue reported by OSDCS which allowed a user to bypass the selected gateway and see the booking inserted without paying a deposit.

Jomres 4.5.2

Modified singleton abstract to look in the custom_code directory for any class files before looking in the core /jomres/libraries/jomres/classes directory.
Modified inclusion for countries.php to search the custom_code dir.
Changes to availability calendars to ensure that if is single property option is set to yes, then the availability calendar is shown under the booking form.
Fixed minor issue where feature popup wasn't translated in property list.
Removed a stray $ that was preventing the rate to be included in the url in the tariff list when linking to
ROL Romanian lui changed to RON new lui in currency codes
Added new toolbar_thirdparty.html and changes to jomres.php to offer third party toolbar under the manager's toolbar, for third party plugin developers.
Prompted by a user's ticket, I decided to see how easy it would be to put the booking form into a tab in the property details page, instead of in a page of it's own. It turned out to be remarkably easy.
Fixed bug which only appeared on Single property setups where an availability calendar search is performed and the user is taken direct to the booking form. Arrival date wasn't parsed through JSCalConvertInputDates to convert the date to a YYYY/MM/DD format therefore dates were being set to impossibly long periods (millions of days) resulting in an out of memory error.
Small modification to composite property details to switch off the Book now link in the top toolbar if option to show the booking form in the property details page is enabled.
Minor reordering of tabs
Small change so that if iphone is detected by Jomres, then the browser isredirected to the site but with tmpl = component, thereby switching off headers/modules etc, leaving just Jomres.
Small change to blackbooking template to not show the reasons field until the black booking dates have been selected.
Removed links from installer as they sometimes wouldn't work if the Joomla installation is in a subdir off the main site's root. Because of how the live_site is detected by the Standalone functionality, the live site cannot be properly detected during installation until we're actually integrated into a CMS/framework. Trivial problem, but it would instil concern among some users.
Modified system so that in tariffs and currencies you can configure the system so that prices input are the gross price, system will then figure tax from those prices in the booking form.
Added a restricted rooms clearing feature in event that one of the rooms in the selected rooms list has a restriction of > 1 then the entire room selection is cleared. It's not an elegant solution, but it should resolve the initial problem where rooms limited by restrictions can be left in a booking.
Small modification to tab building function for those poor souls who haven't got PHP5.2.
Added some code to ensure that the wiseprice discount info output to the booking form includes tax.
Further change to anchor making function to remove stray ' chars.
Modified micromanage functionality, added Advanced options for ignore_pppn, weekendonly, allow_we and min and max rooms already selected options to micromanage. In time, it's likely that Advanced editing mode can be dropped altogether, depending on if we can add improved price configuration functionality to Micromanage.
Modified number of rooms already selected functionality slightly.
Added date range picking functionality to micromanage tariff editing mode.
Fixed some broken images in the favourites output minicomponent. Thanks Piranha.
Switched htmlpurifier off by default as it appears to be causing errors on lower spec'd servers.
Fixed incorrect define in spanish lang file.
Added a couple of new icons for partners, although the code isn't written yet.
Configuration of new "booking form in property details" functionality changed. Whether to show the booking form in a separate page now controlled by jrConfig, and option to change this hidden in administrator area, making it less easy to change to put the form on a separate page. Calendar output scripts changed to not show links to the booking form.
Modified booking functionality to allow bookings of 0.00 value to be inserted.
Small modification to SRP to add a missing clause for the property details in booking form option
Revised changes to availability calendars so that links to the booking form are still shown if remoteavailability is used.
Commented out the "american" room tax options in tariffs and currencies. They haven't received any attention regarding adding tax to the invoice, and there are easier ways to add fixed taxes to the booking like using forced optional extras.
Commented out some code that seems to be resetting the fixed period arrival date to today's date for no good reason, and modified dobooking.php to not try to reconvert dates in the url.
Added Czech Koruna to currency codes
Modified dobooking to use JS cal conversion function (again). This effectively undoes the change to rev 902, but the issue is identified now so depending on user's requirements it is possible to make a simple change to restore the 902 functionality. See the notes in the file for more information.

Jomres 4.5.1

Added an option to cms_specific/joomla15/cms_specific_urls.php 'nofollowtmpl' to tell Jomres to not adopt the tmpl=component when building urls. Useful if, for example, you want Jomres to not include tmpl=component in it's links after it's been called via a url with tmpl=component in the url.
Modified cms_specific/joomla15/cms_specific_upgrade.php to upgrade router.php
Added some filtering to router.php
Modification to reviews to not show thumbs images when user not logged in.
Fix for paypal handling, resolving issues created as a result of the SEF fix for router.php in cms_specific_urls.php, and the switch to cookie based session handling.
Added functionality to save temp booking data to the database. You can't yet do anything with that data, but it is saved if needed at a later point (I'll probably build a plugin to use this data at a later date)
Small change to invoice list functionality to show names of guests who aren't registered users of the system in the invoice list.
Fixed issue where link and pay now by paypal button not showing in invoice in email from hotel
Improved review functionality. Modified property list so that "click to show reviews" link changes to hide when reviews shown, removed error message when a review is published/unpublished, changed how the publish/unpublish button works so that image is swapped on click, and you can publish/unpublish without reloading the page.
Modified anchor generation function to try to resolve issues with russian lang tabs
list property and header templates modified slightly, and jomres logo image adjusted to look better in tooltip popup.
Added ability to add nocustomtemplate to a page's url so that Jomres will not use any templates which were created by the Template Editing feature. Might help with debugging issues with customised user templates.
Disabled nl2br in jomresGetParam function

Jomres 4.5

Added review functionality. Registered users (not just guests of a given property) can leave reviews (including independantly reviewing such things as hospitality and cleanliness). Other registered users can agree or disagree with reviews, or report them. Reviews can either be autopublished, or manually published via a new button in the administrator area.

Added css classes to select combo inputs
Fixed bug where new unpublished property check was interfering with selectcombo feature in module 0
to jomres_reconvertString when <br /> found.
Added nl2br to jomresGetParam function
Added check to jomres.php to ensure that property_uid > 0 before trying to not show an unpublished property.
Fixed bug where subscription isn't sent to paypal due to jomres references the wrong jquery javascript file.
Changed how tab anchors are generated to work with non-latin languages
Fix property invoice list showing firstname firstname to firstname surname.
Disabled some internal sanitisation routines of the captcha class that are no applicable to be used in Jomres, as they were causing some text to output incorrectly in the contact owner form.
Disabled some code that adds a room to the selected rooms list if coming from a room's availability calendar. Due to switching from two ajax calls to one, the totals will not be calculated when the booking form is first generated and if this code is left in place potentially a guest might get a room for "free".
Disabled some in puts in the Property Configuration area that are only applicable to the dashboard.
Added "task" to form in micromanage tariff editing because of an obscure issue where some servers wouldn't pass the "task" value so micromanage tariffs wouldn't save.
Added saveTariff as an exclusion to the sanity check to ensure that the no tariffs message wouldn't be shown if you're saving a tariff.

Jomres 4.4.2

Changed some paths for finding key validation class
Modified jomres.php to show nothing if a property isn't published and the user isn't a manager.
Modification so in the event of a user attempting to view a non-published property a message is output and a random search is run.
Modified room number dropdown to present up to 150 rooms for each room type, not 1000.
Corrected missing quotes around email address sought for.
Fixed bug where global currency code wasn't being used if enabled.
Added Moldovan currency to currency_codes.class.php
Fixed bug where currency codes weren't being displayed in commission rate list, and wasn't being saved when editing commission rates.
Configuration panel handling rewritten to use jquery ui tabs
Fixed an error in the json response for the select combo, seems that jquery 1.4 demands that the keys be surrounded by double quotes, as well as the values (a good thing really).

Jomres 4.4.1

Fixed bug in upgrade functionality where key wasn't being passed.
Several changes to remove some stray Itemid's from urls within the system.
Modification to ensure new property_currencycode property config option is used to set the currency code in the currency conversion url.
Removed output headers inline mootools fix as no longer required.
Fixed bug where property country wasn't be set correctly when fixed countries option was set to No.
Fixed a few missing / in token hidden fields.
Updated jquery to 1.4.2, added UI library and associated css files. Had to update the Block UI library too to ensure that the booking form would continue to work.
PHPMailer v2.2 replaced with PHPMailer v5.1. I've had one client say that their hosts have disabled their site due to the older version of php mailer, which was PHP4 compatible. Whilst the only vulnerability for PHPmailer I can find refers to an older version of the script, and the 2.2 version doesn't suffer from the same vulnerability it's nevertheless prudent to upgrade to the PHP5 version as we're not supporting PHP4 any more.
Modified new purifier handling to not purify text if editing mode is enabled.
Changed property details tabs to use jquery tabs.
Removed add property button from administrator area button. Causing too much confusion for new users.
Changes to router.php to resolve "Cannot unset string offsets" bug.
Corrected Polish currency code.
Changed name of Yugoslav dropdown for language selection to Srpski
Updated version of Yugoslav lang file, many thanks bokikroki
Added jquery ui css themese as selectable options in administrator area. There are now 25 themes for you to choose from.
Many modifications to frontend templates to make use of new ui framework.
Modified terms popup to not show Joomla headers/modules/menus etc
j00015discounts.class.php removed and it's functionality added to the composite property details script

Jomres 4.4.1beta1 Fix for all guest types and numbers in confirmation email
Added a new function output_price. Currently users need to enter an http entity in the property and site config areas to output a currency symbol. In this version we've added a currency class which (should) have every currency code in the world, and their associated symbols, plus formatting for putting symbols before or after prices.
Small change to fixed period dropdowns, making it so that the first valid date found when generating the dropdowns sets the arrival date in the booking to that. Improves the initialisation of the booking form for fixed period propertys.
Moved call that generates css file to the init javascript function.
Modified invoice creator so that if $mrConfig depAmount == 1 then when a booking is created, if the deposit amount is set to Full then the invoice should be marked as paid (when the booking is eventually created).
Modified dobooking to trigger an initialising ajax call to the booking engine so that SRP have their room selected when the page first loads.
Added code to ensure that 64bit servers correctly d/l plugins from the plugin server before attempting to extract them.
Modified calculation that shows when a property is mostly full so that instead of using .75 it's using .99.
Resolved minor bug in installer where it complains about a non-existent index
Fix for issues where invoices aren't associated with cms user ids on booking creation, and where usernames aren't shown in the invoices list.
Added a fix for a trivial but annoying bug in jscalendar seen in firefox only, in the booking form.
Added html purifier library and supporting code in Jomres to add an extra layer of security for input and output filtering.
Added note to remind users to log into the frontend to administer propertys to installer
Modification to resolve issues where users have uninstalled via Joomla, then attempted to reinstall Jomres. If Jomres links aren't found in the components table, we'll attempt to re-add them.
Added jeyjey's property feature icons. Many thanks.
Fix bug report about stray itemid
Removed a reference to mambo that was preventing the switch ssl option off from showing in the site config
Added a new copy of cz-CZ.php. Many thanks Leonard.
Modified logging functionality so that if booking logging isn't enabled then no logging info is stored in memory. Previously it would be stored in memory then if logging was enabled then it would be written to the log file.
Added booking number to the confirmation email subject
Change to fix some noConfict (mootools) issues
Applies maakit's suggested change to cms_specific/joomla15/cms_specific_urls.php which enables Joomla's internal sef handling to kick in, and re-enabled copying of router.php in installation files
Modified cms_specific/joomla15/cms_specific_urls.php to ensure that Jfactory is only used when Jomres run through Joomla
Modified invoice handling so when the invoice is marked as paid an appropriate line item is added to reflect that so that the outstanding total is updated to show that 0 remains to be paid.
Further changes to enable us to change the output on the view booking page, takes into account the invoice balance and updates the remainder to pay field to reflect the state of the invoice. If the invoice id isn't associated with the contract uid (only bookings from this update) then the old calculation will be used.
Modified save cancellation functionality to mark an invoice as cancelled too.
Modified the delete room feature script to output a message instead of throwing an error, in the event that a user tries to delete a room feature that's already applied to a room or rooms. Slight modification of the language file too.
Modified the currency codes class to allow the site admin to set the sitewide currency code in the administrator area, and show the subscription packages using the new output_price function.
Added a new sanity check to warn if editing mode is being used with global editing enabled, provides a link to the editing mode manual page.
Added a check to captcha to see if php has been installed with Freetype support.
Added minicomponent directories array to mcHander and it's registry class.
Modified jr_import to check minicomponent/plugin directories for class files. Now there's no need to have a "00001start" minicomponent to include these class files.
Fixed some missing /trs thanks Gargano.
changed how prices are estimated in booking form for Advanced, Average model tariffs.
Modified router.php to trim property names as names with a space on the end trigger a 404 error when sef is enabled
Renamed avail room div to rooms_listing to ensure that the correct availability message is shown in SRPs
Added personal discount feature so that specific guests can be given individual discounts
main.php added to templates for xml parsing
Added new functionality to enable us to use the search feature and return (some of) the data in xml format for use via a remote site.
Fixed bug where micromanage tariff editing mode wasn't showing the short day of week for the current language, instead was always showing english short day of week.
Added search by price ranges to miscdefinesfortouchtemplating plugin
Modified system to use cookies instead of session_id, drops the requirement to run the system with Global Config needing to be set to None. With luck, any users who's servers are not configured to use sessions (admittedly, few and far between) will now be able to use Jomres.
Changes to booking form to only show coupon code row in totals table if the property has some coupons created.
Modified how SPS is calculated when set to percentage.
Modified countries.php to change wording from St Kitts to St Kitts and Nevis
Added a site config feature where site administrators can limit the "home" country of properties to just one country.
Added support key checking for upgrades and plugins

Jomres 4.4

Modified booking form javascript to convert the old two pass process (rebuild rooms list/pass other info -> calc prices) to only need to run one pass instead. The booking form runs much faster now.
Added a new method to sanitize output before it's eval'd by jomres.js
Fixed a bug where if an optional extra doesn't have a quantity, a javascript error is thrown.
Modify amend booking functionality to carry over extras quantities when editing bookings.
Removed two defunct property features from installer.
Added property terms and conditions to confirmation email.
Removed references to index2.php, now using index.php. (Joomla)
Added translations for subscription packages

Jomres 4.3.4

Removed arrival and departure dates from tmp booking handler's reset function.
Added optional 05050 trigger for third party extras
Added new variable for third party extra's private data and added nocomplate to the javascript calendar inputs
Modified how tp extras are stored in the engine, they're now further associated with a plugin, allowing the plugin to reset all tp extra options for it's own data, if required.

Jomres 4.3.3

Fixed a couple of parse errors in Norwegian and Chinese language files
Re-enabled the MRP SRP property switch in Site Config -> SRPs tab. Fixed ability to not delete existing template customisations
Added custom field data to confirmation form
Custom field contents added to guest and hotel emails.
Used the bugfix version of the updater to resolve upgrade issues in Jomres Core.
Removed a strtolower in the site settings singleton to aid installation issues some folks were getting.
Added code that allows us to insert rows into the extras area, and process new code in handlereq that's introduced as a new trigger. The rows trigger is 05030 and the handlereq code is 05040
Added pricing functionality to third party extras handling and insert into invoice handling.
Added third party extra information to the confirmation page.

Jomres 4.3.2

Added disabled=" " to ensure that extra quantity boxes in the booking form remain disabled until the checkbox has been clicked. Thanks Piranha.
Added single property only option. Allows us to configure a Jomres installation so that all calls to Jomres that aren't going to some "task" force the page to go straight to the booking form of the first property.
Added Polish currency code to currency_codes.class.php.
Switched off property header in booking form if single property installation is Yes.

Jomres 4.3.1

Minor fix to German language file

Jomres 4.3

Modified edit template to fix saving not posting updated field.
Fixed default language bug
All Jomres files encoded utf8 (although notepad++ disagrees)
Fixed minor pathway bug in SA (was using a joomla function)
Corrected call to $property->propertys_uid in list propertys
Added global call to jomresConfig_lang for backward compatability
Fixed bug where property feature icon wasn't showing in integrated search
Fixed bug where property name wasn't translating in property list, added javascript to reset quantity selected to 1 when the quantity has already been selected once. Thanks Dimitris B
Added jomres_button_property_list class so that we've got different length buttons on property list and property details. Did some more work on autotranslate but it's disabled by default and there is no option to enable it yet as it is still experimental.
Modified backend addproperty to fix images not showing.
Fixed bug in installer where property features weren't being created on install
Added some calls to set showtime property uid so that the correct property name is used.
Fixed a bug which was preventing invoices from being included in booking emails.
Changed the way that the daterangestring in blackbookings is determined to resolve an issue on some servers where just the odd date is missed out.
Changed headers to indicate Jomres' new GPL license & removed licensing code.

Jomres 4.2.2

Modified create property functionality so that the property type is selected on the first page, allowing us to use a property type language file in the "edit property" section (so now eg you can use yacht/boat specific language instead of the generic property language when creating a new boat)
Improved searching on price ranges when realestate properties used, and fixed bug where searching on Any price range wouldn't produce a result.
Various further improvements for realestate propertys (ie boats)and new feature to associate property features with property types.
Fixed bug where property maker was using the wrong id (manager id, not cms user id) when cross referencing new propertys with managers.
Fixed a bug introduced in 4.2 which broke caching.
Improved invoice views, added line items to invoice list and guest name, added mark invoice paid button.
Added codemirror javascript for template editing, and various index.html files for obscuring directory contents.
Renamed google maps variable to prevent collisions with map div id.
Added custom paths to showtime class, and the ability to Jomres.phptools/patTemplate/Reader/Jomres.php to pick up this custom path and use it instead of the default path.
Added api key output in show profiles and added a button to allow us to change the manager's api key. Similar has been added to API plugin to show the manager's API key in the frontend.

Jomres 4.2.1

Removed a useless (?) close session that was causing much disk activity.
Fixed language switching not working in SA
Added a clause to dobooking to resolve an issue where amend booking multiplies the number of guests in the booking.
Disabled new invoice icon in view users invoices as that functionality doesn't exist.
Added a parseFloat function to ensure that lat/long elements passed to property details are true floats without commas.
Fixed bug where from address in emails was wrong.
Add property maker class
Improved pathway handling
Modified tooltips to resolve mootools conflict in popups

Jomres 4.2stable

Modified edit invoice to fix bug with javascript not updating totals, and made inputs shorter to fit nicer on page.
Fixed bug where list invoices not using correct url (showed up in SA)
SA fixed bug where ajax calls were still producing headers
SA modified login for admin so that they get taken to control panel, not front page
SA Fixed path to property feature images missing in tooltips
Added no_html to edit profiles
Commented out defunct rooms header in property description tab
SA Added piranhas beta2 templates
Added no_html to grant access link in show profiles
SA Fixed path to images in pathway
Added variable deposit feature to Tariffs and Currencies tab
Added option to allow site admin to direct all Contact Owner emails to an alternative address, and hardened contact owner to ensure that the property is published before the feature can be used.
Added max people input for SRP edit room/property type functionality as due to the way some folks were changing property types, the rooms/bookings were being limited to too few guests.
Added another file to obsolete file handler
Fixed bug where custom text constact was getting set to upper, so plugin names would not translate.
Added ability to use touch templating to translate property types.
Fix invoice changes not saving in administrator area.
Fixed add service to bill not updating invoice total.
Modified edit booking to show the extras with tax added if applicable.
Added email sent message to confirmation form output.
Modified rooms listing so that rooms are listed according to the associated tariff uid, instead of the room uid.
Added feature whereby a listing can be a "realestate" listing only, which offers far fewer settings and removes the need to use Jomres alongside another real estate listing applicaton.
Reduced the number of people in room and booking in Normal mode tariff editing. Should resolve the out of memory problems that some folks were getting on Property Admin page.
Edit to allow 7 star propertys
Made the jomresbutton class a little narrower, fits better on the page.

Jomres 4.2beta2

Adding first draft of Jomres SA to v4.2

Fixed missing td in edit property and shortened edit property columns from 90 to 70.
Undid change that reconverts ', will compromise security. Instead modified basic_property_details.class.php to do the reconversion when showing the property name.
Modified addservice to add line item to invoice
Fixed bug where listoldbookings was pulling all data from db, not just bookedout/cancelled bookings
Added note to license failure warning to remind users to click Save after changing license binding on the license server.
added print invoice define to lang files
Fixed bug where new hotel details output wasn't showing telephone number
Modified positioning of beautytips features and room types popups. Seems the mickey mouse browser doesn't like the "bottom" position. Probably thinks the code's being rude or something and we can't have that. Oh no.
Modified add your property link in guest's toolbar to only show if allow users to register option and subscriptions option, are both enabled.
Added caveats to trigger an error if user has no propertys only if we're not in admin area. SA specific.
Tweaked backend button layout a little
Modified pathway to not show if not in Joomla
Fixed pathway not showing issue
Fixed parse error in j02202a_update_invoice.class.php
Added gross price calculation to basic_property_details.class.php
Modified config so that if property is Micromanage then prices stored weekly option is no longer available, as Micromanage is purely for day to day pricing.
Modifed show tariffs to calc gross prices
Removed reference to i hover image in booking information note in English language files.
Fixed bug in pathway that appears in non-joomla installation
Updated mailer class
Restored property country to header
Added editing mode to custom fields
commented out line that was setting Itemid on the fly
Added star icon to dashboard to indicate start days of bookings.
Fixed some issues where QBA subscriptions weren't being set up in paypal.
Added fix for missing class import in admin edit_invoice
Additional changes to show tax details in booking form.
SA bug fixes and tweaks to allow dynamic calling of templates and css
Modified paths in updates feature
Fixed mailer function to differentiate between smtp and mail options.
Corrected init define check in preview email, was using the old v3 defines, now it's using v4.
Fixed bug where having one "required" custom field made all custom fields required.
Changed distribution location of com_jomres.php for sh404sef to it's own folder in the joomla15 directory.
Changed location of dobooking.php and handlereq.php to the /libraries/jomres/functions directory.
changed default location of Jomres SA jomres_standalone_config.php, index.php and administrator.php to be within the jomres folder. Means we can sit inside the root of another CMS's installation and still run as SA.
Added some debugging to PHPMailer_v2.0.0/class.smtp.php to improve debugging of smtp mailing (duh).
Modified SA to run purely within /jomres instead of having index.php and admin.php in the root and removed admin.php altogether, enabling everything to run through index.php.
SA Added admin password warning
SA Added iswrapped functionality
Modified file uploading functionality to replace a " " with a "_" when the slideshow image is renamed.
Changed booking form output to remove the optional extras popup and instead just the the text that was in that popup, above the optional extras.
Modified slideshow to change _ to " " in slideshow captions
SA Modified menus to show link to front page while on login/registration page
SA removed a stray " in the registration page
Added fixed arrival day dropdown to Micromanage tariff editing.

Jomres 4.2beta1

Major rewrite to largely eliminate the use of globals within the system, switching over to using mainly singletons for maintaining and manipulating data between classes. Some globals remain in place to aid backward compatability with pre-v4.2 plugins.
Reworked email handling to show invoices in emails.
Renamed many class files to allow autoloading of classes, introduced jr_import function for importing class files. Classes by default are in /jomres/libraries/jomres/classes, however they can also be autoloaded from /jomres/remote_plugins/custom_code.
Added performance monitoring class (you need to enable minicomponent logging in Site Config to see the output).
Modfied and simplified black bookings, giving SRPs their own template and preventing the Save button from showing until the dates have been selected and the Apply button clicked.
Added view invoices page to Receptionist's menu, and if subscriptions are enabled then Property Managers can see an invoices page in their toolbar.

Fixed urls in property list to search via town/region/coutry
Modified positions of { in jomres.js
Modified dobooking class to not show book now text
Modified list propertys to change how jomresURL is called
Modifed addplugin to rename XYZ-plugin_name.php to plugin_name.php
Updated graphs.js to resolve IE error.
Fixed IE error in view property stats page.
Added code to installer to ensure that if files aren't copied over, then this is output to screen.
Removed url encode from list propertys search by town/region/country as searches on elements with ' were returning no results.
Modified search function so that special chars are rendered correctly in metatitle.
Added code to strip out non-latin chars from user names and set it to lowercase on create new users on booking feature.
Fixed smtp handling in jomres mailer function.
Added ob_start and end for Jomres SA handling to admin.php
Added detection of Jomres SA to detect_cms
Added editing mode option so that property names can be translated via frontend editing mode
Added modules folder to Jomres writability check in control panel.
Fixed bug where incorrect date showing in audit log list
First phase of rewriting Jomres v4.2 done, classes and files renamed, autoloaders and singleon handler in place, and added obsolete file checking class.
Added improved handling of curl in plugin installation
Added option for customisable path to the css file
Rejigged custom text handling so that it's all done in the custom_text object. Created new function file for jr_gettext
Added current_property_details class to help minimise query numbers
Added new version of beauty tips, modified mustregister to point the user to the registration form,
Removed a few out of date .js files
Fixed width issue in tooltips, thx Terago.
Added view invoice handling to Jomres property manager area.
Added show invoice option to receptionist's menu
Added a pre-installation check for Joomla to prevent users getting 404 error after installing Joomla after they've had to make certain folders writable by the web server.
Added tax option to optional extras and quantity multipliers to booking engine so that these are added to invoices.
Added jomres lifetime jrConfig variable
Added an activity to paypal to mark depositpaidsuccessfully. Not really needed for the paypal gateway, instead it's expected to be used by other gateways.
Added rel="nofollow" to Google currency links
Added check for depositpaidsuccessfully flag so that invoice has deposit amount added to line items.
Added sanity check classes/jomres_sanity_check.class.php Currently only checks that if the property is configured to pppn, then recommends that you create at least one guest type
Added new property details singleton basic_property_details.class.php
Modified installer to add package_id to subscriptions table
Enhanced the subscription handling. Allows the admin to offer one free subscription package (if both the trial and the full amount =0), added a menu button where managers can see their existing subscriptions, available subscriptions and current propertys.
Added new button to users toolbar inviting them to add their own property, fixed favourite handling as existing favourites weren't being found.
Added some site config settings so that site admin can provide their business details in invoices. Improved invoices so that site managers can see and print invoices from the subscriptions info page.
j03200insertbooking_invoice.class.php renumbered to 03025 because we need to ensure that it's called before the emails are sent so that we can generate the invoice details in the guest and hotel emails.
Fixed bug where extra quantity wasn't modifying price in confirmation page
Improved blackbooking functionality by switching off Save button until apply button has been clicked once, gave SRPs new template and customised output for SRPs making black bookings.
Security enhancements to several j06000 minicomponents, and introduction of j06001, j06002 & j06005 minicomponent tasks
Removed admin's first login warning
Added new columns to installer phase of table generation.
Added rate number check to sanity checking
Added translated property names to search options,tweaked reconvert function to reset '
Improved paths for finding integration.php
Added delete subscription feature to admin area
Language files updated, removing BOM from several.
Minor tweak to list propertys template to ensure image and button layout works in Chrome
Modified jomres css to provide a more neutral grey by default. It seems that nobody liked my happy, cheerful harvest yellow scheme. Boo hoo.
Room type icon colours rejigged to differentiate them from property feature icons
Room/feature info popup shows now below the icon
Layout modified, room features/property features are now shown in the property header. The old code for showing the features in the tabs is still available, but commented out.
Modified editing mode, made it switchable via a dropdown next to the language dropdown, and is particular to the user, rather than the property.
Fixed bug where in editing guests, house is saved as street, and street is saved as house. Template issue where wrong names were used on inputs. Amazingly, this issue must have been in the system for at least a couple of years but I can't remember anybody mentioning it.
Added note to license failure warning to remind users to click Save after changing license binding on the license server.

Jomres 4.1.4

Added option to output Jomres javascript headers within the body of the page instead of the head, which seems to resolve the mootools conflict issues in some templates.
Fixed bug where invoicehandler was setting currency_code to (int) before inserting it into the invoice's details.
Fixed bug where the currency code wasn't being correctly selected before the invoice was inserted.
Fixed bug where sendBug was using old functionality to send an email, now uses jomres email handling.
Added remote_plugins/code_changes check so that countries.php can be in the code_changes folder and hence not overwritten during upgrades.
Fixed bug where Add property button would show if license is Solo
Coupons Fixed bug where valid to from dates were not saved if the date config settings weren't set to dd/mm/yyyy
Modified add plugin handling to get around pclzip library that has a bug on 64 bit servers, using the older zip library for unzipping from the plugin server, and pclzip if the installed file is from a file upload.
Fixed bug where wrong javascript calendar language file was being used.
Added urlencode for search links in list propertys
Ensured that sitepageurl define is sent to template in editnote
German language has been updated. Many thanks Roger.
Inserted two blank rows to show confirmation template to resolve issues that some folks have been getting with some templates and jquery corner not playing nicely together.
Added task = confirmbooking to booking form templates as some servers fail to pass the "task" variable in javascript.
Fixed bug where 27/28/29 Dec were showing in Jan 2010 availability calendar
Fixed a bug where normal mode tariffs were being saved as integer, not floats (eg 19 instead of 19.99)
Added "desktop" icon to administrator area
Select combo country name list now nat sorted by country name.

Jomres 4.1.3

Improved editing mode translation of room names. Tried to improve translation of tariff names but in micromanage this is much harder to achieve.
Switched off tariff title in booking form when in Normal tariff editing mode
Changed class for manager's icon to prevent overlapping icons on some joomla templates.
Added / path to cookies for message class
Tweaked slideshow functionality to show captions above the image's popup
Added a couple of missing elements to touch template function in booking completed minicomp.
Added check for webinstall in /administrator/components/com_jomres.
Enabled automatic redirect to the booking form in searching if Solo.
Added {LINK} to guest confirmation email
Fixed a bug where icons for third party toolbar items in front end weren't having the correct paths in windows.
Removed some hardcoded / and replaced with JRDS
Changed unzip library to pclzip
Moved define for jomres installer, and added no_html to showplugins for third party plugins
Removed a redundant message saying plugin has been removed
Tweaked edit template functionality to add to textareas
Set default language to null in temp booking handler

Jomres 4.1.2

Fixed google maps templates and improved notes for entering latitude and longitude in Edit Property.

Jomres 4.1.1

Rewrote sections of code that saved language and search dates to cookies. As this was giving inconsistent results (eg the wrong language) the data is instead now saved to the Jomres temp booking handler's data.
Added "var" fix to google maps
Preliminary inclusion of cms specific files for miaCMS
Added captions to slideshow images
Added property type and per day/week label for "prices from" to property list.
Modified confirmation form popup to not show module positions etc
Removed old hidden divs from SRP booking form and fixed number icons to go 1-2-3 instead of 1-2-4.
Fixed bug where if several days were chosen as weekend days and a tariff was made for, say, 2 weekend days, then the tariff wouldn't be found when building the rooms list. Now the method that handles that checks that all days in the date range are weekend days, not that all days in the range and the weekend days range are the same.
Small modification that causes curl to be used first for connecting to the license server.
Fixed bug where contact owner (captcha) wasn't deleting old captcha images in /jomres/temp.
Added two new url options to remote availability calendars. By default, remote availability calendar will show links and when the link is clicked the booking form will be opened in a new window. New option "tar=0" disables the blank target, and new option sl=0 will switch off the links to the booking form altogether.
Fixed bug where editing a customer type creates a new one
Created a wrapper function for div population in the booking form. The purpose being to enable site admins to remove elements in the booking form without the missing divs causing an error.
Added hidden jomresitemid to search module templates
Corrected the NZ regions.
Added smoking option to booking form for MRPs.
Fixed multiroom booking prices calculating incorrectly in micromananage mode
Fixed unable to amend booking if the guest type has been removed since the booking was created.
Switched off property header in tariffs and rooms list
Tweaked path in cpanel to ensure it pulls in the correct setting for the current version of Jomres.
Changed the opacity to .9 in beautytips
Fixed bug where subscription packages couldn't be deleted.
Disabled room link output in SRPs
Added space between region and country in property header template
Fixed tax rate labels missing when editing tax rates.
Added current version info to updates page.
Fix so that property header doesn't show twice on show tariffs popup
reset tmpl to '' if not wrapped
Tweaked Jomres main menu option handling to ensure plugins can insert their own images
Tweaked url handling in joomla to ensure tmpl=component sets the jomres site url to same
Fixed hover image popup going too far left by disabling jquery.corner application to the propertylist_right td.

Jomres 4.1

Fixed bug where you are unable to change the property type (1 bedroom/2 bedroom etc) in an SRP once it has been created.
Fixed parsebybots handling.
General code changes to resolve some validation issues
Fixed a bug where new, non-registered users weren't having their details recorded against a booking.
Slight modification of instructions for setting Session handling in Global Config
Modified slideshow to output no images message within slideshow tab
Fixed issue where some Joomla templates are showing bullet image in tabs on property details
Modified paths to com_jomres.php for 404sef message in site config
Added subscription handling to v4, integrated old subscriptions plugin.
Added option to enable/disable automatic creation of new users on booking if user is not registered.
Fixed bug where /templates/jomres/frontend/srch.html was being called by all search modules.
Reworked all of the code that uses the room types and property features to ensure that calls are passed through jr_gettext thereby allowing users to translate both with confidence.
Fixed a minor issue where the room type wasn't remembered in the room type dropdown in the micromanage edit tariff page.
Replaced makefeatureimages call in administrator register property area to use new beauty tips.
Added croatian lang file to lang library. Many thanks Natalija.
Added miscdefinesfortouchtemplating minicomp
Added language definition for self registration module
Tweaked template editing so that javascript doesn't cause an error in mysql.
Switched off pathway when on dashboard.
Added list subscriptions feature to admin area
Tweaked how subscription/property list is shown in dashboard.
Added missing define for new user creation email subject
Fixed call to __jomresportal_c_rates in installer
Added absolute's fix for white on white rooms list headers. Many thanks.
Stopped sms script from trying to send and sms if the feature is disabled, no biggie, it was causing a message in the error log. This fix will stop that.
Rejigged new user handling to ensure all emails are sent correctly.

Jomres main guest facing templates have been overhauled. Added jquery.corner.js to soften the corners of many panels, updated the css file to match and many of the templates.
Fixed a bug in Beez template where reception and manager's menus were seperated by a large degree by adding some css to the receptionist's toolbar to emulate valign.
Found a broken td in the booking form, which may have caused some people to experience the availability calendar wandering off to the right.
Added new links to property list, town region and country now go to search module_m0.
Booking form modified so that if optional extras haven't been created, the appropriate panel will not be shown.
Found cause of insertion of several lines into source output. Trival, but irritating.
Fixed issue where saving guest type order feature results in 500 error/blank page.
Added sorting to language dropdown.

Jomres 4.0.1

Added ability for Jomres to detect when a template on disk is newer than the last time the template in the db was edited and warn that it may have been updated.
Added code to detect usage of coupon codes. If there are no codes for the property, then the coupon input isn't shown in the booking form. Note that the booking form templates (dobooking.html and dobooking_srp.html have changed as a result).
Modified site config to remove key file on save, previous path was incorrect.
Tweaks to multilanguage handling to correctly pull and use the language file appropriate when calling a module but not showing Jomres proper.
Removed default date settings from list propertys book now link as no longer required as validto and from timestamps no longer used in booking engine.
Fixed issue in paypal gateway where settings overridden weren't being pulled from the db correctly.

Jomres 4stable

Fixed google map bug
Added more options to allow greater configuration of the rooms list in the booking form.
Switched off debugging in updater
Modified check for jomres_availability cookie before setting the arrival date to 01-01-2009
Added missing declarations to spanish lang file
Fixed ie7 js error bug

Jomres 4beta3

Added the Jomres -> Clickatell plugin to the core code.
Changed many files to add Jomres messaging on updates/inserts etc
fixed broken paths in 404sef com_jomres.php since update to v4.
Modified list propertys so that tooltips are used for property images, and the thumbnails are displayed respecting the aspect ratios of the images.
Added Growl messaging to Jomres library, and added sticky messages.
Added resizing option to show property image thumbnail with aspect ratio preserved.
Fixed room image uploading not working.
Using defined constants for image abs and rel paths.
Minicomponentised slideshows.
Deleted old plugins folder.
Moved slideshow.html to frontend/slideshow.html.
Added admin option to define thumbnail sizes.
Modified image output of thumbs to show correct aspect ratios.
Fixed jquery/mootools conflict issue.
Fixed issue in horiz rooms list where room price not calculated if you're not using micromanage mode.
Added check for task in language selector, if it's set to touch_templates, then the lang selector is always shown, allows for easier changing of languages when translating.
Added a check for contract_uid col in installer
Fixed infinate recursion problem on emailing.
Removed redundant call to
Fixed issue where uploaded image wasn't showing in edit property page
Fixed bug where current language not being detected properly so custom text wasn't being used.
Fixed bug created in v4 preventing paging from working, caused by renaming "page" to "plistpage".
Added htmlspecialchars to jr_gettext to try to prevent ' etc in strings from breaking the editinplace javascript.
Added get_shortcode_to_longcode method to jomres lang class to try to associate shortcodes with long codes when detecting the current language.
Modified the booking engine to remove the reliance on validto_ts and validfrom_ts as on first initialisation the arrival and departure dates aren't set, therefore you always get the message that the arrival date is incorrect, even if it's not. I'll revisit this again at a later date.
Minor fix to the french lang file.
Removed some & s that broke the register property page

Jomres 4beta2

Removed an element from the amend booking functionality that updates the deposit paid status.
Fixed the javascript in the register property page as & wasn't being parsed properly by the js and so countries couldn't be selected during backend add a property.
Added a simple check for j00001start.class.php to try to resolve the file move/no cpanel or any other scripts running issue.
Added migration handling to install_jomres.php
Added isInIframe check to cms_specific_urls.php to change the call from index.php to index2.php.
Extracted jomres_database to it's own class file.
Modified language detection in Joomla so that the current language can be detected from Joomla if Joomfish isn't used.
Solved the case of the mysteriously disappearing admin menu (renamed Itemid to jomresItemid in cms_specific url handling script.
Modified how imageonly image beautytip popup is called, allows the image to go left, right, top, bottom then "most". Stops some flickering when showing the slideshow.
Licenses updated for clarity
Changed the include to the languages array file from "include" to "require_once".
Disabled the site config for the default language file, I don't think we need this any more.
Fixed incorrect redirect to listproperties in administrator if commission rates are saved.
Added a default commission rate to installation sample data.
Changed default trigger of orphaned commission line items from every minute to every day.
Added commission line item addition script to core.
Improved v4 functionality to correctly show link to allow admins to view a user's invoices in backend.
Modified list own bookings to not show the booking info in a popup any more, instead we go to a new page.
Minicomponentised non-manager's options inc show bookings/favorites etc, removed a bunch of files that have been made redundant as a result.
Fixed searching, stopped search results from showing in module area.
Updated blockui, added css to jomrescss.css so fixed bug in IE8 (wouldn't ya know it?)
Finally got excanvas to work so that beautytips have a background in IE8.
Fine tuning styles on property details page.
Added hover intent to slow popup of ajaxurls.
Changed tabber's background tab colour to grey.
Modified info image text to yellow
Modified report bug message to provide full path to the Jomres page.
Reverting to older jomres version of captcha class to fix a bug.
Fixed search feature icons to show as tooltips, not overlib.
Reordered language detection.
General code tidy up to remove remaining $tr references and other assorted warnings.
Tweak to jomres_language.class.php to ensure that jomreslang cookie is always set.
Added feature to set popup=1 on all links if $_GET['tmpl'] = 1, effectively forces into wrapped mode even if it's not explicitely set in site config.
Added a check for $_GET['srchOnly'] to j00030search.class.php, if this option is set, Jomres will not show search results. Instead, it'll just show the search module's options. In short, it will allow us to call Jomres within an iframe and show a search module.
Enabled editinplace for internet explorer
Integrated new user handling into v4.

Jomres 4beta1

Late addition of Piranha's image/input click js for date inputs.
Small change to functions.php to enable installation of mambots.
Improved chooseLanguages feature by setting previously selected lang files checkboxes to checked.
Improved javascript & css inclusion by calling Joomla's own head setting functions where applicable.
Minor tweaks to ensure that calling modules works ok.
Fixed property image not showing in property list.
Fixed bug where room type icon not showing in room type list.
Tweaked joomla specific code to find Itemid from menus table if Itemid = 0
Added display booked out and cancelled bookings feature.
Added jomrescss.css to template editing feature.
Fixed bug where stats weren't showing in admin area
Fixed bug where list bookings wasn't showing results in admin area
Fixed bug when saving blackbooking, audit function has been renamed.

Jomres 4alpha3

Added mysql_query("SET NAMES 'UTF8'"); to integration.php to tell mysql that all incoming data is in utf8 format.
Fixed redirect in save register property to redirect to the new listpropertys link
Fixed template name in list propertys for administrator list propertys feature.
Fixed bug in addplugin (and on plugins server) so plugins weren't being installed.
Adopted tabber for property details tabs
Reworked Property Config options to put all options for what to show in their own tab.
Undid mininterval changes as they're naffing up init departure dates for managers. I'll revisit this issue at a later point.
Swapped published and unpublished images around.
Corrected link in receptionist menu to dobooking page.
Fixed incorrect call to jomres_audit in edit creditcard.
Fixed editbooking link after completion as with paypal fix for A2 the contract uid wasn't being passed to the calling function.

Jomres 4alpha2

Fixed issue where Jomres reported that the paypal booking hadn't been inserted when it had.
Added auto update of log files so that they're refreshed virtually in realtime.
Improved minimum interval handling in the booking engine.
Added option to show or not show the language switcher
Modified viewproperty so that booking a room link deliberately points to an invalid date when no date selected, this forces the booking engine to set the arrival date to today's date. Fixed period and fixed arrival dates propertys will see the benefit of this.
Modified admin area urls to use index.php instead of index2.php in Joomla.
Fixed logfile deletion functionality
Fixed filterform not working
Fixed bug where multiple room types weren't showing in property details.
Added caching feature, and Hazel's ssl tweak.
Added option to disable caching feature.
Added Hazel's checkbox borders.
Added jomres_cmsspecific_getTextEditor function to handle text editors
Fixed backend typo listproperties/listpropertys
Fixed image upload issue
Disabled a clause in the booking engine where if charge deposit is set to No, then the deposit wasn't being calculated. This is because a few folks are setting the show deposit to No, but still sending the deposit value to paypal/gateway. Commenting out this if out will mean that the deposit is still calculated, but not shown.
Added code to create/edit/delete coupons
General config renamed to property config
Minicomponentised the reception and manager options, and added the ability to have a user's minicomponent bar as well (needs testing).
Added extra checking to jomres_parseRequest for php://
Removed no_html from links to rooms, tariffs etc.
Added Hazel's changes to beauty tips
Improved the installer to create admin as a super property manager, and the drop tables feature to drop from the joomla components folder.
Moved exit if current cms not detected from integration.php to detect_cms.php, this will help when developing solutions for new cms.
Renamed admin's list_propertys to admin_list_properties.html as there's a conflict in the patTemplate jomres reader, the frontend template was being called because it has the same name.
Fixed (both Joomla and CMSMS) cms_specific handling, the users list wasn't returning the complete array but just the last person in the table.
Modified how the jomresConfig_absolute_path is detected.
Modified site config so that if detected cms = joomla then show the 404sef config panel.
Added a width element to imageonly popups to prevent flashing.
Upgraded blockui to resolve ie8 problem with the booking form.

Jomres 4alpha1

Major restructuring of Jomres to allow it to reference CMS Specific functions, which are included on start and are different depending on the CMS detected. Allows Jomres to be used in more than just Joomla. Jomres v4 is not backwardly compatible with previous installations of Jomres v3.
Replaced overlib calls. We'll now use jquery's beauty tips library instead.
Added custom fields for the booking form.
Added administrator area template editing, details are saved to the DB instead of to a file, so there shouldn't be problems with upgrading.
Added quantity selection for optional extras.
Added invoice plugin to core minicomponents
Added cronjobs and optimise plugin to core minicomponents
Added jomres language switching feature.
Added on hover to property details page so that slideshow, rooms list and tariffs list don't need to be clicked to see them.
Added integrated search feature for non-Joomla users so that they've got a search function until such time as modules can be written for them. Joomla users can also use this feature.
Added Third party plugin installer to the Jomres plugin manager. Dummy plugin example to follow.

Deleted old php4 captcha file. PHP4 no longer supported by jomres.
Disabled show only availability calendar option as it's N/A for v4.
Added check for a define JOMRES_RETURNDATA. If defined, we'll add the contents of the output buffer to JOMRES_RETURNDATA_CONTENT instead of just flushing (echoing) what Jomres has generated.
Modified property list page variable to plistpage because "page" was interfering with CMSMSs default "page" and not showing the dashboard.
Fixed an issue where manager names weren't being correctly listed in edit profile associated with their property. The managers were correctly associated, just not listed correctly in the page.
Tweaked save normal mode tariffs so that single digit rooms are renumbered to 01, 02 etc.
Modified reg prop handling as using web dev toolbar to auto populate fields resulted in SRP always being selected as property type.
Tidied up some css (switched off that jomres_button)
Tidied up some code in the cms_specific_functions.php files
Removed the "loading" word from jquery beauty tips.
Added list limit config option to site config, and added a random search limit description to the language file.
Removed mapping link code from various scripts.
Tweaked layout of property details a little.
Removed old property_details html file.
Modified captcha minicomponent to remove old captcha images after session timeout.
Moved slideshow to top in composite property details.
Removed size limiting on popup images in tooltops
Changed thumbnail image size in slideshow.php
Changed wording in lang file to indicate that uploaded images are resized.
Removed some slideshow options as they no longer apply
Removed Itemid option, from now on we'll get that from the url
$mrConfig['returnRoomsLimit'] changed from the default of 0 to 1. Will make the default rooms list look nicer as only one room will be offered at a time. Old 0 for no limit still applies.
Rejigged both the booking form (added number images to guide users better) and reformatted the booking forms a bit.
Removed the booking rooms 2 tab complately. As we're using the horizontal rooms list now there's no need to have the overlib selection options. Room image and type image options moved to booking rooms 1 tab.
Added hazel's changes to remove dl/dt
Gallery link renamed to website link in lang files
Hazel's timestamp col changes for dobooking.
Images optimised for size, Jomres zip is roughly 1Mb smaller now.
Removed old tabbed composite property details. Whilst it was ok, it didn't work in IE.
Added detected CMS to showplugins script for when it calls the updates server.
Added horizontal rooms to booking form, doing away with the old "rooms list on the righthandside" of Jomres v2 & v3.

Jomres 3.4.5

Added Wellington to NZ Regions
Added code to switch to ssl when editing guest so that ccard popup done in ssl.
Added single person suppliment html to srp booking form.
Added Hazel's upgraded com_jomres.php
Added code to paypal submission script that uses they guest's country to guess the language that paypal should be presented in.
Modified showtariffs so that they'll show in a popup. Fixes bug introduced due to composite property details changes.
Modified elements shown in gateways tab so that they'll always be edited/renamed in touch templates, not gateways tab in General Config.
Added optimiation of save blackbooking data. Thanks Netized.
Disabled editing mode for one element in contact owner that prevents form from submitting if editing mode left on.
Modified booking engine. Fixed creation of departure dropdown when "Bookings are for a fixed period" = No so that the "Booking period" option is used (previously was hard coded to 7).
Fixed issue where price was being calculated incorrectly when MRP used Micromanage and several diff room types were selected.
Removed engine=innodb declarations from install_jomres.php

Jomres 3.4.4

Fixed bug in 3.4.3 where property details wasn't being pulled properly from property description and associated fields.

Jomres 3.4.3

Modified edit & save property so that entered property description and associated fields are saved to custom_text as per the current language.
Modified jomresGetParam so that functions.php jomres_reconvertString function allows us to reconvert some sanitised data back to a appropriate html string.
Tweak to fix Joomla pathway when showing the pathway module.

Jomres 3.4.2

Modified blackbooking handling to allow selectall checkbox.
Tweaked functions.php to ensure various conversion features only use jrConfig calendar input format for javascript calendars.
Added lang definitions for "Your enquiry" to contact booking form and lang files, removed hard coding.
Modified front and backend addproperty features to set default country and regions.
Added delete proprty link to super property manager's toolbar.
Fixed issue where custom property description not translating in list propertys/property details.
Modified avl cals so that they show in booking form when composite calendar is not enabled.
Modified ids of search dropdown country/region/town as old id="town" was causing the town input to not show in the booking form.
Modified search for Itemid so that it doesn't complain just because there are more than one reference to Jomres in the menus.
Added more debugging data to dobooking engine and added a check for fixed period bookings shortbreaks so that they only kick in if fixed period bookings option is enabled.

Jomres 3.4.1

Restored two elements (mrConfig['errorChecking'] & mrConfig['errorCheckingShowSQL']) to jomres_config.php because they were incorrectly removed in 3.4 but they are still being used by the redirect functionality. On upgrades this isn't noticable as these values had already been saved to the db, but on new installations it caused the redirect functionality to stop working, making Jomres more difficult to use.
Removed Jomres metadata handling. To the best of my knowledge it wasn't being used.
Minor tweak to integration handling so that new installations aren't producing errors because Jomres was attempting to insert settings to site_settings table before it had actually been created. Not a major issue in itself but could lead to some questioning of the functionality.

Jomres 3.4

Added jquerycombo feature so that geographic searching can be performed via dropdowns that autopopulate. mod_jomsearch_m1 has been tweaked to be more appropriate to a banner/syndicate type module position.
Moved enabling of logging from jomres.php into Site Config.

Moved javascript calls into functions.php so that we can ensure that both jomres.php or j00030search.class.php are calling the same javascript files if needed.
Improved myuser's handling for listing bookings
Fixed issue in genericOr function which wasn't allowing all propertys configured to show after a search.
Added @ before any ini_set calls within Jomres. Some hosts are now disabling the ini_set feature of PHP, which is triggering fatal errors in PHP, the @ will supress this fatal error but Jomres might not then run as expected.
Small changes to db handling to ensure that results are unset after handing back.
Commented out some $mrConfig options in jomres_config.php that are no longer used.
Added contacthotel text to touch template handling in view property minicomp
Modified property header so that if the property's meta details are empty, then the property name is used to create the page title.
Removed blank option from room type dropdown in edit advanced tariffs page.
Modified touch template handling to output room type and room feature texts in touch templates. Removed same feature from property manager's Preview
Modified how post tariffinput is access to ensure that values are set to float when saving Advanced tariffs.

Jomres 3.3stable

Single person suppliment added to booking form. MRPs only.
Removed very old version notes from readme file and supplied link to the manual.
Modified how single person suppliments are applied when the sps is defined in an individual room, previously the sps was only applied once, now it's applied for every day of the booking.
Added optional switch email_when_done to componentArgs in guest and hotel email. Allows the email form to be called directly without actually sending it. Useful for previewing emails. See here for more info
Added new optional trigger 03500 to contact owner plugin which can be called when the contact email is sent so that admins wishing to use pay per lead can have a plugin (not available from but the framework is here if you want it
Modified General Config so if the user is on Solo, then they're able to swap property types.
Changed logging task to $task, instead of the called url.
Added set memory limit to admin.jomres.php
Changed jomresGetParams to use filter_var if the function is available

Jomres 3.3rc2

Rewrote a large section of code to make rooms transparent to SRP users. Means that they no longer see rooms when in property admin, and importantly, cannot swap from SRP to MRP in General Config.
Fixed issue where ; missing from an   in showing room types in the property. Thanks Piranha
Switched on display of API key in front end property admin area
Room features tab in property admin switched off if SRP
Renamed SRP property types in room classes table on install from 1B to 1 Bedroom etc

Jomres 3.3rc1

Added ability for guests to cancel their own bookings.
Added an access check so that new users are prompted to log into the front end as admin.
Added new temp folder in /components/com_jomres. Hard coded system log path to go to /components/com_jomres/temp as input filtering was messing around with paths on Windows based servers.
Fixed bug in register property where it wouldn't submit if you left editing mode on.
Small change to registered user's menu so that the menu area is shorter.
Small improvement to new Profiles handling to list Super property managers correctly.
Removed ref to jomresConfig_lang when payment specific stuff being found as lang no longer stored against booking info.
Replaced / in installer with JRDS.
Changed description in ptypes table on install from "Hotel" to Hotel/Villa/Apartment.
Added back link to top.html
Added note advising no bookings exist if *gasp* the registered user hasn't created any bookings yet.
Fixed bug in upgrader.

Jomres 3.3beta1

By default new installations of Jomres have the minimised configuration option set to Yes.
Reworded black bookings instructions to make a bit more sense
Added Joomla user name to booking details.
Added JOMRES_PHRASE_PROCESSING to gatewaypostage function
Fixed small issue with a css declaration in srp booking form referencing the wrong div, thereby allowing the "We have vacancies" to be come visible. Thanks Piranha
Removed erroneous delete of images from no longer existing images tables.
Completely rewrote the profiles handling functionality to make it simpler and more logical.
Modified settings handling for both mrConfig and jrConfig. All mrConfig settings should now by default be saved to the database under property_uid 0 on install/upgrade. Ditto for jrConfig and both jomres_config.php and site_config.php should only be referenced during install/upgrade.
Added new functionality to show all property details in one page (composite_property_details.html). As this is new functionality it is switched off by default, to enable it switch the site config option "Use Composite Property details" to Yes.
Added HDEPOSIT and DEPOSIT variables to hotel and guest emails. Not changed templates.
Fixed dodgy link for registration in J1.5.
Added new class custom_text. Fixed bug where constant DESCRIPTION was being input filtered to DEscriptION.
Fixed bug where the name of the default language file wasn't being found correctly in admin area.
Added some more tweaks to remove some options if we're an SRP because those options will just confuse an SRP property manager.
Bypassed a bug in IE where the editinplace input cannot be seen. Now IE users are stuck with using the popup input boxes, whereas firefox users will have it as editinplace.
Modified a couple of templates so that when Jomres tries to automatically close a popup IE no longer asks the user if this is ok. When Microsoft closes that loophole, we'll find another way around it.
Removed a stray echo from search functionality.
Fixed bug where property features aren't saved when a new property is created.
Set path in jomres.php for finding files to JRDS instead of /.

Jomres 3.2.3stable

Added check for userIsManager in feature icon generating option so that if user viewing property while manager has editing mode on, the captions and description of the features aren't listed and echoed after the icon.
Added check for euro symbol while saving. Input filter messes around with it otherwise.
Added simple email feature to savecancellation to advise that the booking has been cancelled.
Added check for "script" to add installer.
Added new word to lang file (Saving) and upgraded rc1 new editinplace functionality so that administrator no longer needs to be logged into the front end to use the editing functionality. If you're editing via touch_templates you also don't need to switch global editing on, or editing mode in one of the front end properties, it immediately assumes that you're global editing text.
Clarified wording in plugin exception message.
Fixed issue in unzip library where module xml files weren't getting installed on windows boxes.
Added tweaks to save feature settings as euro symbol was getting mangled by the input filter.

Jomres 3.2.3rc1

Added new editinplace functionality, switch back to the old style by editing site_config.php and set $jrConfig['editinplace']="0";
Removed an old js file that's not been used for yonks.
Added rebuild registry to installer to ensure new minicomponents are picked up straight away.
Fixed bug where contact form wouldn't work in IE7
Fixed bug where EMPTY showing in modules.
Removed a few unneeded styles in dropdowns now that jomres shadow background style has been dropped.
Resolved one final issue in booking engine where non-registered users we being recreated if their bookings were amended.
More small changes to delete guest functionality.
Modified integerSelect list to show 0 before numbers < 10
Fixed bug where wrong title for max rooms selected showing in Advanced tariff editing mode

Jomres 3.2.3beta1

Fixed path to BookGuestIn.png
Fixed a critical error where property managers reusing guest details were renaming all existing users to the new user's details. You are advised to upgrade as soon as possible.
Moved blackbooking functionality to Receptionist's menu.

Jomres 3.2.2 - Nee 3.2.1

Improved deleteguest functionality to ensure room bookings are removed.
Wrapped single person suppliment output in confirmation within an if statement to prevent it from showing if value = 0
More admend booking tweaks. Edited checkDepartureDate function.

Jomres 3.2.1

Updated nl-NL lang file, thanks Ruud
Added search by price range functionality
Removed redundant property title output in reception bar
Modified MRPavailability calendar so that only when all rooms are booked then the calendar shows them as booked.
Modified search minicomponent so that title of page is changed only when option=com_jomres (eg, when a search has been performed)
Modified search minicomponent so that room and property types can be translated via touch template functionality
Modified deleteGuest so that all bookings are deleted if the guest's only open bookings are with the current property. If not, then the bookings will need to be cancelled for the other properties first.
Added some defaults to edit tariffs for min and max rooms already selected functionality.
Small modification to integration so that toolbars aren't shown on edit language popup
Updated booking engine with Hazel's tweaks to booking amendment functionality
Fixed bug where deposit couldn't be edited.
Tweaked title setting in search class so that titles are only changed with country, region, town etc are part of the search criteria.
Added check to jomresURL so if sefRelToAbs doesn't exist as a function, then to include the file that sets the function.

Jomres 3.2Stable

Added funky new icons.
Date picker now popups up the calendar on click of the input, rather than the calendar icon. To restore the old "click on the calendar image" functionality please edit functions.php and dobooking.class.php and search for the functions generateDateInput. In those functions you'll see instructions on what to comment out to restore the old calendar handling.
Removed jscalendar configuration options from front end, now only admin can change the settings.
Added "book guest in" option from view booking page.
Tweaked updates feature so that you only need to go offline when actually updating.
Added fix for SSL setting switching off booking form links, and support for ssl in J1.5

Jomres 3.2Beta2

Renamed language files to follow xx-XX language format.
Added functionality to autodetect the javascript language file for the javascript calendars. This is enabled by default, so if you don't want this to work in your existing installation please remember to edit the JS calendar option in Site Config and disable it.
Created plugin registration handling to reduce startup time for Jomres, relieves need for automatic discovery of mini-components and added a manual registry rebuild icon.
Added folder writability checks to Jomres control panel.
Added nocurl task so that users get a message advising that CURL is not available to the server.
Modified showplugins and updates so that the stop icon is shown if curl not available

Jomres 3.2Beta1

Added Plugins to new installs Joomla components dropdown menu options
Applied Hazel's tweak to amend booking.
Fixed j00017SRPavailabilitycalendar.class.php so that availability shown in calendar when task = remoteavailability
Modified j00018MRPavailabilitycalendar.class.php so that definitions from language file are used instead of custom text strings.
Modified j04910deleteproperty.class.php so that property images are deleted on property delete.
Fixed issue where slideshow images were not being deleted
Added error logging to drop image to log if unable to delete the image in the error log
Modified jomres.xml file to correctly show that the script runs natively in j1.5.5.
Added cancelled_reason to installer on installation.
Added check for session folder being writable in tempbookinghandler.class.php
Modified live site detection in integration (again) to get around some servers with sef enabled not finding the correct live site.
Fixed bug in dobooking where discounts for srps not recorded correctly
Modified list properties so that $maximumProperties is used when checking the limit of the number of properties, rather than just "100"
Renamed jquery.cookie.js to jquery.cookee.js to get around mod_security's false positives.

Jomres 3.1.15Stable

Added metatitle and metadescription (change these through Edit Property in Property Admin). Whereever property header is shown, these details will be added to the page.
Added code supplied by Hazel to correct buttons in administrator, allows them to wrap correctly.
Changed default of maxrooms_alreadyselected from 10 in 3.1.15beta3 to 3.1.15beta4 to 100.
Fixed issue in show_rooms.html where overlib wouldn't show room image popup.
Added missing marker in geocoder latlong template.
Modified number format output of total in guest email.
Modified captcha library to improve path finding for captcha images.
Fixed bug in Normal mode where you were unable to reduce the number of rooms of a give type.

Jomres 3.1.15beta3

Added Contact form link to property details template so even those properties that allow online bookings can receive emails from guests.
Added new feature to room details. Specific rooms can have different single person suppliments, which can come into play if the General Configuration Single Person Suppliments option is not set to Yes.
Added new feature to Advanced tariff editing mode to allow different tariffs to be offered depending on the number of rooms already selected.
Fixed room image output in rooms list
Added missing define to german.php
Fixed dropimage function that calls db query where no longer required.

Jomres 3.1.15beta2

Modified the define used in the general configuration tabs title to use a define that actually says "general configuration"
Added mailto link for guest's email address in edit booking page.
Added new function getImageForProperty to make calling header and room images simpler.
Modified performance tracking in jomres.php, no longer governed by Joomla/Mambo debugging settings
Reworked integration's db and miniComponent handling to provide more accurate tracking of queries and their calling sources
Dashboard reworked to reduce the number of queries it performs
classes and functions reworked to remove unwanted globals and non-used variables
General code tidy up of integration, mainly replaced jomresConfig_absolute_path with JOMRESCONFIG_ABSOLUTE_PATH and other superfluous variables removed
General code tidy up of minicomponents replaced jomresConfig_absolute_path with JOMRESCONFIG_ABSOLUTE_PATH & removed references to jomresAdminPath as it's no longer used.
Added email site manager on property delete
Added switch in booking engine, if booker is a receptionist/manager then they will see the full list of rooms in the booking form, whereas guests will see the rooms list limited as per the booking rooms tab option "Available rooms/tariff limit".
Enabled commented out code in list_guests.html to show link to edit creditcards.
Added captcha protected contact form for properties that do not allow bookings online.
Fixed bug introduced in 3.1.15beta1 where booking wouldn't complete because of a save guest error.
Added tariff title to rooms info in Edit booking.
Fixed bug in installer where rates table not being created.
Finally got around to removing the echo of an integer in the dashboard
Fixed bug introduced in beta1 where guests could not be inserted
Added a variable to the temp booking handler to record the type and values of the discounts. Modified contracts table to add same column (discount_details)
Tweaked property header to correctly show single and double quotes, modified getEscaped to adapt to magic quotes on and off
Modified jomres.js to correctly show text when in IE

Jomres 3.1.15beta

Modified integration.php. Added check in language selection for file_exists($jomresConfig_absolute_path.JRDS."components".JRDS."com_joomfish".JRDS."joomfish.php") when querying state of $_COOKIE['jfcookie']. We will only use $_COOKIE['jfcookie'] if joomfish actually exists on the server because if joomfish doesn't (eg it was uninstalled) then you're stuck with whatever language was last selected via Joomfish.
Tweaked mustregister plugin to offer Joomla 1.5 registration url
Fixed issue in SRP calendar where _JOMRES_COM_AVLCAL_OCCUPIEDCOLOUR_KEY text was output where it should have been _JOMRES_COM_AVLCAL_PROVISIONALCOLOUR_KEY
Added special requirements to booking advisory emails
Added createJomresPortalBookingsTable function to install phase.
Modified contracts table. Now contracts are not deleted when they're removed, instead they're marked as cancelled so that in the future we'll be able to pull cancellation data direct from this table for statistical purposes.
Modified Advanced mode tariffs. You can now set a specific arrival day that the tariff is valid for.
Modified guest handling. Jomres.php should now detect if we have an existing guest and discern the correct address details. Fixes issue where guests weren't able to list their bookings (fix applies to new bookings, not existing ones)
Added some commented out code to list properties so that if you want to redirect to the booking form in the event that only one property is returned be a search you can uncomment the lines.
Fixed an issue where micromanage tariffs first tariff's "valid from" was being set to 1.1.1970
Upgraded user management so that super property managers automatically have access to all properties. If this is contrary to your existing working practices you can edit j00002usermanagement.class.php and change the line var $superPropertyManagersAreGods = TRUE; to FALSE;

Jomres 3.1.14
Modified installer so that if com_jomres is in components table it's not reinstalled.
Modified integration script so that new propertty buttons appear for Unlimited users

Jomres 3.1.13

Changed integration and installer to recognise IIS when figuring OS
Added check for jfcookie & mbfcookie lang option
Corrected check for security defines in dutch.php so that it'll work on J1.5
Added PHP and NIS currency codes to function that edits commission rates
Removed extraneous check for mos id in get guest query
Fixed remote availability, brought it up to date
Added new function to pull month name to get around strftime not handling utf8 properly. Affects MRP and SRP calendars and dashboard month names dropdown.
Added defines for paging if j1.5
More tweaking to "guess the absolute path" code

Jomres 3.1.12

Fixed installer/integration error. Fired the person responsible but then nobody was available to make coffee so I had to rehire myself. Nuts.

Jomres 3.1.11

Replaced some left over sefRelToAbs calls in paging with jomresURL
Refactored the te_setAverageRate method to resolve an issue in micromanage mode where prices were being calculated incorrectly when bookings were being made and only one room type was selected.
Changed how absolute path is detected
Removed 00002 from the non-overridable minicomponents list, so that a plugin can be developed that allows Super Property Managers to access all properties even if they're not assigned to them.
Fixed a typo in the english lang files
Modified dobooking.php so that property managers aren't kicked into a redirect if then come into the booking form via one of the calendar links in dashboard or property details.
Fixed issue where new managers were not being added to the database on creation of a new property.
In plugin manager, replaced removeXSS with add_slashes for data passed back from upgrades server.
Added rel="nofollow" to calendars to prevent google from following the links into the booking form.
Added config option to misc site config tab for full path to the available logs folder
Added option to change path to logs
Modified MRP calendar so fixed arrival day option works in MRP calendar
Set emailing errors off by default
Modified logic so that if the jomres calendar scripts have already been called, they're not called again by jomres.php
Fixed issue caused by a previous fix that preventing pending book-ins from listing.
Modified how key.php is found. Removed preceeding slash
Tweaked book guest in functionality
Modified dobooking.php so that calls to and can be used interchangeably and should not cause an error in the browser.

Jomres 3.1.10

Changed how language selection is done. New option in site config to choose the language file to use, if $_REQUEST lang is set then it'll use that instead, else it'll use the lang file selected in site config
Updated lang files for lang selection in backend and updated french.php (thanks Marc)
Updated search.class with getSiteSettings
Updated listproperties with getSiteSettings
Tweaked bookguestin to not show blackbookings
Updated favourites functionality to not show blackbookings
Fixed dobooking.class.php so that all room features should show in booking form popup (thanks Hazel)
Updated plugin installer so that if module/bot etc don't install, it's recorded in the error log why, although an error isn't specifically triggered because that'll throw the user out of joomla altogether.
Fixed bug where paypal users aren't given booking completed message after booking made.
Tweaked installer to improve creation of image folders in /images/stories/jomres
renamed code2utf to jomres_code2utf to remove conflict with mosets tree
Modified date input function for validation
Modified booking form to show avl calendar underneath the form. Modified both avl calendar scripts to not show links when on booking form.
Modified guest email to put commas after each room name/number
Modified plugin installation functionality to perform dependencies checks if available.
Modified updates script to show if site not offline in J1.5

Jomres 3.1.9

Modified minimised config feature so that Super Property Managers still see the full options.
Added Edit Language manager's option to minimised config exclusion
Added tweak for Joomla 1.5 joomfish so that if Short Code in Joomfish's language selection is set to the appropriate language, eg "english", "german" etc then Jomres will switch languages.
Fixed jr_gettext call in languages for month translation
Fixed a few calls to jr_gettext in confirmation script so that if editing mode is on then that doesn't break the form.
Tweaked editbooking to show amend booking icon
Removed some hard coded text from booking confirmation form.

Jomres 3.1.8

Upgraded plugin handling, allowing us to supply modules/mambots/minicomponents directly from the Jomres backend.
Replaced removeXSS with add slashes, resolves issue where some site settings not saving correctly.
Tweaked MRPavailability calendar so that link to booking room shows when half full.
Changed number filtering in 610paypal to number_format
Added code to detect plugin types to allow us to not show uninstall link for external plugins
Added code to booking engine so that if the filtered Id of the extra has a number as the first char then an X is added to the beginning, and if the string is empty, then a random string is generated.
Fixed issue in checkin times where checkin details were not showing correctly.

Jomres 3.1.7

Fixed bug where paypal tmpbooking object not available
Improved micromanage -> averages calulation when multiple room types selected
Now setting jomressystemlog path in jomres.php
Fixed minor bug in j01010listpropertys.class.php where multiple SDI inserts weren't being added correctly to property list template
Modifed j06000save_normalmode_tariffs.class.php so that in normal mode tariffs are not created when there are no rooms for that tariff
Added strip slashes to show plugins description output
Added check in booking insert functionality to check if a room wasn't double booked while the customer was paying. If it was, then this should trigger an error.

Jomres v3.1.6

Tweaked wording in installer to refer to Mambo/Joomla
Returned the magical disappearing minicomponent calls to j01050 (google maps)
Removed erroneous call to sefreltoabs from search functionaity, replaced with jomresURL
Reset testing download variable in update script to false
Modified functions.php dirmv function, set overwrite to be true by default
Returned the magical disappearing lat and long inputs to the edit property template
Added use Jomres email check to site_config
Commented out tmpBookingHandler->tmpbooking["property_uid"]=$property_uid; which was causing incorrect guest uid report in booking form
Modified the content tabs class so that if anchor is found to be empty after stripping out non-alphabetical text, then it uses the random string generator to create a random anchor.
Added mysql error reporting on event of unsuccessful doInsertSql
Added Hazel's tweak for next day property free in booking engine
Replaced calls to mosHTML with jomresHTML in cheque gateway
Changed session_start in list properties script
Restored handling of zips to add plugin so that we can manage directories within plugins
Disabled directory emptying in show plugins
Added check to ensure that the server's offline before running the upgrade process. Because jomres.php can now remove install_jomres.php we need to tell the admin that they need to run it, if the server's online then there's a chance that a site visitor will inadvertently remove it before admin's had a chance to run it.
Tweaked dobooking to remove property uid discovery
fixed table errors in email templates

Jomres v3.1.5

Changed default chmod to 755 in the dirmv function
Tweak license checking for IIS users
Changed method of selecting value of country dropdown in register property template
Added updates folder to installer check
Added file_get_contents to functions.php
Updated plugin handling functionality for greater reliability
Updated lang files with new per person per night define
Fixed booking handler so that saveGuest works after resetting the guest details
Added test for plugin_unisntall.php to dropplugin function
Changed how the tmp booking hander's property uid and selectedProperty's id are compared, changed so that both are typed to an Integer during the test.
Tweaked jomres.php so that if possible it'll try to remove out of date/installer scripts on the server if possible.
Removed extra , in showRoomDetails check when discovering property uid
Added processpayment to discovery of property uid from tmp booking handler

Jomres v3.1.4

Changed method of selecting value of country dropdown in register property step 1.
Re-enabled session method warning for Joomla 1.5
Inserted checks for function exists curl_init to disable remote plugins and updates if curl not available
Added section to test if task = showroomdetails then find the property uid by querying the roomuid

Jomres v3.1.4beta

Added extra notes to installer, enabled prefill of license key on existing installations, added installation of site_settings table
Suppressed error notice when trying to create sessions directory
Site config now saved to database
Added prototype remote plugin handling
Changed timeout (again) in session handler for J1.5
Reformated most of lang files so that they're not recorded with BOM
Added BOM stripper to jomres.php
Fixed misalignment issue in dobooking.html (thx Hazel)
Changed mailer class so that default output is utf-8
Added webinstall script existance warning to jomres.php
Tidied up backend Control panel, changed license server query so instead version data is pulled from
Fixed issue in jomres.php where globals for logging settings were not properly declared.
Added check to ensure that license key isn't being changed from the front end

Jomres v3.1.3

Added upgrade feature
Fixed bug in srp dobooking showing noscript warning
Moved location of setting success subject in paypal plugin
Fixed path to noimage in room details
Modified session_start in case server cannot start sessions without session being set to file
Changed paidAmount in paypal to float by default.
Fixed installer not creating data in components table

Jomres v3.1.2

Fixed unable to delete guests bug
Added check for joomla 1.5, if so then minutes setting is recalculated to seconds for session file timeout
Added Itemid to link to booking in hotel email
Reworked logging so that path to change how path to log files is found. If you are upgrading and intend to reuse your existing site_config.php, ensure that the $jrConfig['jomres_systemLog_path'] variable in site_config.php includes the full path to your system log, eg /var/www/html/media/, not just /media/

Jomres v3.1.1

Added fix for paypal IPN not working, involved creating whole new pseudo-session management code for tmp booking handler

Jomres v3.1 Northendnairn Edition

Added hazel's Northennairn Edition templates and css file and tweaked minicomponents
Added createJomresPortalBookingsTable check which resolves issues with users upgrading from pre-2.7 versions not having correct tables installed re portal
Moved slideshow default location to show below property header. Added switch to backend site config to offer option of above or below property details.
Enabled creation of subfolders for new property types and copying of default lang file to same folder automatically
Modified to allow switching off of cookies in content tabs (useful if SEF or other module functionality breaks handling of the config tabs)
Fix Added code for fading in extras
Fixed bug where room types named incorrectly when set to links in search modules
Added extra code to check that lat/long isn't empty

Jomres v3.0.6

Renamed availability calendar scripts, renumbered composite calendar call to 18 in viewproperty
Added detection to change JOMRESPATH_BASE so that any trailing slash is removed.
Removed indicator from overlib alt
Fixed output of discount so that room type description added to text about room type being discounted
Tweaked some output of english.php regarding discounting in the booking form.
Added extras container to fade out
reverted to old star as it has transparent background
Modified for Hazel's additions to viewproperty, puts outputted data into variables for conditional output.
Added Center tags for SRP availability calendar
Added calls to language files for modules
Added strip slashes for dropdown/link outputs
Added center tags for MRP availability calendar
Added hazel's conditional output so that links can show in property header
Changed variance from jomresGetParam so that variance can be float
Changed bookout extra services extraction so that they are not number formatted
Changed path to edit item image for amend booking
Minicomponentised slideshows
Edited geocoder_latlong.html to fix output
Made show smoking option No by default

Jomres v3.0.5

Fixed bug where room image isn't showing
Removed unneeded task=
Removed /administrator/ from path to site_config
Enabled output of reg instructions as button so that it doesn't cause a js error if editing mode is on.
Added check for singleproperty so that solo users cannot create a new property
Added extra checks to try to detect if user is custom editing and entering nothing.
Modified paypal to set deposit required to float
Modified search to resolve issues with 1.5
Modified view property to show google maps
Modified jomres.php to minicomponentise self registration and being inline registration.
Added lat and long to edit property inputs, table and geocoder output
Added touch template functionality

Jomres v3

Modified how a new property is created. Functionality now uses frontend register property steps which allows use the ability to set the SRP flag from the outset.
Encryption option in General Config removed, encryption key replaced with jomresConfig_secret (aka mosconfig_secret). If you have previously stored any creditcard data in the database it will no longer be accessible unless your mosConfig_secret is the same as that used in the old encryption option field. For this reason, you are advised to manually copy/print out any saved creditcard details that you want to retain and re-enter them manually after upgrading. If you do not, you will NOT be able to retrieve previously stored creditcard data.
Added property specific stats to front end manager's bar
Added email checking facility so that guest and hotel emails do not cause 500 error if one of said email addresses is invalid
Added option to jr_gettext "2". If $jrConfig['utfHTMLdecode']='2' then text is passed back as is pulled from the db, without it being modified by either the html_entity_decode or jomres_html_entity_decode_utf8 functions
Added feature to email errorlogs to
Added check in editproperty script so that if user only has one property then they are unable to delete this property.
Added more icons to installion process so that SRP and non-SRP specific room types are added by default. Added many more property features that are inserted on install
Fix booking out form, added pricing for rooms, replaced invoiceform script with reuse of book guest out script, as that already has the relevant calculations in it.
Added button in edit guest to enable emailing of confirmation form to guest (backup sent back to hotel, in case the hotel's email is different to the receptionist's)
Added guest numbers to confirmation form and initial emails.
Added html emails. To revert back to the old email settings uncomment the currently commented out text in the hotel and guest scripts, comment out the new code for calling the template, and set $mode=0
Added translation of room type for super property managers
Changed output so if no rooms available, you get a meaningful message, not just the empty list.
Added framework for remote access (to be implemented at a later date)
Huge rejig of file locations moving nearly all of them into the front end. Allows administrators to use .htaccess protection of administrator folder if required. All previous minicomponents no longer applicable.
Implement new defines for template paths, use a j00001 minicomponent to over-ride the defaults.
Minor tweaks to make Jomres work on Joomla 1.5RC4 Nightly 7th Jan
Removed hard coded links to administrator, replaced with JOMRES_ADMINISTRATORDIRECTORY
Added j00001start, which defines paths to templates and administrator folder, so the name of the directory can be changed and links should still ref once this file is modified


Renamed internal function html_entity_decode_utf8 to jomres_html_entity_decode_utf8

Jomres 2.7.5

Integrated portal functionality into backend. Supplies some stat information on individual properties, plus overall information. Allows setting of commission and integration with forgeign account systems (currently, only nbill).
Added jomrestoken to many areas of code to defend against CSRF (See here for more information,248109.0.html)
Added alternative gregoriantojd function
Modified search functions to pull Super Property set code modified in Edit Language task
Fixed issue with deposits set to 3 decimal places failing paypal confirmation
Added Itemid to hidden output of modules
Some performance tweaks, uses thisJomresProperty instead of making independant queries
Commented out not logged in message
Added property uid to test property details function, fixes issue where property name not shown correctly
Switch off echoing of setting changes
searchAll added to countries list
Fixed bug with edit room feature not working

Jomres 2.7 Stable

Switched off SSL in joomla. Joomla forgets the user when switching from http to https, therefore managers are unable to switch without their details being lost. Unable to perform manager bookings.
Added more options to weekend days.
Un-included configuration.php again.
Fixed customer type order not being saved.
Changed query to order guest types by Order.
Removed duplicate define
Added some simple debugging info .
Tweaked amend booking functionality.
Added note to upgradeWarning: Also note that due to the addition of the Extras models into the core code, if you are upgrading from below 2.7 you'll need to edit your optional extras to normalise them against the new tables (just go into each extra and click Save).
Fixed favourites couldn't be added if someobody else already had a property marked as a favourite.
Changed buttons options so that if in popup the cancel booking button is available (so that booking can be cancelled from blackbooking)
Changed format of jrgettext for view black booking link so that link is clickable if editing mode on.
Fixed genericOr call not passing "false", was stopping occupation showing in composite calendar.
Updated getAllBookings, fixedDaysArrivaldateDropdown, calcPeriods etc with Hazel's contributions. Modified code allows us to select historic as well as future dates in fixed arrival dates dropdown in booking form.

Jomres 2.7 RC 1

Added booking editing functionality. Well played Hazel!
Added remote availability plugin to Jomres Core
Commented out Global Features and Global Room types options in backend site config. So many features in Jomres rely on these options being set to Yes that it's best to remove the option to set them to No.
Added option "Minimise configuration options" in site config. Allows the site manager to present a minimised set of options in the General Configuration. Means that there are less options for Property managers to play around with, and the Gen Config page renders faster in the browser.
Integrated last minute plugin into Core code. This plugin is only available to SRPs, whilst Wiseprice is now only available to MRPs.
Added code to output discount information to property list and view property pages
Added option in general configuration which allows output of Verbose tariff info or a simpler list of tariffs
Changed the conversion link from google to offers conversion options to many more currencies and is a better interface.
Integrated enhanced tariffs into core system as "Micromanage" tariff editing mode.
Added warning to install_jomres.php if upgrading RE the new tariff modes.
Change "room" types are reworded in the language file to "room/property" types.
Change css file to show black on grey instead of white on grey.
Change link in property details to show rooms list instead of calendar in popup.
Change jomres.php to show full room details when room availability link clicked.
Fixed some issues with displaying audit table
Removed jquery interface functionality as not compatible with jQuery 1.2. Booking form rooms list behaves slightly differently, but not much.
Added code to remove guest data from session if user is manager when going to dobooking again, add resetTempGuestData to session handler.
Integrated cheque/payoffline plugin into the core build.
Fixed Resolved issue with occasionally temp guest data not being passed to booking confirmation page.
Fixed duplicate bookings when form used in IE issue.
Added bolds for tariffs not passing in booking form logging.
Added file detection for three files that need to be removed after upgrade.
Added flag to genericOr to disable (int) option if the data passed to it isn't an array of integers.
Modified availability calendar so that the dates passed to genericOr function aren't set to integers.

Jomres 2.6.3 RC 1

Added SSL switching for booking form
Debugged installer on new install checking the license key before it has been created
Modified default templates so that they're all set to Basic. We'll let the template override take over from now on.

Jomres 2.6.3 Beta 1

Added code for flash area. This is a less featured but more robust alternative to the sometimes buggy javascript editors
Added code to enable switching manager's menus to text mode
Added new functionality whereby default room/tariff administration is the new "Normal" mode. Provides a simpler way of administering tariffs for new users. Experienced users can switch to Advanced mode (General Config -> Tariffs and Currencies tab) to edit rooms and tariffs and create room features.
Added option so that Room types can be designated for SRPs or not.
Added room details list to Property details page.
Converted booking notes functionality to work as part of Jomres Core
Converted my user plugin to work as part of Jomres Core
Converted Extras Models to work as part of Jomres Core
Converted Wise Price to work as part of Jomres Core

Added lang definition for sort order.
Added country to property details.
Removed incorrect description of icon sizes.
Modified composite calendar. Changed getParam for task from "" to 0. Should stop calendars from opening the booking form in new windows.
Modified integration.php to force inclusion of configuration.php so if Joomla's globals emulation off fails then Jomres will STILL use the local configuration.php to find various settings.
Fixed issue where existing guest's region data wasn't being pulled from system by the manager's select guest dropdown in the booking form.
Curl fixes.
added image sorting.
Fixed issue where room features not showing in room details on booking form.
Added option to rooms config to enable translation of room features, and added same to booking engine to show changes.
Fixed added line to allow change of the registered language when the booking form is reloaded. If users switched from lang A to lang B the overlib would continue to use the data as per lang A.
Fixed issue with non-editor custom code only saving 1 and not the string.
updated slovak.php Many thanks to mojeslovensko for your hard work.
updated danish.php Many thanks to Ronny Buelund for your hard work.
Removed reference to jrConfig Itemid in pathway minicomp as it was causing Mambo to lose the Itemid.
Booking engine re-enable error logging.
Removed hard coded currency format, replaced with new definition in language file.
Corrected notes for paypal integration.
Added code to refuse deletion if only one property on system
Modified installer to check for NULL tables in SHOW TABLES
Added code to pull today's date from cookie/request if possible when listing properties. Should allow us to output prices from the search dates if available.
Added thursday/friday and thursday/friday/saturday as weekend options
Moved some files into /components/com_jomres directory
Converted more hardcoded elements in backend to language defines
Moved patTemplate dump option to backend
Removed css tab completely as dump template vars option is now in backend, and diff templates feature is replaced with template override feature. If you are upgrading it is advised that you physically remove the file j00501css.class.php as it cannot be removed by the installer. If you do not remove it you will simply find that it's settings no longer have any affect.
Forced $mrConfig['templatePack']="basic"; in jomres.php
Clicking Submit/Save in Edit Property page now takes you back to the edit property page so that you can continue editing.

* RE flasharea: Jomres uses the file jomres.xml in components\com_jomres\libraries\flash_area\resources\FlashArea\options Documentation can be found here:

Jomres 2.6.2 Stable

Added fix for bug reporter
Added code to query number of properties to enable Single Property version
Removed engine type from table create routines
Removed Itemid from booking forms
Fixed bug in BlockUI code
Added new jquery.js 1.1.4 for improved performance

Jomres 2.6.2 Beta2

General tweaking of new temp booking handling.

Jomres 2.6.2 Beta1

Added noscript Meta tag to booking form to redirect on user having javascript disabled
Added jQuery blockUI functionality for better feedback
Added session handling for temp bookings plus other booking engine tweaks for performance
Added pathway minicomponent
Removed HTMLPurifier
Removed AjaxRequest, replaced with jQuery's ajax handling. Much faster.
Modified booking form. Address details are not added during the input filling stage. Instead they're added on submit.
Modified input filtering.
Modified converted some of the javascript files so that they are compressed. Fullsize versions are still available.
Modified publish function moved out into minicomponent
Modified changed permissions so that Super Property managers can create new properties, even when backend config disallows managers from creating properties
Two new flags in site_config: $jrConfig['disableAudit']="0"; $jrConfig['dynamicMinIntervalRecalculation']="0";

Jomres 2.6.1 Stable

Modified Numerous changes to improve validation
Modified Numerous changes to allow functionality within Mambo 4.6.2

Jomres 2.6.1beta2.1

Modified Upgraded self registration functionality to work with this version of Jomres
Modified Disabled sample data install in Cpanel. Sample data is created on install so no need for this now
Modified Added slashes to specialReqs

Jomres 2.6.1beta2

Added Hazel's property list sort ordering
Added New weekends only flag for tariffs
Added setini memory limit to jomres.php
Added searchAll variable to all lang files and search funcs
Modified colour picker, was causing problems in Ie and causing the General Config panel to load slowly.
Modified disabled requirement to enter license key when on localhost
Modified tweaked various froms in an effort to make it so that you only need to edit the css declaration .innerwrapper to modify the overall width
Modified added logManager functionality to core Jomres build
Modified changed rooms list for composite availability display. To revert to the rooms list for those users who wish to keep it, remove the existing j01050showroomdetails.class.php and rename xj01050showroomdetails.class.php to j01050showroomdetails.class.php
Modified Upgraded backend CSS handling to that contributed by Jaap.
Modified Property header script. Now property name is added to title of page whenever property header is shown
Modified Moved recording of error out into own func and added recording on E_ERROR_USER
Modified license handling. If license not valid only backend functionality is affected.
Modified Improved how all Property Managers are updated to new manager->property xref tables
Modified added quotesmart to special requirements
Modified Added number of guests to cpanel
Modified Itemid selection. Now the Itemid should be pulled correctly from $_REQUEST
Modified added Selected option to filterForm
Modified Moved the rooms list fields to top for SRPs
Fixed issue where super property manager dropdown wasn't offered
Fixed issue where dates weren't filtering in audit log
Fixed issue where some audit logs were not being moved to audit archive
Fixed Resolved bug where both vacancies and no vacancies were showing for SRPs

Jomres 2.6.1beta

Added new optional event trigger 01009. This is parsed in the property list minicomponent, allows us to create minicomponents that can re-jig the property uids list order before the properties are output.
Added bug reporting for super property managers to core of Jomres
Added selective property manager handling. Property managers can now be specifically assigned to different properties, rather than the all or nothing method that used to happen. Admins need to edit the user's default property to set them to a Super Property Manager (new dropdown at top of page).
Added utf-8 encode to month name output in availability calendar. Resolves issue where the wrapped function outputs in an incompatible charset.
Modified manager & receptionists images upgraded. Thanks to Jaap ( for this contribution.
Modified control panel in backend. Thanks to Jaap ( for this contribution.
Modified tab object so that tabs are run by jQuery.
Modified Moved noConflict setting for jQuery into jomres.php.
Modified moved email to below telephone number inputs
Modified Many changes to booking object to allow for faster querying properties with multiple rooms and tariffs
Modified if defined statements to allow for JBASE_PATH already being defined and current framework is not J1.5
Modified gateway handling to allow for renaming of gateway name in config tabs
Fixed dutch javascript calendar
Fixed description search

Note, if you are using a custom/template override and upgrade to this version of Jomres you need to modify your dobooking.html & dobooking_srp.html files and add
var ajaxurl = "{AJAXURL}";
under where livesite is defined. Failure to do this will result in your booking form stopping working.


Added jQuery to booking form, rooms list slides up and down while changing, and guest details input hides when room needs to be selected
Added test for pid from tmpbooking so that correct property type specific language file is called when doing bookings
Modified rooms list, changed position of room details overlib popup from below right to above left
Modified Added license key check to installer
Modified added ability to edit custom text one tariffs title and description
Modified added ability to edit rooms config: room names custom text enabled
Modified added ability to edit guest types, custom text for name and notes
Modified custom text editing. Edit in place removed, links now open in _blank, and custom text is identifiable by class, click on text to edit it.
Fixed implode variances issue. More than 2 variances was causing prices to calculate incorrectly, so commented out meaningless check that was causing this.
Fixed custom text not showing in property list when not logged in
Fixed issue where when allowing short bookings, 7 was in dropdown but staydays was set to 4
Fixed issue where users unable to delete properties


Added Added align="top" to td to dobooking.html
Added Property type language file selection.
Added detection of the function JRHPbot. Allows to switch off certain buttons if the Jomres/Hot Property synchronisation bot is detected
Added more property types to install script.
Added connectivity test to integration.php and improved feedback from same in the event of license key failure
Modified edit-in-place so that large strings of text are inserted into textareas, rather than input fields
Modified Edit & save properties minicomp triggers moved to jomres.php
Modified Moved language file selection into jomres.php
Modified makefeatureimages to allow translation of property features.
Modified Reversed if defined check for JPATH_BASE
Fixed install script not dropping tables
Fixed property description not showing in property list

Jomres v2.6 Stable

Added mambot handling to property details (all textbox inputs) and list properties, property description
Added option to make target blank if in popup for Availability calendar
Added property delete button to property admin, property tab
Added room images to booking form overlib buttons
Added creditcard type handling to Form component
Added index.php?option=com_jomres to various backend template files
Added russian.php
Added translation functionality to listproperties for property description.
Added 05020 mcOutput functionality for adding customOutput_XXXXX to the booking form
Added limit 1 to property details query
Changed the event trigger for form insert data to 05019
Changed the availability cookies, added / and jomresConfig_live_site to path
Fixed inability to save black bookings (again)
Fixed issue in form component where unregistered users were causing a fatal error
Fixed issue where prices greater than 1000 resaved as 1 in Extras

Jomres v2.6 RC4
Added code to allow new license types
Added html editors to edit property fields
Disabled clone option for rooms showing when SRP
Resolved issue where guest's details were not being stored until their second booking
Created new trigger point 05020, which in the base install includes dobooking.php (which initially constructs the booking form).
Created new trigger point 05010, which in the base install includes handlereq.php (which receives the ajax calls from the booking form).

Jomres v2.6 RC3.2
Added connectivity testing to install_jomres.php. Allows us to test connectivity to the license server and identify any possible firewall issues right at the beginning.

Jomres v2.6 RC3.1
Resolved date in search form/booking form sometimes vastly in the future.
Resolved encryption key being saved but

Jomres v2.6 RC3
Modified booking form. Restored function that resets the selected rooms list as tariffs were not being reset properly when another date with a different tariff is selected

Jomres v2.6 RC3

Modified the mininterval functionality. Properties using flat rates will find the min interval set to the lowest min days found, average rate the opposite.
Tweaked the jomres hint menu output to resolve issues with ' (apostrophes, eg in french lang).
Added room_total, discount & currency code columns to contracts table, this info is now passed from the temp booking to the contracts table.
Added 00050 event trigger for non-authorised, registered users so that they can see menu options.
Added extended indexs for Jomres tables.
Added global currency code & symbol. Preperation for portal functionality, allows for a global currency code if required.
Added metatitle to property description page.
Added isInIframe config option, allows users to use Jomres within iframes.
Fixed annoying message about mysql when changing a user's default property/access level.

Jomres v2.6 RC2
Number formatting. Added the option to choose your number formatting style, go into General Configuration -> Tariffs and Currencies to choose your number output style.
Booking form minimum-interval calculation. While searching for tariffs the booking process will remember all of the minimum days in the tariffs found and set the internal mininterval flag to the lowest figure found. This is expected to be useful for those properties that want to set the mininterval flag (IE the minimum number of days in a booking) to 1 for most of the time, but make it longer, eg over specific holiday periods by reacting to the tariffs found for a given period.
Modified the key generation code. For some reason, during keygeneration the http:// was being retained when the key is first generated for the hostname binding, but then it was being tested against the domain without the http://, consequentially installation was often failing. I've modified this by stripping out any occurances of http:// during the key gen process.
Added code to stop already selected and still available rooms from being removed when a booking particular (eg date, guest numbers) has been changed.
Added xml logging. There are 3 types of logging: request (everything from $_REQUEST), system (various ad hoc values, as needed during dev/testing), gateway (logging for gateway calls), and booking (various booking log data is recorded). Logging files are currently written to the /media folder, this will probably be expended in the future. If you want to switch loggin on, edit jomres.php and change $loggingEnabled to 'true';
Fixed a bug in insert booking function where jomressession wasn't always being passed to the script, therefore the booking wouldn't insert
Modifed functions.php getCurrentBookingData so that it would simply return, rather than exit, if jomressession is not set.
Fixed paging, starts on page 1 now.
Removed number_format from dobooking_functions, except from the overlib generation and extras output code.

Jomres v2.6 RC1
Fixed IPN not being confirmed correctly
Fixed unable to cancel booking
Added query to beginning of to check for the length of the license key, if it isn't set then task is set to showSiteConfig.
Added Jomres control panel tabs object
Added departure date cookie
Major changes to allow operation in both Joomla 1.0.x & Joomla 1.5. Whilst Jomres now appears to work with Joomla 1.5Beta 1, none of the plugins do (need to create new 1.5 compatible installers)
Major changes to database query functionality to improve performance
Major changes to the basic template
Reworked dashboard calendar to improve performance
Reworked list propertys mini-component to improve performance
Reworked all of the front end templates so that their colours can be edited through a css file
Fixed users entering ' into booking form causing javascript error (Gratz Hamish)
Fixed installing sample data query bug
Fixed paging in search results
Fixed US room tax functionality
Modified search functionality: If the availability search is used in combination with the room type search then properties without an available room of requested room type are excluded from the results.
The non-basic templates aren't getting updated and the template overrides are a better method of creating your own template. They have been removed, if you want your own look for the Jomres then it is highly advised that you install the basic template override pack and edit that.
Removed the css config option introduced in v2.0.
Room list generation output split into two to allow rooms list to be presented side by side if required (Gratz Hazel)

Jomres v2.5.0.1

Changed jr_gettext function to return data html_entity_decode'd so that html can be used in various input fields
Changed Extras ajax call from getResponse to getResponse_guest to prevent the rooms field from being hidden after an extra is selected.
Changed how special requirements are handled.
Changed booking out page. As Jomres' main focus is on the taking of bookings, rather than the hotel admin side of things, I felt it was wise to not spend too much time on something that's rarely used, so reduced the amount of information stored there.
Changed dashboard cookie expiry to 1 hour
Changed added guest numbers check to average rate method
Changed allowed super property managers to make bookings on properties different to their currently active property (switches active property then redirects them)
Ensured that booking engine uses the jr_gettext function, rather than the built in function.
Removed show_log that was appearing twice in jomres.js, causing the log output to be triggered twice in the booking form when some elements were selected
Removed a couple of information elements from certain pages as they are now covered by the Context Sensitive Help mini-component.
Fixed listproperties, wasn't finding the property image
Fixed savehotelsettings wasn't updating new settings

Jomres 2.5

// Stable
Various bug fixes
Changed how general config is displayed and updated to speed up update time. General config still slow in IE due to IE not rendering the javascript colour pickers quickly enough.
Function to get property specific settings modified to import mrConfig
from jomres_config.php. This is because imported properties will not
have a complete set of settings imported. It also allows us to only
insert settings that are pertinent to this property in the settings table,
allowing us to set a given setting as the default in jomres_config.php.
Only applies to properties created after install of this version of Jomres.
Improved averaging model method in booking form.
Modified jomres.php so that in the event that no property data exists it will
search for a trigger 06000 so that an import function can be used.
Added option to override "task" with "task2" if required in jomres.php. Not currently used,
but gives us possible future extendability.

Added jomres_toolbar class - very pretty
Added phpDocumenter tags
Added lowest tariff price to listproperties
Added more property details to listproperties
Added mini-component collision detection
Added module 0 to module pack - Allows for searching within the component area
Added wildcard searching on dropdowns
Added new image uploading class - Image Fullsize image width is set in backend, as are the slideshow choice and popup sizes, gives webmaster more chance of attaining a consistent look to their site.
Added if errorchecking on then output to text file in /media/ with logs
Added CURL to license communication routines. This is for users who don't have access to fopen to use Jomres.
Changed moved averaging and flatrate calculation methods into dobooking_functions and added config option so that property managers can choose their tariff model
Changed tariff handling so that template overrides can be provided in one file instead of seperate files. Important, see readme.
Changed Put averaging & flat rate methods into jomres_booking object, added configuration option to Tariffs config panel to choose one of these models
Changed refactored the search functionality so that it's one of the mini-components. The search modules as a result have had to be rewritten, if you use the search modules then you'll need to download and install the new m1 -> m4 modules. To get searching in the content panel install the m0 module (READ THE NOTES!)
Changed room & tariff editing functionality to mini-components
Changed booking confirmation, insert and completion to mini-components
Change paypal insert of booking. The insert of the booking is now performed at the IPN stage, as the payment is confirmed here anyway. It saves users who navigate away from the paypal payment screen without returning to the jomres site from loosing their bookings. Now returning to the jomres site simply takes them to the booking confirmation page.
Change managers can now search while logged in. If they are a super property manager then when they click to view a property then their active property will be changed to that property
Redesigned the listpropertys template a little

Jomres 2.4
Fixed Tariffs showing tariffs stored as weekly charges if you have pre-v2 multiplier set
Fixed 1.0.10 forcing tariffs to be stored as integer

Jomres 2.3
Some changes to harden against XSS attacks
Some changes to ISO handling.
Fixed hardcoded message in booking form
Fixed core minicomponent gateway icon not showing
Fixed unable to confirm paypal payments
Optomised the availability calendar

Jomres 2.2
Fixed wrong file name in warning when saving config.
Fixed Joomla 1.0.10 bug where clicking on a date don't provide correct date in booking form.
Fixed Black booking not saving
Added livesite variable to booking confirmation template variables
Fixed list bookings showing Black bookings
fixed email not showing rooms
Fixed paypal currency code being sent incorrectly
Fixed jomres.php calling wrong javascript calendar
Improved messages from installer

Jomres v2.1
Fixed unable to view any properties when all properties unpublished
Fixed various license number issues
Moved property header into it's own mini-component
Added option to override show tariff template
Fixed Single person suppliments

Jomres v2
Added: Subversion
Added: Completely new booking process
Added: Customer/guest types
Added: Option to put rooms lists/availability in a new page/popup
Added: Css styling

Change: Guest types can be ordered

Removed: Adult/Kids numbers, replaced by Guest type functionality

Jomres v1.4i

Added: Created new functionality option: Show detailed room information?
Added: Functionality to show available tariffs, instead of rooms.
Added: New template file: bookings_showavailability.
Added: Completely rewrote the search functionality.
Added: Google currency conversion links to tariff popup/page.

Change: Moved Tariff admin into the Property Admin tabs
Change: Reordered Property Admin tabs to make Room type relationships more logical
Change: Bolded Room types to make them more obvious

Jomres v1.4h

Added: Form input validation for booking form
Added: Bulk language modification script
Added: Default country for booking form. Setting: Misc in General configuration
Added: Code to change basic text (eg property description) to allow translation thru Jomres Editing Mode.
Added: Self registration
Added: Meta keywords generated by site content
Added: Global Room types
Added: Site help code
Added: Functionality to charge for extras by the day, as well as flat rate.
Added: Option to show calendar from beginning of year, as opposed to current month.

Change: Definitions for constants. All now preceeded with _JOMRES
Change: Various changes to allow modules easier access to some Jomres functions.
Change: Moved some stuff around and added most of the includes to the integration.php to let scripts like the portal use the already existing Jomres functionality

Fix: Overlib & mosTabs conflicting in IE
Fix: tab javascript loading when tabs not defined, causing javascript errors. Guest numbers not showing on confirmation page in basic template.
Fix: Extras not remaining checked in basic template.
Fix: GMT dates not handled correctly by datediff function
Fix: Availability search function

Jomres v1.4g

Fixed bug introduced in Joomla 1.0.7 where certain sections of the code incorrectly assigned manager rights to unauthorised users.
New config option: Daily rate multiplier.
Javascript calendars: Departure date is now aware of the date set in the arrival date and adjusts according
Slideshow popup width & Slideshow popup height options in config
Edited basic template to reduce screen usage
Added room names to black bookings
Added room names & tariff info to customer/staff email

Jomres v1.4f

Nice new basic template

Jomres v1.4e

Added config option: Show departure date input? Option

Jomres v1.4d

Added George Hageman's Averaging system for calculating tariff prices

Jomres v1.4c

Added country dropdown list to the booking screen.
Some templates changed to accomodate this change

Jomres v1.4b

Fixed bug where multiple tariff users of apartment renters were unable to process bookings

Jomres v1.4a

Niced up the property configuration/booking room tab a bit. Changed the wording from "Is this a single room property" to "is this an apartment/cottage/villa.
Improved the booking process for apartments, got rid of the silly confirm radio button.
Fixed a bug where the property_uid wasn't being found when going to processpayment.

Jomres v1.4

Added: Gateway handling code
Added: warning that advises if Joomla has logged users out due to inactivity.
Added: index.html to subdirs
Added: templated most of the backend functionality
Added: to property editing funcs. When new property added some basic data is set up.
Added: error checking during install to check that all tables have been created
Added: new option in property settings page: Gallery link. Put a link to your properties photo gallery here. It will show on the main property description page when filled
Added: Encryption options for storing creditcard details
Added: creditcard popup box
Added: A popup option for the property description screen where you can popup to the gallery of your choice. I intend to make all popups optional in a future release.
Added: Link to slideshows. Switchable in property config
Added: Tariffs link is switchable
Added: Batch uploading

Changed: Virtually every admin screen has been modified in one form or another to take advantage of toolbar buttons, and particularly the edit property functionality has seen a major code tidy-up .
Change: Modified the location of the uploaded images. Now images are stored in images/stories/jomres. This solves the problem of an uninstall/reinstall trashing our image locations.
Change: Tweaked user object handling. Now first time super managers are immediately assigned to the first property in the database

Removed: Public holiday settings. To the best of my knowlege nobody is using them, and they create unnecessary complications.

Jomres v1.3

Important! If you have installed previous versions of Jomres you much check the readme.txt for updates to your tables to bring them into line with this version. This applies even if you have uninstalled a previous version of Jomres, because the uninstallation of Mosres/Jomres is non-database destructive. If you have previously installed Jomres be aware that v1.2 onwards uses different table names (xxx_jomres_xxxxxx as opposed to xxx_mosres_xxxxxx) so if you want to retain your data then you will need to rename your tables. There is a file in the docs subdir called "upgrade tables 1.1 - 1.3.txt" which should help you with this, but use it at your own risk.

If you are using the Super Manager mode the first thing you need to do is click Change Properties (which you will see if you have more than one property on the system) to properly set your user up.

Changelog for v1.3:

Added: Property switching. Previously Super Property Managers would view all the elements for all the properties. This could cause confusion, and sometimes Jomres just wouldn't work right because it didn't know which property it was working against. The first time you visit your property as property manager after upgrading to v1.3, if you have more than one property listed then click Change Property to initialise your user properly.
Added: Our tariffs link. There's a new template show_tariffs.tmpl to work with this functionality.
Added: Editing mode. See the tutorials on for a demonstration.
Added: Property types. Configured at the back end of the system. Not configurable by Property Managers
Added: Ability to search the current country/region/property type when there are more than one property in said region/property type.
Added: Book guest out option to Display booking tabbed page (providing that they are currently booked in)
Added: "Remainder to pay" label to the display booking page. Shows the grand total minus the deposit paid, if the deposit has been paid (duh).
Added: search.tmpl. This template contains the dropdown boxes that allow a visitor to choose from a number of different properties. If there's only one property on the system, then naturally this option isn't shown.
Added: bottom.tmpl. This doesn't actually have any info presented to it from a script, it's just there in case you want a footer.
Added: Item ids.
Added: Sef.

Fixed: Guests are now unique to a property. Property managers/receptionists can only admin their own guests
Fixed: Where varying types of tariffs weren't being offered for each room. Only one tariff for each room was being offered. Bug introduced by templating func, so versions prior to 1.2 not affected. A fixed version of 1.2 is available at for license holders.
Fixed: Paypal playing up again. Thanks Graham.
Change: If "Limit advance bookings" is on, then the availability calendars no longer offer dates later than the end of the chosen period. This is not yet true for the javascript calendars.
Change: Added option to settings to change the number of months of the availability calendar is shown.
Change: Added option to Tariffs & Currencies. Amount charged at booking time. You can now select to charge the full amount or a smaller deposit
Change: Modified links on bookings/showroom details. Links now pop up. Room details are shown without the avl cal and the avl cal is shown without room details.
Change: Modified how the user is authorised to cut down on database access.
Change: Added templating functionality to booking cancellation
Change: Added code to remember active tabs.


vince picDeveloped and maintained by Vince Wooll, Jomres was initially conceived in early 2005 as a Mambo based solution to a client’s hotel management needs. While it wasn't originally expected to be an online booking system it quickly morphed into one as users requested more and more features.

As the number of feature requests grew Vince knew that he would need to dedicate more time to the project and in July 2005 Jomres was released as a commercial project. Since then Jomres has become the world's oldest online booking plugin for any PHP CMS. It has been used in Joomla 1.0, 1.5, 2.5, 3 & 4 and WordPress 4, 5 & 6.

Aladar joined the project in 2010 after using Jomres for his own projects. He was active on the forum, helping other members of the community and eventually Vince invited him to join the team. Between 2010 and 2018 he was an integral part of the project and made many significant contributions.

Whilst not formally part of the Jomres project, Rodrigo Rocco and Vince have become firm friends. Rod is a freelancer who specialises in doing custom work for Jomres users and developing custom plugins for the system that take advantage of it's modular design. He has built many useful extensions including his fabulous Valentina Template Override Package.

Jomres and the Jomres Logo is trademarked and can't be used without written consent from the owner. is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Joomla! Project, Open Source Matters or the WordPress project. The Joomla! & WordPress names and logos are used under a limited license granted by Open Source Matters and the WordPress Projects.

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