This manual is being depreciated. Much of the information here is out of date.

The new Jomres Documentation, updated in 2022, can be found at


This is the default view of your property, where you will see past/upcoming bookings in a timeline view.


At the top there`s the current date interval of the timeline view. You can change the dates by clicking the Prev/Next buttons or quickly jump to a view that includes the today`s date by clicking the Today button.

On the left there are the rooms/resources types of this property and room numbers. The timeline shows the free/booked days for each room. There are more timeline views available: Day/Week/Two Weeks/Month so you can better adjust the view to your screen size.

Bookings are displayed as blocks of various colors that start from the arrival date to the day before the departure date. The departure date is left empty so that it can be used as an arrival date for the next booking or a new booking.

Clicking on a booking will open the booking details page where you`ll see detailed info about that booking (arrival/departure, guest details, rooms booked, payment status, special requirements, notes, etc) or you can edit the booking.

Clicking on the arrival date and dragging to the departure date will open a quick booking modal form where you can fastly make a new booking on behalf of some guest. This is useful on reception desk, when taking bookings by phone or for walkins to quickly enter a new booking, or to block a room for some dates. Only one room can be booked this way. If you need to select more rooms to be included in one booking, then you`ll need to use the booking form (there`s a New Booking button in the toolbar to quickly jump to the booking form).

There is also a quick way to cancel a booking from here by clicking and dragging the booking outside the dashboard/timeline area.

At the bottom of the timeline area you have the legend which describes what the booking blocks colors mean.