This manual is being depreciated. Much of the information here is out of date.

The new Jomres Documentation, updated in 2022, can be found at

New Property

The add new property button allows you to create new properties which are associated with your account. If the site manager utilises a subscription system for charging for property listings, you will be limited by your subscription as to how many published properties you can have in the booking system. If you cannot add new properties, you may need to sign up to another subscription package.

Step 1

Select the country, region and property type. You can create new property types from Jomres Admin Cpanel -> Site structure -> Business types

Select the business management mode:

  • Rental: for properties that will offer rooms/resources bookings (eg. Hotel/B&B/Villa/Apartment).
  • Tours: for properties that don`t need the room/resource booking functionality but they need the booking form for booking tours created with the Jintour plugin (eg. tours, tickets to a concert).
  • Real Estate/Simple Listing: for properties/listings that don`t need any online booking functionality (eg: real estate or other items for sale).

Step 2

If you selected Rental on the previous step, here you`ll have to select if your property is a MRP or SRP (please see the Before we start page if you don`t know what this means).

  • if you select MRP, then the rooms can be created later from settings->tariffs and rooms page.
  • if you select SRP, then below you`ll see a dropdown with resource type from which you can select. Rooms/resource types can be created from Jomres admin cpanel -> site structure -> Room/Resource types

The rest of the fields on this page speak for themselves.