This manual is being depreciated. Much of the information here is out of date.

The new Jomres Documentation, updated in 2022, can be found at

Ajax search composite settings


Uses the ajax search framework. Allows you to put a search module that offers searching on availability, price range, features, property type, room type, guest numbers, stars, country, region and town in a sidebar or top bar.


Once installed you will then have a new option in the administrator -> portal area which allows you to enable/disable different options.


To take advantage of this plugin you'll need to create a new jomres asamodule module, set the task to 'ajax_search' and the arguments to '&ajs_plugin=ajax_search_composite'.

You can 'pre filter' property uids and property types, so instead of searching all properties, you can tell the system to only return properties that fall into a group that you have already selected. To do that, you would add more arguments to the arguments field like so : '&ajs_plugin=ajax_search_composite&property_uids=1,3&ptypes=5' By default all options are enabled, you can disable them through the new button under 'Portal Functionality' titled 'Ajax search composite settings', or through the arguments list.

In v3.8 we added the option to prefilter countries and regions, so to prefilter the countries so that only regions in certain countries are shown you would do something like &prefilter_country_code=GB,FR which will only show regions in the UK and France. Similarly, you can prefilter regions like so : &prefilter_region=Avon which will only show towns in the county of Avon. Because Avon is in the UK, no other coutries will be shown.
To disable an option through the arguments list you can set the arguments like so : '&ajs_plugin=ajax_search_composite&by_stars=0' however be aware that if you have set an option via 'Ajax search composite settings' to No then setting 'by_stars' in the arguments list will have no effect.

The full list of options are

  • by_stars
  • by_price
  • by_features
  • by_country
  • by_region
  • by_town
  • by_roomtype
  • by_propertytype
  • by_guestnumber
  • by_date


If you're using a bootstrapped template you've got a choice of four templates to use. If you have html experience and are familiar with bootstrap then you can further customise this look/feel by combining the elements you like from each template into one, look in \jomres\core-plugins\ajax_search_composite\templates\bootstrap3 for the template files that you can combine.

In v5.0 we added a new Multiselect template, plus the option to choose the template style through the arguments so you can set &template_style=buttons/modals/accordion/multiselect to choose a different style. We also added a flag 'view_on_property_details', which you can set to 0 or 1. This allows you to enable/disable the plugin on the property details page, which might be useful if you want one view of the module on most pages (e.g. horizontal) and another view in the property details (e.g. in a sidebar).