This manual is being depreciated. Much of the information here is out of date.

The new Jomres Documentation, updated in 2022, can be found at

Jomres Asamodule Mambot

Note, a full list of shortcodes can be found here.


Here we will talk about some of Jomres' less well known functionality.

Let's look closer at it's Asamambot feature. Jomres allows us to easily create pages for display without having to build functionality directly into the Jomres core system, and that's done by creating "minicomponents", typically with a trigger number of 06000.

Many of these can be used separately from Jomres, so for example in this image we can see the "ui_availability_calendar" and "show_property_map" tasks being used in an article to show property 1's calendar and map. "How is it done?" I hear you ask.


asamambot ui availability calendar

Jomres core has a lot of these 06000 tasks already built in, and you can see some of the options in the Developer Tools -> Asamodule page in the administrator area.

asamambot developer tools

In the screenshot above you can see an Example Link at the end of the show_property_map row, if you hover over it with your mouse you'll see something like this in the browser:

You can see here that the task is "show_property_map" and the arguments are "&mw=250&mh=100&property_uid=1".

This is for the maps, some options work, depending on the context of the page they're in, some don't but mw refers to map width, mh refers to map height, and property uid refers to the id of the property (in this case, 1 (one) ).

Now, we can use these options in an article/post like so :

{jomres ui_availability_calenar "&property_uid=1"}


{jomres show_property_map "&mw=250&mh=100&property_uid=1"}


When the page is viewed, the final result looks like

asamambot ui availability calendar




More shortcodes that will work :


{jomres search} Produces a general list of properties

{jomres search &country=GB} Shows properties from a given country

{jomres search &region=Aberdeen+City} Note the use of the + symbol where a space would be normally.

{jomres show_property_features &property_uid=2} Show the property feature icons for a given property.

{jomres show_property_room_types &property_uid=2} Ditto for the room types.

{jomres show_property_rooms &property_uid=2} Shows the properties rooms list

{jomres show_property_rooms_slideshow &property_uid=2} Show the room's slideshow without the rooms list.

{jomres show_property_reviews &property_uid=2} Show just the property reviews.

{jomres show_property_extras &property_uid=1} Show the optional extras.

{jomres terms &property_uid=2} Shows the property's terms and conditions text.

{jomres extended_maps } Show the map in your content area.

{jomres asamodule_popular} Shows popular properties. Use the settings as described in the plugins details section of the Jomres plugin manager to configure limits or specifc property types or to show the output vertically by doing {jomres asamodule_popular asamodule_popular_vertical=1}

{jomres asamodule_random} Like the ASAModule popular plugin.

{jomres asamodule_recently_viewed} Shows a link to the last viewed property.

{jomres auction_house}

{jomres flipwall} Shows a wall of property images which when clicked, the property description is shown.

{jomres location_map}

{jomres lucky_dip}

{jomres popular_properties}

{jomres show_room_calendar &id=3 }



The following requires Jomres 9.1.6


{jomres property_details &property_uid=2} Shows the property details in your chosen content area.

{jomres module_popup &property_uid=1} Shows the information that's normally shown in a module popup.

{jomres contactowner &property_uid=2 } Show the contact owner form for the selected property.