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Don't install Bootstrap 5 only plugins on sites that aren't configured to use Bootstrap 5

I thought that this was self-evident, but I have had enough queries recently from users that I need to clarify this.

Don't install Jomres plugins available in the Jomres Plugin Manager if they are marked as for Bootstrap 5 on sites where the CMS's Theme/Template doesn't support Bootstrap 5. Leohtian for example uses Bootstrap 3.

If you're not aware, Jomres comes with 3 template sets for Bootstrap 2, Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 5. In the Administrator area > Jomres > Settings > Site Configuration, first tab you configure which template set you want Jomres to use. Jomres own template files inherit from the CMS's Theme/Template to produce markup that looks good, so if your Theme/Template offers Bootstrap 3, you MUST configure Jomres to use it's Bootstrap 3 template set.


Jomres plugins are often delivered with their own template files and because I am working exclusively now on Bootstrap 5 any new plugins will only come with Bootstrap 5 template sets (older plugins will still come with all 3 sets).

This is for several reasons. 

  1. I want y'all to use the latest and greatest version of Jomres and it's plugins.
  2. Creating a plugin that takes advantage of BS5 features, then backporting it to an older template set is often not feasible.
  3. If I have to commit to making sure all plugins are always perfectly backward compatible, I'll never make anything new. There just isn't that much time in the working week.

So...if a plugin is marked "Bootstrap 5" either in the plugin name, or if somewhere in the plugin description it says "Bootstrap 5 only" then if you're running an installation of Jomres on a site that uses, for example, Leohtian then there's a good chance that your installation will throw a hissy fit and a fatal error because a BS2 or BS3 template set for that plugin doesn't exist. If that happens, go to the Jomres Plugin Manager and uninstall the plugin (don't just try to delete the plugin info files like I've seen one or two people do, that's not enough). Actually uninstall it.

Look, I get it. You've seen the new demos, and you want to take advantage of new layouts etc, but it's just not that simple. As I said before, Jomres relies on the host CMS providing the appropriate CSS and Javascript framework*. If your site doesn't provide that framework then things will get squirrelly.


* One exception to this rule is Wordpress sites who's Theme doesn't offer Bootstrap. In Site Configuration you can tell Jomres that there's no Bootstrap available in the Theme, and then Jomres will use CDN versions of Bootstrap 3, and configure itself to use it's BS3 template set. This scenario is, however, rare.




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