This manual is being depreciated. Much of the information here is out of date.

The new Jomres Documentation, updated in 2022, can be found at

Jomres Quickstart


If you have an active Download and Support license for Jomres, then the quickest way to get your new installation of Jomres up and running is to use the Jomres Quickstart package.

To get the package log into your account at  and in the dashboard you'll see a list of your licenses.  Click on the View button next to your active license and you'll see all of that license's available downloads. Choose one of the Quickstarts. This will download a zip file that's typically about 50Mb in size.

Unzip it on your desktop and you'll see that it contains three files. A .jpa file, which is the zip of the demo installation, a readme.txt file and a file called kickstart.php.

Read the readme.txt file, as it contains the most uptodate instructions for installing the quickstart.

Quickstart readme


The is the Jomres Quickstart file. It is a copy of the Jomres demo server zipped up using Akeeba backup, you will need to use kickstart.php to extract it.

Upload jomres_quickstart_joomla3.jpa and kickstart.php to your site's root via ftp. If your site is going to reside in /var/public_html, then upload these files to that directory.

Once the files have been uploaded to your webserver point your web browser to your site and the kickstart.php file by visiting and follow the on-screen instructions.

Once you've followed the onscreen instructions you will have a working copy of the Jomres demo. Next you need to log into the administrator area.

Now go to Components -> Jomres -> Site Configuration and enter your Download and Support key in the field marked "Support Key". When you've saved your support key you will be able to go to System Maintenance -> Plugin Manager and upgrade any plugins that need to be upgraded.

Creating this installation package is a long process, therefore it is not possible to create a new version every time Joomla or Jomres are updated. As a result what you should do now is ensure that both Joomla and Jomres are up to date. You can do this with a few clicks.

To see how to use the Joomla update feature see

To see how to upgrade Jomres see Upgrading Jomres

That's it, you're done, you can move on with configuring Jomres to suit your own requirements.


Kickstart documentation & video

Akeeba backup is an excellent tool and we strongly recommend that you invest in a full subscription for the product via as it includes a great many tools and features not available in the free version included in this installation.

Kickstart/Akeeba/Admintools are not Woollyinwales IT products. They are part of the excellent suit of products from Nic at and copyright belongs to Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos /


Note : As of June 2016 several people have had problems extracting the Quickstart at the ANGIE -> Database stage. We've managed to replicate this and have determined that on that page you need to click on Advanced options, and make sure that the "Force UTF-8 collation on tables" option is checked. This resolved the issue for us, and we understand it to be a bug in mysql 5.6. We can't recreate it in 5.7