The Twitter integration plugin is designed to allow you to automatically update Twitter when a property receives a booking. In the era of smart-phones, this is a cheaper way to keep yourself updated about your site's booking activities than for example using an SMS service.


Setting it up is very straight-forward to setup once you've registered a Twitter App, the video above shows you everything you need to know about creating App keys, then seeing the results in your Twitter feed.



Note : Due to how the authorisation functionality works, it's possible ( indeed, probable ) that this will not work on a WAMP installation of Jomres, so if you'd like to test this functionality, please do it on a live server.


If a Property Manager has added their twitter username ( also known as Screen Name ) to their property configuration page, and have followed the site manager's twitter account, then they will also receive Direct Messages over twitter with a link to the Edit Booking page.