This manual is being depreciated. Much of the information here is out of date.

The new Jomres Documentation, updated in 2022, can be found at

Email Templates

The Email Templates feature allows property managers to individually tailor email templates to suit their own circumstances. From the Email Templates screen you will see a number of templates that you can modify.

emal templates


When you click on the Edit button you can modify that specific template. Customizing emails Emails in Jomres can now be edited just like articles or property description, assuming that the html editor is enabled in site configuration->misc tab. To allow more html tags to be used when editing the emails, you have to add the tags in the “Allowed tags” field in site configuration->input filtering tab Available output*. Email output is replaced automatically with the booking data when sending the email. So everything between [ ] is output that will be replaced. It should always be between [ ] and with CAPS, for example [ARRIVAL] will be replaced when sending the email with the arrival date of this booking.

edit email template


Contract details output

[ARRIVAL] = arrival date

[DEPARTURE] = departure date

[BOOKING_NUMBER] = booking number

[TOTAL] = booking grand total

[DEPOSIT] = deposit required

[BALANCE] = difference between grand total and deposit required

[SPECIAL_REQUIREMENTS] = special requirements filled in by guest when making the booking

[ROOMS] = selected rooms

[TARIFFS] = tariffs used on this booking

[EXTRAS] = optional extras selected by guest

[LINK_TO_PROPERTY] = link to property details

[NUMBER_OF_GUESTS] = number of each guest type

[BOOKING_CREATION_DATE] = date when the booking was made

Guest details













Property details output

[PROPERTY_NAME] = property name where the booking has been made

[PROPERTY_STREET] = property street

[PROPERTY_TOWN] = property town

[PROPERTY_REGION] = property region

[PROPERTY_COUNTRY] = property country

[PROPERTY_POSTCODE] = property postcode

[PROPERTY_TEL] = property phone number saved in property details

[PROPERTY_FAX] = property fax saved in property details

[PROPERTY_EMAIL] = property email

Other output

[PAYMENT_LINK] = link that can be used by a guest to pay later for an approved booking.

[POLICIES_AND_DISCLAIMERS] = property policies and disclaimers saved in property details

[INVOICE] = booking invoice printout (not the full invoice)

[QR_OFFICE] = qr code image for office use (at reception)

[QR_DIRECTIONS] = qr code that can be used by guests to get driving directions to property


*some output may not be applicable to all emails.