This manual is being depreciated. Much of the information here is out of date.

The new Jomres Documentation, updated in 2022, can be found at

Plugin Infos Plugin

The Plugin Infos plugin is a new (May 2022) feature for Jomres which is used to provide up-to-date information about installed plugins.


How did you get here?

You may have been sent here by another page on this manual. If you are looking for documentation for a specific plugin, that documentation has now been moved into the plugin itself. You should install the Plugin Infos plugin and use that tool to find documentation on the plugin you were querying.



Throughout the lifetime of the Jomres project most of the documentation for individual plugins has been maintained on the website itself. This means that whenever I update a plugin with new features and functionality, I also have to remember to update the manual too.The problem is that I'm creating new plugins and updating existing plugins at a tremendous rate, and it's difficult to find the time to update the manual after a long hard day of coding. The hope is that by keeping the documentation much "closer" to the plugin itself, the information available to you users will be much fresher and because it only includes documentation from installed plugins, you don't need to wade through lots of pages that aren't relevant to you.

What does this mean for this manual?

This manual will still be maintained. It's a useful place for me to provide installation information, coding hints and tips and other information that's not pertinent to plugins. I will, however, be removing individual manual pages that refer to specific plugins, and directing visitors to those pages to this article instead, when each plugin is updated to have it's own built-in documentation.

Plugin Developers

If you want to take advantage of this new feature, add a document to your plugin's root directory. In that file you can add markdown similar to that found on Github, with a couple of tweaks for Jomres.

To include screenshots create a /screenshots/ directory and then add your files there.

Once that's done add the screenshot to your markdown like this :


And for videos use



The plugin use the commonMark parser to interpret markdown (note, this is a different markdown parser than Jomres Core uses for property managers).