This manual is being depreciated. Much of the information here is out of date.

The new Jomres Documentation, updated in 2022, can be found at



Twitter Bootstrap. Joomla 3.x comes with Twitter Bootstrap templates by default. Using Boostrapped enabled Joomla templates makes it very easy for site designers to built beautiful, mobile websites very easy.

Bootstrap 2 (BS2)

Refers to the version of Bootstrap released with Joomla 3 (and likely upto and including Joomla 3.5).

Bootstrap 3 (BS3)

This version is not available to core installations of Joomla. Instead it is normally gained by installing Joomla templates that support Bootstrap 3. In our opinion BS3 is an improvement on BS2 as it was designed to be mobile friendly from the outset.

CMS Content Management System

A content management system, in the Jomres context, is a software application designed to simplify the publication of web content to web sites and mobile devices — in particular, allowing content creators to submit content without requiring technical knowledge of HTML or the uploading of files. Whilst Jomres is designed to be CMS agnostic, it's main focus is the Joomla content management system.

CMS Agnostic

Jomres is coded in such a way that it is possible for third parties to write software that allow it to be integrated with CMSs other than it's main CMS, which is Joomla. Because it is designed to be self contained, and use as little of the host CMS's framework as possible, we describe it as CMS agnostic. It can also refer to Jomres plugins that don't depend on a particular CMS to function (Also known as Internal plugins).

CMS Specific

This term generally refers to plugins that are designed to use Jomres in conjunction with a specific CMS, eg Joomla.


Joomla includes a feature whereby plugins can be installed by means other than simply it's own installer. Once a plugin has been installed via the Jomres plugin manager you can go to Joomla's installation manager, click Discover then click Discover again in the manager's toolbar. This will find any plugins that can be installed and will install them for you. This is only relevant to Jomres plugins that are specific to Joomla. At the time of writing those plugings are jomres_asamodule, jomres_booking_form_in_content and jomsearch_m1/m2/m3/4. MOST Jomres plugins do not require that you use the Joomla discover feature.


Multi-room property. Businesses like hotels, guest houses and bed and breakfasts that rent out rooms in a property.

Property Manager

Also known (depending on the language context selected by the site manager) as a Business Manager, Boatyard Manager or other similar phrases.

Site Administrator/Manager

This is typically the individual or group tasked with maintaining the system so that it can be used by Property Manager's who are listing their businesses/properties.


Single room property. Cottages, villas, apartments. Jomres uses the same mechanism to book these out as for MRPs by having one invisible (to the user) room, therefore these are collectively known as SRPs.

License/Support Key

When you purchase a license you will be given a license number, which you can access through the license server. If the number is valid (i.e. has not expired) then you will be able to download plugins from the Jomres Plugin Manager.